Friday, August 1, 2014

Why do Women Hate Me?

So, I have been perusing blogs and noticing that quite a few of them are run by young men who are asking themselves this question.

Well, I have an answer why they hate you.

Because you are a force of logic with a huge wang.


Think of CBS's, "The Talk" - an all female audience with an all female panel cheering the sexual mutilation of a man - most modern women hate male sexuality.  The bigger the penis, the more they hate it.

What else do most modern post-feminist women hate?  LOGIC.

So, if you are reading this, and asking yourself, "Why do women hate me?"

Just say to yourself, "Because I am a force of logic with a huge wang."  Then smile.

Say it!!!

I am a force of logic with a huge wang

Enjoy your weekend everybody - I am taking a 4 day weekend.

Feel free to use your logic and huge wang to defy feminism and its war against male sexuality at each and every turn.  If you are at a loss on how to do that, you can start by objectifying the woman below with your logic and huge wang.