Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bat-Sh*t Crazy Psycho B*tch Allegedly Murders Child. Media Presstitutes Concur; She has Nice T*ts!

Casey AnthonyCasey Anthony
Or, as an alternate title: F*CK THE LITTLE GOD-DAMNED BRAT - SHE HAS HOT T*TS!

Casey AnthonyCasey Anthony is appearing over and over again in the news. Allegedly, she murdered her daughter Caylee Anthony, and has a really nice rack.

Casey AnthonyCasey Anthony and other mothers often kill their own children; especially if they are single mothers. However; what has journalists in the lame-stream media all hot and bothered about this story: Casey Anthony has really nice t*ts and possibly a nice a$$ as well! It has also been rumored that she might have a vagina.

Casey AnthonyCasey Anthony is allegedly into strap-ons. This is what has most lame-stream-media journalists (especially faggots men like Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert) really hot and bothered and overly excited about the whole Casey Anthony story. We tried to reach several of them for an interview by banging on the bathroom door, but they all said they were "busy combing their hair".

Nancy GraceNancy Grace, the kooky queen of Miss Justice, was allegedly interviewed by MEN-Factor reporters as well. This is what she allegedly said, "Casey Anthony has quite a nice rack. I'd like to show her my rack, and my collection of power tools too. I heard she was into strap-ons. Come over here little girl, I'll show you a strap-ons beyond your wildest dreams.

Nancy GraceNancy Grace then just went into a trance with a blank stare on her face.

Casey AnthonyIf Casey Anthony does in fact have a vagina, and is into angry anal (as several sources indicate), then she just might have a snowball's chance in the north pole of not serving any jail-time for murdering her child Caylee Anthony.

We were able to interview several men who work in the lame-stream media. This is what some of them allegedly said:
Casey Anthony
Casey Anthony

Casey Anthony
Casey Anthony

Casey Anthony
Casey Anthony

Casey AnthonyCasey AnthonyCasey Anthony? Oh yeah, she slapped her kid or something. She is the victim here since she clearly has mega-hot t*tties. I'd do her, but I am not sure I have a penis!

Casey Anthony
Casey AnthonyCasey Anthony's attorney is trying to make a plea bargain with court judges, claiming that she is too hot to really go to jail, because some of the nipple-dicked moronic judges, police and lawyers on her side might have a chance of getting laid.

Casey AnthonyCasey Anthony has, on several occasions, allowed men to actually touch her breasts. This has faggot dipsh*t twerps corrupt judges, lawyers and law enforcement personnel even more eager to give her a pussy pass. They believe that by doing so, they might be able to get a squeeze in themselves!

Casey AnthonyCasey Anthony was photographed with a journalist outside the courthouse, covering her with an umbrella in hopes that he might get to experience her talented strap-on skills.

A moment of clarity: I understand fully being a man. However; I can do this since I am not a journalist (for real anyway). When a journalist is caught not covering the actual facts of the case, but instead talking about her breasts; I think it demonstrates how sexually disenfranchised most men have become these days. So disenfranchised that they demonstrate a complete lack of journalistic integrity and professionalism.

In addition to that, I suspect that the only reason this case is receiving so much attention is because of Casey Anthony's supposed "good looks".

Ponder it for a moment: If Casey Anthony were ugly, would this story (a mom killing her child - commonplace) really be getting so much coverage?

Monday, June 27, 2011

Thomas James Ball

A new site to visit:


Dedicated to a man who, according to Amanda Marcotte, committed suicide simply to be abusive with his wife.

Yes, that ding-a-ling Amanda Marcotte seriously believes that the reason this man committed suicide (by setting himself on fire) was to abuse his wife.

Now that is what I call one bat-sh*t crazy broad!


Listening to what Amanda Marcotte had to say about the Thomas James Ball incident made me realize that women in days past really were oppressed.

They were oppressed by several evil patriarchs.

Here is a list of their names:


I am currently doing research to discover the names of the other evil patriarchs that oppressed women in the past. I have no doubt that this list will grow as time moves on.


Friday, June 24, 2011

Fun Feminist Puzzles for a Friday!








Yeah OK, they are kind of lame...

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wal-Mart Forces Feminazi's and Entitlement Princesses to Munch its Hairy Rolled-Back Nuts!

Yes, nuts are now on sale at Wal-Mart!
Women Suing Wal-Mart
No, the regular nuts - not the employees - they are the ones who are suing Wal-Mart because their feelings got hurt or something. No, it was sexual discrimination (LMFAO) - we try our hardest to maintain journalistic integrity around here.

In a stunning victory (???), Wal-Mart won it's lawsuit against women who were claiming that they were underpaid at Wal-Mart (LMFAO - underpaid at Wal-Mart - NO!!!! REALLY!?!?!?). Like most women's groups, they believed that there were sexually discriminatory practices at their place of employment (come on, give them some credit for at least NOT believing in the underpants goblins).

Like typical women, what they fail to understand is that if you spend all your time bull-sh*tting with the other employees and b*tching about irrelevant things, you'll probably make less than somebody who is actually doing their job. Yup, there sits your modern, evolved, enlightened women - too stupid to figure that out. Too lazy and fat to get to the top by hard work, and bitchy enough to fill the workplace with lawsuits faster than a puppy fills a room with sh*t!
Wal-Mart winning a lawsuit is in fact a dark day for all of HUMANkind, since any biblical scholar knows that Wal-Mart IS the "beast" mentioned in the book of Revelations. However; this is a bit of a bright time for HUMANkind as well: Modern, evolved, enlightened women have proven that they are too fat, stupid, and incompetent to even sue Wal-Mart - now that is what I call an epic fail!
Women try to sue Wal-MartWomen try to sue Wal-Mart and Fail? Holy crap, a lobotomized two-legged horse with genital herpes could sue Wal-Mart.

Look at this picture (carefully):
Wal-Mart RollbackWal-Mart Rollback

Wal-Mart employees usually do not have IQ's higher than 50 (or they are teen-agers, or people who simply do not care - hence, they work at Wal-Mart). Is it really any surprise that a group of dumb broads cannot sue them?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Murder and Male Resentment (Brew Ha Ha)

Damn, I really love that title. I thought of it all by myself!

Today we have a double feature! Some olive-skinned beauties with dark brown upon brown eyes were killed at the same time by the same psycho! Both were of Middle-Eastern descent and living in Britain.
Jasmine Sabrina Larbi-CherifJasmine Larbi-Cherif aged 22 and Sabrina Larbi-Cherif aged 19 - relish in those dark upon dark eyes of theirs. They were both killed in 2009. I know this is very hard to believe, but guess what... The "psycho" was actually one of these two beauties boyfriends! What are the odds of that!

Let's meet our lucky bachelor:

Mohammed Ali (no, not the boxer): a man with a history of mental illness. He was arrested and charged with six rapes, five sexual assaults and bodily harm. Yasmine retracted the complaints about him she made in June. Despite all this, Jasmine got back together with Ali (makeup sex anybody - just please - no knives this time!). Ooops! Knives were used on Jasmine and her sister in a brutal attack on the two. Sabrina was stabbed 35 times (now that's ambition!) in the chest. Jasmine was stabbed in the heart with so much force, the knife came out the other side (Mohammad is an over-achiever apparently). And yes all you feminazi's out there; he now gets the "male privilege" of going to jail for murder.

So, let's see what it was I did wrong when I was younger by using the power of deduction:

  1. I didn't have a history of mental illness. I am going to go home and ask my parents why they chose not to inbreed with their cousins.
  2. I wasn't seeking asylum. Maybe I should try that now.
  3. Even temperament. Sure, I get mad like anybody - stab people - nope - and 35 times - DANG! Shame on me - I knew there was something wrong with me when I was younger!

I offer an apology to my readers. I usually make some funny about these things, but not this time. From my heart, I actually feel bad that these two women were murdered. And here is why: take a good look at the picture of these two women (pay close attention to the one on the left):

She is young, vibrant, busty, thin...and she is dead. This is a pity because:
Jasmine Sabrina Larbi-Cherif

Jasmine Sabrina Larbi-Cherif An attractive woman, with a mouth big enough to fit my dick in it - and damn it all to hell - somebody killed her. If that isn't a bad thing, I don't know what is. What a drag. This sure is one of the more dark events in human history.
This is definitely one of the most "notorious" examples of women dying because they allegedly chose to date obvious assholes rather than purported “nice guys” like themselves me!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Defund Feminism

A pinch of activism, I found this on the Objectify Chicks blog.

Here is the mirror:

In a program called YouCut, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor is asking voters to register their approval of certain already-proposed changes, but also is giving voters the opportunity to "Submit Your Idea." By clicking this button, you can make suggestions of cuts that ought to be made, but may not have been suggested yet.

Several things are necessarily true....

1) Feminism in America could not exist without federal funding. NOBODY cares enough about the serial drivel and prepubescent nonsense engaged in by feminists to actually reach into their wallet and fund it. This is why federal grants - under the rubric of "law enforcement" or "education," for instance - are absolutely vital for keeping feminism alive and viable in the United States.

2) Feminism contributes absolutely nothing positive to the American culture or economy.

3) In fact, feminism actively undermines both the American culture and the economy. Its pro-abortion dogma has eliminated the greatest part of two generations of taxpayers, leaving programs such as Social Security and Medicare in the lurch. Its false allegations industry serves only to tie up courts and law enforcement with meaningless political charges, while actively undermining the one thing that has been proven to protect women and children - the family. Its academic endeavors [sic] are widely recognized as being a pablum only slightly more complex than the normal fare of the retarded. Its legal theories, besides encouraging false allegations of rape, domestic violence, sexual harassment, and abuse, serve only to destroy business, culture, the military, the professions, and the public good by making irrelevancies out to be real issues ("diversity," "sexual harassment," "women's perspective") and by placing, en masse, unqualified people into positions of responsibility based merely upon their gender.

And yet, billions of dollars per year flow from both the federal and state governments to sustain feminist political programs that serve no recognizable public good other than funding lawyers and further feminist programs.

These are the undeniable facts. Feminism helps nothing, hurts everything, and would simply cease to exist if taxpayers were not strongarmed into keeping feminism alive through the distribution of taxes to feminist organizations by governments.

This being the case, it is time for those who stand with unborn children, the family, business, the culture, legitimate education, justice, and legitimate law enforcement to strike while the iron is hot. For the next few years, Congress will (theoretically) be seeking to make all kinds of cuts just to keep the American ship afloat.

It is thus time for the most malignant tumor in the history of the American experiment to be excised.

It is time to totally, completely, and finally DEFUND FEMINISM.

Please surf over to YouCut, and after voting for the various items for which your vote is solicited, find the "SUBMIT YOUR IDEAS" button at the bottom of the page. Then, fill in the dialog box with your request that ALL feminism in the United States be defunded at the federal level.

I wrote the following in my request:

"I would like to request that ALL feminist political organizations and activities, from Planned Parenthood to women's shelters to feminist studies and women's studies programs in universities, be completely defunded by the federal government.

These are wholly destructive organizations which exist only to consume the hard-earned resources of working Americans while undermining the values and culture that is respected by the American majority.

Further, these are political organizations, and cannot and should not be funded by the taxes of those who disagree with their political policies."

I simple wrote:

"Eliminate all funding to Women's Studies programs on College Campuses".

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Batman now Fighting Feminism!

Kinda cheesy - but - ENJOY!

And stay tuned - Friday is the first episode - even cheesier!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Ultimate Men's Summit

More like the Ultimate Fruity-A$$ Queer-F@cktards Summit!

Alternate Title: The Faces of Evil (mostly)!

Stephen DinanStephen Dinan directed and helped to create the Esalen Institute's Center for Theory & Research, a think tank (i.e. mental hospital) for leading scholars (i.e. retards), researchers (i.e. people who cannot get a real job), and teachers (i.e. female pedophiles) to explore human potential frontiers (i.e. molestation).

Demetri VelisariusDemetri Velisarius: (more like demented fruitcake-o-saurus) Prana Flow Yoga Teacher (i.e. fruitcake) and Social Worker (i.e. fascist); Teaches Worldwide with his Partner (i.e. dominatrix) Shiva Rea.

Lion GoodmanLion Goodman has more than 30 years of success in entrepreneurial business management (i.e. con-artist), spiritual practice (i.e. smokes pot), transformational coaching (i.e. sex-changes), and men’s work (i.e. pussy-beggar). He is a co-founder of The Tribe of Men (i.e. closet queer), an initiatory program for men in Northern California, and he serves on the Tribe’s management council (i.e. gives good head).

Michael DownMichael Dowd: Author of Thank God for Evolution(i.e. a godless and self-appointed Deity of "manhood"), endorsed by 6 Nobel Laureates (i.e. pseudo-intellectual fruitcakes).

Carista LuminareCarista Luminare: Founder of True Self Unlimited (i.e. masturbation) and Co-Creator of Luminary Leadership Initiations for Men (i.e. anal), Healer and Consultant (i.e. fruitcake).

Arjuna ArdaghArjuna Ardagh One of the ass-clowns from the "Dear Woman" video. The Devil has many forms.

Alison ArmstrongAlison Armstrong - Relationship Expert (i.e. psychotic b!tch with 18 cats), Author and Creator of Celebrating Men, Satisfying Women® Workshops (i.e. "Celebrating men for Satisfying women" - sexist pig)

Andrew HarveyAndrew Harvey: Renowned Mystical Scholar (i.e. fruitcake), Poet (i.e. fruitcake), Spiritual Writer (i.e. fruitcake), Architect of Sacred Activism (i.e. batsh!t crazy fruitcake).

Brad LeslieBrad Leslie: A Founder of The Young Men's Adventure Weekend (i.e. pedo-camp) – CANADA, 1990

Matthew FoxMatthew Fox: Priest (i.e likes altar boy's butts), Theologian (i.e fruitcake), Influential Exponent of Creation Spirituality (i.e. believes in underpants goblins) and Bestselling Author (i.e. sellout).

Brian JohnsonBrian Johnson: Philosopher (i.e. idiot) & CEO (i.e. rich boy) of en*theos, Creator of PhilosophersNotes (i.e. loser) and Founder of Zaadz (i.e. batsh!t crazy).
What!!?? No Captain Crunch Decoder Ring? I got ya beat there pal!

Neale Donald WalschNeale Donald Walsch: Spiritual Messenger (i.e. fruitcake) and Author of bestselling The Conversations with God Series (i.e. drops acid)

John FriendJohn Friend: Founder of Anusara Yoga (i.e. dope-smoking fruitcake)

Howard SpiererHoward Spierer: Past President of Men's Divisions International (i.e. fruitcake), practicing attorney (i.e. snake), and playwright (i.e. cross dresser).

Paul ElamPaul Elam: Advocate for men's rights for 25 years (i.e. has a penis). Creator of "A Voice for Men" website and radio program.
"One of these things is not like the others...One of these things just does not belong..."

Michael KimmelMichael Kimmel: Leading Researcher (i.e mentally handicapped) and Writer on Men and Masculinity (i.e. pussy-whipped)

Dan MillmanDan Millman: Bestselling Author of Way of the Peaceful Warrior (i.e. pussy) and other books (i.e. fire kindling) read by millions (of people with tin-foil on their heads)

Caroline CaseyCaroline Casey: Visionary (i.e. owns 20 cats) Activist (i.e. no, make that 60 cats) Astrologer (i.e. Holy Shit! so that's where all the cats went!)

Gary ZukavGary Zukav: NY Times Bestselling Author (i.e. gave somebody a hummer), Spiritual Teacher (i.e. fruitcake), appeared on Oprah 30+ times (i.e. homosexual)

Stuart DavisStuart Davis: Gifted Musician (i.e. hack), and TV Host of Sex, God, Rock n' Roll (i.e. 3:00am T.V. show that only people high on pot actually watch).

Ultimate Men's SummitUltimate Men's Summit