Saturday, November 29, 2014

America – the Land of Sick Filthy Faggots

I read an interesting wikipedia page about a man called Harry Reems. His real name is Herbert Streicher. He is best known for his role in the pornographic film Deep Throat.

According to the wikipedia page, Herbert Streicher was arrested in 1974 for "conspiracy to distribute obscenity across state lines".
Harry Reems
Try not to laugh. He really was arrested.

Let's get something straight about some things right now.

Deep Throat was in fact the reason Herbert Streicher was arrested. The plot of Deep Throat is a sexually frustrated woman who cannot orgasm, except by performing oral sex on a man. There are no rape scenes. There are no people being forced to eat fecal matter. There is no gore. There is no murder.

There are allegations that the co-star Linda Lovelace (Linda Susan Boreman) was forced into the porn business by rape – but they are just that – allegations – and irrelevant to the plot of Deep Throat and the way it is presented on film.

Women performing oral sex on men (in a good natured film with some campy humor) is what our government called "obscene".

Men getting raped in prison – for REAL – not on film – our government has a “who cares” type of mentality. And yes, prison rape was in fact occurring in 1974. A study conducted in 1974 estimated that 10 million men would be raped in prison – out of 46 million inmates total – roughly 1 in 4.

So, Herbert Streicher (Harry Reems) was the first actor to be arrested for appearing in a film that featured no rape, no murder, no young boys eating fecal matter, etc… You know the kind of film – Salo – one of Fat-Fruitelle's favorite pictures. Salo is NOTHING like Deep-Throat. Deep-Throat has humor in it, and the main character is a woman seeking sexual satisfaction – not by violent means either. She seeks a doctor's advice on how to achieve sexual satisfaction.

So, Deep Throat is NOT what I would call an "obscene" film in any way shape or form.

Men getting raped in prison – that is what I would call obscene.

Why did the American government try to censor a good-natured film featuring no acts of violence – they even went so far as to arrest 12 people involved in the film's creation – and at the same time pay no attention to the actual rape of prison inmates?

I think about things like this often. Our government lies on a regular basis about how many women are raped – how they are raped – when they are raped… They lie about how often domestic violence occurs and who commits it the most often – all in an effort to poison women’s minds to be fearful and/or hateful of men. At the same time, they ignore how many men are raped in prison – when they do not ignore it, they often cheer it – as "fit punishment" for the criminals in prison.

So – they frown on heterosexual relations, brainwash women to be fearful and/or hateful towards men, and covertly applaud homosexuality – more so when the homosexuality is forced on people via rape – as in prison.

It is almost like our government is run by some sick closet faggots or something...

Now, I know that many people reading will blame feminism. There are others that will blame Jews, Heavy Metal, Rap, Blacks, Hispanics etc...the usual band of kooks (Sick Filthy Faggots).

The grim reality is, it was the feminists and the radical Christian groups that were the biggest antagonists of Deep Throat.

I guess that "use sex as a weapon" – OOOPS!!!! I mean "sex positive" feminism had not been invented in 1974.

I also guess that the 197th commandment in the Holy Bible is "Thou shall not allow thy women folk to suck a man’s loins" was missed when reading the Bible. Commandments 11-196 include things like doggy style, doing it for pleasure, having sex with the lights on, bird-dogging etc – you know – all the same heterosexual behavior that feminists hate – unless they are "use sex as a weapon" – urp – I mean "sex positive" feminists.

I have said it before – the feminists and radical Christian groups are strange bedfellows – they always have been.

Ever notice that everybody wants us to think that they are avid enemies?

The same way that everybody wants us to think that the LGBT community and the Bible belt are avid enemies? Yet – those two factions are really the only two groups that still support marriage...

At any rate, because of the way our government acts, I will start referring to America as the Land of Sick Filthy Faggots.

If this offends you – good. I think that people need a good hard proverbial slap across the face about what the American government does wrong.

Stop brainwashing women to be hateful and fearful of men.

Stop labeling good-natured sexual acts between men and women as "obscene".

Stop applauding forced homosexual behavior (rape) – on anybody – PERIOD.

Ponder it all for a minute. This is exactly what our government does.
Harry Reems
I encourage anybody reading to read the wikipage on Harry Reems - it sounds like he had a bit of a rocky life (drugs and booze it sounds like). He died at the young age of 65 from pancreatic cancer.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Willy Wonka and the OOMPA-LOOTAHZ!!!

Oompa Looter doom pa dee dat
oompa loompa
Michael Brown? Who the f**k is that?

Oompa looter doom pa dee dip
oompa loompa
Let's see if we can make this police car flip

Oompa looter doom pa dee dee
oompa loompa
This is how - we make small businesses flee

Oompa looter doom pa dee durb
oompa loompa
Let's play with fire - and hope we don't get burned

Oompa Looter doom pa dee dum
oompa loompa
That's what we are - really f**king dumb

I hope you all have a nice Thanksgiving. Piss PETA off - and eat some meat this weekend.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Cooking with Matthew Williams

Matthew Williams Hello boys and ghouls! Today, I will offer you some delicious, tasty and nutritious recipes that will also help you get your game on with some hotties. All you need is no job, no money, no future and a complete disregard for human life to prepare these caveat cannabalistic dishes!
To start, if you are not a loser or a waste of space, you probably will not find these recipes appealing, and you will not be able to cook them either, because the dumb-f**king-bitches like Cerys Yummy Yemm won't come near you because you are not a psychopathic killer. Just ask Jessi Leigh Foster.

Yummy Yemm hors d'oeuvres (whores devours)

1 cup olive oil.
2 cloves garlic
Left leg of Cerys Yemm

Cerys YemmStart with the fact that you are a complete loser psychopath and able to attract good-looking women like Cerys Yemm. Dice left leg thoroughly. Preheat oven to 325. Mix oil and garlic in large bowl. Dice leg meat up and marinade in oil mixture. Bake for 325 minutes. Yumm.

Yummy Yemm Pot Roast

Cerys Yemm's torso.
1 lb Carrots
Cerys YemmPreheat oven to 425. Place upper torso of Cerys Yemm in large pan. Place pan in oven. Roast for 3-4 hours or until the meat comes off the bone nicely. Serves with raw carrots. Yumm!

Lady Fingers

8 Fingers from Cerys Yemm
2 Thumbs (optional)
Cerys YemmRemember you are a psychotic loser with no future and no empathy for your fellow human beings, that is why women like this will actual talk to you instead of telling you to go f**k yourself, or explain that they are "out of your league" etc... Cut off Cerys Yemm's fingers (along with thumbs if you are going that route). Place fingers in a bowl. Served chilled with hot coffee or cocoa.

Remember ladies - watch out for those self-purported-nice-guys.
Cerys Yemm
They are all out to get you!!!!!
Instead, be an empowered, enlightened, modern, evolved woman, and hook up with trash like Matthew Williams et al...

When you are murdered, I'll laugh my ass off!


This has got to be the most hilarious one yet. Yeah, she is definitely "out of my league", and also "getting flushed out of a toilet about now"!!!
BYE CERYS - I sure as hell won't moan the loss of a psycho-chasing bitch like you!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Remember the Good Old Days when...

Well, it appears that Charles Manson is going to get married.  He is 80 years old, she is 26.  If you are a man reading this, ask yourself this, "If I approached a 26 year old woman, what would her reaction be?"  Then ask yourself, "Am I as psychopathic as Charles Manson?".  Then ask yourself, "Charles Manson is 80 years old, 5'2" - am I smarter than him?  Could I kick his *ss?  Am I younger than him?"

We got some alpha male fallacies going on here.  Sorry - f**k your theories, philosophies and dim-witted ramblings.  I do not want to hear any bullshit about "alpha" anymore.  People who decide what is and what is not alpha are twits that like playing God - go f**k yourselves.

Charles Manson is below average intelligence, below average looks, and below average physical prowess.  He has 4 children.

He ordered the murder of some iconic women (Sharon Tate for example - who was pregnant when Charles Manson ordered her murder).

Where is the feminist uproar?

Do feminists not bitch endlessly about a billion jillion pregnant women being beaten every 5 seconds?

Well, one was killed - and it was ordered by a man with "power" - isn't that patriarchy in action?

Based on the silence of the feminists, I guess not.

What happens when young men are FALSELY accused of rape?
Castration Marches
The feminists go into a melt-down and hold castration marches.  They have no evidence, no confession, no insight - the word of a woman is more than enough for them to want to sexually mutilate the nearest man around.
And remember - Feminism is NOT a hate movement.
I am a "misogynist".
My dog had sex with the Easter Bunny.

Anyway, let me get to my point for this post...

Remember the good old days when guys like this
Were sought by women hoping to marry them - instead of hateful bitches holding castration marches for them when a ghetto-trash stripper with a horse-ass-face FALSELY accuses them of rape...

...instead of guys like this...
...receiving hundreds of love letters from women on while they are on death row?  Getting married, having children all whilst being incarcerated?.

Do you remember those days?

Neither do I.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Amber Lynn Coplin - No "Self-Purported Nice Guys" got Sex - so It's OK.

Amber CoplinWell, the reporters at RIP-Factor were very concerned when we heard about the tragic death of Amber Lynn Coplin. We were very worried, that perhaps, a few "self-purported nice guys" may have gotten to tap this little hottie.
According to our research, no "self-purported nice-guys" got any kind of sexual act from her - so we can all sleep easier tonight. The last thing our society needs, is decent young men getting laid! There is even a T.V. show dedicated to portraying how evil and nasty sex it - it is called, "Law and Order - Special Needs Unit". Many women are suffering from a condition called rape

David KalacIt turns out, that Amber was more into the Grim-Reaper, Count Dracula type of guys - like David Kalac. Allegedly his own words (posted anonomousely), "Turns out its way harder to strangle someone to death than it looks on the movies". Well, I guess like any REAL MAN who is not a SELF-PURPORTED NICE GUY, you live, you kill and you learn. Maybe the next time he kills his ex-girlfriend, he'll be more experienced, and it won't be quite a chore for him.

The tragic death of this woman can only mean one thing for our society, especially for the little angels misogynistically known as women (with an E instead of a Y)...
David Kalac
That right ladies, He is now available, and in prison. But - he is AVAILABLE!!!

Oh, but first, let us all take a moment, to celebrate this human sacrifice in wiccan fashion mourn that poor girls death.
Amber Coplin
EEEK - seriously - that picture above looks like some kind of freaky wiccan cult.

Friday, November 7, 2014


Last night past eight, my doorbell rang. My porch light was off so I thought to myself, "What kind of a spook is ringing my doorbell in the pitch black at this hour?"

Bride of Thuggenstein I answered the door. A "could've been cute" young lady was there. She had piercings everywhere (except for her ears of course), and tattoos scattered on her skin.

You know the type - Bride of Thuggenstein.
The burning man reject inquired, "Richard?"

I replied, "Yes"

Scum-cum-bucket started, "I am collecting signatures to impose tougher gun control laws that would require more severe background checks on people wanting to purchase guns".

I said, "I'm not going to sign that."

Little miss fugly (but could have been cute) asked, "Ok, that's ok, can I ask why?"

I said, "I'm not going to sign that."

Swamp donkey said, "Ok, well then have a good night."

I just turned around while fag-hag said that, walking back into the house. I was thinking about my commie pinko neighbor across the street - the one who had the Obama sign in his front yard a few years back.

I re-opened the door and shouted out, "There's a commie across the street who would probably want to sign that..."

No reply.

I went back into my house and looked at the clock - 8:33PM.

I thought to myself, "Vampires like that creeping around late at night are the reason I own guns. What the &$#@* is wrong with people?"

Now comes the rant from my warped and @#^$ed up mind...

People who look like the Bride of Thuggenstein creeping around at 8:30 in the pitch black and ringing doorbells on people's houses who have their porch lights off - wanting to take away people's guns. SERIOUSLY?

People cracking down on doctor prescribed medications because ass clowns like Heath Ledger and Michael Jackson overdosed on them - while at the same time - legalizing "medical" marijuana. SERIOUSLY?

Doctor Dope Hi, I'm Doctor Dope. It looks like you have a bad case of Stoner-itis. I prescribe 3 doobies a day. Have a groovy and far-out day.
Let's put the two things above together. Little Bride of Thuggenstein's like the fag-hag at my door last night should know - that illegalizing something does not make it magically disappear - just look at drugs - which I have no doubt the Grizzle Chicken last night at my door had taken at some JOINT in her life.

These are the same people who want to take my guns away. They believe that illegalizing firearms will make them magically disappear - all while getting their illegal drugs from a dealer.

These people not only vote - they go around door to door, late at night - in the pitch black - and ask people to sign political petitions. Yes, with the recent election fraud - I have been getting bombarded by women at my door - ALWAYS WOMEN - no men - ALWAYS WOMEN - and somehow, they always know my first and last name.


Last night I had an epiphany.

I realized my mindset is incorrect. I am flawed.

I conduct myself in a civilized manner when dealing with people - no matter who or what they are - how incredibly stupid they are - how incredibly naive - how incredibly hateful towards MEN LIKE ME. It is the way I was raised.

I am going to re-educate myself in the following manner.

When the scum-cum-bucket asked me, "Ok, that's ok, can I ask why?"

I should have given one of these replies

"Get lost Bride of Thuggenstein"
"Get lost Dracula"
"Shouldn't you be pole dancing to support your boyfriend's drug habit?"
"People like you are the reason I own guns"
"Are your parents brother and sister?"
"Did your parents ask you to run away from home again?"
"You look happy! I guess that ignorance is bliss!"
"It's scary to think that people like you vote"
"I'd say your boyfriend was a fag - but I'm afraid he'd hit me with his purse"
"Go play in the traffic - especially with that black T-shirt on"
"I'm busy now, can I ignore you some other time?"

And of course - what goes around comes around - payback is a BEE-OTCH!

"Looking at women like you gives my middle finger an erection"
"Because I am like - totally out of your league" (look smug)
"Stop undressing me with your eyes and get lost" (slam door)
"My face is up here, not down here" (point to my crotch)
"Stop looking at me, I'm too good for you" (slam door)
"Hi, I am a human - what the @#$& are you?"
"I didn't know the circus was in town!"

It is hard to go against my upbringing. Also, call this conceit, but I feel like I have a moral high-ground when it comes to people like this.

Well, F**K the moral high ground. F**K brainwashed little fag-hags creeping around late at night and shoving petitions in my face to remove my civil rights and destroy the Constitution.

I am God-damned sick of it, and I am not going to act politely when I encounter these people any longer.

Sorry Mum, sorry Dad. I gotta go against what you taught me on this one.

This stink hole country is going to Idaho in a handbasket.

I need to re-condition myself to be demeaning and insulting to these women with their damned political petitions coming to my door. Crap - how was I treated by these same women when I was in college? The same ones always shoving petitions in my face - well - I was treated very nastily - even though I was behaving civilized.

No longer.