Monday, October 31, 2011

Prepare to be Sickened...

Should men be mandatorily castrated?

Should most men be castrated?

Male Castration?

Of course, that last link makes no mention of female sex offenders, and how to dispense justice to them in an "equal" (wink wink says the feminazi) manner.

Warning - visit this WikiPedia link at your own risk, images are graphic, and the stories are very disturbing.

Disclaimer: The racial "profiling" I list below is not to establish any superiority or inferiority of any race. It is to discredit the bullshit that I have heard my entire life - that Asian women are somehow "superior" to western women as far as relationships go - BULL F@CKING SH!T.

Here is the tally by ethnicity, women who have cut off men's penises.

Asain (misc)4
Arabic/Middle Eastern4

By race in general:

Eastern Europe3

I think it is fair to mention that not one single woman of African descent appeared on that list. The "Black Haters" can blow smoke in my ass forever.

Hmmm, now, why are all these people out there telling me to "hook up with an Asian babe"?

I could say that there is a feminist conspiracy to cover up how many wives sexually mutilate their husbands in this country (or GFs mutilate their BFs)...but I have never been one to believe in conspiracies. The WikiPedia article does in fact say, "selected cases". What exactly is meant by "selected"?

I point out too - I went into this hoping to find a list of how often women mutilate men's genitals - I had no idea that so many of them would belong to one race in particular.

Anyway, that is my research... Occasionally, I do that. I promise you - I have two funny videos I am working on coming up - and - Wednesday or so - I am going to give a humongous "HIP HIP HOORAY" to That Damned Old Man.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Ugh, Another News Brief...

I wish it had come out funnier, because on Monday, I am going to post a WALLOP of a post. A preview - I will tell all the people who have ever told me that "Asian Women" are whom I should be pursuing - they can all go to hell.

My whole life I have been getting all kinds of crap advice about women - and yes, some of it is coming from the "man-o-sphere".

As I said, Monday - I expose the bullshit about "Asian Woman", and to a lesser extent "Filipino Women" and "Russian Women".

That is, if the research I found is valid and not biased - which I also point out in the post.

Brace yourselves - it may sicken you.

Then, Unfortunately, somebody sent me a cell-phone video that is very disturbing. I plan to post the video on YouTube. It will shock you.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

I Received a Request to Remove Content from my Blog.

I actually contacted an attorney about it too! I have never been to an attorney before - so it was - well - kind of a fun experience!

Here is the E-mail:
Subject: request to remove content from blog
Date: Tuesday, October 25, 2011 12:09 PM
From: (name omitted for privacy reasons)


This e-mail is regarding your blog content located at (omitted). I am emailing you representing (name omitted). (name omitted) has been receiving harrassing and threatening messages from people who found her through your blog. At this point this could be a risk to her safety. It is inappropriate to use her full name and link to her personal facebook. We are requesting that you take this down. We are sending this request to you as a courtesy to you. Please take this blog page down, or remove all references to (name omitted). If you do not comply with this request within 48 hours we will take further action. The next step will be to contact blogger to report a violation of their terms of service which could result in your entire blog being removed. If that step is not successful, the next step will be to contact an attorney.

(name omitted)

Here is my reply

Dear (name omitted).

I have contacted an attorney about the post in question. He has told me that I list no private information about (name omitted). When she put her information on FaceBook, it is then considered as "public domain" and no longer considered "private information".

In addition to that, I have contacted blogger, after reading their content policy found at

I believe the closest guideline is the following:
Personal and confidential information: It's not ok to publish another person's personal and confidential information. For example, don't post someone else's credit card numbers, Social Security numbers, unlisted phone numbers, and driver's license numbers. Also, please keep in mind that in most cases, information that is already available elsewhere on the Internet or in public records is not considered to be private or confidential under our policies.

Notice the last sentence clearly states, "information that is already available elsewhere on the internet or in public records is not considered to be private or confidential under our policies". A blogger administrator pointed out that I list no private information in the post, since it was obtained from FaceBook.

My attorney stated quite clearly that a simple FaceBook link, or any other information obtained from FaceBook, such as her full name, is not considered "private".

If she did not want it in the public domain, then she should not have used it on FaceBook, and she certainly should not have then used that same profile to celebrate the drugging, torturing, abusing and sexual mutilation of an elderly American War Veteran.

The post in question will not be pulled.

However; I do not condone violence, threats, or harassment. I therefore have added a new introductory sentence to the post in question. Feel free to read it if you like.

Again, I regret the fact that (name omitted) is receiving threats or being harassed, but I am not responsible for this, nor is my blog responsible for it. My post lists no private information, nor does it encourage anybody to commit such acts. In fact, it now discourages people from engaging in any kind of violent, threatening, or harassing behavior aimed at anybody.

The entire post was actually an attempt to discourage people from "celebrating" violence against others.

P.S. you misspelled "harassing" in your message to me - it has only one R, not two.

Sincerely Yours,

There is my letter everybody! Next week (or possibly tomorrow if I have the time tonight), I'll be back with some humor for you!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

This Put a SMILE on My Face :)

I offer for your perusal, the YouTube video called, "This is What a Feminist Looks Like":

1,601 likes, 1,831 dislikes

This tells me that people are sick and fed up with feminism - and its self-proclaimed patented brand of "equality" that it has been shoveling into everybody's face for the last 50 years.

Feminism - your days are numbered.

I think the fact that the video has more thumbs down than up calls for a victory dance.

Since I am a member of the secret patriarchy, I plan to do a dance that does the following:
  • Objectifies women (pffffft)
  • Degrades Women
  • Demeans Women
  • Expresses Violence Towards Women
  • Demonstrates "Rape Culture"

WARNING: If you are a feminist, you may be shocked, offended and appalled by the following video, as in your warped mind, it depicts the degradation of women, the objectification of women, a demeaning portrayal of women, suggests acts of violence against women, and is indicative of "rape culture".

Viewer Discretion is STRONGLY Advised


Monday, October 24, 2011

The Price of Pleasure

All I found was this trailer:

Overall, I found this documentary to be a little "off-base" (I watched the whole thing last night).

The skinny - the documentary is about the porn industry, and how it hurts people - no scratch that - how it hurts women:

One woman says something like, "There is something wrong with a society where I can get minimum wage at McDonalds, or I can take my clothes off and make 10 times that amount - we live in a patriarchy".

WRONG - we live in a society where men are almost completely sexually disenfranchised - to the point where they pay more for sex than they do for food. Also, it is YOUR OWN FAULT if you have no skills other than taking your clothes off.

Another woman says, "saying that hating porn is the same thing as hating sex is like saying that hating McDonalds is like hating eating food".

Clever - but who the hell are you to decide what is comparable to "junk food" (junk sex?) and what isn't - another woman who is a self-appointed expert on sex, love, romance etc... She alone gets to decide what constitutes "good sex".

Overall, it was nothing but the usual B.S. Women are victims, women are exploited, women are degraded blah blah blah.

The documentary failed to explain or at least ask the questions that REALLY need to be asked:

1. Why are some men willing to spend more on sex than they do on food?

2. Why is the porn industry booming so much - that is, why are so many men (and some women) buying so much of it?

3. If it is true that porn advocates violence against women (I could only confirm this by buying a random sample of porn, and see how much actual violence against women there actually is in it) - why would so many people want to watch it?

Of course, the documentary spewed the usual feminist rhetoric (you will not see it in the trailer of course - too many people would simply shrug their shoulders and pass it by).

I wish I had more readers, and I wish I could show this documentary to a large group - to get a slew of people's opinions about it.

Hmmm - maybe I should throw a "party" of some kind at my house - invite a group of people over to watch it, and have them write a brief synopsis on what they thought of it...

Friday, October 21, 2011

Attack at McDonalds: CBBS News Exclusive!

If you haven't already done so, file a complaint with the FCC against CBS for its biased coverage of this story - CBS never once mentioned "self-defense" in its broadcast.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

File a Complaint with the FCC against CBS for how it Handled the Rayon McIntosh Story

Step-by-step instructions on how to file a complaint against CBS for the way it portrayed the Rayon McIntosh incident at McDonalds.

Barbarossaaaa did an excellent rant about it.

NemesisPrime1989 did an excellent analysis of how the media trashed the story.

Notice that they do not once mention "self-defense" in their story.

On Friday, I have done a very short news-spoof of CBS - I'll post it.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Rayon McIntosh - Civil Rights Violation

Nothing short of a civil rights violation. DO NOT MINCE WORDS.

This man defended himself and his place of employment from a violent assault. As a result, he was arrested and charged with TWO felonies. The two lesbians that attacked him - charged with lesser crimes (menacing, disorderly conduct and trespassing).

I am not a smart person. If I knew how to get this rolling I would.

I would like to see Rayon McIntosh file a civil rights lawsuit against the government.

I would also like to see Rayon McIntosh file either a Libel or Slander lawsuit against CBS (they really made him look like the attacker in their covering of the story). I think Slander is Spoken, Libel is Printed?

I would also like to see the two women have ASSAULT AND BATTERY charges pressed against them.

I do know what I can do. I have already downloaded this video. The original CBS video has been pulled - gee - I wonder why. However - that link contains a excellent narrative that also contains the original CBS video (Pulled for shocking content? More like slanderous content that CBS will get its bitch-ass sued for).

I would also like to see that 50-dollar bill he was handed, possibly get charges of counterfeiting pressed against the two women.

As I find out more on what to do, I'll post it. Sorry for the break in my usual brain-damage style of humor, but this is serious. This man's civil rights were violated - even though the whole incident was caught on tape. If this is "let go", it means that NO MAN will be allowed to even defend himself against an attack from any woman.

The buck stops here.

Friday, October 14, 2011

WTF = What The Friday???

First, another lame-arse News Brief:

And now, a total WTF!?!?

I have to admit, I laughed at it, but I still thumbed it down. Too many reason to go into why I disagreed with these guyses original message...

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Once they Fall Down - Don't Walk Away - Start Kicking them in the Ribs.

This is a WAR, not a passing moment of anger.

I would ask you to watch a few videos you might not have seen.

Most people are already aware of CBS's "The Talk" that aired a cast of all female hostesses, and an all (or mostly?) female audience applauding, cheering and joking about an elderly male American War Veteran who was drugged, tortured, abused and castrated.

What you might not have seen, is this video:

So, calling people names is serious, but drugging, torturing, abusing and castrating an elderly male American War Veteran is FUNNY.

Now, watch the hostesses of The Talk trying to keep straight faces as they "apologize" for their outburst of male-hatred:

Clearly, CBS is run by bat-sh*t crazy people from some other planet.

Calling somebody a name is wrong (which it is), but drugging, torturing, abusing and castrating an elderly male American War Veteran is funny - and of course, feeding the severed penis to a dog would be "cruel to the dog".

Here is the letter I am writing them (I am going to E-mail it to them, and send it via good-old-fashioned snail mail as well):

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter to you, in concern for the people who run the CBS network.

I recently watched a clip from, "The Talk", which featured a PSA which stated it was wrong to call people names. I find this attitude odd coming from "The Talk", because, according to the female hostesses and all-female audience, drugging, torturing, abusing and castrating an elderly male American War Veteran is a subject of humor to them.

To summarize: Calling people names is wrong (which I agree with). However; drugging, torturing, abusing and castrating an elderly male American War Veteran is not only right, but funny.

Clearly, CBS is run by people who need to seek professional counseling. It is obvious to any sane human being that they have a skewed perception of morality and reality.

CBS is embarrassing itself by continuing to air "The Talk". The show should be pulled.

CBS should issue an apology to the male American War Veteran who was drugged, tortured, abused and castrated. And, they should offer a sincere one; not one where some male-hating witches are trying to keep straight faces.

CBS should issue an apology to ALL MEN for airing a show which insanely tried to justify, glorify and trivialize violence and sexual violence against men and portray it as being humorous. Again; a sincere apology, not one issued by man-haters trying to keep straight faces.

Unless CBS does these things, any rational human being would conclude that it fully supports the drugging, torturing, abusing and castrating of elderly male American War Veterans; as well as violence, sexual violence and the sexual mutilation of men in general.

Until CBS complies, I will do everything in my power to make sure the American people are fully aware that those running CBS are mentally ill and in need of professional help.

Good Day.

Now that they are down, I start kicking them in the ribs. Otherwise, they'll just get back up and start swinging again. When the cats away, the rats will play.

This is a WAR, not a passing moment of anger.

Monday, October 10, 2011

A Brief Story from my Childhood...

...Somewhat pertinent to how boys and girls interact and how men and women interact?

To make a long story short - I was bullied in elementary school to a certain degree. I will not go into the gory details, but one day I fought back, and put the bully in the hospital. (I had more written here, but I omitted it, as it is somewhat "disturbing").

After that, other students, and most of the teachers were afraid to make eye contact with me.

I can tell you this - it is better to walk into a room and be thought of as a nerd, dweeb, dork or whatever, than to walk into a room and be thought of as a monster - seeing fear on people's faces every time you enter.

There was a young girl named "Kelly". The other kids would tease her and call her things like "Smelly Kelly" (lame and unimaginative to be sure). One day, I noticed that some kids were following her home, and teasing her. I remembered how bad I felt when I was teased, and wanted to interact (I saw her crying). I didn't have to interact. Once the other kids saw me looking at them, they turned and ran.

Is this white-knightliness? I was in 5th grade - I would have done the same for any student - female or male.

I changed my route to follow her home, and make sure the other students would not bother her. On occasion, she would turn and wave at me as I continued on to my house.

Two years later - 7th grade - a change to middle school. Yes, when I went to middle school, it was grades 7th and 8th only, not 6th as well.

And what else changed - well, Kelly now had tits. Plenty of male students would flock to her, and compliment her (I was actually glad that she no longer had to put up with being teased).

One day, I was delivering papers (I had had a paper-route since I was in 4th grade).

She was sitting at a city-bus-stop with two of her friends. I slowly peddled my bike past the city-bus-stop (loaded with the papers I had to deliver). She jumped in front of me; I had to stop my bike abruptly.

She got on the handle bars of my bike, and started saying something along the lines of "Oh, I find paperboys so sexy, its not like they are nerdy or anything..."

Her friends were laughing and giggling.

I was puzzled - was she making fun of me?

The rest of what she said made me come to the conclusion that she was.

I grabbed her face and pushed her down onto the ground - patented evil look followed (which, honestly, was always a "bluff").

There is a scene from Stephen King's "The Stand" - a deaf mute is being hit-on by a slightly off-base woman. Once he realizes that she is making fun of his intellectually-lacking friend, he pushes her to the ground, and pulls out a pistol. Every time I see that scene, it reminds me of this incident from my childhood.

Click Here to Watch on YouTube

(Since I often collected money from customers, I actually carried a gun with me too - since it was a bad neighborhood, and I had recently almost gotten mugged by a couple of high-school-aged kids - I did not have it with me on this day, as I was just delivering, not collecting).

As she flopped onto the ground, her friends stopped laughing - and she looked terrified.

I shook my head, and huffed - and continued peddling.

What's the moral of this story?

Well, I think that hitting puberty for girls either causes severe brain damage, or, tits are made up of brain cells - which is why girls seem to rapidly loose IQ points just after hitting puberty - all those brain cells go to their boobs - and can no longer be used for cerebral functions.

Interesting too - how the "bullied" had in a way become the "bully" (referring to her)...

Tomorrow, I'll tell you about the time my friends dragged my out to see "Star Trek, First Contact". Another good example of crap like this...

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Men Think with Their Dicks

And I see using the hole in my ass...

Every time I hear this I shake my head. While I completely understand the concept of lust, I just cannot quite accept this as being entirely accurate.


Well, my personal experiences (at least the ones outside of my basement), have demonstrated to me that plenty of men will remain in a "sexless" relationship. I have encountered instances of this in my life - I am not going to lengthen this ditty by listing any of them. The typical reasons for doing so are - children, awkward sense of "commitment", nowhere else to go, fear -many reasons.

Over my life, every complaint I have heard my friends make about the women in their lives, not one single one of them had to do with sex. The most typical complaint was regarding "unpredictable behavior" - i.e. happy one minute, yelling the next. Which, yelling would be the number two complaint.

So, why do I object to this statement?

If it were true that men think with their dicks, then wouldn't it be true that they are all rapists - or - does a man's dick also contain enough neurons to feel compassion for others?

If it were true that men think with their dicks, wouldn't men's biggest complaint about women be "no sex", or "bad sex"? Unless I am in the wrong circles, I keep hearing otherwise (unpredictable behavior, yelling, crabby for no reason etc...).

If it were true that men think with their dicks, how big exactly was Einstein's dick?
Einstein's Penis Length
Claiming that men think with their dicks, paints them as abnormally simple creatures. This would certainly explain why so many women have a low or condescending viewpoint of them.

Thinking of men as overly simple creatures who care only about sex - how would a woman react after being dumped for being a total b*tch or entitlement princess (clueless to this - not being able to grasp the concept that "sex" had nothing to do with it) - how many women do you know or have met who act exactly in that manner after being "dumped"? Harassing phone-calls at work, revenge sex, psycho-calls at 2:00am, slashed tires etc...

How many break-ups are over "personality conflicts"? If the statement, "men think with their dicks" were true, wouldn't it also be true that the only thing that would matter would be sex, hence, personality conflicts would never be the cause of a break-up?

Think of all the men you have known that broke up with a woman. How many did so because "no sex"? All of them? Some of them? None of them?

Think of all the complaints you have heard from men about women currently in their lives (no, do not count loners or men who were not in a relationship). How many were about "no sex"?

Overall, I'd say that this statement is inaccurate.

However; I am seeing this from my small corner of the world (me and my friends - or - my basement, as I have been told). There is a time honored phrase out there, Birds of a Feather, They Flock Together.

The phrase means that whatever kind of a person you are, the people that you "hang out" with will most likely be similar.

Anyway, I think that the statement, "Men think with their dicks" is a form of male-hatred and male-bashing. And be honest with yourself - it is not just demeaning to men, it is demeaning to ONLY heterosexual men.

This phrase seems to be getting used a lot, to remove responsibility from women. Somehow, linking men's desire for women (their sexuality), to the hatred of men in our society. That is, since men only think with their dicks, they will be in relationships - regardless of the circumstances - as long as they are getting sex. Therefore, the way that women act is because of men "thinking with their dicks".

This makes no sense to me though. Think of CBS's "The Talk". The women hostesses and the audience all applauded and cheered a man being castrated. Men who "think with their dicks" are responsible for them acting this way? That certainly is unusual... Is it just me, or does this make no sense whatsoever?

These people are telling me that Lorena Bobbitt making millions from her domestic violence spree is because of "men who think with their dicks"?

Women acting excessively hostile towards men when being approached sexually is because they are being enabled by "men who think with their dicks"?

Men think with their dicks
Men think with their dicks - I believe this to be wrong-headed. And yes, this is just my opinion, I think that men have been pounded into an abnormal sense of "right and wrong" that the last thing the majority of them are going to do is actually "think with their dick". If they did, I'd wager a guess that women would be in serious trouble.

I am having trouble picking out a piano to buy - guess I better get an erection so I can think about it better...

Until the next time that I crawl out of my basement - goodbye everybody!

And have a great day!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Dear Woman

No way was I gonna upload this to YouTube, it'd get banned immediately...
Perhaps, I'll upload it to YouTube at the end of the week...

I am already considered an "offender" at YouTube...

All the video I make with music in them (that I either performed or programmed myself) immediately get flagged as violating copyright...

Monday, October 3, 2011

Check Out My Balls...

A simple animation I made - simulates gravity and elastic collisions.

If you want the C source code, let me know!

I have been busy lately, doing a huge amount of research. I am trying to figure out where a lot of the male-hatred in our culture came from.

Let me get one thing straight, when I say "male-hatred", I am not referring to prat falls, or a man getting a pie in the face. I am talking about the demonizing stereotypes of men being pedophiles, rapists, wife-beaters and what not.

To clarify: I believe that spreading false stereotypes of men (rapists, wife beaters and what not) constitutes HATE-SPEECH against men. When I pointed this out recently, one MRA said I was "making a mountain out of a mole hill". Another MRA actually defended the woman continuing the rumor that in days past men used to rape and beat their wives - then went on to insinuate that I was a "misogynist" for pointing it out (...what exactly is a White Knight again???).


Hate-speech against men is a mole-hill.
I am most likely a misogynist for not tolerating hate-speech against men (since that speech came from a woman - sound familiar...).

Incidents like this are just one of many reasons I do not identify with the MRM.

Back to the derogatory stereotypes of men; many years ago, these negative stereotypes did not exist. Today they do - and, I do believe that there are men like this; but, I believe that they are extremely rare. Case in point - when I lived in Washington, there were actually posters of a serial rapist on the prowl (a Black man) - but, just 1 man in a 5 year period? Here in Reno, James Biela (White man) - the first one I have heard of in Reno - another serial rapist. As I said; extremely rare.

My research has led me to the Ku Klux Klan.

Ku - victory over, or to defeat.
Klux - series of new laws passed.
Klan - group of people.

So, Ku Klux Klan is a group of people (a military coo), devoted to defeating a series of new laws that have been passed - namely, the freeing of the African American slaves, and their new found RIGHTS to vote, hold office and whatnot.

Interesting note - even after African Americans were given these RIGHTS, they were still lynched for crimes - especially rape. Interesting to note too, that today many false accusers give a fictional African American man (or less often - an Hispanic man) as their imaginary attacker.

So, African Americans were still publicly lynched, even though they have RIGHTS. I suspect that this is because of a movie somebody made called, Birth of a Nation, originally called The Clansmen. The movie portrayed African American men as buffoons, and having an excessively strong desire to rape white women (sound familiar - try applying that mentality to all men - buffoons, rapists and pedophiles - and the sexual aggression to women of all colors).

Of course, we all know that today no such mentality towards African Americans exists now don't we...
White Man Given 3 Months for Stealing 40 Billion
White man given 40 month sentence for stealing 3 billion dollars.

Homeless Black Man Given 15 Years for Stealing 100 Dollars
Homeless black man given 15 year sentence for stealing 100 dollars.

DISCLAIMER: I am not trying to throw African Americans into the role of victim. I have no idea how prevalent instances like the ones above are. The fact is; they do happen.

It is also a fact, that African Americans were painted as buffoons, rapists/pedophiles of white women far before all men were... Or at least, that is what my research has pointed me to.

Like I said, I am still doing research on this...

So far, it is quite telling. I think it also explains some of the extremely desparate attempts by some people in the MRM to use the word "mangina" and "nigger" in the same sentence, somehow implying that they are both "on the same level".