Friday, March 30, 2012

A Video Worth the Watch

I am not a fan of Alex Jones, but the man is smart and does his research - watch this video, and enjoy.

Thanks to Rex Patriarch for finding this video!

Have a great weekend all!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Latest MEN-Factor Study

It took me a while to research this. But, after a long and drawn out research project I conducted, I have concluded with almost certain precision, that there are more dudes who definitely aren't me, than dudes who are me.

Here is a graph to represent this, I studied 24 people, and 23 of them turned out to NOT be me.
Chart 17 A
Therefore, for every 1000 people, 41.6 of them are actually me.

Last week, I did a study of 100 people, and only one of them was actually me.

That means that the number of dudes that are definitely me has increased by a factor of nearly 400%!

If this dastardly treand continues, in just a few week, all dudes will definitely be me.

Be afraid, be very afraid!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

People Still Having Nightmares because of 'NOM

Nope, not Vietnam - N.O.M. - the National Organization for Marriage. I came across this article.

It is a complete joke.

The article completely misses the mark. Of course, you have people arguing over whether or not Gays should be allowed to get married, and throw in some racism for extra flavor.

Completely ignore the real issue - that gender queers have already trashed marriage altogether.

Notice here - that I do not say "feminists", "feminuts", or "feminasties".

To do so gives them too much dignity.

The institution of marriage has been completely obliterated by gender queers. This is a term I plan to use more regularly here.

Allow me to explain:

A gender queer is somebody who hates sex, sexuality and sex differences.

They hate it so much, they do not even want to use the word "sex" - that is why they say "gender".

These people are a small minority, but they have done a lot of damage. They obsess over men and women being "equal" - and it is not "equal under the law". No. They want men and women to be the same because they despise and loathe the fact that they are different.

It is amazing how this country is labelled as a democracy - yet it seems like so often small fringe radical groups dictate policy.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Belvedere Vodka - I'll have to try it sometime...

Well, I saw a news story via google about Belvedere Vodka.

Here is the iamge everybody is up in a tizzy about:
Belvedere Vodka

"Unlike some people, Belvedere Vodka goes down smoothly".

Somehow, people seeing this ad assumed that the ad implied oral sex?

Odd - that's not what I see when I look at it. Implying oral sex - wouldn't the woman be on her knees, or the man lying on his back, and the woman unbuttoning his pants or something like that?

Oh well - enough griping about this ad has led Belvedere Vodka to donate money to a woman's charity (to be announced).

Extortion - just like the sex trafficking myth about the Superbowl (in my opinion - and it is entirely possible, that I am wrong - and the people who made this ad did in fact intend for the message to be forced oral sex?!?!).

Oddity number 2 - I have met women who enjoy performing oral sex. Why would the advertisers use an "anti-sex" slogan to advertise their product?

Oh well - moot point I suppose. Sex sells, and feminists blackmail to extort money.

End of Story.

(Yeah, I got bored - I am waiting for a ride from a friend, and sitting here with nothing to do - so I turned on my damned computer)...

Please continue enjoying your weekend.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Good News for a Friday?!

I recieved this E-mail from the innocence project.

Aparantly, CBS is going to do a 60 minutes bit on "prosecutorial misconduct"?

Here is the E-mail:

Dear Richard,

I am writing to let you know that Innocence Project client Michael Morton will be profiled this weekend on 60 Minutes in a piece that also looks at the broader problem of prosecutorial misconduct. It will air on CBS at 7 PM EST on Sunday, March 25th.

Michael Morton spent nearly 25 years in prison for murdering his wife Christine, until DNA proved his innocence and implicated the real perpetrator. Since his December exoneration, the Texas Supreme Court has ordered a Court of Inquiry to determine whether the prosecutor contributed to Mr. Morton’s wrongful conviction by concealing evidence from the defense.

Click here to read an interview with Michael since his release. For more information about the case, read the Innocence Project’s press release about the exoneration or about the Court of Inquiry.

Modern prosecutors seem more obsessed with their careers than justice these days. It would be nice to see some light being shed on what has happened to the justice system...

Have a great weekend everybody!

Personally, after work - I am gonna grab a martini - do not know what kind yet - perhaps I'll do some gin this time.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Fun Loving Practical Jokes vs David Futrelle's Downright Maliciousness

I am disgusted with David Futrelle’s latest post.

I have a confession to make; often, I find David Futrelle’s writings to be somewhat humorous. It is no secret that I do not see eye to eye with many people who are identified as “MRAs”. I do not call myself one. David Futrelle definitely has the “smart ass” gene – and I do in fact appreciate some of his snarky remarks. However; when it comes to allegedly "supporting women" – his smart ass gene disappears – and he goes right into malicious mode.

His latest post demonstrates a few things that I object to about the current state of our culture.

Somebody by the name of Heartiste (whom I have never heard of), made a list of harmless and good-natured pranks to pull. Myself, I love pranks – even if they are pulled on me – provided that they are good natured and nobody gets hurt. I have had pranks pulled on me many times, and have pulled pranks on others – such pranks were always good-natured and nobody ever got hurt.

Such good natured pranks often incite laughter from all those involved, including the receptor. Laughter is good for the soul they say – and – it is also the best medicine!

In David Futrelle’s latest post, he suggests returning such good natured pranks with downright maliciousness – here is an example:

Take a shit in his underwear drawer. Claim it was the dog, even if you don’t have a dog.

Not funny – this makes a mess that needs to be cleaned up - this is what I consider destruction of property. This is also extremely unsanitary. Fecal matter contains a lot of bacteria – much of which can cause extreme illnesses.

Throw his Xbox360 out the window. (A full throwing motion accompanied by frantic mewing will boost dramatic effect.)

Again, this is flagrant destruction of property. This is his response to “pretend to throw her cat out the window”. Returning a good-natured prank where nobody, no property and no animals are injured with a blatant call to destroy somebody else’s property - sickening.

Make him a BBQ sandwich, using menstrual blood instead of BBQ sauce.

This is poisoning food – nothing less. Putting anything in somebody else’s food that is not FDA approved is called “poisoning”. A better prank would be to add some jalapeño peppers or something – nobody gets hurt, and jalapeño’s are FDA approved for human consumption.

Go ahead and read the list at Heartiste. Compare it to David Futrelle’s list. You will see for yourself that the list on Heartiste is fun-loving, good natured, sanitary, and nobody gets hurt. David Futrelle's list on the other hand becons for women to committ unsanitary acts, domestic violence, destruction of property and poison people's food.

The 64,000 dollar question is as follows:

Why would a man, who claims to be “on the side of women” and “against misogyny”, want women to return practical jokes with flagrant maliciousness – instead of more practical jokes?

Myself – I return a pie in the face with a pie in the face.

Why is Futrelle manipulating women into being such awful human beings – and not appreciate good-natured pranks where nobody, no property and no animals are harmed?

Also; coercing women into having no sense of humor and demanding that they return good-natured pranks with destruction of property, or even poisoning food – doesn’t that demean women?

What’s really odd about all of this – people like myself get called all kinds of names, and get accused of having a plethora of mental illnesses for pointing out “oddities” like this in our culture…

Yet, when Futrelle calls upon women to act like humorless she beasts – he is NOT a misogynist?

This mentality is my enemy.

Computer Animation

Here is another misogynistic, rapist mentality video I made:

See if you can spot the rendering error!

I am now off to work on some other videos - 2 funny, 3 serious.

Have a nice weekend if I do not find anything wacky to write about tomorrow!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Mystery Science Theatre 3000

Well, many years ago, when I lived in Carson City, the T.V. show, Bonanza would come on at Midnight, 1:00am and 2:00am on Saturday nights. Since I typically was exhausted at those times and had no desire to stay up that late, I would pop a tape into my VCR and hit record before going to sleep. This is something that all closet-queer psycho serial killers do.

At 3:00am, Mystery Science Theatre 3000 would come on - I discovered it by accident - like a good little misogynist.

Lately, I have been watching this show on Netflix - and it is hilarious.

Mystery Science Theatre 3000

Older shows feature Joel Hodgson and his two robots Tom Servo and Crow. Only somebody with extreme issues with his Mother would observe such things.
Mystery Science Theatre 3000

The newer shows featured Mike Nelson - and still Tom Servo and Crow. Only a man with a rapist mentality would notice this.

The characters watch older movies (some that were not so good), and make wise-cracks during them:

Mystery Science Theatre 3000

Like any potential wife-beater, I am really enjoying this show!

Check it out if you get a chance, and try not to rape anybody while doing so!

Have a great weekend all!!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Every 15 Minutes in America...

A woman has her liver eaten with some fava beans and a nice Chianti.
Women's Studies Professor
According to this professor of gender studies at Ding Dong University!

Until next time, try really really hard not to rape, beat, or look funny at any women you guys! Seriously - try really really hard not to do those things.

Friday, March 9, 2012

I Got a Question for My Fellow Men Out There...(RE-EDIT)

How many of you - if you heard that women were being beaten, strangled, killed or whatever - and knew that the information you were recieving was 100% correct...

How many of you would do something to stop it?

Now, let me clarify - I am not spreading a feminist lie here. Let's suppose that you had actually seen with your own eyes, women being forced to get into a line, where they had to wait to be beaten, raped, or killed...

How many of you would do something to put a stop to it?

Go ahead and call me a white knight/mangina or whatever - I know I would put a stop to it.

Senselessly beating, killing, raping any group is unwarranted...

But the strange thing - and this is very very very strange...

This site believes that people like Fidelbogen, FalseRapeSociety, Alcuin, MARKY MARK and others not worth mentioning would not only not object, but be happy about it.

Note: The original post did not mention Marky Mark. I apologize to him or his followers if anybody reads this. I did not see his name mentioned on that list. Calling Marky Mark a "hatemonger" is like calling Mother Teresa a filthy slob. Marky Mark is a very interesting guy with many interesting thoughts in his head. I enjoy his blog and read it regularly (although I rarely comment on it).

To those people who believe such awful things about Fidelbogen, Alcuin, the FalseRape Society, or MARKY MARK - I say BULLSHIT

I think that site (the link above) is slanderous (or is it liable?).

Somebody should look into getting a lawyer, see if they have a lawsuit against that site.

If Fidelbogen, Alcuin, anybody at the FalseRapeSociety, or Marky Mark want me to look into what a lawyer has to say - I'll be happy to do so.

Have a nice Friday everybody - including you - that feminazi in the corner - yes - have a happy Friday - I promise I will try my gosh darned awful hardest not to rape anybody this weekend (sarcasm)...

Thursday, March 8, 2012

I have met women like this...

Enjoy this mock story from The Onion. As you watch it, think about how many women you have met that it reminds you of...

...Women who are just way too full of themselves...

Until next time, try really really hard not to beat your wife or girlfriend.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Hillary Clinton's Complete Analysis of the Libyan Militia

MEN-Factor secret agents hacked into Hitlery Hillary Clinton's personal computer, and managed to obtain these secret government documents. They detail Hitlery Hillary Clinton's complete assessment of the Libyan Militia.
Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton suggested that the Libyans were giving Viagra to their troops, so that they could rape infidels - or whatever.
Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton also suggested that the Libyan's weapons do not shoot bullets, but Viagra pills too - so that the enemy troops would also start raping everybody.
Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton also suggests that in addition to Viagra, the Libyans are transporting tons of lubricant, dildos, and French Ticklers.
Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton had a crude photo shop mock up of what she believes to be the typical Libyan soldier.
Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton also believes that many of the Libyan's guns are actually just dildos that look like guns.
Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton fully recognizes and understands that some of our troops are gay. She anticipated this, and suggested that is why Moammer Gadhafi was buying such a large number of Justin Beiber albums.
Hillary ClintonHillary Clinton allegedly has access to military intelligence that indicates that Libya has no weapons of mass destruction. Since her husband used to be president, she has access to a variety of intelligence reports that the rest of us do not have access to. Therefore, Hillary Clinton as a source of intel, is actually quite reliable.

Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton of all people would know about Libya's military status, she has allegedly met Moammer Gadhafi in person.
Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton firmly insists that Libya is a HUGE threat to the security of her vagina this nation.

Anyway, our secret agents are off on another assignment - until then, please - try not to rape anybody!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Woolly Mammoth Recipes

Well, I keep hearing all this bat-sh!t crazy talk about Woolly Mammoths, and hunting them and all that crap in these circles, and I figured, since people are hunting them, they are going to need some proper and delicious ways to prepare them after hunting them.

Woolly Mammoth Surprise:

1 cup onions, finely diced
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon pepper
1 cup butter
480 pounds of Woolly Mammoth meat.

Caramelize onions in butter using sauté pan. Gently stir in salt and pepper. Soak Woolly Mammoth in gasoline, light it on fire – SURPRISE!

Woolly Mammoth Casserole:

1 cup cheese, shredded
1 bag (16oz) frozen peas
1 can cream of mushroom soup
1 can French fried onions.
440 pounds of Woolly Mammoth meat

Combine cheese, soup and peas in flat casserole dish. Tie Woolly Mammoth to the back of a pick up truck. Drag the dead Woolly Mammoth around like a fool – throw the French fried onions out of the truck window at people when they give you funny looks – shout, “Up Yours” as you do so.

Mmmmmm … Delicious!

Woolly Mammoth Soufflé:

1 cup beets, completely pulverized.
2 cups oil of duck beak.
3 teaspoons live bees
20 cups berries, gathered by hunter gatherers.
1 walnut
2 bananas
17 mushrooms
2 pounds oak bark.

Hunt Woolly Mammoth, get confused about sexuality, have sex with dead Woolly Mammoth, bitch about how cold it is in the room you are in. Eat the walnut. Sauté mushrooms and bananananana’s in duck beak oil. Get diarrhea from the berries that the women collected. Complain about people of different color while playing tiddlywinks with the bees. Cover yourself in the oak bark, and try to pick up chicks. Maybe you’ll get LUCKY! If not, have intercourse with the beets.

Emeril Lagasse couldn’t do better than that! Mmmmmm… Delicious!

Anyway, I thought I’d share those recipes with everybody. I found them here in my mother’s basement (whom I have issues with). Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go beat my wife and or girlfriend (multiple times), find several women to rape, and then hurry to work so I can sexually harass all the female employees.

I tell ya, thinking with my dick can really wear me out!
Have a nice day!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Tracey E. Cline - Adios BI@TCH!!!!

Tracey E. Cline - Corrupt D.A.Let’s all give a moment of silence for a FALLEN corrupt District Attorney who may have destroyed or withheld evidence that could have proven people’s innocence. She just lost her job… Now isn't that a crying shame?

Nah – screw the moment of silence.