Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Year is 2505...

...and the most popular show in America is called, Ow! My Balls!.  The movie is called "Idiocracy":

This is a good movie - I really enjoyed it. I think that Mike Judge's intent was to demonstrate the Dumbing Down of America and take it to the Nth degree - and portray a future where people have become complete morons.  However; I think he also inadvertently stumbled onto the whole "women go for idiots" (i.e. thugs) idea floating around in these circles...

I know that many people will see nothing but male-bashing and whatnot in the movie, but I think that for this movie, the male-bashing was tactfully placed, as a demonstration of where the world is heading...

I recall that Dr. Rookh Kshatriya wrote an article called, Thug Future.  "Idiocracy", in my opinion, beautifully summarizes such a future - with just the right amount of humor added!

Of all the movies I have seen that portray the future of mankind, this one is without a doubt, the most recent.

Kidding - this one is the best portrayals of what the future might be like IMO.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did...

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Excellent Pro-Male Video

I agree with most of what this woman said. However; I think it is kind of sad - and a remarkable display of how much male-hatred exists in our society today - the fact that a woman must bring these things up in order for them to receive any attention.

I particularly liked her "dating" advice.  I cannot give any advice on game - since there is no such thing, but I can give advice on what kind of women to avoid.  Notice that in the video - somewhere around 7:00, she briefly talks about women to avoid - women who put boundaries on you - examples - you cannot see your friends, you cannot make purchases without consulting her, she ridicules men, she finds male-bashing funny etc...

Good advice - of course, how to get a woman to pay attention to you - or approach a woman - well - my "game" is just do it.  If she doesn't like you - or is rude - all the better.  It is like peeling off a band-aid - you can do it real fast and get it over with quick - or peel it off real slow and cause yourself longer lasting pain...

I did disagree with the "men are their own worst enemy".  I know that I am not my own worst enemy.  My enemies are the PEOPLE who propagate nonsense like bogus rape rates, bogus domestic violence rates, erroneous stereotypes of men etc etc...

Anyway, enjoy the video above.

And again, it is sad that a woman needs to point this out to receive any credibility or attention.

If a man had said any of this - he would have been labelled a misogynist. Ponder that for a moment.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Bigfoot Responsible for Building Pyramids – Mad Scientist Suggests

Many scientists have speculated about who exactly built the pyramids, and why. Some believe that aliens built the pyramids – while others believe that the ancient Egyptians possessed technology that no longer exists.

For thousands of years, the bewildering mystery of the pyramids has baffled scientists, and frequently laughed at them while they are not looking. Also, it is speculated, that the pyramids often tell lies to small children about the scientists being stinky and eating their own boogers.

However; a mad scientist has presented new evidence that bigfoot actually built the pyramids. This mad scientist’s political affiliations are in no way relevant to his claims (even though, he is clearly a fag-loving flaming liberal dickweed who never says anything credible and has a very warped view of politics, people and the world in general. Also, the little toad has admitted that he voted for Obama – who is clearly turning out to be the biggest violator of civil rights and liberal fascist douchebag in the history of the presidency).

Heath Assmay, mad scientist, first announced to a group of homeless crazy people on 4TH street that Bigfoot built the pyramids. His claims were not met with any opposition, just an inquiry for loose change or some fries from McDonalds.

Heath Assmay claims the he fully understands all that science and sh*t like that, because he voted for Obama. And since Obama is like scientific and sh*t, and Heath voted for him, then Heath is also like – you know – scientific and sh*t like that.

The basis of Heath Assmay’s claims derives from the fact that the Sphinx has really big feet, therefore, Bigfoot must have built it, because only something with big feet would have like built sh*t like that with big feet and all that.

RIP-Factor reporters decided to challenge Heath’s outrageous claims, that Bigfoot built the pyramids – claiming that it was the biggest pile of crap since AVFM.

Heath responded by saying, “Look you treasonous dumb-a$$, if bigfoot can defeat the 6 billion dollar man, then he could definitely build those pyramids and sh*t like that, because both of them can move like really big rocks and sh*t. In fact, I think that the 6 billion dollar man and Bigfoot together might have built the pyramids together – because that is like totally possible you facist uptight ultra righty”.

Heath got really upset with us challenging him, and just said, “Friggin Tradcons – they are all such stupid fascists, somebody should just kill all of them – I hate people who think differently than I do – they are dumb”.

That concluded our interview.  RIP-Factor is still skeptical as to whether or not Bigfoot or the Bionic Man had anything to do with the Pyramids, the Sphinx, and other sh*t like that.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Rape Rapity Rape Rape Rape

I offer my two cents on “victim blaming”. I will note my observations on the “slut walks” and also present how skewed actual information on rape is these days.

To start, allow me to sort of kind of cast myself into the role of victim. On two separate occasions, somebody tried to mug me. The first time was outside Park Lane mall (no longer in existence). I was 19, and worked at the electronics section in a department store. They had a strict dress code (suit and tie). I managed to flee from my attacker. The second time, I was downtown during a festival, and stopped in a bar to use the restroom. I did not give the “would be” mugger the chance to attack – I poked him in the eyes like two dozen times, and flung the bathroom door onto his head – down he went. What was I wearing the second time? Well, my very impressive wardrobe from “Ross” where you can “dress for less” – i.e. I was wearing sh*t clothes.

I never wear a watch, or any jewelry. I had no cell phone.

So, the first time, I am in a suit and tie – in a bad neighborhood – and an attempted mugging occurred.

The second time, I am wearing cheap clothes – in a bad neighborhood (that was very crowded at the time because of the festival) – and an attempted mugging occurred.

Is this a limited experience – yes. But, I have heard MRMer-durr-dee-durr-errs comparing getting raped to getting mugged along with the concept of “asking for it”.

That is, I often see in their shit-for-brains-ramblings that somebody walking in a bad neighborhood wearing expensive clothes, and lots of jewelry is just “asking to get mugged”.

An interesting philosophy – and one that I respond to with -


In a bad neighborhood, the people wearing the jewelry and expensive clothes are the dealers and the pimps (at least ‘round these parts) – and you do not f**k with them – unless you want to get shot.

It shows what f**ktards many MRMer-durr-dee-durr-errs are. Hmmph – and I have actually been accused by Paul Elam of “never getting out of the house” – hmmph.

That out of the way, I want to present one rape case that was very disturbing (if it is true – always remember that this is America, and in America, when ANYBODY is accused of a crime they are INNOCENT until PROVEN GUILTY BEYOND A SHADOW OF A DOUBT).

West Virginia Torture Horror

This woman was raped, repeatedly assaulted, and forced to do other things that I will not mention because they are in extreme bad taste.

This woman was NOT "asking for it". The crime was racially motivated, as her captures repeatedly referred to her as a "nigger". I think that any articles of clothing she was wearing would have been irrelevant at the time she was abducted – she was abducted because of her skin color, not her sense of fashion. Odd isn’t it – how even many MRA’s, and Stepford wives think everything is about women’s fashion…

The recent kidnapping in Colorado

A quote from the article (from a neighbor of the kidnappers), "He could be flaky and off the wall. He was also arrogant, like ‘I am Mr. Cool, I am the best.’ He had an attitude, like ‘I am God’s gift.’"

Sounds like an awkward person to say the least…

The article makes no mention of what the victims fashion statements were at the time they were abducted.

Locally, we have the Brianna Denison tragedy - Brianna was alseep – she was not parading around half naked in public, "asking for it". And – this will be important later on – James Biela, her murderer, allegedly raped two other women…

And of course, we all know that "Grandma" is always asking for it - all those old bags are asking for it – those saucy little GILFS – parading around HALF NAKED – THEY KNOW THEY WANT IT!!!!

story 1

story 2

story 3

story 4

These news stories demonstrate that rapists are sick f**ks with heads filled with defective wiring. That said - they are also a rarity among men.

The concept that women who get raped are "asking for it" is a sick woman's fantasy. It implies that men are simply beasts who have no control over themselves (more so, a woman's fantasy that she is so sexy – that a man will not be able to control his passions in her presence).

As far as I am concerned, people supporting this "asking for it" mentality – are men-haters.

I do not know where this mentality comes from, but it seems to be something that feminists love to propagate – albeit unwittingly. They insist that women are not "asking for it" by dressing provocatively. They insist that the male sex drive is what is responsible – bullshit.

Many MRMer-durr-dee-durr-errs insist on the "asking for it" mentality – and they are in fact BLAMING THE VICTIM.

What is never mentioned in these circles - is that rapists consist of mentally ill people – they are not men with "healthy sex drives".

Now, another quick story from my past – when I lived in Kent Washington…

A woman I knew was working in an area where a serial rapist was being sought after.

I think this is the link (but I am not sure)

The women involved were not "asking for it". Sorry I cannot find more links. The woman who cut my hair at the time told me about him, because her shop was right in the middle of where the rapes were occurring. She of course was afraid to walk to her car at night when closing. Anyway, the rapist’s victims had no correlation – different skin colors, different styles of dress etc…

The feminists are wrong – there is no “rape culture”. There ARE mentally ill people.

The feminists are wrong – men cannot stop rape – since men cannot stop mental illness.

No woman asks for it – no woman can avoid rape by changing her wardrobe – sorry MRMer-durr-dee-durr-errs and slut-walkers – rape is not about women’s fashions. The mere thought of suggesting so demonstrates a severely retarded intellect – and a hatred of the male sex-drive – whether it be "men are rapists and that is all they are" from the feminists, or, "men think with their dicks" coming from both feminists and the MRMer-durr-dee-durr-errs). This should come as no surprise though, since only severely sick people and functional retards spend time thinking about rape. The rest of us think about sex (I made an exception in this case – because the man-o-sphere is filled with way too much bullshit about rape).

List of Rape Quotes – all of them demonstrate a disconnection from reality. I offer the more profound ones here…

I urge all our listeners to masturbate. Right now. Because it takes the wind right out of the sex drive. We don't want rapists going into society half-cocked and ready to go. If they masturbate, they'll say, 'Uhh...I think I'll rape tomorrow instead.'
-Adam Carolla

A marriage license should not be viewed as a license for a husband to forcibly rape his wife with impunity. - Sol Wachtler. Obviously, Sol Wachtler believes that women marry men that they really do not know very well – this is a severe put down on women – yet, no woman calls him a misogynist…

Thus I see that Roissyite gamers and the Paleo-Game Cult will go straight to terrorism soon. In a way I’m looking forward to it since it will lead to them getting put in prison where they will be too busy getting ass raped by Bubba… - The Black Pill – looking forward to men being raped – an avid MRA too – deal with it.

Rape is the only crime in which the victim becomes the accused. - Freda Adler – This is not true to begin with, but Freda clearly does not understand that accused people are innocent until proven guilty – she would gleefully destroy that given a chance – as would others like her. Rape is not the only crime where the ALLEGED victim becomes the accused. Whenever a crime is committed against somebody, and there are no witnesses, the accuser does become the accused – not because of a rape culture, but because the accused have rights – deal with it fascist bastards.

Why did the slutwalks occur?
My speculation: HERE

Further speculation – well, I honestly believe that any woman could walk down my street naked – and not get raped – because I know my neighbors – none of them strike me as being mentally ill. Sure, such a woman might get ogled – and some cat calls might be made – perhaps some man might ask her out, or ask her for her phone number – but that is all part of healthy normal male sexuality (although, any man not questioning the sanity of a woman walking around naked in public needs to be spoken to – tsk tsk…).

Pounding somebody in the face, then raping (and possibly killing them afterwards) is NOT part of normal male sexuality. It is an indication of severe mental illness.

So, here is my meme – may it fall upon deaf eyes …

Feel free to rape this post – as anonymous comments are now allowed once again.

But – say something stupid and nasty – I'll just delete it. I have no time for people who have become so embittered that they just behave stupidly-ish.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Bitchy Resting Face

This is a real problem that afflicts many woman each year.
Unfortunately, the video offered no place to donate money to...

Friday, June 7, 2013

I Like This Guy!

his web site is - it locked up my browser - but - I have watched several of his videos - I like 'em!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Vacation Photos

Enjoy some misogynistic, homophobic pictures I took while I was on vacation in my mom's basement!
 Spree (my dog) on Cannery Row - Monterey Bay
The beach - between Santa Cruz and Monterey Bay
Santa Cruz Beach (ritzy neighborhood walk)
The beach - between Santa Cruz and Monterey Bay
Santa Cruz - Ritzy neighborhood again!
Santa Cruz - Ritzy neighborhood again!
Spree on the beach - scared of the waves!
Half Moon Bay - a walk that went on forever!
The Streets of San-Fran-Psycho (San Francisco)
Sea Lions yelping on the pier in Santa Cruz - I had the best Calamari Steak in - Gilda's I think...

A funny thing - a restaurant I ate in in Half Moon Bay Miramar's or something like that - had cards at each table saying, "bread available on request.  I read the card - and it explained that bread leaves a carbon foot print or something that is essentially destroying the ozone layer or contributing to global warming - brother.

Also, in coffee shops, they have signs "Proposition 65" I think - that tell people that coffee causes cancer or something.

California is a nutty place - with all of its problems - the government is worried about bread and coffee... 


That's all - I'll be back soon talking about everybody's favorite subject - rape - puke - gag - choke - barf...