Monday, February 27, 2017

Split: Movie Review + Mixed Messages from Broken Women

At last!  My chance to review the movie Split.

James McAvoy delivers a superb performance in this thriller. I have to say, I was seriously impressed with this movie.  One thing I noticed immediately, is how much James McAvoy resembled my own dear departed father from his army days.

Seriously - it was actually kind of creepy. I told the woman I was with, "Dang, that is exactly what my father looked like at that age - glasses haircut and all."

Anyway, I cannot tell what the movie is about as that might spoil it for future viewers.

What I can talk about is the laughing giggling teenage girls at the end of the row I was seated in.  The picture above is a dark character who kidnaps 3 teenage girls after incapacitating one of their fathers.  He appears to be wanting to rape them of course.  The 4 laughing giggling teenage girls at the end of my row were properly entertained by the notion of the creepy looking James McAvoy above holding them hostage for whatever his intentions.

Myself, I did not see any comedy in the opening scene.  I thought it was dark and eerie and was a excellent setup for a thriller.  Not the teenage girls in the theater with me laughing and giggling as if watching a porn for the first time in their lives.

So we get to mixed messages from modern women.  Women claim they want equality - yet, the liberal ones (the most feminist in theory) openly support Islam - the religion that is most oppressive to women (in theory).

They claim to want "sensitive" men, yet bitch about men not "manning up".  Weird.

They claim what an atrocity rape is, yet giggle in theaters at it.  Weird.

Since my readers are isolated to realms of the "man-o-sphere" (a term I despise - how about "DICK-O-SPHERE"????), there really is no need to blabber on about the mixed messages women send to men - they are already well known.  However; I think it needs to be mentioned as part of the thesis that modern women are broken.

Modern women are so out of touch with what they want it seems to be a complete 180 from what they say they want.  Modern women are so out of touch with what really will make them happy, that they no longer have any clue.  This falls in line with the slew of articles, links, and viable studies done (found all over the man-o-sphere) claiming that modern women are more miserable than ever (something that makes me smile).

As Nomad from Star Trek (TOS) said about a woman, "A mass of conflicting impulses".  Truer words were never spoken.

Enjoy looking at a picture of one of them now:

Remember - we live in a "misogynistic" culture where men hate women like the one above...

Anybody want to buy a bridge?


  1. "Remember - we live in a "misogynistic" culture where men hate women like the one above..."

    I can't possibly speak for all men, but I can definitely state that many of us men don't 'hate' women "like the one above" (or even the majority of women in everyday life) at all; "hate" is too strong a word.
    To put it simply:
    we don't hate them; it's just that we have learned that we can't trust all.

    1. It was sarcasm aimed at feminists... Since when do "most" men NOT fumble over themselves to impress a manipulative vicious cunt like the one above?

      I would add, not only are they not trustworthy - they are repugnant shits. Physically aesthetic but nothing else.

  2. How old were these teenage girl you see laughing?

    1. Oh - I'd guess 13-15 or so. One was Asian, one was white and fat with pink hair - the other two never stood up...

  3. dude, I think you were the only guy saying marrying an asian woman wasn't a good idea when all the MRA's were going ass crazy on that.

    I just read a blog were this son of a white guy and asian mom said it was a living hell:

    1. Yeah, the entire man-o-sphere puts Asian women on pedestals (something they CLAIM to hate how men do such things)...

      I am somebody who "tries" to get facts rather than just follow the herd like others - although I do miss on that one - google female pedophiles...

      Eivind Berg was the one who set me straight on that.

    2. Some Asian countries are seriously racist too - My martial arts instructor explained that one to me.

      Also, My departed Dad made the mistake of marrying a Philippino. All I can say is that once he died, that portion of the family (my step-relatives) showed their true colors.

      Strange thing is - my Dad was flat broke when he passed. So even though they fought and fought, there was no money for them.

      I tried to explain that to them, and they thought I was trying to keep all the money for myself.

      They racked up huge lawyer bills.

      Greedy little shits.