Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I Spent 35 minutes in HELL!

Getting my brain MRI'd.

Why was it MRI'd you might be inclined to ask so non-chalantly...

Well, I was talking to my doctor about having all my toes replaced with grapes, and my left ear replaced with a both intriguing and fascinating sculpture I made out of Honey-Nut-Cheerios.

I asked her if my ideas were crazy and she replied, “Of course not Richard”.

I then took the switch blade knife away from her throat and said, “SEE! I KNEW IT”.

Next thing I know, they are making me spend 35 minutes in a very claustrophobic MRI chamber doing an MRI on me noggin!

I guess that’s Obama-Care for YA!

(This post was a JOKE! I have no plans to replace my toes with grapes, nor would I EVER EVER EVER hold a knife to my doctors throat – or anybody else’s throat, AND – I have never made any sculptures out of Honey-Nut-Cheerios – I have however made some remarkable sculptures out of grape-nuts and raisin bran).