Monday, October 26, 2015

Murder and Male Resentment - Turkish Delight!

Huyla Berkil Well, take a look at this beautiful 30 year old turkish woman, Huyla Berkil. I know that many people always tell me things like, "WAIT! YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND!!!! WOMEN IN OTHER COUNTRIES ARE WAY DIFFERENT! HONEST!!!" I hear them loud and clear, but I am often skeptical. You must remember, that when I was younger, I got nothing but insults from women - NOTHING BUT INSULTS.

That is why, when I see a beautiful woman, it is like being tazered or something. The psychological term for this is NEGATIVE REENFORCEMENT. You can google it if you like. It essentially is a way to condition somebody to have a negative reaction to something by constantly associating negativity with it. In this case, it would be the slew of insults along the line of, "Don't look at me, I am too good for you", "I am like - so way out of your league", "f**k you", "f**k off" and the like I recieved when saying things like "Hello", "Hi", "How are you" and whatnot when I was in my late teens and early twenties.

Despite all of that, I am still a misogynistic sexist prick, because when I see a woman like that, I want to squeeze her boobies, whip my wang out, do a motor-boat on her boobs, tickle her g-spot, thrust my huge rod into her love tunnel, and NOT light her on fire.

Am I a sick f**k or what!!!

It must be the negative conditioning!

Abdurrahman Gocer Anyhoo, Abdurraham Gocer is the lucky winner who got to nail Huyla Berkil GOD only knows how many times. Looks like a real winner to me! Definitely NOT one of those creepy misogynistic "self-purported nice guys"! And a look on his face that seems to say, "I am sick of everything and want to kill you"!

Good thing that Huyla Berkil hooked up with this guy, and not a creepy misogynistic sexist pervert like me. If she did, she would not be Huyla BURNkil.

So, I am definitely one of those people who learns from my mistakes, by observing people that are successful with women (i.e. they actually hook up with, and get to talk to and do whatnot with them). The lesson I learned from this one?
Huyla Berkil

Am I a bitter middle-aged man because of all this?


Enjoy Daffy Duck expressing how I "feel" about these types of incidents involving young and beautiful women who remind me of the young and beautiful women who repeatedly shot me dudes that definitely weren't me down when I was younger (a really long time ago now...).
Huyla Berkil

Side Note: I read an article on Anti-Feminist's blog. He points out that there are several "conservative man-o-sphere" sites saying that pedophilia is going to be legalized as the "next logical step" in the LGBT community being given more rights (i.e. being "liberated" from their "imagined oppression").

Those "conservative man-o-sphere" sites are wrong.

All one has to do is look at what happened when women were "liberated" from their "imagined oppression".

They immediately went on a rampage against the people they convinced themselves were the "oppressors" - MEN - more specifically, STRAIGHT MEN.

So, has anybody ever met an L, G, B or T that was imprisoned because of their gender or sexual preferences?


The LGBT community will strike at their "imagined oppressors".

I am guessing that those "imagined oppressors" will be Christians, and to a less extent Jews - but definitely NOT Muslims.

If the LGBT community were to attack Muslims - they would be guilty of "Islamaphobia" - even though Islam prohibits LGBT as much as Christianity and Juddhaism - perhaps even moreso.

And of course, persecution towards STRAIGHT MEN will also increase - after all, it isn't fair that "STRAIGHT MEN" are so "PRIVILEGED" - not having to deal with the oppression that all those L's, G's, B's and T's have had to deal with (in their MINDS) all this time.

(try not to laugh).

Just wait for it...

Friday, October 23, 2015

OH MY GOSH!!! We Do Live in a Rape Culture!

Well, it seems our team of crack-head reporters needs to issue a retraction of earlier stories about the statement of rape culture being complete B.S. We investigated and journalized all over this bitch and found some shocking images that are concrete proof that a rape culture really does exist in our cuntry.






Sex Trafficking
Sex Trafficking

Stay tuned for another Murder and Male Resentment Monday - on MONDAY!

I think I'll do the Turkish style one first...

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Murder and Male Resentment Monday

Well, another young hottie has bit the dust. Her name was Kaitlin Gerber, and as you can see - she is was an incredibly beautiful woman. But, do not worry, lucky for everybody, and society in general, she did not fall for that so-called "self-purported nice guy" bullshit. Instead, she hooked up with a complete loser that chased her down in her car, then shot her to death.
Here's a link to the story...

During the three weeks before Jashua Perz shot her to death, Kaitlin Gerber kept up a relationship with him that included exchanging 1,700 text messages and phone calls, staying together overnight, and wearing an engagement ring while also telling a friend she feared for her life, according to a Toledo Police investigation report provided to The Blade.

Ms. Gerber, 20, of South Toledo was gunned down by Perz, 29, of Maumee in the parking lot at Southland Shopping Center about 11:30 a.m. March 24 after he chased her car down.

As you can see, Kaitlin's True Love is just - oh so not sweet, and definitely NOT a self-purported "nice-guy". Jashua Perz chased her car down, then shot her to death. This is definitely something that one of those ultra-creepy misogynistic self-purported nice guys would NEVER do.

RIP-Factor reporters have it on good credibility, that Jashua actually committed another crime against Kaitlin before he killed her. Yes, it appears, according to our sources that Jashua enacted the most heinous crime that a man can commit against a woman...

He interrupted her while she was talking to her friend on the phone.


Gotta admit - that was pretty funny... I stole it from Alfred Hitchcock...

Some people might find these offensive.  Good.  When I was Kaitlin's age, and I would approach a woman, and say simple things like , "Hi", "Hello", "How are you", "What's up" etc...  I was met with extreme hostility. 

Am I capable of violence?
You bet.

Would I enact violence against somebody I was in a relationshit with?

No way.

If I was in a  relationshit that required violence on my part - I would get the hell out of the relationshit - which I have done several times.

Anyway, to all those young women who were rude to me in my youth- I say, "FUCK YOU".  These "Murder and Male Resentment Mondays" are my way of expressing my extreme disgust with their attitudes.

Everytime I was civilized in my approach, and I received RUDENESS in return, I will write one of these "Murder and Male Resentment Mondays" (I came up with that name all by myself!)

And believe me - that is a truck load...

Friday, October 16, 2015

Well, It's Friday...

And that is supposed to be a happy thing.

I got a letter in the mail TODAY from the DMV, claiming that somebody saw my 1967 Camaro on Hampton Road on October 9th, 2015 at 8:00 A.M., and it was belching smoke.

The letter went on to say that if I do not fix the problem, my registration will be cancelled.

I have not driven my 1967 Camaro since July.  I have been way too busy.  I have not had a chance to work on it.  It sits in my garage, collecting dust - unfortunately.

I called the DMV, and there was no answer - the department I wanted is closed on Fridays.

So, I called the police department.  The gentleman on the line was very polite, and fully understood that somebody was either jealous, or just out to make trouble for me.  He informed me that all "smoking car" complaints are anonymous - and there would really be no way to determine who made the FALSE statement of seeing my car on Hampton Dr on October 9th, 2015 at 8:00 A.M.

Crap - I do not even know where Hampton Road is!!!  It turns out, that there is a "Hampton Lane", a "Hampton Creek Drive", a "Hampton Park Drive", and a "Hampton Park Court", but no "Hampton Road" in Reno or Sparks.  The latter ones Hampton Creek and Hampton Park are actually fairly close to where I live.  I wonder if somebody has a forged license plate?  I'll be investigating that tonight or tomorrow.

So, am I pissed?

You bet.

It is sickening how people can screw with others through anonymity.

I think that people should not be allowed to complain in any way, shape, or form against another person in anonymity.

I believe that people should have the RIGHT to face their accusers.

I also believe that said people should be held FULLY responsible for filing FALSE complaints.

Anyway, wish me luck in finding out who did this.  I may even post a $1000.00 reward for the person who FALSELY reported my vehicle.


Monday, October 12, 2015

Do You Really Think that Feminists Believe all those Garbage Factoids?

I don't.

The reason we all keep seeing garbage factoids like "1 in 3 women will be raped in college", "1 in 4 women will be the victim of domestic violence", and "300,000 women are sex-trafficked during the SuperBowl" is because modern women need something - ANYTHING - to justify their hatred of men and male heterosexuality.

As these factoids are disproved, more crop up - the sex-trafficking one is the latest, and without a doubt - the most embarrassing to women.

A long time ago, somebody pointed out to me that using the term "brainwashing" to describe what was happening to modern women was casting them into another victim role.

That person was ABSOLUTELY correct.

Women are NOT being brainwashed.

It only takes the I.Q. of a functionally retarded 2 year old to see that the factoids that feminists constantly spew out and re-invent are complete trash.

Modern women are not being brainwashed by these factoids.

Modern women are using these factoids as a very bad excuse for their hatred of male heterosexuals that they have CHOSEN.

I have BEGUN painstakingly removing all references to "brainwashing" on this blog (where appropriate), and replacing them with "choosing hate" or "chosen hate". I have also started doing the same on my web-page.

Yes, modern women are not brainwashed to hate heterosexual men.

Modern women freely choose to hate heterosexual men.

There can be and will be no excuses for them.

Friday, October 9, 2015

I Received a Black-Mail Threat

No joke - I did.  Back in 2008, I put profiles on a slew of online dating sites - including Ashley Madison.  This is how I got some more stories of women that I met (call it research).  I am not married, and I have no children.  Here is the "threat".

Unfortunately your data, including complete credit card details, was leaked in the recent hacking of Ashley Madison. Below is the glimpse of the data we have about you:

Address: 1840 Jxxxxxxx Rd, NV 895XX, US
Credit Card Type Used: VI
Credit card number: XXXX XXXX XXXX 9760
Last Payment: XX.00 on 2011-11-08 21:55:16
Your computer ip address:

Plus we have access to your complete profile data including your pics, secret fantasies, conversations, etc.

We have access to your Facebook page as well. If you would like to prevent me from sharing this dirt info with all of your friends, family members, spouse, then you need to send exactly 5 bitcoins (BTC) to the following BTC address:

Bitcoin Address:

We are providing a chance to solve this case. You make a payment to the above mentioned btc address. The time ends in the next 24 hours. We will not publish your data and we will not inform your contacts.

You can get bitcoins at an exchange like,,,,,, or a Bitcoin ATM machine

If you pay within 24 hours of receipt then we will delete your record. No payment? Then you will see what happen after this period. Once this period has expired, we can't do anything more for you. Our website is launching soon. We will surprise your family, friends and colleague with it. We will give you this one last chance.

You may be wondering why should you and what will prevent other people from doing the same, in short you now know to change your privacy settings in Facebook so no one can view your friends/family list. So go ahead and update that now (I have a copy if you dont pay).

Consider how expensive a divorce lawyer is. If you are no longer in a committed relationship then think about how this will affect your social standing amongst family and friends. What will your friends and family think about you?
Margaret Smith 

Well, I reported the bitcoin address to the FBI.  I doubt they will take it seriously...

The credit card they have on file is no longer valid - it was replaced a long time ago.

Geez - It's hard to believe 7 years has passed since then...

Quite silly isn't it?

Thursday, October 8, 2015

The Destructive Effects of the Hate Movement Feminism

I really enjoyed Dr. Rookh Kshatriya's latest post - about the correlation between INCEL and shooting sprees.

I especially liked the part about how mass shooting sprees in the 1980's were slightly different from those prior. He is spot on about young men from the 1980's being the first generation being born and raised with feminism in full place.

But, it is hard to deduce whether a mere coincidence is in play, or there is a direct correlation. Keep in mind that with feminism - also came a slew of male children being raised by single moms - INCEL or not.

I took a small amount of time to do some vague research myself. What I found was somewhat telling.

First, let us see if GUN OWNERSHIP is a direct correlation between murder sprees - Just to appease left wing gun control nuts. You know the type - the people who smoke pot, take drugs and do all sorts of illegal things, yet seriously believe that illegalizing firearms will make them magically go away...

Gun Control
Here is the chart...
Nope - gun ownership has gone down - and is continuing to do so.

Sorry GUN CONTROL NUTS. You are now free to much my hairy nuts.

Let's take a look at mass shootings in America.
Well, dog gone it - for some reason, this one only goes back to 1980.
Let's try another.
Dog gone it- this one only goes back to 1980 - why?
How about another...
AH HA! We see that the rate steadily goes up in the 1980's, and peaks in the 1990's. As I recall, when I was in college, people were GOD-DAMNED SICK TO BLOODY DEATH of feminazis saying they stood for equality when it was clear to anybody with an I.Q. of 7 or higher that they stood for male-hatred. Shootings go down after that point - coincidence - maybe.
Here is another:
WOAH! Looks like they go up in the 1980s - and continue going up into the 2000's... Coincidence - perhaps.

Let's look at marriage rates - yes, I know that marriage does not mean sex - but let's take a look anyway.
NNNEEEEEEAAAARRRRR - BOOM! Looks like the stock market on a bad day!!!
Notice the steeper slope in the early 70's...

How about the average age of people on their first marriage...
Yikes - looks like people are getting more hesitant to get married...

Well, let's look at the divorce rate...
Notice how it peaks in the 1980's. Coincidence - perhaps.

Here is another...
Woah! Notice that divorce climbs in the 1970's and peaks in the 1980's. Weird. But it can't be feminism - it must be some other factor...

Let's have another look at crime rates...
Hmmm - 1980's - it peaks again. Strange.

I do not support any lunatic with a firearm shooting at unarmed and non-hostile civilians - even if that lunatic is a functionally retarded police officer.

That being said, it does look as there is a direct correlation between the rise of feminism, and the rise of killing sprees.

It also appears that there is a direct correlation between the rise of feminism and the lowering of marriage rates.

It also appears that there is a direct correlation between the rise of feminism and the rise in divorce rates.

All this being said; I would deduce that feminism has been a very destructive force in our society. However, I believe that there are other factors besides feminism at work here.

There seems to be an erroneous belief that men who are deprived of sex are more productive in society (I have referenced articles in previous posts). My name is on several patents, and I invent things, or find new ways of coding things every day. I know for a fact that no woman on this planet is going to give a flying f**k about that. Yes, I do make money at it, but not enough to attract gold-diggers (hot ones anyway...). My point - my motivation to create is more like an artist wanting to paint, or a boxer wanting to box - it has nothing to do with a deprivation and hence overwhelming desire for sex. Quite the contrary - I know that the more computer shit I make, the more of a turn off to women I become.

There is an engrained hatred of male sexuality in our society. This is why women applaud men getting sexually mutilated. This happened in the 1990's with Lorena Bobbit, and it happened recently with Catherine Kieu Becker and the reaction on The Talk.

I believe that there are other factors too - I am a little too brain dead at the moment to think them out enough to write them down.

At any rate, there is an intrinsic male hatred in our society, that men are becoming wise to. There is also sexual terrorism and sexual tyranny being committed against men on a daily basis - usually in the name of humor.

College Woman
Yet, with all this going on, the feminists claim that we live in a "misogynistic" culture - because men sometimes want to look at women's boobies.
Seriously - these people need to just drop off the face of the planet.

It is no wonder that sex-robots are going to replace women soon.
End of Feminism?
Yes, this is a sex doll, not a real woman - from

I am going to enjoy watching the firework show.