Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Well, yes, that is EXACTLY what youtube said about my ligia filler audio that I put on YouTube.

Youtube said it was "Hate Speech":

Anybody know how to protest?

This is no doubt a false flag?

Anybody know how to find out who flagged it?

Any help is appreciated.


Well, some liar on youtube is claiming that he, she or it, is related to Vladek Filler.

Yes sir!

This "thing" claims that they are related to Vladek Filler, and knows everything about him. This "thing" claims that they know all about Vladek Filler - how abusive he is, how he is using his child to claim disability etc...

Here are some messages "it" posted on my Ligia Filler Police audio on YouTube, and a personal E-mail they sent me:

TASHKAB comments:

Last time I checked, being continually raped as a form of "punishment" would categorize as traumatic. Vladek Filler is a sick, manipulative man. It is so sad that he has cleverly disguised this as a "witch hunt" trying to show himself as the victim. This is not one of those instances where the Defendant is wrongly accused of something.

Don't support this BS. It's disgusting. I'm sure nobody would be able to live with themselves if they knew what they were supporting.

ScareCrow7272 replies:

You are funny.

TASHKAB comments:

and apparently not too bright either, but...ignorance is bliss
so continue being happy, what can I say :)

ScareCrow7272 replies:

Nah, I am bright too.
Happy, bright, cheerful!
What can I say - I guess it's because I am not infected with feminism.

ScareCrow7272 replies again:

P.S. Are You available for children's birthday parties?

TASHKAB E-mails me:

Feminism? Really? I am unfortunately related to Vladek and have lived around him many years. Don't think you, among many others, could possibly know or understand what really happened.

In the end Vladek doesn't work, and has nothing better to do than to try and spread these lies to save face. If you can believe it he's even using his younger son to try and collect disability to keep from working. Just because the real truth cannot be found on a YouTube video does not mean it does not exist.

Ask any question you want; I'm more than open to answering because I'm sick of people pointing fingers to the wrong person. Vladek is a sick man and should be the last person on earth to have people stand up for him and his lies.

ScareCrow7272 Replies to the E-mail:

Yeah, you are such a witness to the truth aren't you...

If that were the case, then you would be testifying against him in court - not masquerading, and pestering some happy bright cheerful clown like yours truly on youtube.

Tell me - why is it, that you are not testifying in court - but wasting your time trying to convince me of this?

I think I already know - you are lying - if you did that in court, you'd go to jail.

What else is funny - the video I made makes no mention of Vladek's innocence - it simply points out how violent Ligia is - and how the police do nothing about it.

Either way - what are you telling me?

Ligia isn't violent?

BULL. She clearly is.

Vladek is guilty? Guilty of what? Trying to collect disability?

Oh, and what exactly is it that Vladek is lying about?

And how am I, by showing how violent Ligia is - backing those lies up???

TASHKAB Replies to E-mail:

you're so fucking disgusting I can't even reply. who the fuck do you think you are? rot in hell.

My Response:

This user has blocked me now --== sigh ==--

Just another day in the life of "ScareCrow7272"...

Join me next time, where I am going to bash the living f*ck out of liberals.

Yeah, liberals. All I ever hear in the manosphere is how bad so-cons are. The same people rarely ever talk about "left-wing nuts", and if they do, they something retarded like, "we already know how bad the left is, so I won't talk about it here".

Two words for these people: F@CK YOU.

Take your left-wing agenda and shove it up your f*cking a$$, or I will.


You will hear me loud and clear on Friday. I am pissed at you clowns.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Mitt Romney in Hot Water; Deep-Dish Gate Exposed!

Mitt RomneyMitt Romney, presidential hopeful, has been exposed as a fraud! In-depth investigation reveals that he does not like deep-dish pizza. In fact, Mitt Romney hates pizza period. He hates it so much, that he also hates the leaning tower of pizza, and the musical instrument called a pizzicato (which is a plucked violin if my research holds merit).

Mitt RomneyMitt Romney once heard that a Janitor at the White House's last name was "Piazzo", he went ballistic, and beat the man up then demanded that he be fired.

Mitt RomneyMitt Romney's past was investigated by MEN-Factor reporters; they found Romney's childhood psychologist, Dr. Mindbender.

Dr. Mindbender claimed that Mitt Romney was regularly bullied in school by pizza when he was a child. In addition to that, his first sexual experience as a teenager was actually with a pizza disguised as a human female.

These as well as dozens of other experiences have led Mitt Romney to have an irrational fear and excessively vengeful attitude towards anything related to pizza.

Mitt RomneyMitt Romney regularly buys mozzarella cheese, just so he can kick and punch it when nobody else is looking, while he shouts, "TAKE THAT YOU PIZZA LIKE BASTARD!"

Mitt RomneyMitt Romney often gets hysterical over pizza at the White House. In order to get him to calm down, white house staff members must bring out a violin and start playing pizzicato. This frightens Romney, and usually gets him to run back into the broom closet where he spends most of his time at the White House. Rumor has it, while in the broom closet, he plays with dolls and has miniature make-believe tea parties with an array of fruity characters!

Mitt RomneyMitt Romney - being tranquilized by playing the pizzicato.
OK, my lame-a$$ humor out of the way.

There is in fact a real DEEP-DISH-GATE.

It is the fact that the LAME-stream media is either so f@cking whacked that they ask bone-headed questions of the presidential candidates like "deep dish or thin crust? Coke or Pepsi?" in the middle of a huge economic recession.

Or, they are purposely trying to get Americans to look the other way while the country goes to Ellsworth Maine in a hand basket.

Either way; LAME-stream media, all I have to say to you is this:


I'd like to take some thin crust, deep dish, coke and pepsi and shove it down your f@ck-wit throats until you stop breathing and turn blue.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Help to Finalize the Demise of Mary Kellett

There is a good post at A Voice for Men. This afternoon, I am going to do what was suggested, and E-mail a copy of that post to The Media contacts on this list.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Contact Russlynn Ali

Below is my E-mail to Russlynn Ali. She is the one who is responsible for the new proposed measure on campuses to eliminate "innocent until proven guilty" for men attending college. is her E-mail (sorry I forgot it earlier...)

Dear Ms. Ali,

I wish to state my sincere disgust with the actions of your office to eliminate due process and pervert our justice to a "guilty until proven innocent" on college campuses.

I am more disgusted with the fact that you seem to be using financial bullying to accomplish this.

Keeping college campuses free of sexual assault is indeed an important issue, but engaging in "witch-hunt" styles of justice will not help anybody.

I am glad that the Wall Street Journal and the AAUP have both expressed their contempt of this measure as well.

The Federal Government is supposed to protect its citizens, and the American notion of "innocent until proven guilty" is the most noble piece of the American machine. Please do away with this new directive, as it is a complete perversion of American Justice.


--my name--
--my city, my state--

Ah, those poor college women. Pretty soon, men will be too fearful to go within 50 feet of them (except maybe the ones who are not afraid of going to prison...). Well, you brought it on yourselves b*tches. You f*ck-wit feminazi's are making it so that the desire for self-preservation outweighs the desire for sex. If I were a man on campus in this day and age, there is no way in hell I would touch any of you with a 10 foot pole. Sorry, but my career and my well-being (as in not being in prison whenever one of you goes on the rag), are more important to me than pussy (which is the only thing you have that is of any use to me these days - thanks feminism!)

The most ironic thing, this is what the f*ck-wit dunces call a man as being "feminized". HA! You attribute young men's apprehension of approaching you as being "shy", or "feminine". LMFAO. Wrong. Young men are apprehensive - they think you are all b*tchy stuck up men-hating c*nts.

You are all truly a credit to your gender - STUPID and CLUELESS.

Too bad so few of you do not have your heads up your a$$es to put a stop to this.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

From Heroine to "Where the F*ck did She go!?" in a few months!

Remember Jennifer Beeman? Yeah, neither did I. For 16 years, Beeman headed the UC Davis Campus Violence Prevention Program (CVPP).
Jennifer BeemanJennifer Beeman was a brave and heroic woman, frightening all the young college women into believing that the young college men were all monsters, by heroically posting rape motivation posters, as seen above. Honestly folks, it takes such courage and bravery to tackle the problem of rape on college campuses these days. Especially now more than ever! There are more women enrolled in college than men now (racking up huge student loans whilst getting worthless degrees in Women's Studies, Arts, or Fecology). That means that the men-monsters are busier than ever raping all those college women!!! We now know for a fact that somewhere between 1 in 4 and 1 in 1187 women are raped while attending college. That certainly narrows it down a pinch!

Jennifer BeemanJennifer Beeman, after heroically frightening young beautiful college women into being scared sh*tless of young men, she then allegedly heroically embezzled $503,400 dollars in funding to the Campus Violence Prevention Program (CVPP). Yes, Jennifer Beeman is in fact a true heroine to the cause of being a fascist men-hating lesbian ending rape.

She was originally charged with 9 femonies, errr uhm, felonies.

7 of the femonies, I mean felonies, were dropped. I wonder why... Why is it that you hear about public prosecutors going for the jugular of a man when a woman has a bruised arm, but not in cases where a vegan man-hating lesbian is clearly lying and embezzling funds? It must be a VAWA thing...

She will serve 2 years probation, and must pay $10,525 (petty cash to somebody who embezzled more than half a million)

She has since retired, and gets to live high and dry off of that school pension! Yes, according to what I read, she did not lose her school retirement pension from this whole affair.

Just another day in the life of a man-hating lesbo-bitch c*nt f*ck twat sh*t-faced rat.

Jennifer Beeman, I hope you die a slow painful agonizing death.

I wonder where she is now... Gee, maybe I'll do an investigation...
Next time, Friday hopefully, I am going to tell you all about "Hershey's". In addition to hiring ilk like Karin O'Connell, they also exploit young foreign exchange students. Probably for cheap labor...

And, I am currently working on several things: Three "Dear Woman" videos - yes, three, and a domestic violence PSA.

Monday, August 22, 2011

He who smelled it, Kellett.

Mary Kellett
Mary Kellett's perversions of justice:

Mary KellettMary Kellett has allegedly tampered with witnesses; namely, lying to Keovilaisack Sayasane's wife - claiming that he had murdered his previous wife, when he in fact did not.

Lying to a court judge, claiming that she got the above information from the Attorney General's office, when she in fact did not.

Mary KellettIn the Vladek Filler case, she coached Ligia Filler to cry during the trial because it "made it seem more real".

She also continued to pursue charges against Vladek Filler, even though the evidence of Ligia Filler's extremely violent nature is evident (YouTube video here - Ligia threatens to cut Vladek to pieces, and threatens to KILL a police officer)

Mary KellettThe final charges against Vladek Filler: Ligia's bruised arm - which Ligia Filler did not have at the time of the original incident, but acquired some time later.

MEN-Factor researchers have uncovered Mary Kellett's dating profile from a web-site as well:
Mary Kellett
Mary Kellett - her alleged dating profile from a dating web-site.

Mary KellettMary Kellett?! Enough of this evil woman!

Contact Maine’s State Attorney General

Contact Governor Paul LePage

Contact District Attorney Carletta Bossano

Write to the people above, tell them all about Mary Kellett's perversions of justice (listed at the top). Tell them you are sick of it, and demand she be suspended from practicing as a district attorney until a proper investigation into her misdeeds is conducted. The men in Maine need our help!

Friday, August 19, 2011

CBS (C*nt Broadcasting System) Strikes Again!

I thumbed the video down, and left this comment:

The twits running CBS really need to stop spewing feminist propaganda. When are they going to realize that domestic violence is an issue that effects everybody, not just women.

Oh yeah - never - I forgot, that is the same network that thinks Catherine Kieu cutting off her husbands penis is funny (The Talk), and fails to acknowledge that as domestic violence, since it targeted a man.

CBS - you have a comeuppance coming. The days of your lies are numbered.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Dimwitted Dame Posts Mentally-Retarded Article at the Muffington Boast.

Yes, one of the worst online new papers on the internets has decided to get a tax break by hiring mentally handicapped people to write articles for them - check this sh*t out:

New Approach Needed to Combat Sexual Assault and Harassment

Here is my comment, which I doubt will go through.

"We need a cadre of men to pay the same kind of attention and then to intervene when they see someone talking or acting out of line."

Too bad you stupid cows have basically bred those "self-appointed nice guys" out of the gene pool.

Yeah, I WAS one of them.

If I see a woman in trouble - I walk right on by.

There is no reason for any man to serve and protect a society that has served and protected him so poorly.

I encourage other men to do the same.

Men: You are being screwed over by women like the author of this crap article. Stop being fools.

There is no reason to protect a woman who - if your penis were to be cut off and put in a blender, would get a good chuckle out of it.

Men: Wake Up, and stop being played.

The article just incinerated me. I had to throw my two cents out there.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Harry Potter Arrested for turning several Feminists into Hats.

Harry PotterAfter fighting many evil wizards and being the object of desire of many female pedophiles, Harry Potter is now attending a normal College University. He is majoring in Physics and is expected to obtain his Bachelor's Degree in 2013. Several times, Harry Potter has been confronted by feminist groups engaged in political protests over things that do not exist; so he doesn't care about them. Although Harry is a Wizard, he is not an idiot.

On Wednesday, August 15, 2011 he snapped, pointed his magic wand at the women (or reasonable facsimiles thereof) and shouted, "Shutten Uppen Stoopid Cunten!".
Harry Potter
Harry Potter did not mean to cast a spell. However; the women (or reasonable facsimiles thereof) were all turned into hats.
Feminist Hats
Sherman PotterHarry Potter's Father, Sherman Potter from M.A.S.H. was interviewed about Harry's behavior. All he could say was, "Son of a gun, there all hat's now. I should have studied that sorcery bullsh*t instead of medicine. I could have turned that dipsh*t Margaret Hooligan or whatever the f*ck her name is into a Velcro zipper."

Harry Potter is expected to make bail very soon, as he makes quite a mint performing magic at the Harrah's in Tahoe. Harry Potter was interviewed about his plans for the future, specifically, whether he would go back to college and obtain his degree in physics.
Harry PotterHarry Potter announces his future plans.

Friday, August 12, 2011

My Letter to Y&S Candies

Y&S Candies
400 Running Pump RD
Lancaster, PA 17603

To whom it may concern:

It appears that one of your employees recently decided to start a hate-page on Facebook. I do not know if the profile I viewed on Facebook is accurate or not, but her name as it appears on Facebook is Karin O'Connell. The picture that she posted on her Facebook profile is here:
Karin O'ConnellRecently, a war veteran was drugged, tortured and sexually mutilated by his spouse, "Catherine Kieu Becker".

Personally, I found the incident to be offensive and appalling, and I am glad that the woman who committed the crime is now facing retribution.

I am even more disgusted that a hate-crime committed against an American war veteran was being celebrated by somebody who may be under your employment. It was in fact celebrated to such an extent that she decided to start a "Catherine Kieu Fan Club" page on Facebook. Of course, the people running Facebook possess common sense and have removed the page as it was "hate-speech".

Personally, if I knew anybody under my employment was involved in such disgusting, immoral and inhumane behavior, I would terminate their employment, as continuing it would be an embarrassment.

However; if Y&S candies does not care that they have somebody in their employment who celebrates the sexual mutilation of an American War Veteran, who am I to judge?

Thank you for reading this, and have a pleasant day!

NOTE: I will not be signing my name on this one. I will also not be leaving my (real) return address on the envelope. Does that make me a chicken? Maybe - I do not care.


In my twenties, I saw all of my friends (except 1) go to jail simply because a woman lied about them (domestic violence - all except 1 was not being violent).

Who out there cares if a woman loses her job because a man is telling the TRUTH about her...

I sure as hell don't.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Meet Karin O'Connell (In Theory).

Karin O'ConnellSupposedly, this is the women who started the Catherine Kieu fan-club on facebook. I will now reveal to you what I decided to do about it (yes, I am a devious sort). I looked up Private Investigators in Pennsylvania and asked them if they could determine if the information presented on facebook was valid. I then told them, the reason I wanted to find out if the information was real (photo and all), she would be added to the register-her web-site.
The first two Investigators that I called said that they couldn't do it. I suspected this was their way of saying "get lost". The third was no longer in existence. The fourth told me it was possible, but he was wary of the register-her website.
I told him I did not blame him and would understand completely if he refused to investigate. After all, there are potential lawsuits involved here.
I spoke to him again today at my lunch break, and he decided to refuse to do any kind of investigation. He pointed out that only one woman on that page is actually not in prison or has not been in prison. This is strange when you consider the title on the home page, "Why are these women not in prison?"

So, hate-speech has been spewed and posted on facebook, then removed (I myself reported the page as being hate-speech).

This woman has dove into a bucket of shit, and she will come up smelling like a rose.
Karin O'Connell
Think of how many people out there have made slightly off-color remarks and have found themselves unable to get work, lose their money, have to hide from death threats and whatnot.

Now, look at this woman again:
Karin O'Connell
She started a fan-club page for a woman who sexually mutilated a war veteran who in theory was fighting to keep people like her safe.

Clearly our government is failing to protect us from hate-crimes and hate-speech.

There has to be a way to bypass our government and make a list of women who are like this, and black-list them.

I mean, if I had a way of verifying that the following information was correct:
Karin O'Connell:
Lives in: Willow Street, Pennsylvania

Employer: Y&S Candies
Employer Address: 400 Running Pump RD, Lancaster, PA 17603
Employer Phone: (717) 299-1261

College: Saint Leo University class of 2008

Originally from: Cedar Key, Florida

High School: Cedar High School class of 2004.

If I could somehow verify any of this information, dang, I would black-list her as being a sexual bigot.