Friday, September 26, 2014

Rejection Projection?

Well, somebody named "Rose" left this comment a while back...

Yes we, women, may have "tantrums" but it is extremely RARE for us to go and commit a mass murder, or any murder at all unlike some men (and I said SOME) who decide that's what you do when a female turns you down. Males have a higher rate of violence than females.

She Left Two Links:

So, what is my problem this statement?

..."when a female turns you down"

Elliot Rodgers was NEVER REJECTED BY ANY WOMEN.  I read his fagifesto - at one point, he mustered up the courage to say "hi" to a woman (and ONLY ONE WOMAN).  I do not recall any rejection occurring.  He seemed to think that just walking down the street, women would magically appear and walk up  to him and have sex or something.  When that did not work, he started shooting people with orange juice with a super soaker.

I have never tried squirting orange juice on people with a super-soaker - and I am no student of "game", but my guess is that such an action would not help one acquire "chicks"...

Myself, when I was in college, I was at first eager to meet young women my age.  Unfortunately, the types of responses I got to saying "hello", "hi", "how goes it" etc... were quite uncivilized and hostile.

Number of killing rampages I have gone on: 0.

So - what the hell?  I was rejected (many times and never accepted) - I never went on a murderous rampage...

My second problem

..."Yes we, women, may have "tantrums" but it is extremely RARE for us"...

I have encountered this with a lot of women.  Notice the WE and US in that sentence.  She assumes that all women are exactly like her.  Hence, the WE and US.

I give her credit for saying "SOME" men when referring to psychos like Elliot Rodgers - but - I have to give her a bit fat juicy F right in her kisser for not making the same distinction with women.

Seriously - ponder it - how many women have you met who say things like "us women" or "we girls" etc...  They make it sound as if all women are alike - no differences...

Awkward to say the least.

Third problem.

Women tend to commit emotional violence instead of physical violence, which is NOT a crime...  That does not mean that women are less violent than men.  It simply means that they are violent in different ways.  "Rose" admits this - as she refers to "tantrums".  

If emotional violence were illegal - how much of the female population would be in jail over the next year?

And - Sorry "Rose" - I am not being hostile here - just using you as an example...

If you are reading this, do you understand that Elliot Rodgers was NEVER REJECTED because he never made any advances?

Also, do you understand that not all women are like you?

Anyway, I hope anybody reading this enjoys their weekend.

I know I will - I usually do!  Even though I have a small penis, am confused about my sexual orientation, and do not know how to make women have multiple orgasms according to a slew of hateful E-mails I have been getting bombarded with lately!

The fun never stops!!!!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

T-Shirt Turmoil!!!

Well, some of you may have heard some stories in the news about many school kids being asked to dress differently than they currently do. They are being asked to wear different shirts, because the ones they wear raise questions about sex, are distracting, or make political statements. The latest (as fart as our reporters know) is the case of Chloe Rubiano, a 13 year old prudish attention whore student.

The picture below is the one that got the little prudish penis hating attention whore young girl so much attention...As you can see, the shirt reads, "Virginity Rocks"
Psycho-Bitch T-Shirt
The reporters at RIP-Factor are dedicated to getting you the WHOLE story. We found the original picture of her "nasty T-shirt" and here it is...
Chloe Rubiano
JUST AS WE SUSPECTED! Chloe Rubiano - you dirty little whore!!!!

The principal of the school recommended that Chloe's friends be given a good spanking, because Chloe is a fuck ugly prudish attention whore that would be no fun to spank that is far too young to be making statements about increasing the incidents of prostate cancer in men stupid enough to wait until marriage (or go for fuck ugly prudish attention whores) - but some of Chloe's friends are older and kind of hot claimed the principal, "Bring them in for a good spanking" he said to our reporters.
She Just Needs a Good Spanking

Of course, the BACK of the "Virginity Rocks" T-shirt - it reads as follows...
Psycho-Bitch T-Shirt
The psycho-bitch modern Christian woman T-shirt hit the shelves when all hell broke loose and the 4th angel sounded its trumpet.

RIP-Factor reporters again bring you the whole story - lower on the back of the T-shirt, it reads like this...
Psycho Bitch T-Shirt

Another female student was in hot water for a T-shirt she wore that read, "gay? fine by me.". The principal of the school actually had a functioning brain, and realized what the shirt worn by the female student was REALLY saying...
Psycho Bitch T-Shirt
The principal wisely suspended her - upside down from a tree - and poured molten glass into her rectum.
I Poured Molten Glass into Her Rectum

All of the women in the photo below are also in "hot water" not because their T-shirts are revealing, make a political statement, or anything like that - they were simply reamed for having some seriously nice tits! ...and of course, they were also reamed for setting unrealistic expectations for young women's tits.
Nice Tits!
Our reporters claimed that they would like to rub their face in each and every one of their boobs while going "bbb-b-b-b--b-b-b-bbbb-b-b--b-b-b-b-b--bbb" and stuff.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the T-shirts you saw in this blog post, GET SOME FUCKING HELP, or feel free to visit

The Anti-feminist posted a link to this article. Scroll down quite a ways and read the top comment - like it on facebook - it currently has 951 likes!!!

Friday, September 12, 2014

How Many Hits to Knock Out "J-NAY-NAY" and Haaayyyyy?

Well, apparently, just one!

So, we are now being told repeatedly that Ray Rice is a bad person. A very very bad person. So bad that he gives bad a bad name. He should change his name to Bad Vader.

Many of you might have seen the video of the elevator scene, where Ray Rice knocks out his wife with a punch.

Before I watched it, I read dozens of news stories - and I noticed something extremely ODD.

Not one of the news stories (the old ones anyway) talk about Janay Palmer's behavior in the elevator, or her behavior in the relationship. Most of the stories seem to focus on the outrage of a man knocking out his wife (unlike the laughter and applauds a woman gets for cutting off her husband's penis - i.e. doing PERMANENT IRREVERSABLE DAMAGE).

The lame-stream-media and the powers that be even went so far as to suspend a broadcaster for voicing his opinions on the matter.

Watch the video again, I have three frames posted here.

First, Janay says something to Ray (of course it is something really sweet and loving and she said it while farting a rainbow out of her ass)
Janay Rice Yelling
Ray slaps Janay (yes, this is inexcusable in my opinion - no matter how ugly the thing she said to him was, it does not justify physical violence - although it certainly encouraged it).
Janay Rice getting Slapped
Janay rushes Ray like a crazy psycho-bitch who SERIOUSLY thinks she can take on a 212lb professional athlete.
Janay Rice Rushing
Look at the picture above again - she is rushing him, like she actually believes she is going to "kick his ass".
Janay Rice Rushing
Also notice that Ray has now cringed into the corner of the Elevator. Why of why would a 212 pound professional athlete be backing away from a small woman like Janay?

And why on Earth would she think that she could possibly do any damage to him?

Pure insanity?

Or has she possibly hit him before - and he simply did not fight back?

Now get ready for a shock - Amanda Marcotte wrote this article.

I could not help but laugh while reading it. She is claiming that if you are weaker than somebody else, you then have the RIGHT to hit them. If you are stronger than somebody else, you have NO RIGHT to hit them.

I wonder how such a philosophy will play out in gay and lesbian relationships?

At any rate, read the article by Amanda Marcotte - she is basically enforcing stereotypes of women (being small and weak - such little angels, and perpetual victims) - and hence that gives women the RIGHT to hit their men - since men are all so big and strong. And of course, men have NO RIGHT hitting back - even to defend themselves.

It is people like her that enforce a hatred of men, while ignoring the ugliness of some women in our society today.

This is no different than tactics employed by the KKK in days of old - pointing out the crimes, sloth, or trashiness of some black people, while ignoring the crimes, sloth or trashiness of some white people.

The only thing Amanda Marcotte demonstrates to me in her HACK article is that feminism is a HATE MOVEMENT.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Jihad Jane and Jaws

I honestly have not read up on ISIS or any other terrorist group. I do not watch the news that often. I do read some "man-o-sphere" blogs, and I have heard some speculations about why young men (usually of Islamic descent) are joining Jihad (Gee, could it be because they are Muslim?).

While I believe that the only way to truly know why some young men are joining Jihad is to ask them, I wonder what the speculation is about these women joining Jihad?
Shannon Conley
Shannon Conley

Jihad Jane

=Jamie Paulin Ramirez
I'll say this much. The terrorist group ISIS is more than welcome to have them - EEEEEK. Crap, I can think of some other women I'd like to send their way myself!

I guess that baking skills are in demand in ISIS.

ISIS needs somebody to do the interior decor of the caves they live in.

Somebody in ISIS needs to bitch about gun safety, and setting a proper example for children.

It is important for any young Jihadist to eat their "veggies".

No Jihad until you clean your room!

I did the dishes last night, it is very selfish of you to go and do your Jihad thing with your friends tonight.

I don't think you understand what Jihad is really all about.

Why am I the only one around here properly planning for Jihad while the rest of you just sit around.

I wish I was as important to you as Jihad is.

If this Jihad thing is more important to you than I am, I think you need to do some soul searching.

I think you care about Jihad more than you care about me.

I feel like we never talk anymore, except about Jihad.

The streets will run red with the blood of the non-believers who leave the toilet seat up.

OK, ENOUGH! In sad news, my favorite Super-Villain actor from the James Bond movies "JAWS" has died at the age of 74. Richard Kiel starred in many TV and Movie Roles
Richard Kiel
RIchard Kiel - The Twilight Zone (To Serve Man)
Richard Kiel
Richard Kiel - The Longest Yard with Bury Reynolds
Richard Kiel
Richard Kiel - as Super Villain "Jaws" from James Bond
Richard Kiel
Richard Kiel as Super Villain "Jaws" from James Bond
Richard Kiel
R.I.P. Richard Kiel

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Biden Promises American People He will go to Hell!

Well, finally - Some good news from a left-wing looney politician. Joseph "I fantasize about raping college girls" Biden announced that he will soon be joining terrorists in hell!

Joe Biden going to hell

This comes as no surprise to people that do not have their heads shoved up their a$$es, as they know full and well that people like Joseph “lying little rat faced tit” Biden end up burning in hell for all eternity – along with straight men and lesbians (because their eyes follow women to lust after their flesh), oh, and gay men, and people who like the juices of fruits other than oranges. Oh, and people who put walnuts in their brownies because that is just disgusting.


As we all know, only straight women who never think about, or actually have sex make it to heaven.

Modern Christianity

If you are anything like me, when you hear of hell, you wonder, "Will I spend an eternity burning in the fiery pits of hell, or will I REALLY SUFFER!!!"

Anyway, the good news is that Joe "Male Bashing" Biden is going to hell, so he won’t be able to bother the American people anymore.

The bad news is that spending an eternity with Joe Biden is far too cruel – even for people as bad as terrorists.