Friday, March 17, 2017

The King is Okay

I watched an old movie the other day called, The Princess Bride.  It stars Cary Elwes, and has some seriously cool sword fighting scenes (a bit comical yes, but still cool).

I saw this movie for the first time in 2003 when it was 16 years old (nope, I ain't HIP!).  One thing I paid more attention to this time - the King is White and a Villain.  I recalled SHREK the animated tale - and in that too, the King is White and a Villain (voice over by John Lithgow)...

I began thinking of how many movies where the King is White and a Villain...

Then I tried to think of movies where the King is NOT WHITE or NOT A VILLAIN (movies that had a king in them anyway...)

NADA!  Except maybe The Ten Commandments - Prince Moses and Prince Ramses are competing for the throne of Egypt - Prince Moses is portrayed as fair and just while Prince Ramses is a douchebag (but in theory neither are White)...

Is this by design - some matriarchal conspiracy to portray men in authority as villains?  Or was it done for irony's sake (i.e. so ironic that the White guy in charge is the villain - bum bum bum baaaah)?

Does it even matter?

Constantly portraying White Male's in authority as villains has certainly left its skid mark on our society.

I am still trying to wrap my head around the intense hatred so many people have of Donald Trump.  I watched ABC News last night, and I noticed that the first 12 minutes of their program was spent trying to bad-mouth Trump.  The other stories they had lined up seemed far more interesting (the Volcano erupting, the woman escaping a kidnapper from her own car trunk, and other stories that they spent maybe a minute on each.  Yes, the bulk of time was spent trying to bad-mouth Trump and looking like fools and fake news in the process.

I can understand being disappointed when your candidate doesn't win, but this goes far beyond that - this is an insane rage against Donald Trump - to the point where professional journalists end up looking like complete fools - even to the common folk (see Rachel Maddow).

I cannot wrap my head around it, so I am devising theories as to why all the insane rage against Trump.

My latest; constant portrayal of Kings as White, Male and Villainous has effected much of the public's opinion about Straight White Men in authority.

As more cultures make themselves known as Americans, they are instantly drilled with such negative portrayals of Straight White Men and the result is the Zarna Joshi's and Manju Rajendran's that seem so prevalent today.

Seems to make sense to me.  If anybody has any other theories to add, I would very much like to hear them.

No cunt pic this post.  Instead, a HAIL TO THE KING!


  1. Take The Red PillMarch 19, 2017 at 9:12 AM

    Sorry, but I MUST protest your calling President Trump (whom I voted for, incidentally) "the KING" -- the proper term is "the PRESIDENT".
    President Washington (most possibly our GREATEST president, and whom I deeply admire) was completely against any idea of a nobility in our republic system of government (our government was originally a 'constitutional republic', NOT a 'democracy'! The Founding Fathers had nothing but disdain for a 'democracy': to them it was "mob rule", as demonstrated by the blood-soaked French Revolution.)
    Washington (who should be remembered as "The Man Who Would NOT be King") was so noble and faithful to the ideals of the American Revolution that he bloodlessly quashed a potential revolt among his highest-ranking officers at the end of the Revolution, who were disgruntled about the Congress's actions during the Revolution and wanted him to march on Congress and seize power for himself (in effect, making himself "King").
    Instead, he assembled his officers in a secure room and addressed them, reminding them of what they had fought for, sacrificed for, and shed so much blood for in their fight for independence -- then he took a pair of eyeglasses from his coat and put them on (many of his officers didn't even know that he wore eyeglasses), and said "As you can see, my eyes have grown dim and my hair has turned white in my service of our country". Many officers silently wept as he continued his address; the result was there not any further talk of a potential revolt whatsoever.
    Washington then peacefully led the army to Philadelphia where he addressed Congress, resigning his commission as the Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army (as far as I know, NO commanding officer of an army has done that since The Roman Republic, where Cincinnatus did the same thing). He then returned to his plantation at Mount Vernon, hoping that he could enjoy a well-earned retirement -- but as we know, the country would turn to him again multiple times, for the remainder of his lifetime. And at his death in 1799, the British channel fleet fired a 20-gun salute in the memory of their valiant former enemy.
    Yet all that the present-day Leftists and P.C. fools care about is that "he was a slave owner".

    1. Yeah, I understand your objection. However; I was not actually referring to Donald Trump as a "King", but rather drawing a comparison between the insane rage against white heterosexual men in positions of power and the portrayal in fairy tales as the king as always being evil.

      So, it's more in reference to the context of this post - you know - the king in movies is always a villain...

      Not an actual reference to Donald Trump as a legitimate "King".