Friday, September 30, 2011

Feminism is the WORST thing to happen to women

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did...

Gonna go back to playing with my balls now (PUN). I am working on gravity simulation using balls - should make a cool YouTube video. I'll upload it when it's ready...

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Protests and Pepper Spray: Its all Fun and Games until a Pretty White Woman gets Hurt!

Yes, prostitutes protests are always fun, rioting, pepper-spray, people getting mangled - it's more than enough to give any patriarch a boner; however, it's all fun and games until a pretty white woman is hurt.

That is exactly what happened in the video above.

We here at MEN-Factor news are unsure about how many pretty white women were hurt during the pepper spray incident, but one thing is clear - all of the pretty white women's feelings were hurt, and that is just downright unacceptable.

Oh yeah, and remember - in the old days - these women would not be allowed to protest at all - they'd all be shackled to a stove in their house - where their husbands would regularly rape and beat them 25.7 times a day (Only if her were a heterosexual that is). HONEST!!!

The evil villain behind this whole incident is - guess what - that's right - a MAN (queue psycho music) - probably one who in the old days would have beaten and raped his wife at least 47.3 times a day - more than the average man from days past - because he is even more eviler than most men!

Anthony BolognaAnthony Bologna is actually just his stage name. His real name is Albert Beoldroff. His stage name, Anthony Bologna (i.e. TONY BOLONY) is also the stage name he uses for his side job - making gay porn - as seen in the picture above.

Feminist ScholarFeminists scholars at Ding-Dong University have also examined the video, and are claiming that the man who pepper-sprayed the women had (queue psycho music) - AN ERECTION!!!!!

We are unsure at this time exactly how many pretty white women were hurt, or how much gay porn Anthony Bologna has made, but, perhaps since a few human beings with vagina's were injured, just maybe, people will start to wake up and realize how bad things have gotten.
Anthony BolognaIt is long overdue to put a stop to the people robbing from the federal treasury once pretty white women's feeling's start getting hurt. I mean, screwing over the American tax payer and future generations of Americans is fine and all, but hurting pretty white women - unacceptable - the people stealing from the treasury have now officially gone too far.

Did I mention that in days past, these women would not be allowed to protest at all - they'd all be shackled to stoves in their houses - getting raped and beaten by their husbands everyday (if they were heterosexual that is)???? HONEST!!!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Robert Full of Rage (excellent comment)

Why is Robert so full of Rage? After all, we live in a "free" society - as the picture below demonstrates...

Post Feminismpost feminism

Robert Full of RageRobert Full of Rage - left a very good comment at A Voice for Men pertaining to Jessica Valenti. Where did he find that picture of me? I repeat his comment for you - and enhance in GREEN:

We are surrounded by Jessica Valenti everyday.

She is the woman boss who is a bitch because she thinks busting a man’s balls at work makes her feel superior (she does this because of an inferiority complex).

She is the vindictive ex-wife/girlfriend who thinks destroying a man’s property is acceptable and expects no consequences for her actions ("I am woman, I can do no wrong").

She is the bimbo college student who thinks women’s studies gives an accurate representation of gender relations and cannot fathom that feminism is a hateful ideology (and she also expects to get a 6-digit salary with a B.A. in Womyn's Studies).

She is the incompetent woman who yells, “I don’t need a man”, yet manipulates men into doing her bidding when she needs help (and treats a man like a raping beast if offered help without asking for it).

She is the single mother who embraces single motherhood because she cares more about feeding her own ego than making sure her children have a father in the house so they don’t become fucking maniacs when they become teenagers (or at least, thinks that the type of man she makes babies with is irrelevant - i.e. "I'll find some patsy to actually raise them").

She is the princess woman who expects everyone to bow to her commands, fulfill her needs, and refuses to acknowledge her own flaws (and shouts "discrimination" and or "feminism"/"equality" when somebody attempts to point out how pedestalized she is).

She is the woman who is alone at 40 and can’t figure out that the reason no man wants to be with her is because she has the mentality of a child (or the mentality of a total man-hating bitch).

Would anyone like me to continue?

ME! ME! ME!!!!!

I will add just one:

She is the man-hater who calls a man a misogynist the second he points out how much of a bigot she is.

Now, Enjoy some Alleged Pictures of the man-hating sexist bigot

Jessica Valenti:
Jessica ValentiJessica Valenti is a man-hating sexist bigot.

Jessica ValentiJessica Valenti is a man-hating sexist bigot.

Jessica ValentiJessica Valenti is a man-hating sexist bigot.

Jessica ValentiJessica Valenti is a man-hating sexist bigot.

Jessica ValentiJessica Valenti is a man-hating sexist bigot.

Jessica ValentiJessica Valenti is a man-hating sexist bigot.

Stay tuned next time... I am going to "attack" CBS and "The Talk" again.

One thing that makes me sick - is abuse of the elderly. What is just as bad? A group of cackling bitches finding elderly abuse humorous.

CBS is only embarrassing itself by NOT PULLING THAT SHOW OFF THE AIR.

Friday, September 23, 2011

MEN-Factor News Brief

Oh, uhhh... I also made a naughty picture I am not sure I should show you...

SCREW IT - here it is...

EEEEEWWW - I am such a lecherous sort!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What do Women Want?

My official answer: I do not give a flying fuck what any of them want.

Since when has any women ever given a flying fuck about what I want?

feminist NEVER, unless it was to manipulate, play head games in order to "emotionally injure me" (which never worked - hence, I get bat-shit crazy women calling my work 15 times a day), or get revenge sex against a former boyfriend - which I always turned down. Oh, and of course, I have gotten the calls at 2:00 in the morning saying, "I just had sex with (insert friends name here)" - again, never worked, I always reply "good" - because in my mind, it means the relation-"SHIT" is over.

Despite the fact I do not care; I think I do have an answer to this question.

First, be sadistically tortured by my latest crappy YouTube video before it gets banned as "hate-speech" - I am sure it will make you feel like somebody is sticking a thousand HIV infected syringes into your eyes and ears:

What do women want?

Women want to be miserable, and they want men to be as miserable as they are. If they cannot get that, they want to see men hurt.

For the last 50 years, women have been told that they are equal to men in every way. Many women have strived to become professionals, even though it contradicts most of their own true desires in life. Many have succeeded, only to realize that success of that kind is unfulfilling to them, hence, women are more miserable today than ever. In addition, all their striving to keep men down and pedestalize themselves, the achievements of men vastly outweighs the achievements of women.

They are now fully aware that they cannot compete. In order to compete, they give themselves further advantages, like sexual harassment. I recall that the first sexual harassment laws ever made said, "sexual harassment is whatever a reasonable woman thinks it is". Clearly, sexual harassment did not enter into this picture. Giving women power, or "empowering women" as the feminuts would say was the real goal. Victims of actual sexual harassment were NEVER on their minds.

There are also slews of bogus factoids, HERstory revisions, and plain wrong-headed lines of thinking that install a harsh sense of mistrust of men in women (and a mistrust of men in other men). The best example of this is, "In old days, women were treated as second class citizens".

Total crap brothers.

No Nazi on a sinking vessel would ever shout, "Jews and Pollocks first!!!" No white slave owner in days of old would ever shout on board a sinking vessel, "QUICK! Get the colored folks onto the lifeboats first!!!".

Another example of this is the bogus factoids, "1 in 4 women will be raped", or "1 in 3 women will be raped", or "1 in 6 women will be raped". The fact that 99.9% of the male population would NEVER want to see any woman raped, and I am referring to REAL rape, not the bat-shit crazy definitions the feminazi's have created, encourages men to believe that the greater number of men out there are actually capable of getting an erection while a woman is trying to fight them off and screaming (and hence inflicting injury on them) - BULLOCKS.

feministAll of this mistrust, hatred, and paranoia combined with an inferiority complex has driven them to an insane point of hatred. This is why male castration is celebrated gleefully by women, no matter what the character of the man is.
The Talk Cast
Sometimes, male castration is encouraged when men are accused of crimes (who needs due process when destroying male sexuality is involved right?). Justice is NOT what these people seek. What they seek is sadism aimed specifically at men and only men. I do not believe, like many people do, that the MEN in this group are "trying to get laid". BULLOCKS. These men are legitimately concerned for the welfare of their fellow HUMAN BEINGS - and being misled by the same bogus perverted portrayal of herstory, sexuality, and sex that everybody else is.Castration March
Women have tried to make men miserable by taking the FUN out of FUckiNg (as it is now all about mind games, and power-struggles instead of pleasure or even exercise), and making the dating scene a complete hellish nightmare. I'd rather heave my teeth out with a pair of tarnished pliers than put up with the oblivious fuck-wit women on the dating landscape... Take a look at this blog to see just how dreadful women have gotten.

Also, an aside - how many women have you met my brothers who have an abhorrence towards science fiction shows like Star Wars, Star Trek et al? Their motivation for hating them is because men take pleasure in them. How many women have you met who hate football? The reason they hate it is because men enjoy it.FootballAnother point: All this female speak about how brutal men are - citing boxing, football, full contact sports and whatnot.
Those are sports. When the players are gravely injured, they stop the game. In many cases, if the player is injured enough, they will actually opt to NOT show the clip of the man getting injured. This is because men have something called compassion - a compassion that always has and always will outweigh yours.
Kia Abdullah

I offer you these questions as food for thought:

How many men would interact, at risk to his own safety, to stop a woman from being raped?

How many men would interact, at risk to his own safety, to stop a MAN from being mugged - or raped?


How many men have you met, would be able to get an erection when a women is kicking and screaming and telling him to stop?


How many men are disturbed by the thought of female genital mutilation? You know, the thing that "allegedly" takes place in some obscure part of Africa thousands of miles away that the dipshit feminuts cannot spell, let alone pronounce...


How many women have you met that would laugh, and think male castration is funny?


How many men would be appalled and disgusted by a man so much as slapping his wife across the face?

Brothers, I tell you, I have not met one single man who would not be appalled!

How many would think a woman stabbing her husband is a good thing? How many would consider it a victory for a woman to beat up a man?


And remember, by pointing this out, I am a "misogynist", and I need to "get over my hatred of women".


It is, was and will continue to be WOMEN who have a hatred of MEN. PERIOD.

Citing these problems in our society is what these brain-washed pigs call "misogyny". None of them would know what misogyny was if it crawled up their ass and died. They are spoiled brats.

There, I feel better already. I am going to work on some other crap now for a while, because, well, the other sh*t I am hearing in these circles often depresses me - quite a bit of it is nothing more than a rehashing of feminist dogma, or very pathetic attempts to salvage what remains of left-wing politics - it sickens me.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Come Crumblin Down... Crumblin Down... DOWN!!!

CBS's daytime "The Talk" is crumbling apart, as Holly and Leah opt to leave.

Another link - be sure to leave a comment like I did... as ScareCrow (vent some steam).

Gee, and Sharon Osborne has already left.

Too many hateful letters girls?

Whatever you do lame-stream-media - do not mention how much hateful (and deservedly so) letters those poor little castrating bitches are getting.
The Talk CBS
I hope that all these castrating bitches get repeatedly raped in the ass by a herd of uncircumcised rabid water buffalo (that is a joke).
Julie Chen
I implore you, in the name of all that is vaginal! Do not tell the public about the CONSTANT barrage of (long overdue) hate-mail they are getting!!!!


I am laughing at you CBS.
MEN-Factor ScarecrowSEE ME LAUGHING!!!!

And this is just the beginning.

Payback is a BITCH.

Friday, September 16, 2011

WOMEN AND CHILDREN FIRST!!! As Soon as We get Done Raping and Beating Them!!!

Titanic lifeboat
Yes dear brethren! Tis the very nary truth that mine lips doest utter! We must molest the children, rape the women, then beat them both the women and the children before we load them onto the life boats!

Dear brethren, I say unto thee, be it known by royal decree, that I, as a member of the secret patriarchy, that we shalt not make it illegal to rape or beat one’s wife!

Be it also known by royal decree, it shall be proclaimed that no law shall be passed making it unlawful to urinate on an infant child before eating them with a spoon.

Hence, from this day forward, it shall be legal to beat one’s wife, rape her, pee on infants, and eat infants with spoons.

Thus sayest I, ScareCrow, secret member of the patriarchy!!!!

HERstory Moment: Did you know that the one man who got onto a lifeboat was actually ordered to get onto that lifeboat by the captain of the Titanic? Yes, this is true! J. Bruce Ismay was ordered to get onto the Titanic lifeboats, just in case there were any women on the lifeboats that had not been beaten or raped before getting onto them! It was in fact his patriarchal duty to beat and rape any women who got onto the lifeboats before getting beaten or raped first. Because, as we all know, no laws existed clearly stating that it was unlawful for a man to beat and rape his wife, or eat babies with a spoon.

WTF is my point?

Well, just because something was not specifically ILLEGAL in days, does not mean it was not a crime. If you do not believe me – look up old laws – you will not see one single law forbidding anybody from eating babies with a spoon.

There was no reason to distinguish between violence and domestic violence.

There was no reason to distinguish between rape and spousal rape or ancestral rape.

The FEMINAZI’s made these laws, in order to further their agenda.

They can now cleverly say, "gee, in the old days, it was legal for a man to beat and rape his wife!"

"Before V.A.W.A., violence against women was perfectly OK."

Both of these are wrong.

Assault (violence) has always been a crime – in the home or not. Old laws simply did not make the distinction. Just as old laws did not specifically forbid people from eating babies.

The same thing applies to rape. If a man raped his wife, he was a rapist – period.

The feminuts would have us believe that is days past, these things were legal.


The feminuts categorized violence and rape into a plethora of cateories, and can now claim – that such things used to be legal.

Clever. And, it appears it has infected quite a few people’s heads. Very disappointing.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Amazing Dog Redecorates House Using All-Natural Media from Its Rear

They say that some animals are intelligent, but what you rarely hear is that some are actually artistic as well! On Friday, a Reno Nevada dog redecorated a house using only natural media from its ass. Many local area art critics were impressed with the overall design and texture, although the owner of the house was not impressed - in fact, the house owner actually seemed quite perturbed at the incident. The art critics said that the new design was not only appealing to the eye, but was a very interesting form of self-expression as well.
Crazy Shit Machine
We are not able to show you the incredible and artistic work of the dog, since the owner of the house has already cleaned it up. But you can be rest assured. The sculpture that came from this dogs poly lodge definitely puts all feminist art-works to shame!

The owner of the house suspects that the remarkable fuzzy warbler was not meant as art, but rather, a protest against not going for enough walks, because the owner of the house is often too busy goofing around on the computer, making crappy music that hurts the dog's ears - or just being a mis-aahh-jin-ist (WAH WAH WAHHHHH).

Although the owner of the house was upset, he did not hit the dog. In fact, he never hits the dog (he never hit his old dog either) - something that all self-purported nice guys fail to do is hit their dogs, because they know there are better ways treat animals.

He did however, make the crazy shit machine "Spree" walk the plank...
Spree Walking the Plank

Friday, September 9, 2011

And the Psycho-Ex-Girlfriend of the Year Award goes to...(drumroll)

A Dutch woman who called her boyfriend 65,000 times in one year.

The math: That is more than 178 times per day!!!

I have had ex's call me like 15 times a day, but dang....

Anyway, enjoy my new psychotic video that I like to call, "A Clockwork Scarecrow".

YouTube stretched it - dang.

The music is the intro theme from "A Clockwork Orange", it was performed by me using a miniature piano keyboard (AKAI LPK25)
Mini Piano Keyboard
and using the DreamStation 1.0 software
DreamStation I
When I travel, I bring my lap-top, and have these things with me (as well as an akai drum machine - but I rarely use it). At home, I have a Yamaha PSR540, Yamaha PSR280, Casio 990, Korg 2000MR, Roland SH32, and a Behringer (sp?) mini mixer. Yes, I suck at making music, but damnit - I have a lot of fun sucking at it.

Why am I mentioning this?

Well, other YouTube videos I made, which have music performed and or programmed by me, often get flagged as violating copyright...

Others get banned as hate-speech.

They should call it "Bat-Sh*t-Crazy-Tube".

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Man Sought for Raping a Woman's Nose with his A$$.

Feminism It was a pleasant sunny day, and Mary Jane Rottencrotch was enjoying herself in the park. Since she was a woman, and oh so much more in touch with nature than men, birds were singing, and chipmunks were buzzing around happily and gleefully - just like what you'd see in a Disney movie! However; her day was about to turn dark - a man showed up.

As the man was passing the very merry Mary sitting on her beautiful park bench in la-dee-dah land, the man, Mr. Fartswell tipped his hat and menacingly said, "hello".

Mary Jane Rottencrotch has a degree in Womyn's Studies and knew exactly what the man was up to. She knew this just as she knows what any man who says "hello" to a woman is up to...


FeminismMary Jane Rottencrotch observed that the man simply walked past her, without any form of sexual assault. This puzzled her briefly, until she noticed that it was sunny outside; clearly, the man did not rape her because there would be too many witnesses. This stranger was not a "real man", but a coward that only raped women at nighttime, when it was dark and nobody would see it - just like all the other men.

She turned to face the man - and caught a glimpse of his rear. As she did so, she heard a rather peculiar sound - that of perhaps an old sneaker being dragged across a freshly mopped tiled floor, or an old dog snoring.

Much to her shock, she realized that the man had passed gas. She immediately felt the odor of his rear end violently penetrate her nose without her consent. She sat still, too terrified to move.

She realized that the man had just raped her nose with his ass.

She fell flat on the ground, helpless and wounded. Of course, nobody helped her after this violent assault on her nose by the unnamed stranger's a$$. Eventually, she drudged up the courage and bravery to crawl home on her hands and knees, like a delicate dove - now wounded never to fly again - after this despicable and horrific assault committed against her olfactory lobes. She then took a hot shower, curled up in the corner, crying about this most heinous violation of her person. She realized that he had taken so much more from her than just the odors of the park. Neigh, she had taken her very soul and the essence of her being. She was now naught but a horse without legs, a bird without wings, a flower with no pedals... She used many different soaps and shampoos, but could not get the smell out of her mind.

Unfortunately, Mary Jane Rottencrotch is not alone. The Womyn's Studies Department at Ding-Dong University has compiled a list of crimes committed against women's nostrils by men's butts.
F.B.I. statistics
The following facts will shock you. We suggest that if you have young children, you send them to bed now, without any supper, and never let them view your computer screen EVER again.