Monday, October 28, 2013

Boy Have I Been Busy!

I have not blogged for a while - I have been busy with personal bullsh*t.  Yes, I have had the opportunity to write a few comical posts here and there - but I have not had the time to muster up the text and pictures for them yet...

There is a question on my mind.

I was in a cheap motel near Copperopolis California recently.  I was watching a show called, "Mystery Detectives" - formerly called "Forensic Files".

Whatever channel I was watching - was doing a marathon of "Mystery Detectives".

One story in particular caught my attention - I looked it up - I believe it is episode 333 - Double Cross

So - what caught my attention about it?  Well, the story is that a man prompted his girlfriend/wife/partner/significant other to make a FALSE video accusing her co-workers of sexual harassment and rape.

She was a naval officer.

A man that the woman worked with was then invited over to her house, and the husband/boyfriend/partner/significant other of the woman who made the false video was shot along with the invited co-worker.

The man who did the shooting claimed that his girlfriend/wife/partner/significant other was being "raped and killed" by the invited guest - who was called an "intruder" out for revenge against the woman's allegations.

Now, how a man manages to rape and kill the same person simultaneously is beyond me (it was a lie of course).

It struck me as funny - this man bought a gun the night before somebody broke into his house and tries to kill him and his spouse - what are the odds of that.  Buying a gun the day before your house is "broken into" was a red flag to detectives.

Anyway - ponder this man for a minute - he prompts a woman to make a video FALSELY accusing her co-workers of sexual harassment and rape.

He then shoots her and a possible boyfriend of hers in order to get her insurance policy.

What would the MRM say about this man?

Is he a White Knight?  Nope.

Is he a Mangina?  Nope.

In a word - I would call him a PIMP.

Sorry, a time-honored word to describe men who simply use women to get money - usually at the expense of other men.

Why no bitching about "pimps" in the "man-o-sphere?

This question has really been bothering me.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Miriam Carey’s VIOLENT Outburst!!! AAAHHHHH!!

MEN-Factor reporters were violently on the scene of a violent attack on Capitol Hill committed by estrogen-ridden Mariam Carey who allegedly and violently crashed through a violent barricade outside the violent white house in an extremely violent act of violence.
Miriam Carey

Authorities on the scene violently claimed that Mariam, being violently full of estrogen, violently lead police on an excessively violent car chase, that violently ended in even more violence.

Currently, MEN-Factor investigators violently suspect that her violent vagina and her violent boobs may have been a violent factor violently contributing to her violent outburst.
Miriam Carey

MEN-Factor reporters violently interviewed many violent dimwits and violent inbreeds about what they thought about the violent incident that occurred in a very violent manner.
David Futrelle

Miriam Carey

Miriam Carey

Peter Breggins

Miriam Carey

Miriam Carey

Miriam Carey

Yes, public opinion violently shows that violence is indeed a violent factor in our violent society.

Who give a flying f**k that she was taking a myriad of pills to alleviate various mental illnesses… much like other people who often violently get violent and then commit an act of violence in a very violent manner.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Movie Review: Side Effects

So, Sunday night, I was bored and couldn't sleep.  I browsed my NetFlix, and stumbled upon a movie called Side Effects.

Honestly, if it weren't for the near end of the movie, I would not even bother mentioning it.

To start, I am not fond of conspiracy movies, and I am also not fond of movies pertaining to the Psychiatric field (unless they are making fun of it).

This one had a bit of a twist on it, so I did like it - but it was slow to start.

Here is the trailer:

If you do not want me to spoil the plot - read no further...

OK, the plot - a young Psychiatrist (Jude Law) encounters an "allegedly" young and troubled woman suffering from depression.

The young Psychiatrist prescribes a new medication - the young woman ends up killing her husband - supposedly from sleepwalking - a side effect of the medication.

The young psychiatrist is INCREDIBLY intelligent, and notices some flaws with the young woman's story - and starts to investigate.

It turns out, that the young woman has a lesbian lover (and a competitor Psychiatrist) and wanted her husband dead to begin with.  The lesbian Psychiatrist also invested against the stock of the new experimental medication - to make profit off the young woman killing her husband (bad publicity for the new medication will drive the stock prices down).

Kind of a cool plot.

What I did not like about it...

At one point, the Young Psychiatrist's wife leaves him, because of some half-naked pictures sent to their address by the lesbian Psychiatrist.  At the end - he gets back together with his wife - he should have said, "you didn't trust me - get lost - and stay that way".

And, as I mentioned earlier, I am not a fan of conspiracy movies, but - the way the man in the movie was portrayed (with an incredible intellect) made up for that - as did his tactics of getting the lesbian couple to turn on each other (tactics often used by police - they'll claim that partners in crime have ratted the other out in order to get a lighter sentence...).

Anyway, if you have 106 minutes to spare - and you like seeing women conspiring against a man get their comeuppance - you might want to check this one out...