Saturday, November 26, 2011

Public Service Announcement - "Nice" Guys...

Well, it didn't come out as good as I thought it would - but I hope you enjoy it, or get a laugh out of it.

The skinny: Some bone-head with either a philosophy degree, or some fuzzy-soft science degree wrote an essay about nice guys not "really" being nice.

1. If they are not really nice, then a different adjective should be used to describe them - the fault lies in the person making the claim. It's as jack-assed as saying, "round balls aren't really round", or "green cars aren't really green".

2. The feminist point is - you, as a man, are not allowed to morally judge your own character. It is up to a woman to point out all of your flaws. How dare you not constantly put yourself down - or let others judge you (i.e. put women in a position of moral authority above yourself).

I am sure that other things can be added to this list, but, ultimately, this is one of the ways that feminism is trying to revamp the English language - so that fewer POSITIVE adjectives can be used to describe men and boys.

This has already infected our society - as if you say "nice guy", many women have a negative reaction to it...

Anyhoo - enjoy the old crusty film composed of bits and pieces of vintage public domain footage.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Yeah, That's My Mom...

So, I visited with my mom just yesterday. About a month ago or so, I disconnected all of her satellite receivers, and reset all of her TV's to be regular broadcast receiving TV's instead (which is of course, now broadcast in digital). She did not want to pay for satellite service anymore - I told her, "GOOD". I have not had cable, satellite or anything like that in over 6 years now...

Anyway, here is what she told me:

MOM: Rich, Thank you again for fixing my TV's, and I just have to tell you, I found a show that you might think is REALLY funny...

ME: OK...

MOM: Anyway, I thought it was funny, and boy was I laughing at it... (she laughed while saying this).

ME: OK... (I was thinking - oh boy, some old TV show that I have already seen - like MASH, Soap, Three's Company or something lame like that).

MOM: (pulls out a piece of paper, and her reading glasses - and puts them on - she holds the piece of paper up to her face) - OK, the name of the show is South Park (she looks up at me), and it is about these kids (HA HA HA - she is laughing out loud).

ME: (My jaw drops to the floor - my Mom is watching South Park!?!?)

MOM: OH BOY! I guess that in each episode, one of the kids named Kenny dies. HA HAAA, this one episode, after he died HA HAAA, one of the other kids shouts out, 'We Killed Kenny' HA HA HA then the other kid says 'Yeah, we're bastards!' HA HA HA HA HA HA. (She couldn't keep a straight face while saying it).

She went on to explain that the kids end up doing all kinds of crazy things, or all kinds of bizarre things happen in their city - she mentioned the one episode, "Day of the Living Homeless"

Well, I was speechless. I just looked at my mom, and told her, "Thanks Mom, I've actually heard of that show - it is very amusing...".

So, my 74 year old mother is now watching South Park every night - and apparently enjoying it thoroughly.

I think I know where I get my smart-ass gene from now...

(FYI - I am working on a very important Public Service Announcement - And sorry, guys, but I am actually working with the Women's Studies Department at Ding Dong University - call me Judas if you like - should be ready soon...)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving


No matter who you are, and no matter what you end up doing, I hope that you have a good time this Thanksgiving weekend (for those of you in Canada - I guess my message is either late or early? - but it still applies. For those in other countries - well, have a good weekend and please enjoy yourself)

This has been a special message from myself to anybody reading this.

When I say myself, I of course mean that bitter and angry person who:
  • is very ugly
  • cannot get laid
  • lives in his mother's basement
  • is very immature
  • has at least one body in the trunk of his car
  • is stinky and eats his own bougars
  • is a closet homosexual
  • is a hate-mongerer
  • is full of violence
  • likes to spread violence
  • is not a real man
  • is very jealous of women

For my poking fun at male shaming, read THIS

For Futrelle's comment on it, read THIS, for my reply to him making a fool out of himself (as usual), read THIS.

Friday, November 18, 2011

What's Wrong with this Picture?

MEN-Factor Scarecrow on Horse

  • Myself and the Horse are not in my basement
  • I do not have a basement
  • I appear to be happy, instead of bitter 'cause I'm not getting laid
  • I do not appear to be having issues with my mother
  • I am not beating the horse
  • I am not wearing my hockey mask, or carrying my axe
  • There is no drool on my mouth from head-meds
  • My girlfriend at the time took the photo - whom I ended up dumping and not vice-versa
  • There is some red-white ribbon crap in the tree to the left

A talk a Private Investigator had with me some 7-8 years ago...

One year, for no particular reason, on New Year's Eve, I made a New Year's resolution to "do things I would not normally do". The horseback riding picture you see above is one example.

At that time, I was in a relationship, where my GF was constantly accusing me of cheating on her. I thought her accusations were absurd. However; she didn't. In fact, she actually pulled a name from the company directory I worked for at the time, and decided that was the woman I was cheating with - I of course had never heard of the woman.

Anyway, occasionally, somebody would tell me that the reason she was always accusing me, is because she was cheating on me.

I have never trusted people who have all the answers - and their answers do not have any line of reasoning behind them.

Anyway, hiring a private investigator to "spy" on my GF was among things that I would not normally do - so I hired one...

She was cheating on me with not one, not two, but three different men.

The primary one, was older than me, older than her - he was shorter than me, and shorter than her. He also wore thick coke-bottle glasses, was bald, and had a pot belly - serious pot belly... I made more money than he did, and - well - not to boast, but I eat right and exercise everyday - plus, well - nevermind...

The P.I. asked me what I was going to do - I told him, "I'll just confront her with it".

When I did, she turned it all around, and claimed that it was my fault I was cheating on her - sufficient to say that I soon broke up with her - and got a new GF - the one that took the picture above.

I told the P.I. about her reaction to my confrontation. He gave me some advice that I'd like to share with you - especially young men out there - I list the dialog (this is not the exact dialog, but a rough estimate of what he said - it was 7-8 years ago - cut me some slack):

PI: Rich, how old were you when you first had sex?

ME: Why?

PI: Just answer the question.

ME: 23 - at a brothel.

PI: Did you actually try to pick up women before then?

ME: Yes.

PI: What kind of reaction did you get?

ME: Well, honestly, usually hostile.

PI: OK, I have seen this kind of crap happen to too many guys like you, and I am going to tell you something that you aren't going to like.

ME: Uh huh.

PI: Women hate you. I do not know why. It's not because you're a bad person, or because you're bad looking, it's just because. Any woman you meet will hate you. The only reason any woman is going to show an interest in you is because of your money.

ME: Well, I doubt that, there are millions of women...(I was also going to add that my last name is not Rockerfeller - I have extra money, but come on, I am not "wealthy" by any means)

PI Interrupted me: Look, I have seen way too many tech guys like you get screwed over by some bitch that is just stringing him along, and this is just friendly advice. Women do not like you, they never will. Any dreams you have about a marriage, or romance - ditch them. The only thing guys like you get is robbed of your money by some woman, like the one you have now - she is trading you for somebody that looks he should be hanging around elementary schools in a raincoat.

ME: (Thinking - I never took people's answers at face value - this time, I did - why - it was not something I would normally do - see the New Year's Resolution).

PI: I have no doubt that this woman you are with is badgering you to marry her.

ME: Actually, yeah, that is true, but there is no way I'll do it. And honestly, I do not have a lot of money - I am not rich.

PI: Do you have at least 10,000 dollars in the bank?

ME: Yeah - more than that.

PI: To her, she just has to put on an act for you, and have sex with the losers she is really into, and try to get you to marry her.

ME: (Staring with a look of curiosity on my face)

PI: Yeah, if you did marry her, she would file for a divorce within 6 months or so - it's like a job, where she suddenly gets 5,000 dollars, or even more - possibly 10 or 20 thousand? Dump her. And get rid of the idea of ever marrying any woman - you'll just get robbed. Look, hire prostitutes if you want sex. Go to strip clubs. I know this isn't something you want to hear, you strike me as being a square guy, but if you were actually trying to get laid, and in your generation you did not get laid by the age of 18, women hate you - the end. Do not get married. Do not let one move in with you, and do not move in with any of them. You will only lose your money.

The conversation continued for a bit, you get the gist of it.

I'd say this applies to all men - but, I do not know everything. This P.I. on the other had - he was 70 years old, and he had been a P.I. for almost 50 years as he claimed...

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dear Man...

A message from the consciously divine feminine:

Watch it, before it gets banned as hate-speech!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Big Business Profiting from Bad Gender Relations? Please Stop Spoon Feeding me Bullsh!t

Sexual Harassment

Big businesses profit from sexual harassment. WRONG, It costs them an average of 50 million per year.

And guess what - the RETAIL sector gets hit the hardest by sexual harassment lawsuits (28% according to this).

So, how does losing 50 million per year on average count as "profiting"?

Maternity Leave

When female employees get pregnant, they can take maternity leave. The skinny: women do not have to be at work, to get paid for work when they are pregnant.

Essentially, the company they work for must pay an employee that is not doing any work, and is not even present.

This link shows that maternity leave cost the government 206 million in 2001.

U.S. employers already pay $21 billion a year in direct costs related to the FMLA, Eastman says, in addition to indirect costs like additional overtime for those who fill in for workers on leave.

How do big businesses or government profit from this? How does spending 206 million dollars each year, or 21 billion each year for maternity leave equate to a profit?

Affirmative Action

Corporations and "Big Businesses" must in fact hire a woman before they hire a man. This is part of affirmative action. This effectively forces corporations to pass up more qualified employees and settle for less qualified ones simply because of their sex.

This equates to loss for corporations, as they must potentially pass up more qualified and more ambitious people simply because of sex.

Gender Wage Gap

Sorry, I had a reference to a news story that reported that some companies were paying their female employees more, simply to avoid a gender discrimination lawsuit, but I seem to have lost the link to it.

If this is true, that is more loss for big business and government, as employees get paid more simply because of their sex and not their performance.

Breast Implants and Abortions

Some medical plans cover as many as two abortions per year. Some medical plans partially cover breast implants. A small slice of money comes out of an employees paycheck each week, and the company they work for pays the rest.

So, with more and more women entering the workforce, it stands to reason that more and more employees will be using these benefits. This drives up the cost to medically cover an employee by the company they work for.

How does this equate to profit? (Sorry, I could not find references for how often this happens...)

Single Men with Extra Money in the Bank

I fall into this group. Many others do too. If any of us were married, wouldn't that money be going into the woman's pockets - to buy 150 pairs of shoes, or 250 dresses, a new purse every month, and other frivolous items? Baby clothes? Toys for children? All losses that they are suffering.

It seems that by polluting gender relations, retailers are suffering, not just from sexual harassment, gender discrimination lawsuits, higher medical costs for employees, and possibly lower morale at work - but also by a loss of sales...
(References for this would be anecdotal - sorry, but who will disagree with me, that this does NOT equate to a loss for big business?)

Sum up all the costs listed above...

21 billion, 50 million, medical coverage for abortions, breast implants, affirmative action, gender-discrimation-lawsuit-paranoia (possibly some I missed???).

Add on top of that money that women do not get because men have been completely sexually disenfranchised or turned off to the idea of marriage. They have no children. No wife to frivolously spend the husband's hard-earned cash. No money to spend on children's clothes, toys, etc...

Even more loss.

How the hell does anybody come to the conclusion that "Big Businesses" are profiting from this???


Well, few people read my blog in the first place, no bothers. I am on a quest for truth. I cannot believe that I actually fell for some of the philosophies out there...

Anyway, about big business and government - just like the bullshit that Chinese women are "more respectful of men", this is another line of shit the people are spoon feeding me obviously.

Think about it: If you get a non-westernized Asian woman, you are nearly 30 times more likely to have your penis cut-off by her. By all means PLEASE, do not take my word for it, check it out on WikiPedia (warning, that link contains graphic content).

Big Businesses are profiting from the gender war/feminism. Bullshit.
Government is profiting from the gender war/feminism. Bullshit.
Asian women are more respectful of men? Bullshit.

I am being spoon fed bullshit everywhere I go it seems.

I forgot where I saw it, but somebody said this, "I belong to no movements other than my own". Amen!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Rape Culture Caught on Video! (and my thoughts on Game)

My objections to game - inspired by the latest avoiceformen blog radio.

They did mention that game fails to point out the dangers of modern women (false rape accusations, paternity fraud, psycho-bitch showing up at your work, harassing calls at work, harassing calls at home or work, harassing behavior in general, false domestic violence accusations (you don't have to be married), and perhaps even venereal diseases). This is a good thing.

Once again, here is a list of head-meds - if you meet a woman taking any of these, GET AWAY FROM HER:


Back to crazy behavior; why are so many women like that? Why do they go into meltdown so easily?

There is a 300 pound gorilla in the room that is not often mentioned - feminism.

I ask - is it possible that feminism has f*cked women up?

Let us entertain this notion.

If it has, then wouldn't game not be the art of "being attractive to women", but rather, "being attractive to women f*cked up by feminism"?

I hear people in the "man-o-sphere" say that feminism has made women ignore their basic natural instincts. Yet, when it comes to the "game" arena, they are in fact going for their natural instincts - i.e. - going for ALPHA MALES.


When I went on my woman meeting spree, I met children who were - severely retarded, physically deformed, uncoordinated (to the point where they would severely injure themselves on various occasions).

The skinny - those children - these are not the type of children that ALPHA MALES produce. Those are the type of children that OMEGA MALES produce - retarded, deformed, and physically uncoordinated. There is a reference out there (sorry, I cannot find it, and I do not want to spend the time) - the number of mental defects and physical defects in children is increasing - and has been since 1970 or so. Of course, many people will say - it's the food, it's the radiation - no, it is women being f*cked up by feminism, and picking some severely defective men to breed with.

One re-occurring thing I kept hearing from the women I met, and I'll re-iterate

"I thought I could fix him".
"He seemed so lost without me."
"I felt like I had a lot to offer him."
"He seemed like he needed my help."

These statements do not describe ALPHA MALES, they describe men who are defective and lacking.

I would conclude that feminism has indeed screwed women up - emotionally, instinctively, and mentally. This is intuitively obvious - when you consider that it is now impossible to debate with most women. Also, look at how they vote, and who they vote for - look at the children of single mothers - retarded, deformed - this is increasing.

And, my conclusion about game - it is a placebo. It is a good luck charm. It is a confidence booster. It does not give anybody anything they do not already have. I have no objection to it - except when people charge money for it. When they charge money for it, they are exploiting men's natural desire to "pick up women" - just like a pimp.

Do I hate PUA's?

NOPE. There is enough hatred of men already floating around out there. I see no need to contribute to this.

Do I object to game? When it's free that is (see above)...

Well, I think it does fail to point out to men the types of women to avoid (for one's own safety). It also fails to point out that women are most likely f*cked up by a slew of wrong-headed lines of thinking that have been getting pounded into women's heads for the last 40-50 years - it simply brushes feminism under the rug, and labels women's sexual choices as "natural". That is about as jackassed as saying that "natural selection" caused the extinction of the DODO - after all, the human race "naturally selected" the DODO for extinction.

And, in case anybody is interested in the character I am. I have never "gone out of my way" or "put on an act" to get a woman. I noticed that women were f*cked up at an early age. I refuse to so much as lift a pinky to do anything to appease them. They should be the ones appeasing to me. After all, I have much to offer them (wit, humor, stability, travel, calm demeanor, big penis), they have little to offer me (just sex and that is all) - and the price tag that comes with them (PMS, psycho-entitlement behavior, headaches) just makes them NOT WORTH IT.

Stay tuned. I now have research proving that BIG BUSINESS has not profited at all from feminism.

I am starting to think that the whole "Big Business" profited - is a severe misconception (possibly a misdirection?).

Of course, my blog is read by few people - but, I do not care. Mine is a quest for the truth.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

That Damned Old Man has some Damned Good Advice!

Here is what TDOM said:

I will now give you the best advice on women that anyone will ever give you.


I could not agree more! In fact, I think I was about 23 or so when I started telling people what to do with all their "advice" about women...

And today - when a woman gives me advice about women - I tell her what to go do with herself - and I am not even close to kind about it either.

Of course, the exception to this is - when they warn you about women to avoid, and their reasoning is "sound". Example: I often tell people to stay away from women taking "anti-psychotics", because if they do not take their pills, they can become violent. I often also tell people to stay away from women with huge debts...

Pseudo-funny news exclusive coming up on Friday.

In the meantime - some food for thought:

If big-businesses are the winners of the gender war:

Don't they now have to worry about sexual harassment lawsuits?
Don't they have to pay female employees even when they are not working (i.e. maternity leave)?
I read one article that claimed that some companies are paying women more than men - simply in order to avoid a gender-discrimination lawsuit.
I am single - and have extra money... So are many other men. If we were married, isn't that money that our wives would be spending on 150 pairs of shoes, or 500 dresses (i.e. retail sales would be higher?)

Most of those also apply to government:
Sexual harassment lawsuits.
Sexual discrimination lawsuits.
Must pay female employees - even when they do not work - on maternity leave.

I am pondering this deeply as of late. I am trying to research retail sales, corporations and whatnot - to see exactly how much they have profited from the gender war (women's lib, feminism etc...).

I am not convinced that big business is a winner.

I am also not convinced that government is a winner either.

Hopefully, I'll be able to find convincing research to either back up the claims I keep hearing, or point me to who the real winners of the gender war, feminism and womens liberation really are.

I do not debate it, I am simply not convinced that Big Government and Big Business are the winners of all this sh-tuff....

I ask the question:

Will the real profiteers of the gender war please stand up?