Friday, December 30, 2011

Richard Fartswell Strikes Again!

Well, A friend of mine pointed something out about that old "Dear Woman" video. I am recording a rant about it.

Anyway, I found this link and left a comment under the alias "Richard Fartswell". Check it out, and remind these clowns of how much you object to them validating 40-50 years of anti-male hate-speech and angry feminist verbal diarrhea.

And, check out my video I made called, "Dear Man" (in case you haven't already):

Friday, December 23, 2011

RIP-Factor News Brief: Mars Rover Curiousity

I am working on a utility - basically, to consolidate all the utilities I made - into 1 utility, then, I'll be able to crank these things out real fast...

Not that it takes me that long to crank out now... It's just kind of a pain in the arse - and, if I make a mistake, or decide I want to change something - I usually say, "NAH", because I have to do it all over again...

Also, I am going to try something different - Over the holidays I plan to do an Audio rant that I'll post onto YouTube - encouraging people to help men - whether they make mistakes in their life or NOT.

One thing that bothers me, that I have noticed lately, is the attitude towards men who make mistakes. Sure, men get married even these days, when it is a raw deal. But, I'd say that usually, that is done out of stupidity. As the addage goes, there is one born every minute - Instead of punishing these men, or wanting to see them hurt, financially ruined - I plan to do what I can to help these men.

My overall attitude is as follows: here is my advice, I suggest you NOT get married - take it or leave it. If you decide to leave it and things go bad - guess what


I am not going to go sadistic on you because you don't do exactly what I say...

Anyway - watch for the rant - coming soon.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

This News Story Brightened My Day!!!

Well, not the story, but the comments, which I will post after the link:

Arizona student stranded by snow survived on candy bars and melted snow for 9 days

I saw this, and said to myself, ugh, pretty white woman story...

Guess what the commenters said:

dweissman 01:27 PM Dec 22, 2011
@senorplaid: Actually, that photo shows more than a "pretty white female." It shows a young lady with a bewildered and silly-*** grin on her face which just screams stupidity. But then again, who else drives off with no particular destination into a snowstorm? Yet somehow, she managed to get into the ASU Business School....scary. And, BTW, where was her cell phone? A business student without a cell phone? Let me guess...she forgot to charge it.

dweissman 01:23 PM Dec 22, 2011
"...Weinberg was driving with NO PARTICULAR DESTINATION when she became stuck on the forest road near a line of cliffs called the Mogolon Rim." WTF? No particular destination? And then drove into two feet of snow? Does this story make any sense at all? She's a college student, so presumably she's not that stupid. But then again, she's at ASU, the party school to top all party schools.

senorplaid 01:23 PM Dec 22, 2011
Greg: Take another look at that picture. The subject is a pretty white female. That automatically makes this a remarkable story worth plastering all over every news outlet. ;-)

lawrence1 01:22 PM Dec 22, 2011
I think the young woman needed a sane boyfriend. He would have stopped her from "driving with no particular destination."

GrizzlyBar 01:14 PM Dec 22, 2011
She learned a vital lesson in supply chain management!

It is refreshing to know that there are smart-asses everywhere out there, and can "see-through" crud articles like this one!

Who gives a flying f**k about men getting screwed out of millions by greedy women who "marry" them. Who gives a fuck about rabid out of control women who cheer and applaud men being mutiliated. Who gives a crap about women killing their children...

Nope, the big story is a pretty white women with the I.Q. of a Duck who heads out in a snowstorm with no destination in mind - just because, and in spite of her stupidity, manages to survive!!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Movie Review

Well, I do not believe I have ever done this - but here goes.

To start, this movie I am going to suggest for your viewing pleasure is rather dark, and I am sure that some people out there will be pissed at me for suggesting it.

The name of the movie is, "Nine Dead":

Some of the acting in it left a little to be desired, and there were some technical errors in the movie (if you enjoy finding technical errors - see if you can spot them all - my brother is a wiz at this).

Also, the movie revolves around kidnapping, murder, and revenge - yes, all very dark. However; I have to say that the movie did demonstrate the following:

1. How easy it is for men to be arrested, tried and convicted for crimes they didn't commit.
2. Corrupt District Attorneys (female ones at that!).
3. People failing to question society's reasoning for imprisoning a man, and whether or not he is actually guilty.
4. The "callous" attitude towards young men, or at least, "careless" attitude.
5. The above item leads to - male disposability.
6. Callous, spiteful, self-centered, and psychopathic women in positions of power.
7. Marriage as being a "money-train" for women (it demonstrates this briefly anyway).

In case my favorite internet-clown is reading (which I doubt):

DISCLAIMER: I recommend this movie as entertainment. It is dark, and filled with crimes that should never be committed by anybody - ever. However, I feel that the movie did in fact demonstrate some "fundamental truths" about how men, more specifically, young men, are treated (MISS-treated) in our society today.

If you do watch, it, please let me know what you thought about it...

NOTE: The YouTube commenters are referring to it as "similar to SAW" - so, I guess that if you enjoyed "SAW", then you might enjoy this movie??

Anyway - let me know...

I like mysteries like this, and I thought the end of the movie made a very male-positive message - it is a pity the movie as a whole revolves around kidnapping, murder, and revenge...

Another good point about the movie - I'd argue that the main antagonist is actually a woman, not the man in the blue mask...

Monday, December 19, 2011

Two Videos Definitely Worth Checking Out

They are a bit painful to watch, that is, to see some of the men act the way that they do, but trust me, watch them all the way through. I really enjoyed these.

Wednesday, I am going to submit two movie reviews. Movies that I enjoyed, and I am sure many will disagree with me, but they did have some male-positive messages in them.

Friday, I'll have a News Brief for Y'all, and I am working on Part II of my rant. My second part of my big rant will probably piss a lot of people off, but I do not care. Recent perusals of other's blogs and web-sites have demonstrated to me, that quite a few people in the manosphere are unaware of the incredibly toxic women who are out there - the ones that want to kill all men - the ones that think it is funny when men get their penises cut off - or injured in any way for that matter.

It boils down to this. The majority of women out there have an unjustified sense of vindictiveness against men. I believe that this false sense of vindictiveness and moral outrage stems from lies being told about men (and to a lesser extent - about women).

That stems from political correctness, the feminist movement, and women's liberation - all of which stemmed from Liberal Arts Departments on our modern College Campuses...

Something that I personally have never seen pointed out by anybody in the "man-o-sphere". Instead, I see essay after essay about socons, or some other minor players - never do I see any essays about militant vegan left-wing atheistic liberal-arts educated spite-filled bitches. Nowhere - but, perhaps I am just visiting the wrong blogs...

Type later.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Man Violently Attacks Woman’s Handgun Using His Face, then Attacks Her Knife with His Torso 27 Times!

Sorry for the disturbing news friends, but it appears that various women’s groups around the country were right. Misogyny is completely out of control these days. I just heard a story; a man has recently attacked a woman’s handgun using his face, and after doing this, he went on to attack a knife she was carrying 27 times.

The misogyny in our society knows no bounds. Fortunately, there is hope. I heard that Merlin the Magician is planning to resurrect Travis Alexander’s body, so he can stand trial for violently attacking this woman’s handgun and knife.

Here is the heinous criminal himself:
Travis AlexanderAs you can see, he is clearly a deranged sociopath, hell bent for leather, frat-boy rapist from hell, and self-purported “nice” guy.

Geez. Where is VAWA when you need it?

It is a good thing that this woman:
Psycho BitchWas not seriously injured during this violent attack. She is going to trial for "self-defense" now - yes, self-defense - I am NOT making this up.

Plus, I heard that she is really very very sorry, and hos promised to never do anything like this ever ever again. And, she has hot titties!

With tits like that, how could she possibly be guilty of anything! After all, women are more spiritually evolved and more nurturing than men are...

My guess is, she'll walk.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Woman Arrested for Raping Herself with a Dildo

Mary J. Longwood from Illinois was operating an electronic powered Dildo on Friday, December 9, 2011. However; the next morning, she changed her mind about using the dildo, and admitted that she had simply had too much to drink on Friday.

Modern WomanShe immediately phoned the police, and told authorities that she had been raped after drinking too much, and that she had taken advantage of herself and her sexually increased mood.

As we all know, alcohol increases sexual desire, but decreases sexual performance. That is why she did not fully enjoy the masturbating; she was too impaired to operate the dildo efficiently enough. Luckily, she did not chip any of her teeth while operating it drunk.

Police arriving on the scene were terribly confused, they did not know if they should arrest Mary J. Longwood, or the dildo. The officers on the scene had to call their supervisor to get advice. The supervisor said, grab them both, we'll use one as the primary suspect, and the other as evidence.

Currently, Mary J. Longwood is being held in the evidence locker, and the dildo is currently on trial in an Illinois court of law.

Feminist JudgeJudge Reginald Limpdick ordained, by royal decree, that the dildo be held for suspicion of debauchery and witchcraft - and sentenced to be boiled in hot water to remove any demonic presences. He was particularly harsh on this dildo, because it is tremendously bigger than his.

Some notable feminuts feminists were interviewed about this incident by RIP-Factor reporters:

Jessica ValentiJessica Valenti had just got finished eating a custard pie; this is what she had to say, "It doesn't matter that she might have consented to using the dildo on herself the night before, the fact is, if ANYBODY takes advantage of a woman in a drunken state, then they are the perpetrator of a sexual assault. So clearly, this woman is a victim."

Hanna RosinHanna Rosin had also just got done eating a custard pie, here is what she said,"I am not surprised to find yet another woman being taken advantage of while in a drunken state. Women are always victims; especially when it comes to sexual intercourse, because boys are icky."

And now, in order to make ourselves look like a genuine news source, we present you, the reader with some bullsh*t carpet munching factoids, designed to demonize men, and angellify women like complete lame-stream media f*ck-wits (if this doesn't get women cheering at a man getting his penis cut off, then we'll just have to try harder!):
Rape Statistics

And remember everybody - violence against women must be stopped...

Violence against men - like a man being drugged, tortured, abused and sexually mutilated - gets good ratings.

Monday, December 12, 2011

My Hero!

Well, Just read this.

Then, if you did not read my spoofs:

Nostril Rapist

Woman Accuses Fart of Rape

It's just a matter of time, until farting gets labeled as domestic violence...

Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday Tid-bit

Omnipitron left a comment on my big rant from earlier this week.

I think I should share my philosophy on it:

Here is his comment (in part):

My man, I literally had no idea of just how much white men are targeted by the females of your own race. I had gotten into an argument with my wife's friend over a week ago and the results had me disgusted! For the record, my wife is white and so is her friend.

I just stood there in shock as this woman threw white men under the bus while our argument ensued. The topic we had been arguing about was simply that since I've joined the manosphere, I've noticed that white men are also getting the shaft in society, quite a bit to be honest.

White women have always hated. They used to hate Blacks, perhaps Jews, then just Black men etc... Currently, the "IN" thing to do is hate White Heterosexual Males.

It is my hypothesis, that white women need a "target" to label as a "bad group of people", in order to draw attention away from themselves, and how rotten they are.

But, that is just my hypothesis... A speculation I submit for your perusal.

Have you ever noticed that?

The one group that still remains out of the "hate" loop is white women...

Everybody else is or at least was - hated: Blacks, White Men, Gay Men, Asians, Hispanics - Jews, sometimes Christians, Atheists...

Hmmm.... That is what makes me wonder who the real haters are...

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Alexendra's Project

Well, I saw a movie last night that pretty much summarizes modern women. I have to mention it to people out there...

It was called, "Alexandra's Project"

Quick Summary: A man who is a protector and provider for a woman (together they have two wonderful children), comes home to a "surprise" birthday party, where his wife points out everything that is wrong with him (all on video tape) - he is locked inside of his house, and forced to watch his bat-shit crazy wife ramble on (and contradict herself repeatedly - something I'd wager the writers didn't expect anybody to notice) - about how awful of a human being he is - she supposedly made a video-tape - and that is the only electrical appliance that works in the house - the TV and VCR.

She starts out stripping for him on the video, then does an about face, and tells him how he doesn't really love her, but "only loves her body".

Then, she tells him she has breast cancer - and he is very panicked. She then pulls a fake-lump off of her breast and says "surprise! just fooling - I bet that really scared you!"

This is one part where she contradicted herself - if he did not love her, why would she know that announcing a serious health condition would put him in emotional turmoil?

She points out how much she hates his finger touching her private spot (imagine that, here I thought women bitched about men NOT engaging in foreplay - this one was bitching that he did...)

She then decides to really hurt him, by announcing that he will never see his kids again.

Again, if he is such a "selfish bastard" that is not capable of love, why would she know this would hurt him?

Anyway, the movie was completely f*cked up. However; I have to give it credit for accurately portraying women as bat-sh*t crazy, completely unappreciative, and very pretentious.

If you decide to watch it, think of it as a documentary, and not a movie...

Monday, December 5, 2011

Take the Time, Get to Know Me...

This is an introduction to myself - to anybody reading. After this post, I am going to focus my energy on some music-animated videos (that I will post here), and a couple of anti-anti-male videos as well...

Anyway, if you are wondering about who I am, or where I am coming from, please read this. Things are going to change around here. In short - I realize that feminism isn't the problem (think Wendy McElroy or Christina Hoff Sommers) and men are not the problem. The problem lies in spreading hatred of men - when I first started this, that is what I hoped to make fun of, and in doing so eliminate. Of course, I by myself could in no way accomplish this. But, the real failure is to not even try. How things will change will be explained in part 2 of this bit - another long post - that I'll post after making some more videos.

To start, I have to say that elementary school for me was "ordinary". Nothing special went on really, except that I beat up a school bully, and became a terror to other students and teachers afterwards. A young girl was also bullied, until I intervened. Later, in middle school, just like the bullies that made her cry - is how she ended up treating me (with ridicule and disrespect).

Did I think that all young ladies were bad? No.

Two of my friends in middle school were both females, and interesting ones at that. They were both one year older than me and my friend. One was a senior in high school (super smart and Asian - performed live violin playing in concert), the other - her dad was a professional boxer (appeared on TV several times), and he taught her everything he knew (can whoop ass - Hispanic). The Hispanic girl used to embarrass me (in a friendly way) - when I would walk into the school cafeteria, she would get all the girls at her table to shout, "HI RICHARD (last name omitted)".

There was actually an incident one time too. My friend (the Asian girl's younger brother), was being slapped by some young girls (he did nothing wrong to them - they were just being "bitchy"). We did not hit back of course, because we had been raised to "never hit a girl". Instead, we were both blocking slaps, and trying to calm the young girls down. The Hispanic girl that I knew jumped in - pushed one of the girls to the ground. The other girl started slapping her - my Hispanic female friend said, "is that all you got bitch" - and whipped out some professional level boxing moves on the two girls - it was like watching Mike Tyson beat up two 13 year old girls - brutal. My Hispanic friend got suspended for it - me and my friend told her - we appreciate what you did for us - but that it wasn't worth getting suspended for - next time, just let us deal with it. She agreed. We both felt bad that she was getting suspended.

Summary - at age 14, I had met good and bad females, and, I had even experienced an act of "chivalry??" from a female. **smiles**

High school to me was boring. It seemed to me like everybody was either obsessed with drugs or sex. To clarify, they were either obsessed with trying drugs, obsessed with staying away from drugs, obsessed with having sex, or obsessed with not having sex.

And the lame gets lamer still...

There were two factions in high school - stoners and jocks. In short, all the jocks thought I was a stoner, and all the stoners thought I was an undercover police officer (yeah - why do you think they call it "DOPE").

At any rate, despite what the two main factions thought of me, I had several friends in high school - although, I did spend most of my time at home, learning about my Commodore 64. I suppose that you could say that I have a lust for knowledge when it comes to computers. To this day, I have 5 Commodore 64's, 2 Commodore 128's, 1 Amiga 500, 1 Amiga 600, 1 Amiga 1200, 1 Amiga 4000, an apple computer that a friend gave to me, and 7 PC's - oh, a PS2, a PS1, an Atari 2600 - YIKES!!! You could say that I am computer junkie, but to me - those C64's, C128's, Amiga's, Atari - are like what 57 Chevys, or 69 Dodge chargers would be to a car enthusiast.

So, high school - I was in the marching band (I played the trumpet - a boring instrument - and a bitch to play). I went to all the football games, attended very few of the parties (I found my computer to be more interesting), and occasionally hung out with friends. Yes - nothing extraordinary.

During one football bus trip, I sat next to a flag girl that I had a crush on. We spoke to each other the whole trip, and on the way back, we sat next to each other and spoke some more. I thought to myself - wow, this is great. I lent her two of my cassette tapes. The next day, on the regular school bus, I was excited to see her, and hoping she would sit next to me - she walked up, threw the cassette tapes in my face, and called me a "dork".

Serious WTF moment. I kept wondering - what the hell did I do to deserve that? To this day, I still wonder what the hell happened - the conversation was nothing serious - she showed no disgust - no anger - in fact, we said bye to each other pleasantly at the end of the football bus trip - I just couldn't figure out what happened... That ended that crush!

On a few occasions, I would see similar incidents happening to other young men at the school - a young woman yelling, and throwing some kind of tantrum - always directed at a young man.

Summary - in high school, well, my attitude towards "gender relations" hadn't really changed any. I did however, notice some oddities among the young women - random bouts of hostility - almost always directed at a young man.

College Dazed and Confused.

I was honestly excited about going to college...the things that I could learn. It was my big chance to actually learn about how computers actually worked - at a hardware level. I had explored the software side of my Commodore64 at home, and was making all kinds of assembly-language programs for it - demos, games, intros etc... It was time to learn something I couldn't learn by "hacking".

Somebody told me, and I forgot who, that college was, in addition a good place to learn, a good place to meet young women. They elaborated and said, that I would meet women on my level - or women who are from a more similar background as myself - women who are there to learn, and have functional brains (other ways to say this - good breeding, same social/economic class, etc...)

This is one thing I would have to disagree with. Yes, I did occasionally see young men and women getting along, but for the most part, the incidents like the bat-shit crazy woman who through the cassette tapes in my face - increased - at least for me they did. And of course, I would see things like this happening more frequently to other men as well ("dudes that definitely weren't me - lol).

I was reminded of the Rod Stewart song, "Some Guys Get All the Breaks"...

I just figured that whatever it was that women found attractive, myself and other men simply did not possess it. No worries.

But then I noticed something really bizarre.

The school paper at U.N.R. had a new author somewhere around 1990 or 1991. In it, she would do nothing but bitch and complain that "white male heterosexual engineers" were all homophobic, sexist, racist bigots. Yes, you read that right - not just white, not just straight, not just male - but engineering students as well.

I thought this was very bizarre for a few reasons.

First, the majority of people in Reno Nevada - back then - were white - the classes I had that were not engineering classes, were mostly white, where as the engineering classes were the most diverse - with students from all over the world - we had people wearing turbans in the classroom. Personally, myself - being a homophobic sexist racist bigot - I thought it was cool - because it was like being on the bridge of Star Trek - a mixture of ethnicities all in one room. And of course, since I was a sexist homophobic racist bigot, my regular lab partners were an African student (actually from Africa - not an African American), and a Native American student. Sorry, but I have no idea if either of them were gay or not, so I cannot confirm or deny reports of my "homophobia" **sigh**

Second, what was this woman's obsession with white male heterosexual engineers? Did she just get dumped by one? Did one pee in her cheerios one morning? Did she ask one out on a date and he said "no"?

The woman was middle eastern, and a Woman's Studies Major. Article after article, and paper after paper was filled with a slew of hate-filled rhetoric targeting white male heterosexual engineers - and sometimes she would generalize and say "mathematical sciences". I stopped reading the school newspaper - it was too infuriating.

After completing my core curriculum, I still had to take my humanistic social electives. Because I mouthed off to the dean, and told him I didn't like pseudo-sciences, he insisted that I use all my humanistic social electives to get a minor in something. He said he would not approve me for graduation if I didn't.

I picked psychology - YAWN.

Psychology classes were interesting to be honest, but part of the minor was Sociology 101. I now call it, "male-bashing 101". This class was without a doubt the most evil and depraved cauldron of male-hatred I had encountered at the University. Here is a brief glimpse of the trash I had to put up with:

Men ask women to shave downstairs because they want to know what it feels like to have sex with a pre-pubescent girl.

By the age of 40 (or was it 30), every man has fantasized about having sex with at least 10 children.

The reason women wear makeup is to cover up bruises caused by their domestically violent male partners.

The only reason men hold doors open for women is because they think women are too incompetent to open it themselves.

The only thing that stops men from raping women is the law.

And of course, I won't bore you to death (anymore than you already are) with the huge slew of factoids that people in these circles are familiar with; 1 in 4 women raped, 1 in 4 women beaten, twice on Tuesdays, "rule of thumb" etc...

One day, I had to sit in a seat other than my usual. There were younger men - like 18 - just starting college - where I was 23 - I sat behind them. We watched a film of Jean Benee Ramsey - and how all men want their daughters to look like her, because all men want to do is have sex with girls before puberty - even more so if the girl is their own daughter. One of the young men in front of me turned and looked at me - he said, "fucking male-bashers", while shaking his head.

I thought, "yeah - male bashers" - kind of like the others I hear about "gay bashers", "nigger haters" (please excuse the N word), "male chauvinist pigs" and whatnot, only these people hated men - more specifically, white male heterosexual engineers or mathematical scientists...

The next puzzle on my mind was - why was this stuff so prevalent on college campuses? I had no answer. I remember a medical encyclopedia I had listed two words, "gynophobia" and "androphobia". I think it was a Merriam Webster medical dictionary (I took biomedical instruments). No need to explain what those terms meant. I thought to myself - do I have a fear or hatred of women? Well, after the crap I have been exposed to here at college -I have to say, I am a little fearful. Do people on college campuses have a fear or hatred of men? DEFINITELY - it was so f*cking thick, you could cut it with a knife.

It was in the school paper (which - has mysteriously disappeared from the microfilm archives - and is now only available in the special collections department - open from 9-5 M-T - during normal campus operation).

It was in the classrooms - the liberal arts classrooms anyway.

There was no question in my mind that I was the target of hate propaganda. Not dissimilar from the hate propaganda that was spread about the Jews by Goebbels, Hitler and the Nazi party. (Which by the way, I have been watching many documentaries on that subject lately... Did you know that many of Hitler's "top men" were all failed artists? Yes they were...)

I thought that this in itself was bizarre and strange, because college campuses were supposed to be very liberal - and accepting towards anybody. However; when I went to college, it seems like they did not want or like white male heterosexuals - and to a lesser extent - mathematically oriented ones (my best subject).

I remember that when I would have a conversation with a woman on campus, eventually, she would ask me what I was majoring in - I tell her "electrical engineering". They'd usually say something along the lines of "oh" in a sigh like manner.

Because the campus was so filled with male-bashing, most of my friends and myself all looked elsewhere to meet young women - clubs, cruising the strip, and other things.

In all sincerity, I'd have to say that those places were worse, at least for the likes of myself. A couple of my friends had little or no problems.

My last two memories of college were thus:

Memory 1:

I was drinking a Pepsi looking at an old black and white photo of the mechanical engineering class of 1943 (or something like that). Something was weird about it. There were 11 men and 2 women - 13 people total. I kept staring at it, drinking my Pepsi - then it hit me. It was 1994, and my electrical engineering class had 11 men and 2 women graduating that semester.

I thought, wow, 51 years (???) - all the feminism - all the women's rights - all the bitching - all the male bashing - all the hatred - all the propaganda - and not a god-damned thing has fucking changed.

Except maybe one...

I doubted that the men in that old black and white photo were the target of hatred from the school paper - or from the liberal arts classes. Hell, they probably had girlfriends or even wives at that point in their lives - maybe the two women in the photo were married to two of the men in the photo? Who knew.

I had no doubt in my mind that it was a fact that their school newspaper and their liberal arts were NOT spewing bouts of angry female verbal diarrhea that targeted them as a class - white male heterosexual engineers...

Memory 2:

I saw two women driving - one behind the other. The one in front pulled too far ahead to turn into the campus parking lot. The one behind her was tailgating (following too close). The one in front beeped her horn, and motioned to the women behind her to back up - the woman behind her beeped back and told her to move it. The women in front put her car in reverse, and smashed backwards into the car behind her - and pulled into the parking lot as though nothing had happened. The second driver followed her angrily into the parking lot - a fight ensued.

Sorry all, but I was so happy to see two of these she-beasts turn on each other...

Summary - college was a male-bashing nightmare; not only on the campus, but off campus as well. I had myself convinced that this was from my perspective only - and that there were plenty of young men out there hooking up with women and whatnot.

Post college, I got a job working in Carson City. My friends and I would occasionally visit nightclubs (the friends that were single anyway). I typically had the usual bout of hussy cat fits when I would approach a woman. I cannot say I was angry - but more so puzzled. This is because this is where things went from bat-shit crazy to the very pits of madness and insanity itself.

One by one, my friends were going to jail. It was always roughly the same story - she threw a tantrum, called the police, and my friend would go to jail. I list some examples here.

J - his wife was swinging a chair at him. He put his arms up to block - the chair bounced off of his arm and hit her in the face. It knocked a tooth out. She called the police. He went to Jail.

K - an ex girlfriend shows up; pushes her way in. She starts swinging at him. He barricades himself in the bathroom. She calls the police. He goes to Jail. She then trashes his house.

A1 - his girlfriend forgets to take her "medication". He gets home and is locked out. He knocks on the door repeatedly. She calls 911 and says, "There is an evil demon trying to break into my house and steal my soul". The police show up. He explains what is going on. The police chuckle a bit then say, "We're going to err on the side of caution, and arrest you in case something funny is going on here".

A2 - whenever his wife asks him to do something, and he refuses, she grabs a hammer, and breaks something that belongs to him. I was always being invited over there to "fix" things. Before they got divorced, he claimed that he was clumsy and knocked those things off himself. After the divorce - he revealed the truth.

E - Him and his wife get into an argument. Out of anger, she goes the abortion clinic and aborts what would have been their second child. The argument had nothing to do with children - it was over a TV set.

B - After his parents bail him out of jail, I asked him what happened - he replies and says, "We were arguing as usual, and I just lost it". (remember what he said - it is important - HE LOST IT). His girlfriend stole everything from his apartment. He does not have to go out to meet women - because a 19 year old girl is stalking him (he and I were both 26) - they hook up - he soon starts hitting her too.

T - I am at his house that he lives in with his girlfriend. We are in the computer room. She asks him, "How exactly do I dial 10-10-321 on the phone." He replies, "Just press the numbers" (he is in the computer room with me - she is in the kitchen). A plate crashes into the door of the computer room and I hear her shouting, "get the fuck out here and show me how to do it!". I say what the f*ck was that - he instructs me that I better leave - I am forced to crawl out of the computer room window. She had started throwing dishes at him.

G - Celebrating his son's 1st birthday party - he dips his finger into the frosting on the cake and takes a quick taste. His wife start shouting, "you just ruined your son's first birthday party". He looks embarrassed. She continues getting herself worked up more and more and continues her yelling - getting louder and more vulgar - until guests start leaving - including myself.

That is a small sample of the things I HAVE WITNESSED. These are not fictional accounts by some fuck-wit with a degree in sociology, or psychology - these are all events (and there are many more) - witnessed by me - a white male heterosexual engineer (mathematical scientist) - not a "liberal bullshit artist" engaging in hypothetical social situations to ponder some fuck-witted theory they have about how people "typically" interact.

In addition to the goings on with my friends, I start seeing very strange things on the television as well - women cutting their husbands penises off - women putting their kids into the trunk of a car and driving it into a river. Bat shit crazy behavior to be sure.

Later, I heard about even stranger things still - women having sex with children (their students).

What strikes me the most about the horror stories I hear on TV?

Two things.

First, all the women being reported on, are roughly the same age as myself.

Second, all the women I know are looking at these women as if they were heroes, or somehow "brave" - but not one of them thinks of the women as being "criminal". I'll repeat that; not one single woman that I knew - friends, friend's wives, co-workers - not one single one thought of these women as being crazy, disturbed, criminal - or anything negative.

In fact, one of my friends worked at a female dominated workplace during the Lorena Bobbitt incident - he told me that the female employees - during their break, would all gather and discuss ways to ensure that their husband's penis could not be re-attached if they ever cut it off - one of them was "putting it into a blender". He said the conversations of glee and delight continued for months after the actual incident.

Something I have to point out here - I actually asked one of my friend's wives what a "pussy whip" was. She told me a pussy whip is a man who cannot think for himself.

The reason I asked her that - which she confirmed - is that she was NOT CAPABLE of pointing a nasty finger at women...

That is, a pussy whip is an excessively domineering, controlling, and bitchy woman. Instead of saying this, she warped the definition - to point the finger of blame at men.

If there is one character I resemble from a movie - it is from Stephen Kings, "The Langoliers". The mystery writer that was trying to figure out what had happened to himself and the fellow passengers on the flight...

Modern Women

So was I with women at this point in my life. I kept hearing horrible things that women were doing on TV. The women I knew in my life did not frown on anything they were doing - not one single one. When men did bad (even something mild compared to what women were doing - like say slapping a woman in the face) - they would nearly demand blood.

I kept trying to figure out, "what is going on here"... It was related to an interest in women - since I am one of those homophobic sexist racist bigots... I was trying to figure women out - why they chose certain guys over others as well...

I was thinking about starting a section on my web-site devoted to hashing feminists. It would be a place, where myself, and my friends could all point out the kinds of bat-shit crazy behavior they had endured.

A fallacy here - in college the more vocal male-bashers all called themselves feminists. I have since come to realize that the way they labeled themselves is irrelevant. The fact is, if 80% of women hate men, then 80% of feminists will hate men, 80% of women who eat eggs for breakfast will hate men, 80% of women whose favorite color is green will hate men - you get the point. To this day, I do still use the words "feminist" when describing the "bad women" - it is a habit I am trying to break... Think of Wendy McElroy or Christina Hoff Sommers - or - ask yourself - how many women (audience or hostesses) from "The Talk" would call themselves feminists...

I was sitting at my friend's house with three of my friends. We were talking and drinking, just hanging out, playing video games, watching TV...

The topic of my web-site came up. "What are you going to do next on your web-site Rich?"

I told them, "Well, I am thinking of making a section that kind of hashes on feminazi's and whatnot. You know, just pokes fun at them, makes them look like the bat-shit crazy goons that they are."

They all started in at once, "No, don't do that - you'll get death threats", "No, you'll get avalanches of hate-mail", "No, its not worth it".

I responded, "you guys know crap like that doesn't intimidate me".

They all started in at once again, "Your just mad because you're a strikeout with women", "Yeah, come on Rich, your just upset because you don't do well with women", "Get yourself a woman Rich - it'll cheer you up"...

My blood started to boil.

"Do you assholes realize that I am the only guy in this room who hasn't been to jail simply because a woman LIED about him?!"

They all froze - and glanced at one another.

I said, "J - did you hit your wife".

He said, "no, you know I didn't - she kind of hit herself with the chair".

I said, "A - are you an evil demon - and were you trying to steal your girlfriends soul?? You went to fucking jail for that shit dumbass."

I turned to K, "and you - after you got arrested - L trashed your fucking house and broke two of your guitars - worth what - 2 grand each? What the fuck is wrong with you?"

I felt like a driver whose headlights were on a dear, and the dear was just mindlessly staring at my headlights. None of them said anything.

I shook my head - and said, "Nevermind you guys - sorry I got pissed - I'll just forget it".

Which - I didn't, I did make the section on my web-site.

Stay tuned for the next part...

Or leave - are you even still awake???!!!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

You Sir, Are a TERRORIST!

Well, according to what I heard, that snake-in-the-grass McCain is trying to pass a bill such that - if you have more than 1 week of food stored, you are missing any fingers, or you own any guns - you can be considered a "terrorist", and the government can detain you as long as they like. It hasn't passed yet, but, McCain is trying to pass it.

I do not need clowns like John McCain, or any other politicians to tell me what a terrorist is. It is clear that the majority of people in our government ARE THE TERRORISTS destroying America.