Saturday, December 29, 2012

Will the Misogyny Never End!?!?

WARNING: the following video portrays acts of violence against women. The video is shocking, and if you laugh at it - so much as once, then you are clearly a misogynistic bastard who is part of the patriarchy
I think that this video clearly demonstrates why we need feminism - when things like portrayed in the video above are considered "funny", we clearly live in a gynophobic society that gets cheap laughs from oppressing women.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

What will My New Year's Resolution Be? You're not going to Like it...

I have noticed - just my opinion - that many "MRAs" seem almost "jealous" that there was "feminism" but no "masculinism".

To do to men what feminism did for women - in my opinion - would be a crime against men.

It seems like far too many MRA's would like just that.

That is why I reject the title of MRA.

I recently posted an article where a girlfriend's friends killed a young man for his money.  Her friends would not have known about his Christmas bonus, unless she told them.  Two women and one man killed the young man - all three were friends of the victim's girlfriend. No sentencing has been determined yet, but my guess is that the man will get a harsher sentence than the two women, and that the girlfriend is already shacking up with some other guy.

The post was labelled as "inflammatory bullshit" - and giving feminists "fuel" to discredit the MRM.

Hmmm - let's see - an article demonstrating that not all women are princesses and are capable of murder - and even if they do not commit the murder, they can lead to a young man's demise is "inflammatory bullshit" and gives feminists "fuel" to discredit the MRM.

Why would these people even care about what feminists think in the first place?

I was not aware that they were trying to impress them to begin with...

It seems like it is not about holding women accountable, but rather, giving men "rights".

Crap, there was even a comment posted on reddit, where a "badly-behaving" woman was called a "dickhead" instead of a "bitch". The reason given by the poster - He did not want to sound "misogynistic".


The MRM is stupid.

I see a slew of male hatred coming mostly from women, and to a less extent men.  I acknowledge that there is a problem in our society.

However; I am beginning to suspect that the MRM is nothing but a farce devoted to doing to men what feminism did to women.  It seems to me, like it has no interest in eliminating the hatred of men in our society - or even counter-attacking that hatred.  Allow me to clarify something too - when I say "men", I am referring to HETEROSEXUAL MEN.

Notice this and ponder - the terms "mangina", "white knight", "pussy beggar" and "vagina worshipper" can only be used against heterosexual men.  As if - in all of history - there has NEVER ONCE been a GAY MAN with a YOU GO GRRL attitude...  BULL-F**KING-SH*T.

My new year's resolution - just as I ridicule feminism, and I apologize to people who read my blog - I am going to have to start ridiculing the MRM as well.

This whole thing is like a bad penny in the street.  When I found the MRM, I simply found the flip side of the feminist coin.

And by the way - I do not hate gay people.  However; gay's are NOT my allies.  Gays were originally part of the male-bashing - more specifically the "straight-male-bashing" movement known as feminism.

Andrea Dworkin's husband was in fact gay - and he - like Paul Elam (one of the MRM leaders - whether he wants to admit it or not) - insisted that MAN is nothing more that a "simple" thing that thinks with his dick.

Such a line of thought is degrading to the character, integrity and nobility of men.

If men did think with their dicks, we would not have computers, cars, and all the wonderful - yet at times trying - technology that we do today.

When I pointed this out to Paul Elam - he said that I am more dangerous than a feminist for being "in a state of denial".

Hmmm - odd.  I am more dangerous than a feminist because I do not think like a faggot feminist (i.e. Andrea Dworkin's faggot feminist husband).


And oh yeah - if you do not like me saying the word FAGGOT - take a hike...

I am guessing that many of these "MRA's" would not know what feminism was if it crawled up their ass and died.

I have had enough of this bullsh*t...  I must ridicule it...

But do not worry.  My mission of ridiculing male-hatred will not stop.

These "MRA's" will not succeed in discouraging me from doing my best to stop the hatred of men that has infected the anglo-sphere.

Nor will I allow them to continue spreading the hatred of straight men (mangina, white knight, pussy beggar, vagina worshipper) without being ridiculed for it.

Don't like this post?

Up yours FAGGOT!!!!  You are free to not follow or read my blog ever again.


Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Have a Holly Jolly Christmas

Well, enjoy my Holly Jolly Christmas REMIX that my dog Spree made...

WARNING: This video is very misogynistic.  Watch it at your own discretion.  It contains concrete proof of a rape culture in our country.

Have a Holly Jolly Christmas all - or at least, I hope you all had a joyful Christmas...

Till the next time...

Monday, December 24, 2012

Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy

Enjoy my rendition of Tchiakovsky's "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy" from the NutCracker Suite...

Hmmph - bloody fairies.
Merry Christmas - Part II...
Stay Tuned for Part III... Coming soon!!!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Futrelle Bells

Enjoy my crappy remix of "Jingle Bells". It's OK that it's crappy - I made a video that appropriately goes with it!

So ends Merry Christmas - Part I...

Stay Tuned For the Exciting Part II!!!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Need a Good Stocking Stuffer?

I recommend that you buy this book for your friends and family:

Dr. Rookh Kshatriya

I'll be buying one for myself, and some for my friends - and giving them out as Christmas gifts.

I peruse many MRM/man-o-sphere blogs and sites.  Many are just the scribblings of angry men (in my opnion, many of them have every right to be angry - and I am no exception, I get angry too - just like any normal human being)., others are just child like nonsense - something akin to drunken frat boys shouting "no fat chicks", and others are just the usual politically correct load of crap that got us all where we are today - over-victimizing gays, colors, and instead of women - men.  There are some that are also the opposite of political correctness - and borishly rehash gay bashing, or white supemacism.

At any rate, I find the most of the scene to be a complete cluster-f*ck

If there is any sight I have found that is the most comprehensible, and offers the best hypothesis as to why women act and behave the way they do - as well as why our college campuses and main-stream-media seem to be a focal point of so much of the seething male-hatred we live with today, it is Dr. Rookh Kshatriya's Anglobitch blog.

I do not agree with absolutely everything Dr. Kshatriya has to say, but I agree with most of it.

And of course, in second place is Fidelbogen's blog.

It would be awesome if these two ran for president and vice-president of the United States!!!!!

Of course - an ice cube in hell would have a better chance...


And really bitchin' if they appointed Gerald Celente as the head of the Treasury Department!!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Perfect Portrayal of a Post-Feminist Woman

Thanks to "itsyoureternalsoul" for the pic:

post feminism
A picture is worth a thousand words - this one is worth a million!

And, that sneaky little snake Obama managed to do it.  He successfully managed to exploit the deaths of the children in Connecticut in two ways!

First, the obvious - more gun control.  As anybody with an I.Q. of 50 knows, this never would have happened if 50 round clips were illegal (and assault rifles too).  Yup!  Illegalizing something makes it magically disappear - just think about drugs for a minute...

Second, not so obvious - more health care.  YUP!  This incident never would have happened if the shooter had access to better "mental health care".

How tricky can you get?  I wonder if Obama will find a way to make it all the republican's fault as well...

And one more thing.  This massacre was in fact terrible.  But it is not the worst one in American history.  The worst one was the massacre at Bath Township Michigan - 38 Children and 7 adults lost their lives. 58 people were injured.  This incident happened in 1927. The person who committed the massacre did not use assault rifles. He used bombs.

Monday, December 17, 2012

This Sums up the Connecticut Shootings Perfectly

Here is a link to a non-MRM or non-man-o-sphere blog that I follow:

Trends and Forecast - The Preppers are to be Blamed?

Here is the quote:

The simple fact is that if you cherish your liberty, principals and lifestyle, you are not with the program, and therefore, are the enemy. That is what it all boils down to. Get ready to protect yourself and your loved ones. Because, if you try to hide who you are and what you stand for, you are already doomed. 

Of course, the people who thrive on death, want media ratings and whatnot - are having nothing short of a celebration of the victims's deaths in this situation.

Many are shamelessly exploiting the deaths of these people to further their own political and social agenda's.

The strange thing is, there are societal problems far more serious than this one.  As Eric pointed out, teen suicide, and military suicide rates are at sky high levels.

Why isn't Obama Sin Laden doing anything about that?

Because it would not help further his own political and social agendas.  It is that simple.

Also, school shooting have been occurring for a very very long time.

Why all the interest now?

And, I hate to point this out, but MRA's are also using this tragedy to further their agenda as well.  There are already some articles written blaming the shooting on feminism, single mothers, Title IX etc...

Honestly, I'd have to say this whole incident is tragic, yet at the same time irrelevant to anything.

A mentally disturbed person shot unarmed people.

It is that simple.  Look at this link again.  Incidents like this have been happening for a long time.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

David Futrelle - Wormy Little Maggot

This is odd.  Apparently, somebody named "Demonspawn" who is a no-name nobody in the MRM occasionally writes a comment on an obsolete little pile of shit on the internets called "reddit" is responsible for violence in our society...


Anyway, this man (or possibly but not probably woman) wrote something on reddit that David Futrelle believes advocated violence.  It got a whopping 5 thumbs up!!!!  Imagine that - 5 more no-name nobodies actually liked his violence encouraging remark - talk about a societal crisis!!!

Allow me to put things in perspective here for anybody reading.

CBS's "The Talk" had an all female panel of hostesses, and an all female audience.  The hostesses are not no-name nobodies like "Demonspawn".  They are top ranking commentators, actresses and television personalities with strong influence over people (specifically women) and communication to MILLIONS.  They cheered and jeered and applauded a man being drugged, tortured and mutilated (something that actually happened, not just an empty threat).  Not a peep from David Futrelle.

"Demonspawn" is a no-name nobody posting on some internet site (reddit), that David Futrelle himself has said is a total joke.  And 5 whole people liked his comment that allegedly advocated violence.


Somehow, in David Futrelle's warped mind, "Demonspawn" on reddit is advocating for violence with one little inky dinky post on an inky dinky and rather silly web-site.

The women on "The Talk" and the audience of course - are in no way influencing anybody towards violence.

And of course, neither is Nicole Fabian-Weber - the woman who said, "I've always admired a woman who has the cojones to cut off a man's weenus".

David FutrelleDavid Futrelle truly does fit the feminist profile - by demonstrating a complete disassociation from reality.

Main stream T.V. shows like the talk, and main stream journalists like Nicole Fabian-Weber do not encourage violence in our society...

Nawwww - its all the fault of that guy - uhm - "Demonspoon" or whatever his name is on that site "ribbit" on the internets.

Damn you DemonSpoon and all of your hate filled rhetoric that less than 0.05% of the American population will ever even read!!!!

David Futrelle - you are a complete maggot and a fowl little worm.

Your lies and bogus tactics are becoming more and more transparent.  Why don't you focus on the opinions of people who actually matter - like mainstream journalists...

Oh yeah - that's right - if you did, you'd find nothing but male-hatred, rape hysteria, exaggerated domestic violence statistics, erroneous sex-trafficking jargon, and many more feminist skewed bullsh*t.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Who Should We Charge With Murder?

The person or persons with the most money of course!

An excellent demonstration of how corrupt our system has become.  It is no longer about justice.  It is about money.

Larry Dean Duncan Jr., a convicted felon, fired a warning shot at 4 teenagers who were trespassing.  The "warning" shot hit and killed Summer Moody, age 17.

Since Mr. Duncan is a convicted felon, he is not even supposed to own a handgun or rifle...

I'd wager a guess that the trio of people, "William Hearn, Lonnie Davison and Larry Dean Duncan Jr." - belonging to the group that fired the warning shot have little or no money.

The three young men below and their parents however most likely have plenty of money.  They never fired a shot at Summer Moody - yet somehow, they are now charged with her "MURDER" even though NOT ONE SINGLE ONE OF THEM WOULD CONTEMPLATE SUCH A THING...  Yeah - I will bet money on that...
Scott Byrd, Daniel Parnell, Dylan Tyre

So, who do you charge with murder?  The actual shooter?


Where is the money in that?

Charge three people (three young men) for the price of one old man - and rack in those phoney electronic U.S. dollars!

You'll get more prison funding - because more people are being thrown in jail - and they'll live longer in jail too!

If not - you'll get more bail money (3 times the amount) - as all three of the young men above are being held on 200,000 dollar bonds...

Who gives a f**k about these three young men's futures...  Money is far more important...

Maybe they can talk the judge into letting them go if they promise to spend 100,000 dollars to get some kind of degree in Liberal Arts...

Thanks to "itsyoureternalsoul" for the news link...

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Before the World Ends...

I want to re-iterate my thoughts on college degrees...

One aspect of the MRM that I really dislike and despise is the notion that more men need to attend college.

Is this hypocritical of me, since I attended college myself, and it has gotten me where I am today?

Perhaps, but I was strongly motivated to go to college, and learn about computers - a viable field in which many jobs exist - lucrative jobs at that.

When the MRM talks about 70% of women and only 33% of men attending college, they show simple graphs "proving" that more women attend college than men.

This is true.

What is not mentioned in these simple minded studies and "factoids" is what degrees are being obtained, what kinds of jobs are being acquired, and who is acquiring what debts.

Also, what is not mentioned is that the percentage of young men attending college has always been about 1/3rd - it has not changed.  Yet, the percentage of women went from 25% to 70% during feminism's reign.

What I am seeing (yes, from my own little corner of the world), is that a huge surplus of women are graduating from college with degrees that they cannot even get a job at Taco Bell with.

Check This Out

Anybody, and I mean ANYBODY, who wants to haphazardly throw more men into college, just for the sake of numbers, I would argue is out to provide more money to an increasingly corrupt education system in our country.

At the same time, I would offer the following advice to young men:

Attend college if your parents are going to pay for it.

Attend college if you can afford it.

Research the degree you get - make certain that it will offer you the opportunity for a career.

Attend college if you are CERTAIN that the degree you get will enable you to pay off any debts you acquire in college.
Sorry, but I have met way too many women who are in bad economic situations, because they attended either a University, or online College and acquired a huge student loan debt in the process.  The degree they earn being worthless - even though it had a catchy title - like "B.A. in Business and Communications".  Huge debt, and a job at McDonalds to pay off a 100,000 dollar debt...

Anybody, and I mean ANYBODY who wants to see more men in a similar predicament - is no friend of men.

Stop counting beans and do heavier research when it comes the whole "college degree" scene.

Thank you...

Feminism was and is a joke - pulled on BOTH men and women...

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

What I Did on Sunday...In My Mother's Basement

First,I went to the dog park.  There were not many people there.  In fact, people kept coming and going.  I briefly talked to a couple from Alaska, a man who was born and raised here in Nevada, and a woman who moved here shortly after I did (1984).


In the late afternoon, I took my dog Spree on the Huffaker Mountain Trail.  Near the end of the trail, I found this...
Huffaker Mountain Trail

And I decided to climb it (even though I am not supposed to "exert" myself according to my doctors...)

Huffaker Mountain Trail

Nice view eh?

Huffaker Mountain Trail

So, why show you all of this?  Well, according to some feminists and MRA's, apparently, I live in my mother's basement...

Ya gotta wonder how all this stuff magically appears in my mother's basement...

Oh yeah, according to one MRA, I am "more dangerous" than feminists, because I refuse to think of men as dumb animals who "think with their dicks"...

The more I explore the "man-o-sphere", the more disgusted I get with it - save for a few blogs here and there...

My favorite attitude - when somebody (some dude who definitely isn't me) makes a suggestion or comment - or even asks a question - they get attacked.  The whole thing is a joke at this point.  The latest thing I read on reddit is that the MRM and feminism are actually "on the same side".

I could not agree more - not in a good way.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

So, I Bought the New Batman Movie...

And now, I am afraid to put it in the DVD player, because I am scared that James Holmes might break down my door and start shooting at me...

So, I returned the DVD, and found a different one instead:

The Dark Knight Rises
So far, it is pretty cool...  Batman is in the shower singing, and James Holmes has not tried shooting me yet...

So I'm not the best photoshopper in the world...


Gotta admit - it's kinda funny...

Monday, December 3, 2012

Murder and Male Resentment Monday!

Well, sorry, not an actual murder, but more like a death in a fire-fight with police.

Thanks to Eric for the link.

Maria Susana Flores GamezSo, this mega hottie who won a beauty contest belonged to a drug cartel via her boyfriend. When the police showed up to make an arrest, her boyfriend and his thugs used her as a human shield (she was holding a gun – that is grounds for the police to shoot). She was shot and killed (allegedly by the police) during the shootout. Wow! Does this lady know how to pick winners or what!!!

This luscious young babe was smoking hot.
Until she was killed by a police shot.
She could have any man of her desire
She rejected normal men for police fire
The next woman to reject any of your flirts
Just remember
In a while she’ll probably be buried in dirt

The media assumes that I am going to care
About a woman who’d give me dirty stares
I hate to come across as being harsh and blunt
But I don’t give two shits...
Rot in hell you stupid c*nt

It’s your dishwater – you soak in it.

Great choice in boyfriends dumbo!

Maria Susana Flores GamezNow, what can I learn from Maria Susana Flores Gamez's death?

Well, apparently the reason I kept getting told to “fuck off”, “fuck you”, “don’t look at me I am too good for you”, and “I am like way out of your league” when I was in late high school and early college, is because I was not a member of a drug cartel that wanted to use a beauty queen as a human shield!

Since I admit that I could not use a woman as a human shield, that makes me a “self-purported nice guy”, which according to feminist theory – means that I am not really nice.  So avoid me at all costs ladies!!!!

DAMNED! I knew there was something gosh darned awful about me that the ladies didn’t like – and now I know what it was…

I am in serious need of an attitude adjustment just like the feminists say – if I hadn’t been civilized, and not given two shits about other human beings, and low enough to use people as human shields… damn…

If I had the chance to do things all over again, I would have used pick up lines other than, “hello”, “hi”, “How’s it going”, and “what’s up?”...

Instead, I would have walked up to one of those hot college chicks (of which 1 in 4 will be raped every five seconds by some dude like me – NOT) – and said, “Hey, I am a member of a drug cartel, and I’d like you to be my human shield in case the cops try to bust me”.

Boy oh boy would I have gotten some tail or what!!!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Flooding in Reno: Oh the HORROR!!!

I have to warn my readers: this post contains shocking and horrible pictures of the flooding that occurred in Washoe County (the county that I live in and where Reno is).

The flooding was supposed to be so damned severe that they actually issued a state of emergency.

And thank God they did!!!

The pictures below demonstrate how much money was needed by the federal government for this absolute catastrophic event. Also, it is a good thing that they put plenty of firefighters, police and paramedics on stand by earning double time for their services during this, Reno's darkest hour.

Again, I have to warn my readers that the following images are very graphic and disturbing. And again, I re-iterate, it is a good thing that Washoe County got oodles and gobs of money to combat this latest disaster.
It is also a good thing that all those police, firefighters and paramedics (the ones not retired and getting fat on pension money that we all pay for), were getting paid double time by our tax money to sit around and do nothing.  It sure made me feel safe!

To start, as you can see below, the Wal-Mart parking lot was nearly a complete lake:
Reno Flood

Look again at the parking lot of Wal-Mart - notice the forboding sky and torrential downpour of rain that occurred this Sunday Afternoon:
Reno Flood

I stopped by a Walgreen's too.  As you ca see in the photo below, the entire ceiling collapsed.  I asked the young lady at the check stand how many people were killed when the entire ceiling collapsed.  She claimed that nobody was hurt, and that she did not even notice the damage to the ceiling (obviously, the young lady was in extreme shock and in a state of denial).  MEN-Factor reporters estimate that nearly 100,000 people were killed when the ceiling came crashing down - and nearly 250,000 people were severely injured.

Reno Flood

I braved myself to the Link Piazzo dog park.  As you can see in the picture below, it is now LAKE Piazzo dog park.  MEN-Factor reporters estimate that nearly 300,000 people drowned to DEATH in the puddle next to the benches during this terrible terrible flood.
Reno Flood

Luckily, no dogs drowned during the flood - even those dogs that were attending the park - as you can see in the photo below.
Awww - isn't she cute!

Now, we should all be thankful that our government spent so much money and got as many people as possible scared about this terrible flood that occurred.

I personally was kind of bummed, because I had started building an Ark, and was planning to put two of each animal on it.

I just hope that I can get all that money I spent back from the pet stores I went to yesterday.