Friday, June 20, 2014

David Futrelle is a Homosexual Pedophile Rapist

As Dr.  Rookh Kshatriya claims, the underlying male-hatred in our society (or as I call it, heterosexual hatred) is due to the fact that many of it's "founding fathers" are in fact homosexual pedophiles.  Make no mistake here either.  When I say pedophile, I am not talking about teenagers - I am referring to prepubescents - you find this mentality of boy-raping lunatics in cults (a future post I will make). Because of this insane hatred of straight adult males, any form of adult male sexuality will be hated.  In days past it was referred to as "lust".  Today, it is referred to as "misogyny".  Being a full grown man, and admiring a woman's figure is "objectifying her" and considered disrespectful.  What about doing the same to a prepubescent boy - you never hear people complaining about that - they do not care -it is a HATRED of ADULT MALE HETEROSEXUALITY that infects them.  Today, many people supporting this polluting attitude call themselves feminists.

The following text is a re-post from the Anti-Feminist's blog.

MonsterBoobz – David Futrelle and his Disturbing Defence of a Film that Consists Almost Entirely of Graphic Scenes Depicting the Sexual Abuse and Torture of Naked Children

David Futrelle once described an adult male's fantasy of violently sexually assualting a random boy in a bar as 'tender' and 'erotic'. Writing about this, I posed the question - if this was Futrelle's idea of a 'tender' homoerotic yearning, what would his definition of a more hardcore sexual fantasy involving teenage boys possibly consist of?

Sexually humiliating them? Forcing them to eat human faeces? Mutilating them? Torturing them before murdering them?

No. Futrelle apparently accepts that these evil depravities should not be the subjects of sexual fantasy. We can all breathe a sigh of relief. Especially our teenage sons.

For according to Futrelle, such things are the theme of great art, not sexploitation.

Even when sold in seedy gay bookstores. Even when one of the boy actors later killed himself. Even when the homosexual director of the movie was murdered soon after the film was completed by a teenage boy he was exploiting in real life. Even when the film is officially banned in at least 15 different countries and is routinely described as the most appalling and grotesque ever made.

David Futrelle was an active freelance writer back in the 90's, writing for both online and offline liberal publications that included Salon, and 'In These Times'. Quote-mining from the many articles he wrote in this period, we find that he claimed that an age of consent above 12 is apparently nothing more than prudish feminists 'controlling the sexuality of young girls', described the sexual fantasy of violently assaulting a random boy in a bar as 'tender' and 'erotic', suggested that child rape victims be encouraged to marry their abusers (who would be spared jail), repeatedly accused the world's leading child protection organizations (such as the NSPCC) of generating hysteria and lies over child abuse, and railed against the first government efforts to protect children from online paedophilia and porn.

Describing some of these shocking and outrageous viewpoints of David Futrelle, I wondered what more dark secrets and even more disturbing quotes were still to be found in the dusty internet archives, amongst the hundreds of pieces he wrote for his liberal 'sex positive' feminist audience back in the 1990's. I specifically mentioned that the thought of what still might be discovered sent a shiver up my spine...and likely his too.

I wasn't wrong.

David Futrelle and his Defence of 'Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom'

How would you describe a 'man' who not only cried 'censorship' against the authorities for clamping down on a sexploitation film that contained graphic scenes of children being raped, tortured, forced to eat excrement, mutilated, and then murdered, but went on to argue brazenly that the authorities themselves should face arrest for attempting to censor it?

PDF File Here

Most normal, sane, moral people would call such a film beyond evil. One of the traumatized male child actors, who would have been only 15 or 16 when the sickening movie was filmed, in which he is made to eat the shit of his abuser before having his nipples burned off, later killed himself through a drug overdose at the age of just 33. Today, such a film would undoubtedly be classed as category 5 child pornography (the very worst). Writing about the movie back in the 1990's, David Futrelle judged it only as being 'not exactly family entertainment'.

In fact, he also suggested that instead of arresting the men distributing the 'art' movie at a notorious gay sex shop, that the police should themselves be arrested for 'renting films that go over the head of the average undercover cop'.

Futrelle's defence of the film seems to rest entirely on the status of the director - Pier Paolo Pasolini - as an 'artistic genius'. The director, a homosexual, was murdered soon after the movie's release. It is believed that the killer was a teenage male prostitute that Pasolini was abusing (unrelated to the movie), although others suspect that it may have been the work of an outraged family member of the young cast, who were all aged between 14-18.

This grotesque sexploitation movie is officially banned in 15 different countries, although, as stated above, it should undoubtedly be automatically classed as the worst form of child pornography. Its defenders claim that it makes an artistic statement about the 'corruption of power over innocence and youth'. The abusers in the film are portrayed as Italian wartime fascists who kidnap eight teenage boys and girls and subject them to 120 days of grotesque sexual torture and humiliation before murdering them. I have not watched the movie, and never will, but according to most online reviews and descriptions, it consists almost entirely of the graphic depiction of these tortures, with the teenage cast of victims, aged as young as 14, looking genuinely terrified.

Despite the film's supposed artistic statement about fascism and the corruption of power, and hence justification as an 'art movie', rather than porn or sexploitation, it is unclear why the director was homosexual, the audience of the film appears to be mainly homosexual, most of the positive online reviewers of the movie appear to be homosexual, why most of the movie's focus is aparently on the graphic sexual torture of naked underage boys, and why the movie was being rented out in a Cincinnati 'gay and lesbian bookstore' that deals mainly with erotic homosexual products.

Wikipedia - 120 Days of Sodom

IMDB - 120 Days of Sodom

An Amazon customer's review (yes, unbelievably this is still being sold openly on Amazon) :

I have read the reviews of what a deep movie this is and the important social message. What I saw was a badly acted porno with some near vomit-inducing moments. It's as if the director was looking for an excuse to portray acts of pedophilia and extreme cruelty and then calling it art to justify it. How anyone can sit through this more than once and get some kind of enjoyment from it is beyond me.

David Futrelle still tries to incite violence against a frail old man for a misquoted comment made nearly half-a-century ago.

Excellent job Mr. Anti-Feminist!

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Saturday, June 7, 2014

So...Was it a Man or a Woman???

In regard to the recent campus shooting in Seattle - I wanted to know if the HERO that stopped the shooter was a MAN or a WOMAN - so I browsed the stories...

Nope, this one doesn't say...

Nope, this one doesn't say...

Nope, this one doesn't say...

All I know at this point is that a "Building monitor and fellow students" stopped the shooter. What sex(es) is/are the person/persons who stopped the shooter?

AH – Jon Meis – a MAN (I assume by the name JON...

And of course, the Mayor of Seattle demonstrates what a PIG he is (in some of the stories above), by exploiting the misfortune of these young people to re-enforce his anti-gun agenda.

Well, perhaps this man Aaron Ybarra was sane – I mean, after all – perhaps the people he shot – he suspected of having SEX!!!!

The first three stories fail to mention that the HERO is in fact – a MAN. It is almost like they have a real bitter taste in their mouth whenever they have to say something positive about men, or show a positive example of a man.  Imagine a world where women are constantly told about men like Jon Meis, instead of men like Elliot Rodgers, or other insane lunatics...

Anyway, this is something I noticed a very long time ago. News stories will often say, “Building monitor” instead of MAN when the HERO is a MAN. When the HERO is a woman, they will say WOMAN.

The opposite is true for the flings students have with their teachers – I have always heard things like “a 26 year old MAN” instead of "TEACHER" and “a 26 year old TEACHER” when it is a woman having a fling… And of course, the women having flings with their students are “practicing bad romantic judgement” – the men – are “sick perverts”.

We truly do live in an era that is seething with male hatred.

I would also like to take the time to point out some good sites I have found...

The first one I found via a link on Anti-Feminist's blog - Holocaust21

The second is Bernard Chapin from Chapin's Inferno!

And the third I am a little weary of - That INCEL Blogger. I will monitor this one and see what else he has to say...

Have a great weekend all - it is bloody hot here in Reno today - I am hoping for some thunder storms - but - not enough cloud buildup at this point...

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Canadian Sex Object Upset about Something or Other...

Lindsey Stocker Lindsey Stocker, a special needs 11th grader with a totally hot ass and tits was blah blahing about something in regards to her school or something like that. RIP-Factor reporters concluded that she has a nice ass and nice titties (although, they are a little small). Our journalists think she was talking about her butt or something like that.
You can read the unprofessional story here. Anyway, she was putting up signs or something like that at her high school that looked like this...
Lindsey Stocker
Lindsey Stocker - EPIC FAIL
Administrators removed the signs a short time later and sent Lindsey Stocker to the principal's office - who looked in her vagina to see if there was a bunch of sand in it...
Lindsey Stocker
Lindsey Stocker
Lindsey Stocker was given a one-day suspension - instead of a long hard spanking with a gag in her mouth and her hands tied behind her back which we were hoping would get posted on YouTube, or better still PornTube. Unfortunately, this did not happen - but our team of expert journalists believe that it should have, because she would look hot naked and tied up with a gag in her mouth - and we would not have to listen to her blabbering.

Anyway, the bat-shit crazy psycho bitch from hell 11th grade special needs student with a nice body (for now) was blabbering on and on about something or other. RIP-Factor reporters concluded that the narcissistic know-it-all parasite she would probably give good head if she could just leave her mouth open without talking endlessly about whatever it was she was talking about. However; instead of giving hand-jobs to "self-purported nice guys" she'll probably end up as a Murder and Male Resentment Monday bit (I thought of that title all by myself!)

We now post a picture of her here. Please - feel free to pull her out of the picture and live out your sexual fantasies with her - man is she HOT (for now)!
Lindsey Stocker
Lindsey Stocker - Objectify Her!
Also, I would encourage any young men in her class to get the pages she appears in the yearbook all sticky by jisming on them over and over.


She obviously has a typical insane rage against male sexuality - heterosexual male students are strongly cautioned from speaking to her or anything like that. Clearly, she is only good for sex with such a bad attitude towards males - no wonder she is so obsessed with NOT being thought of as a sex-object - what else is she good for?

Oh, we fixed the ignorant 11th grade twit's signs too (kind of like helping her with her homework) - and re-posted them all over the school - the entire board was pleased with us - especially the female staff members who gave us all hand-jobs.
Lindsey Stocker
Lindsey Stocker - Special Needs Student
The End.