Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Tax Time

About 8 or 9 years ago, I had my taxes done at H & R Block. I still have them done there, because I have never understood all that money stuff.

Anyway, that particular year, the person doing my taxes was a grotesquely overweight woman who clearly had some severe health issues.

As I sat there having my taxes done, she kept hacking up her lungs, while shoving these icky sweet candies in her face. She offered me some, I declined. They were not cough drops - which she should have been taking - they were candies.

After the taxes were done, I went into the grocery store next door, and started washing my hands in the bathroom. There was a black guy combing his hair at the sink next to me. I felt like that fat disgusting unhealthy woman was all over me. I rolled up my sleeves, and started washing my forearms, and then my biceps. I then started washing my face as well.

Yes, I was a little panicked – and too obsessed to notice that the black guy was just staring at me with a very puzzled look on his face – I had soap all over my arms and face – I froze and stared back at him.

He said, “Are you alright?”

I knew he didn’t understand what was going on, so I told him as best as I could, “Oh yeah, I’m fine, you see, I just got done doing my taxes, and I feel really dirty”.

He put an even more puzzled look on his face and walked out of the bathroom.

I realized what the whole scenario must have looked like from his point of view and started laughing.

Yes, this is how all of us psychotic serial killers who live in our mothers basements (whom we have issues with) act in public when we are not busy being closet queers or having issues with women.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Women do NOT have Prostates. My Doctor Told Me So.

Well, here is a dose of humor (maybe) for a Monday. It is embarrassing for me to share this story with you. It happened in 2004 or so.

My Doctor was giving me a prostate exam. For those of you who do not know how a prostate exam is conducted, it involves pulling your pants down, and a rubber glove (enough said).

Anyway, after my doctor finished the exam, I looked around and said to her, “Hey! Can I check your prostate now?” - with a sly look on my face.

She plopped her pad and pen down onto the counter and turned looking at me with a “bad humor” look on her face. She shook her head and rolled her eyes and said, “Women do not have prostates Richard.”

Yes, I am an odd one.

Stay tuned. I actually managed to get a hold of some super secret government documents that some acquaintances of mine hacked online.

If you remember Hitlery Clinton saying that the Libyan government was giving Viagra to its troops – well, it turns out that Hitlery actually did a complete analysis of the Libyan militia. I will share the super secret government documents with you next time.

Always drive safe.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Undeniable Male Hatred

Man Forced to Apologize to his Wife on Facebook, everyday for 30 days, or go to Jail for 60 days because of something he posted on facebook - that I guess - hurt her feelings...

Yes, this is how bad it is. Freedom of speech is being trampled on - especially if a woman get's her feelings hurt.


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Some Videos for you to Thumb Down on YouTube

I am not going to embed them, just provide the links. They are commercials for women's studies at a Florida University.

Women's Studies Ad 1
Women's Studies Ad 2
Women's Studies Ad 3
Women's Studies Ad 4
Women's Studies Ad 5
Women's Studies Ad 6
Women's Studies Ad 7
Women's Studies Ad 8
Women's Studies Ad 9

Now, watch Mr. Gimp's excellent commentary on them (thumb this one up).

Aside: Mr. Gimp makes excellent videos - in the one above, he does seem a little "baked" (yes, I know what 420 means). However; his commentary is witty and intelligent. But, I must state it clearly here: I do not condone the use of drugs.

If you do not take drugs - do not start.

If you do not drink - do not start.

If you do not smoke - do not start.

Those things are all bad for your health. Avoid them.

Also: To show the world how much of a "misogynist" I am, notice the comment I posted on THIS VIDEO. I repeat it here:

Get a degree in accounting or something.

Getting a degree in Women's Hatred of Men Studies is a waste of time and money.

Yes, like a typical misogynist, I am telling women to NOT WASTE THEIR MONEY. I am also encouraging them to get a degree that will lead them to a viable career.

Something that misogynists like myself often do. But, it is important to remember that whilst telling women not to waste their money and get degrees that lead to viable careers might seem like I am being nice - since I am a guy, that means that I am not really nice. Yes, I know, it sounds crazy - but after 4 years of women's studies - you will understand that nice guys aren't really nice

Now, if you'll excuse me, I gotta leave my mom's basement (whom I have issues with), beat my girlfriend, rape some woman, start a sex-trafficking ring so I can treat women like objects and then turn into a gay person, because only a gay person would do such a thing in the first place, then maybe - just maybe - I'll be over my hatred of women.

Seriously - the things people believe...

America Women are crazy - and I think that our Universities are DRIVING!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Human Passes the Control Woman, or the Person use Controls the Woman.

(I translated this from English to Chinese, then back into English)

This was said an absurdest lying.

Except and only concentrates in the reality all role use or fantasized in the bedroom that has intelligence quotient anybody 15 or the high energy saw opposite is real. The woman adopts the control and controls the human; Nature (even wrong promise), charm, even practicality promise.

The woman operated the human to enter steals, rapes, the attack and even murdered other people to take the operation tactic through the use. This is realized easily in the polyemia the news article.

Use control's many women and control the human are also the pedophiles.

Finally: The woman as usual, sees person adversarial, when simultaneously, do not be sceptical to their motion morals; Only person's motion needs the moral judgment eventually. And, human's sex is slandered, because the woman will watch the human who now it does not take seeks for the pleasure, but seeks the human controls the woman.

This demonstration how is stupid and lacks the self-awareness woman is; The overwhelming majority woman the use operates in now person - morals the deficient motion, with simultaneously, in their warp and is brainwashed in the brains, they watch seeks the person achievement are in the morals the deficient part.

Welcome to the 21st century - to enjoy your modern age, the evolution and the woman who enlightens - in it happiest extreme stupid words and deeds.

Now, here is what it looked like before I translated it into English-to-Chinese - then back into English!

Men Dominate Women via Sex, or Men use Sex to Dominate Women.

This is one of the most absurd lies ever told. Excluding any role playing in the bedroom, or fantasies, and focusing only on reality, any person with an I.Q. of 15 or higher can see that the opposite is true.

Women control and dominate men via sex; the promise of sex (even false promises), the allure of sex, or even actual sex. Women have manipulated men into stealing, raping, assaulting, and even murdering other human beings by using sex as a manipulation tactic. This is easily spotted in a plethora of news articles. Many of the women who use sex to dominate and control men are also pedophiles.

The result: women as usual, see men as adversarial, while at the same time, do not question the morality of their own actions; after all, only men’s actions need moral judgment.

Also, men’s sexuality is vilified as women will now view it not as men seeking pleasure, but men seeking to control women.

This demonstrates how stupid and lacking self-awareness women are; as the vast majority of women now use sex to manipulate men – a morally deficient act, and at the same time, in their warped and brainwashed minds, they view men seeking sex as being the morally deficient ones.

Welcome to the 21st century – enjoy your modern, evolved and enlightened women - Idiocy at its finest.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Movie Review – “Special”

Well, this movie was way out of the box. In fact, the people that made this movie are clearly indifferent to the actuality that there even is a box.

The skinny…

A young man named Les (who works as a meter-reader) decides to volunteer himself to test a new experimental anti-depressant drug. After taking so many of the pills, he thinks he has been bestowed with super powers by the drug.

Here is the trailer from YouTube

My brother and I were a bit punchy when we watched it, so, if you are in a bad mood, perhaps you should not watch it…

Warning: The movie contains scenes of violence; specifically, there is a scene of some brutal violence and extreme degradation and humiliation aimed at the main character in the movie, Les. And, this scene happens once the audience (I think) is intent to throw their sympathies towards the lead character.

There was one scene in particular – I will share it with you:

Two business men break into Les’s apartment (after he thinks he has super powers), and they talk about making Les “disappear” for a while – and that nobody would care. Les overhears this conversation.

When the two businessmen approach Les, he says something like the following:
“I have dealt with guys like you my whole life. You think you are so much more important than everybody else. Do you think anybody would care if you disappeared? Who would care if you disappeared?”

I found this to be quite interesting – and somewhat true. Honestly, who would care if the owner of a small startup drug company disappeared? How many CEO’s are there out there, and how many people would honestly care if any of them disappeared? How about bank owners?

Since when is any man more or less important than the next guy?

I think I have said this before – if you take such an attitude towards one man, you might as well have that attitude towards all men.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Marc Rudov Day!!! Sorry its Late!

The coolest thing about Marc Rudov day - even if you forget it, nobody dumps a truckload of drama in your face.

Anyway, I wanted to get my readers something special this Marc Rudov Day, so I decided to share some photos I took with my readers:

Over the Summer (August, 2011), I travelled to Idaho. The trip got a little choppy, but overall, I did have fun. Here are pictures of RattleSnake River, and Twin Falls:
Twin Falls and RattleSnake River
Twin Falls and RattleSnake River
Twin Falls and RattleSnake River
Twin Falls and RattleSnake River
Twin Falls and RattleSnake River
Twin Falls and RattleSnake River
Twin Falls and RattleSnake River
Twin Falls and RattleSnake River
Twin Falls and RattleSnake River
Twin Falls and RattleSnake River

While In Idaho, I took pictures of a couple of homes for no reason whatsoever:
Old Idaho Home
Old Idaho Home

Some pics of my new dog SPREE:
Spree, Scarecrow's Dog
Spree, Scarecrow's Dog
Spree, Scarecrow's Dog
Spree, Scarecrow's Dog

It gets really windy in Reno Nevada sometimes. Damned wind blew my backyard fence down, and blew the tree in my front yard down:
Reno is Windy
Reno is Windy

Guess What? There really was a movement called, "Occupy Reno" - no joke!
Occupy Reno
Occupy Reno
Occupy Reno
Occupy Reno
Occupy Reno
Occupy Reno

I build my own furniture (or at least try to). I made a stand for all my keyboards and synths. Each layer is like a drawer that you pull out:
Keyboard Stand

I used to walk my dog every Sunday at Idle Wild Park (now, I live far away from it):
Idle WIld Park, Reno Nevada

Some of the Nevada Landscape:
Nevada LandScape
Nevada LandScape
Nevada LandScape

The fire at Caughlin Ranch:
Caughlin Ranch Fire
Caughlin Ranch Fire

After the Caughlin Ranch fire, we had another fire further south. The Damonte Ranch Highschool got evacuated, and they set up operations at the middle school by my house:
Fire Crew at Kendal Depoali
Fire Crew at Kendal Depoali
Fire Crew at Kendal Depoali
Fire Crew at Kendal Depoali
Fire Crew at Kendal Depoali
Fire Crew at Kendal Depoali

I excercise everyday (well, almost everyday!):
MEN-Factor Excercise Room
MEN-Factor Excercise Room
MEN-Factor Excercise Room
MEN-Factor Excercise Room
MEN-Factor Excercise Room
MEN-Factor Excercise Room

UGH! YIKES! I think this pic came from Virginia City - I am not sure...

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the pics. I am off for a while. I am going to make some funny videos, and some animusic videos.

I also plan to do research into a disgusting movie called, "Birth of a Nation" - as well as continue my research as to how much colleges are making compared to how much big businesses are making.

I'll be back, guns blazing!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I Apologize, I Did Cross a Line of Decency...

Well, a few weeks back, I was getting trolled by a feminut...

In response to my post about UNHOLY MATRIMONY, she had this to say:

You say that women's suffering is merely a few isolated incidences that are exaggerated; can't these BS stories be considered the same? Your hate toward women who are over-zealous with their power is the same thing as the women who speak angrily of men. If you truly wanted to campaign against spiteful and vengeful feminists, you would cite incidences against only those types of women and not all women in general. By posting such angry things, you only make yourself sound as uneducated and bitter as them. And it does not take statistics or scholarly articles to see that. Go get yourself a nice boyfriend and stfu.

In response, I crossed a line of decency and wrote this:

I just re-read this post, I did not mention anything about women's "suffering" in it.

And, uhm, this post is not an angry rant against women, it is an angry rant against MARRIAGE.

Marriage is a raw deal for men, and it is disguised as something different.

Did you even read it?

Sorry, but your comment wreaks of idiocy. If it were any less idiotic, I'd delete it, but, it definitely earns an "idiot award".

For posting it, I plan to give you a reward:

I am going to bake you a retard cake and buy you a new helmet.


I apologize to mentally challenged people everywhere. To compare mentally challenged people to this person does a huge dishonor to mentally challenged people.

For that, I apologize. I will try harder to not cross such lines of decency in the future.

Again, I apologize for doing such a huge disservice to mentally challenged people.

I promise to try harder to not cross such lines in the future.

Monday, February 13, 2012

What is Wrong with this Picture?

MEN-Factor ScareCrow Dog
  • My Dog, "Spree" is wearing a hat.

  • There is an entire dog training class in my basement.

  • I am the only man in the class, so clearly, dog training classes are the primary source of misandry in our society. Men are definitely falling behind in dog-training classes. I suggest we start a fund raiser to get more men enrolled into dog training classes. In the future, men will make up only 5% of people enrolled in dog training classes - give us your money now dumb-ass!

  • Also, since I am the only man in the dog training class, men are being discriminated against by dog training classes. We must all ban together, and take on dog training classes, the sooner we get rid of them, the sooner we can all go back to leading merry lives filled with candied plums and bread pudding for all!

  • I am the only man in the class, and I am not raping, beating or sexually harassing the women in the class. Yes, it took every single drop of self-control and practice to no ravage the women in the classroom. I had to stuff bags of ice down my pants and think about Mitt Romney and Obama making out to curtail my savage like sexual instincts.

  • I am not beating, raping or sexually harassing my dog.

  • There is a cricket wearing a miniskirt behing the stool in the background (look closely).

  • I am not beating, raping, or sexually harassing the cricket wearing the miniskirt behind the stool.

  • Clearly, my dog's inner spirit is NOT a hellish nightmare of inferno's - that is, a reflection of its owner's spirit.

  • I am not beating, raping, or sexually harassing my dog's inner spirit.

  • Several Giraffe's wearing ballerina skirts are dancing and juggling baby monkeys off shot - you can see their shadow on the left.

  • I am not beating, raping or sexually harassing the Giraffe's dancing off of shot.

  • I am not beating, raping, or sexually harassing the baby monkeys that the giraffes are juggling

Friday, February 10, 2012

Harry Reid Porn!!!


Have a Nice Weekend Everybody!!!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Two Things...

For starters, excellent observations from Alcuin, and The False Rape Society

I have noticed these things too. It seems like modern women always side with women. They do this, not because they believe that the woman is right, but because they have been brainwashed to believe that men are bad people – PERIOD. It is this same brainwashing that leads them to applaud ex-military men being drugged, tortured, abused and sexually mutilated. Yes, this is what the bulk of “modern women” find humorous. It is also this brainwashing that leads them to hold "castration marches" on college campuses for falsely accused young men.
Castration March

Second, and this is a puzzler: A long time ago, the man boob David Fruitcake decided to take me off of his “boob roll”… Why on earth was that?

Should I be offended?

Should I be delighted?

I kind of pride myself on my blog being the one that is in the poorest taste when it comes to humor. My motivation is one of my favorite comedic actors, Graham Chapman.
Graham Chapman
Graham Chapman was a member of the Monty Python crew, and in the words of his co-stars, “ He simply adored bad taste…”
Monty Python Crew

Am I not offending David Fruitcake enough?

Am I offending him too much?

Is my blog so warped and deranged, that the mere mention of it in his circles causes mayhem and chaos that only Cthulhu could match?
Cthulhu - Master of Madness and ROMANCE!

Does he not list my blog, because he does not want me to be “advertised” on it?

I wonder…


WELL - AM I???

Anyway, tomorrow I will upload my latest video, “Harry Reid Porn” – as usual, it did not come out as good as I hoped, but perhaps some people will get a kick out of it!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

More Election Fraud in Nevada?

Well, some friends keep sending me links to this story. Ugh, it makes me not want to vote - if these stories are true, then what is the point.

A Rotting Fish in NV

Chaotic Sundown Caucus

There is also a petition to sign on

Change - Demand Visible Recount

Got a good video in the works, that I call, "Harry Reid Porn"...

Watch for it!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Election Fraud in Nevada?

Well, here is the skinny:

The news reported that they had "a very low voter turnout".
The news reported that lines were "going out the door".

That is a contradiction.

In addition:

As I understand it, they are still counting the votes?
With such a low voter turnout?
And lines going "out the door"?

Here is a good quote from one story:

Over 900 ‘dead people’ cast their votes in South Carolina and Iowa GOP Chairman Matt Strawn recently stepped down amidst vote (this should read "election", not "vote") controversy.

And, here is another good story about it.

It does sound like something fishy is going on with the elections...

"I believe in coincidences. Coincidences happen everyday. However; I do not trust coincidences"
-Elam Garak (StarTrek, Deep Space Nine)

Read the news stories - most of them do not say "election fraud", but "voter fraud".

The people voting are not the fraud part (unless they are dead). The election, more specifically - the people counting the votes - is the fraudulent part.

P.S. I am a registered independant - so I was not allowed to vote in that fraudulent election.

Also, if you get a chance, watch the documentary, "Media Malpractice". It was made by a libertarian - he points out how the media decides who runs for president:

Here is a link to soma actual cases of people being found guilty of ELECTION fraud - not "voter" fraud:

Friday, February 3, 2012

Who Profits From Male Hatred?

Let's look at the rising price of college tuition...

If you scroll down to “public institutions”, and look at 1967, you’ll see under universities, a cost of $360.

Now, if you look at 2007, you’ll see $3686.

3686/360 = 10.23 times increase

If you look under the “All Institutions” – you’ll get the numbers 275 and 4101:

4101/275 = 14.9 times increase

It is safe to say that college tuition prices have risen by a factor of somewhere between 10 and 15?

Let’s just say 12 for simplicity (the lower average).

Now, let’s take a look at normal inflation:

$100 in 1967 is worth $620 in 2007.

So, for simplicity, let’s say a factor of 6.

This means that college tuition prices have risen twice as much as normal inflation.

Factor into that the HUGE number of women 70% (and forgive me, I cannot find the link – but I promise you I will dig it up when I get a chance), compared to only 25% in 1967 (aged 18 to 24).

Men aged 18-24 enrolled in college has stayed the same (roughly 33%).

Here is a chart from PBS: It shows that the percentage of women enrolled in college has been increasing, but, I remember a chart that showed a percentage increase in women enrolled go from 25% to 70% between 1967 and 2007 – I need to find it.

What is my point?

Well, it seems to me that the biggest “profiteers” of all this male-hatred happen to be the same institutions that are spreading the bulk of it…

Our modern Universities.

As one of my friends pointed out, the teachers make the same amount of money whether they have 3 students or 300 students enrolled in their class – so, although it is true that many professors spread male-hatred, I do not think they are profiting from it?

Student loans are huge these days, so banks that give student loans are profiting, and of course, the people who “own” the colleges are also profiting.

We already know how seedy the bankers are.

The question is: all this extra tuition money from the drastic increase in female enrollment – who else is it going to?

Sorry I have not been making funnies...

It really bothers me that I keep hearing that “big evil corporations” are the main profiteers. It seems to me that colleges are the main profiteers. It bothers me even more that I am the one pointing this out. It bothers me more still, that some people are “denying” the research. And it bothers me even more still that some people suggest I have an “angle” – that is, my research is biased…

Is it in any way “ironic” that the same institutions that spread most of this stuff are the same ones making the most money off of it?

No, not at all. It is not ironic in any way, what-so-ever.

I found my enemy. It is not the PUA’s, mangina’s, white knights, pussy beggars, vagina worshippers – or any other form of heterosexual men.

Yeah - I just went there - fucking deal with it gender queer assholes.

Academia, more specifically, the liberal arts colleges (the ones with women’s studies, psychology and other pseudo-sciences filled with male-hate – watch this Youtube video by Paul Elam) – that is my target. In case my favorite internet ass-clown is reading this, when I say target, I do not mean that in a hostile or military sense, I mean it in an intellectual sense. I combat things with my head, not my fists or weapons – after all, that is how you combat ideas – with your head.

I believe Universities are spreading the most hatred of men, and, making the most money off of it.

I have shown these documentaries on this blog before, but here they are again:
Indoctinate-U (I purchased the DVD – it’s a good documentary).

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9

And again, College Conspiracy:

Enjoy your weekends - I have some funny videos I am working on. Check 'em out in the near future.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What Men are Saying about Women...

This is the best post I have ever read there:

Julie Bindel: The Typical Abusive Lesbian Feminist..

Here is the highlighted quote:

We have, in the past, demonstrated clearly, what feminism is basically all about and it definitely is not about the best interest of women or children for that matter. They have poisoned so many people's minds and one already knows what happens. You cannot erase that poison regardless how much you try. You can't hide it, override it with positive experiences. The memory still festers, it simmers and it only takes one minute incident for that poison to surface. That is exactly what happens when you spend your life fighting for a cause that demands you concentrate solely on negatives and ignore everything else.


And here is a small sample of the poison women are bombarded with their entire lives