Tuesday, December 27, 2016

A Message for Electors to Unite for America

Enjoy my BETTER parody of the "A Message for Electors to Unite for America". The earlier one I did sucked.

I am so glad that these idiots failed. They clearly dislike Americans and do not give a shit about the electoral college as laid out in the Constitution. I guess these Hollywood queers do not give a fuck about the Constitution either.

Anway, here's your hot-c*nt pic this post.
American Woman
American Woman

What's not to like about her!?!?!

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas Everybody!

Christmas is supposed to be a time for family and friends, and helping those less fortunate.  Unfortunately, thanks to feminazi's, fags, MRA'S and other pieces of shit, it has become a trainwreck.  Also, the narcissistic c*nts that are ruining (running) businesses these days, Christmas has become more about spending than goodwill and peace on Earth and the celebration of the birth of our saviour.

The song, "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas" is now racist.

The song, "Baby it's Cold Outside" is of course indicative of patriarchal rape culture.

White people are not evil rapists as feminazi's, queers, pseudo - intellectual professors and other sits portray them.

The white man has done much good for people of ALL races.

Did you know that the first BLACK pilot was made a pilot right here in the good old U.S.A.?

Don't believe me?  HER name was Bessie Coleman.  Look it up on wikipedia, then write a 50000 word essay explaining how it was a fluke and America really is white evil patriarchy.  #dumbass.

Anyway, enjoy the company of friends and family.  If you got neither, watch some T.V. or read a book, watch some goofy YouTube videos.  Whatever you do, be of good cheer, and think of those less fortunate and try to help if you are able.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

I Got A Bad Feeling About Tomorrow

It's 10:30pm Sunday night, and I have a really bad feeling about tomorrow.  I don't know why.  I just do.  Maybe it's just nerves.

My next post I will show once AND ONLY ONCE.  I will leave it up until I think the message has gotten out.  After that, I will pull it, and it will never again be seen again, unless other people want to mirror it.

Sorry, I am on my android.  No pic this post.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Our Government is NOT in Control

That is not a pun.  That is, it is not meant to imply that government officials are "out of control" - as in erratic and skewed.

No.  The meaning of the title is just that - our government leaders are not in control of a lot of dark things happening.

I remember the 9/11 attacks.  It was shocking to me when I found out that there were a number of people claiming that the government secretly planned the attacks.  I kept asking myself, "Why would people want to think such a thing?"  The answer is simple - many people wanted to believe that our country was not vulnerable - that is - "there is NO WAY terrorists could do that".  Why would they want to believe this - if 19 "barely armed" terrorists could cause the death of thousands of people - it meant that the American people were extremely susceptible to such attacks.  It is safer to believe that the government planned it all - still a jarring thought, but much safer than believing that 19 people filled with hatred and box-cutters caused the death of thousands and seriously disrupted the way of life in America.

The same is true with the recent fiasco of pizzagate.  My GUESS is as follows...

Given the number of children that disappear each year - the government MUST be involved with it.  It's not like there are a very small handful of extreme perverts out there that prey on young children, and dedicated, smart, hard-working FBI agents are unable to catch them - NO!  The government MUST be involved.

Again, think about the "safer" thought.  What is worse to contemplate...

1. Random freaks abduct children and the authorities are somewhat "powerless" to stop them.
2. The government is in charge and responsible for the abductions.

I believe that to many people, 2 is the "safe thought" because at least somebody is in charge.

1 implies complete disorder - and people with no self-control - true pedophiles - are running the show.

I think the same is true with conspiracy theories about the origins and direction of feminism.  Many people believe that feminism is engineered by the government - and it is the government that is influencing women to be so filled with hatred.

The alternate to this theory is that women on their own are choosing to hate men...

Whether you are an atheist, Christian, Muslim, Jew - women choosing to hate men goes against all grains - biological science, religious teachings etc...  Women choosing to hate men is destructive to the human species.  I think this is why so many people choose to believe it is social engineering enacted by the government - after all, why would women be choosing to hate men all on their own???  It goes against everything - right???

Anyway, enough blabbering.  Enough of my intellectually inept scribbling and typing.

Enjoy a picture of a narcissistic c*nt.
What's not to like???

Friday, December 2, 2016

#ToughGuyGate - this is TOTALLY REAL!!!

What follows is a text message between two middle-aged men. 
Read at your own risk. 
This is totally real. 
You have been warned.

Howdya say there choppy

How bout I come over there and drag a knuckle across your bald spot Franken face

Ya Ya you got it punk!

You ever been whipped with a cb antenna there Charley?
Let's see if we can't make some dreams come true tough nuts.

Ah geez. we're off to a bad start.

ya know.

I'm gonna fill a moped inter tube with anti freeze and beat you till snot bubbles come out of your nose.

So...hows the family?

Ah geez, its too late for that fruitcake. I already got all kinds of snot bubbles comin out of my nose sideways I got a bad case of ring ding all over up in my nose.

It's tough out there chief. I saw a guy with the salvation army raising money. He didn't even have a bell.
he was just standing there going CLANG CLANG CLANG CLANG
I kicked him right in the fruitcup and said "you take some of that fuckin change and buy a bell"

That's Nothin! I saw one of those fruitty ass bastards puking in his change jar.
I grabbed him right by the nut sack and pushed his ass right into his beard and i say
"you stop puking on the orphans lunch money or i'll smack you silly ya wacky ass bastard!"

Like that Alanis Morisette song.
I got one foot in the gutter and the other
ones giving a high five.
You know that little sea chanty?

I don't go with that Atlantis shit tough guy.
I'm an old swing jerk myself. I love that fuckin huckle buck.

Yeah huh. They call me tinsel toes. Me and you baby we make a team.
I told that guy here's 2 tickets to the nutcracker, then I kicked him in the balls
and said enjoy the show pal.

You ever been beat unmerciful with a dryer vent cleaning wand?
That shit hurts bub.
I'm old school.

One day I was cutting those silly little paper snowflakes,
and some guy decides he's gonna get cute with me and all sassy and
shit he says "your snowflakes look like cornflakes".
So I pitch his face right into some hot yuletide and stuffed those
snowflakes right down his throat.
I gotta bad temper - ya know.

I hear ya. I stabbed a guy in the neck
with those rounded kid scissors.
It takes a few plunges but I got it...
Dollar Tree - right???
p.s. what the hell is hot yuletide?

Ya know what the fuck yuletide is - that wacky ass
Christmas shit - like a yuletide log.

How bout I come over there with some tidings of
comfort and joy and split your nuts off the side of your face.
I'll come over there and deck your balls with my fists and bows of holly and all that shit tough guy.

Better bring a tough guy with ya simple Simon.
I'll put a shoe horn up his ass and yoo'll be singing
the blues with uncomfortable shoes ok.

HEY! It's gonna be anything but a silent night for you tough guy.
When I jingle your bells and ride across your face in a one horse open sleigh.

Jesus Frank - I think you should start going to meetings again.

Ah geez. I gotta bad temper. My tempers always flaring up like chestnuts on an open fire.

Yes, words cannot describe the horror of what is REALLY going on here.  It is not two middle-aged men goofing off - NO!  You have to read between the lines, make insinuations gather evidence, and realize the sheer terror of this whole thing.  TERRIBLE INDEED.

Anyhoo, enjoy the hot narcissistic cunt pic this week: