Wednesday, November 25, 2015

BloomingDales Ad Promotes Date Rape, and My Grandmother Promotes Beastiality Anal Sex

Enough sarcasm.  I had an article written up for this story, but it was just way too silly.  So I scrapped it.
I think this is the guy running BloomingDales???
BloomingDales Facebook Page I saw a couple of nasty comments – with 1 like and 3 likes.

Yeah – I guess that BloomingDales really has to fight off the rioting hoards over their – uh – “date rape” ad?!?!

Here is the "offensive picture" that promotes "date-rape"
BloomingDales Date Rape Ad
I fail to see how this promotes date-rape.  She doesn't look like the type that would rape a guy on a date (I am trying to make the MHRM proud of me).

Anyway, enjoy my twisted sense of humor:
BloomingDales Date Rape Ad
Crazy Blonde Joke
BloomingDales Date Rape Ad
Crazy Blonde Joke - Part Deux
BloomingDales Date Rape Ad
Warning Label - Many women should have these
BloomingDales Date Rape Ad
Scat Humor - Sigh
BloomingDales Date Rape Ad
Seriously - spike the egg nog with what!?!?
BloomingDales Date Rape Ad
From The Naked Gun - Part 2 I think
BloomingDales Date Rape Ad
A Touch of Angry Harry...
BloomingDales Date Rape Ad
Yeah - this one is kind of bad...

Anyway - have a Happy Thanksgiving - to all those who celebrate it!

OH CRAP!!! I almost forgot - Polly Pussy Pants the Apologist says that all I ever talk about is gay sex - and I did not do that in this post - so like - uhm - gay sex and stuff.

(I wouldn't want to make a liar out of her).

Enjoy looking at a picture of a dumb c*nt that is too good to talk to you.

Friday, November 13, 2015

The Week in Review

A secret service agent,  Lee Robert Moore, was caught sexting to an alleged 14 year old girl.  It turns out, the alleged 14 year old girl was an undercover cop.  This of course has people everywhere outraged - that a member of the secret service is not a total faggot like most law enforcement officials.  RIP-Factor's crack-head team of journalists investigated all about this bitch.  They have it on good authority, that the officer posing as a 14 year old girl actually gets turned on when thinking about being a 14 year old girl and is bitter because his hormone replacement therapy isn't working. The undercover cop became angrier when Moore no longer wanted to have sex with him, once Moore found out he was a middle-aged man like himself and not a 14 year old girl.

The leader of the secret service or whatever the f**k it is called was allegedly reached for a comment.
Julian Pierson
Julian Pierson used to be a man, and is suffering from really bad eyesight from constant masturbation (when she was a man). She is really upset that more secret service agents are not passable trannies with functional penises. However; she is totally turned on by how many men are ass-raped in prisons. She ensures that the male prison population will remain high, to ensure that her faggot partner will be able to get sexually aroused when he is forced to perform sexually with her him it - whatever.

In other news, a 9 year old boy is facing sexual harassment charges for passing love notes in his school to a girl.  This outraged filthy faggots and dykes everywhere, as he clearly has not had a chance to be convinced that he is really a faggot himself - ooops - I mean "properly explore his sexuality".  RIP-Factor reporters actually obtained the obscene material the demon seed was passing, and we will post it here (overt your eyes if you are not thick-skinned)
sexual harassment
By looking closely at the obscene material above, it can clearly be seen that the boy evil patriarch is into drawing heart shapes with words like "I Like You" printed in them.  If this isn't sexual - then what the F**K is!?!?  Clearly, this is the boy's attempts to distract the girl so that she gets bad grades - WILL THE PATRIARCHY NEVER END!!!

The fact that a 9-year old boy is being threatened with sexual harassment charges made many angry carpet-munching lesbionic wastes of space very happy.  After all, they worked hard for decades to get such legislation passed - and now their dreams are all coming true!
angry lesbian

In yet some other news, some dumb broad that patronized TGI Fridays is being a whiny little bitch because she believes that the waitress was flirting with her husband.  The waitress is also being a whiny little bitch.  RIP-Factor reporters did some whining investigating and crap on this, and found this lame-ass image
Whiny Bitch
An inspection of the image above reveals no hearts or unicorn stickers placed anywhere on it. Clearly, the two whiny bitches creating this event, need to take lessons from the evil 9-year old on how to properly sexually harass people. And, the journalists reporting this story, need to be shot in the face be told what constitutes "news". Two whiny Bitches arguing over what may or may not have been flirting is not news. Only straight people having sex should be plastered in the news with as much negativity in it as possible.

Yes in still some other and more news, a feminist blew Chunks at a press conference
Carpet Muncher
Chunks Martinez was immediately rushed to the hospital and is expected to recover.
Chunks Martinez is seen in the photo above, being comforted by friends and family after being given a blow job by the angry red-headed carpet munching bitch.  Every 5 seconds in America, 234 Men will have their penis RAPED by an angry Red-Headed Lesbian's Mouth.

That is your week in review.  Please feel free to look at a picture of some stuck up dumb cunt that is too good to talk to you.
stuck up dumb cunt that is too good to talk to you
This picture is from "Manteresting" - they like to show pictures of dumb f**king cunts, bitches and angry lesbians that don't want to talk to me - and they seem to think that showing such pictures will "lure" me to their site - it works - but not in the way they think

Enjoy Your Weekend!!!!

Monday, November 9, 2015

Please Thumb this Video Down


Click on the link above - then click the THUMBS DOWN icon in the YouTube viewer.

It was made by CollegeHumor - and it propagates the MYTH that 1 in 5 college women will be raped.

I remember when it was 1 in 4

If you browse the internets, you'll see that the numbers range from 1 in 6 to 1 in 3. All are crap.

Here is a GOOD VIDEO - Please Thumb it up:

This Information was brought to you by The Community of the Wrongly Accused

My week is off to a bad start - last week was off to a bad end.

I hope your weeks are going well...