Friday, October 31, 2014

10 Hours of Reality = 2 Minutes of Feminazi Crap

So,a ditz decided to walk around New York for 10 hours to "prove" that men are all pigs women are constantly harassed by men - evil straight men.

What she came up with is 2 minutes of pure feminazi crap.

YouTube Video 1

YouTube Video 2

YouTube Video 3

YouTube Video 4

YouTube Video 5

YouTube Video 6

And here is the Yahoo news story - just one of millions of stories that are now getting all kinds of rotten tomatoes thrown at them.

Please feel free to visit the YouTube links above and thumb down the videos - I already did. They are getting so thumbed down, that they have disabled ratings on some of them - go team go!  The video and stories are nothing but offensive - disgusting "childish feminazi tripe" of grade "F-" quality.

Just google Woman Harassed on Street and you'll see the disgusting flood of offensive stories - I am going to go through them after publishing this, and leave a comment expressing my disgust with this video.

Now, to start, as The AntiFeminist pointed out, this woman had to spend 10 hours in order to get "harassed" for 2 minutes.

This means that AN ATTRACTIVE WOMAN gets "harassed" 0.3% of the time - yes - 0.3% of the time - do the math.

There is one man who appears to be creepy - but using that one man to suggest that ALL MEN are just creepy weirdos is prejudiced and hateful - like Shoshana Roberts.

The majority of men who make comments at her - are paying her compliments on her looks. The ONE and ONLY ONE man who allegedly follows her does not make any threatening gestures (as NO MAN IN THE VIDEO DID) - and appears to know that he is on camera - so why he was following her is questionable at best.
Shoshana Roberts
Shoshana Roberts - prejudiced man-hating bigot.

Shoshana Roberts is a prejudiced man-hating PIG.

And sorry - I have to point out that she is not FAT.  Also, what the F*@k kind of name is "Shoshana" - sounds "middle eastern" to me.

Anyway - Happy Halloween.  Ugh - when I was a kid, I loved this holiday - now - I hate it - I prefer quiet evenings at home.  I am happy to entertain the kids that trick-or-treat at my door, but dang - it is kind of a nuisance.  Makes me appreciate all the adults that put up with it when I was a kid...

Here is the comment I am leaving at the various news-stories that have not already closed the comments section (LMFAO!):

Shoshana Roberts is a prejudiced man-hating bigot. She is offensive, her "10 hours of reality = 2 minutes of feminist tripe" video is offensive, and this article is offensive.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Consent + Contempt = Contradiction + Extortion

I know that The Anti-Feminist frequently talks about the "pussy cartel", and I agree with his assessment.  However, I think that is just one of the bigger pieces in a larger puzzle.

I think back on the relationshits I have been in; the number of women I have actually threatened to call the police on; the number of women I have grabbed by the arm and escorted to my front door; the number of women I have just walked out of a restaurant/coffee shop/bar/club on.

It is quite extensive.

In Manhood Academy terms, this is called the "Application of Pain".  And I know that ass-clowns like Futrelle like to take things out of context.  When Manhood Academy mentions the "Application of Pain", they are not referring to being physically inept.  It is the masculine way of saying "negative re-enforcement".

Yes - listen carefully...

If a woman you are with starts yelling at you for no good reason, escort her out the door, or leave.  Do not defend yourself against outrageous accusations, do not listen to her and address her "needs" and/or "feelings".  

Get her out of your immediate proximity and out of your life.

Anyway, to my point - I have also known many men who get into relationshits - and their women go psycho on them too - for no good reason.

It is NEVER for a good reason.

And by the way - the whole "PMS" excuse - is just that - an excuse - DO NOT BELIEVE THAT CRAP.   Yelling at somebody you are in a relationshit with (for no apparent reason) is never justified - ESPECIALLY NOT BY PMS.

I think that many women know that they are incapable of conducting themselves in a pleasant and civilized manner in a relationshit.  Hence, they need marriage and its blackmailing/extortion-like properties.

Without it, there is no way they could keep a man in their lives 

The woman in the picture above - how long until she goes psycho-bitch on you once your start dipping your spoon in her pudding?

And in the rare event that any feminazis are reading - no - I did not just have a spat with my GF.  No, I am not bitter because I cannot get laid - I had sex last night.  No - I do not have a small penis (got a BIG one).  No - I do not live with my mom.  No - I do not have mother issues - I visit and talk to her regularly.

Your "projection" shaming tactics have gone way beyond retarded and into hyper-f*cktarded.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Consent, Contempt and Contradiction

I have been pondering something lately.  I ask people why "people", and by "people" I mean women, should get so much money when a divorce occurs.

I associate with a diverse crowd, comprised of relatives, people I work with, and people I went to high school with, relatives of friends etc...

The most prominent answer is something along the lines of "Well, to make sure that nobody gets taken advantage of.".  By nobody - they mean "no women".

With nearly 75% of women aged 18-24 attending college and racking up huge debts to acquire worthless degrees that will not help them pay back their debt, most women come out of the gates deeply in debt.

Any man stupid enough to marry them - scratch that - any "well to do" man stupid enough to marry one and take on half of her debt while at the same time signing half of his money now and half of is future earnings over to her - is either oblivious to reality or a complete retard.

Marriage has nothing to do with love - never has.  It also has nothing to do with sanctity or holiness - never has.

Marriage is about punishing men.  Punishing men for having sex.  The feminists have simply upped the price of the modern day wife (i.e. long-term hooker).

Now, back to the "oh, that poor women" bullsh*t.  If any woman is not capable of being in a relationship without being "taken advantage of", then she has no business being in a relationship in the first place.

In theory, this is why "age of consent" laws exist right?


So that evil men cannot take advantage of delicate little flowers that are just blossoming into womanhood (ralph gack puke).

The strange thing here - and hence, the contradiction part - is this...

It seems that if women need such biased divorce laws that entitle them to the children, money and the house - then those women should not get into a relationship in the first place.  After all - they are capable of being taken advantage of - just like the "children" that the age of consent laws protect eh?

I've covered consent and contradiction.

My conclusion - it seems like the consent and contradiction lead the third part - CONTEMPT.

Contempt for male HETEROsexuality.  Contempt for males.  Contempt for men.

The consent is merely a cover for the contempt of males and male sexuality.  That is why it is such a contradiction.

It is all quite awkward isn't it?

Friday, October 10, 2014

My God...It's all Full of $h*t!

So, here in Reno Nevada on the news, they have been talking about gay marriage ad nauseam.

I ask myself, "Do I support gay marriage?"  because that is the question they want everybody asking themselves.

Then I say, "Crap...I do not support straight marriage - so I guess I have to not support gay marriage".

Here is what is weird.

Side 1 - the gays - so, these people claim that they have been persecuted throughout history - yet - they are willing to register with the government (via marriage license) as to who and what they are.  This was how Hitler dealt with the Jews - it starts with registration.  Aren't gay people capable of conducting their relationships without the government getting involved?  And, shouldn't gay people of all understand the problems that arise when the government starts meddling in people's "love lives"?

Side 2 - the religious fanatics - "We have to protect the sanctity of marriage!".  When I hear them say this, I wonder, "What planet are they from - and could I borrow their spaceship?".

For years, women have been getting all kinds of poison spilled into their ears, making most of them extremely paranoid and mistrusting of men.  Most of them complain about a thing called "misogyny" whilst at the same time applauding men they do not know getting drugged, tortured and sexually mutilated.

As this poison spreads, a lot of people enact more sexually biased divorce laws in favor of women - all in the name of ending this thing called "misogyny".

So, where are the religious leaders putting a stop to all this poison?  Oh yeah - most of them help spread it - except the parts about birth control, abortion, and as of late - homosexuality.  Sorry, but when I was younger I attended church regularly - I heard the preachers yacking about the evils of lusting after women, and the evils of married men and women "experimenting in the bedroom" - I never once heard anything against homosexuality or child molesting.

Why isn't the LGBT community putting a stop to any of it?

So, there seem to be two groups these days that support marriage - the LGBT community (not to be confused with BLT sandwiches) and the religious fanatics.

Two opposing factions right?

Isn't it interesting how neither of these two groups have EVER done anything to help heterosexual relations?

We are constantly being beaten over the head with images and news flashes of these two groups over the issue of gay marriage - we are being lead to believe that they are opposing factions.
Like it says above - seems like bullshit to me.

I can understand the governments position...  After all, there is a marriage strike.  Most wealthy men are not getting married because there is too much financial risk involved.  Add onto that, the fact that most women no longer trust the upper crust - the men of strong character - and it is clear those well-to-do men have a skimpy supply to begin with...

The government is solving the low divorce rate (and hence moremoney being dumped into the economy via divorce lawyers, house foreclosures etc...) caused by the low marriage rate by broadening its consumer base - and legalizing gay marriage - despite popular opinion.

When I see religious fanatics and homos I no longer think of them as opposites.  They are flips sides of the same smelly, dirty, disgusting coin that should just be thrown into the gutter where it belongs.

Ask yourself  this - who is considered worse these days...
A middle aged man having sexual relations with an 18 year old female?
A middle aged man having sexual relations with a 18 year old male?
Two middle aged males having sexual relations?
Two middle aged women having sexual relations?
A middle aged woman having sexual relations with an 18 year old male?
A middle aged woman having sexual relations with an 18 year old female?
David Futrelle having sexual relations with a kitten?

FRIDAY!!!! Enjoy your weekend all!

Friday, October 3, 2014

Sexually Frustrated Carpet-Munching "Feminist" Gender Queers Upset at Totally Cool Subway Commercial

I do not know about you, but I will be eating at Subway this Friday night. I love their commercials; I love their healthy and delicious food.

Subway Rules!
Unfortunately, there are some twilight-saga, Oprah-worshipping shut-ins in the world whose brains are akin to scrambled eggs. Such people make insane and queer claims, about totally cool commercials being "sexist", like the one below...
I do not see what the problem is. I mean, the woman is not the one making the sandwiches - like I always hear so many women (feminists) complaining about.

The strange thing is, I frequent Subway quite often - because their food is delicious, healthy and inexpensive - and I always see women working behind the counters. They are friendly and courteous. It is kind of Subway to hire so many female employees - perhaps even hire ones with degrees in Womyn's Studies, since such a degree is worthless - unless you plan to make sandwiches for a living (ironic isn't it?).

This weekend, I will be frequenting Subway several times, because I do not feel like cooking myself. I will be enjoying their affordable variety of delicious and healthy sandwiches for several of my meals this weekend.

My favorite – is

6” Italian herb and cheese bread.
Swiss cheese
Mustard & Mayonnaise
Green Bell Peppers

Sometimes, I put pickles or peperoncinis on my sandwich too.

Enjoy a healthy, delicious and inexpensive subway sandwich sometime this weekend!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

I Am Sexism, Now, More than Ever

They say that the human mind has no boundaries.  They say it has an infinite memory capacity.

What they do not say, is that it also has a limitless capacity for lunacy.

Here is the latest "sexist" T-shirt (good f**king grief)

Carpet Muncher Blogger PJ Curtis discovered a t-shirt in the junior’s section of Walmart that reads, "Training to be Batman’s wife," in purple lettering with a pink Batman logo. "The idea that you should settle for being married to or sleeping with someone awesome instead of being the awesome person is insulting,"

...Claimed the bitter angry carpet munching lesbo gender queer...

Sexist?  SEXIST??

Batman is not even real.  Finding a comical T-shirt to be a threat speaks volumes about the women who call themselves feminists.

Also, is this really sexism?  Whatever happened to "unrealistic expectations"?  Remember women whining about that crap?

Does this shirt set unrealistic expectations for men - now - they all have to be like "Batman" in order to get married?!

Dang, it is all just plain silly if you ask me.

I cannot believe that garbage like this even makes the news.

I'm gonna call her "PJ CUNTis"