Friday, February 25, 2011

What Feminist Sayings Should Say on BLACK FRIDAY!

Yes, BLACK FRIDAY. Julian Assange has been extradited on what are clearly phony rape charges, or at best, feminist-defined rape-charges.
Sofia Wilen Anna ArdinSofia Wilen and Anna Ardin

This is truly a black day for the whole human race.

I hereby designate today, February 25th, to be Julian Assange Day!

I will be calling my senator and representative, and telling them how despicable I think our government is for using whores in the CIA to frame innocent men for phony charges of a crime as serious as rape.

Allow me to say that again - this is exactly what I will say when I call them, and write them E-mail as well:

I think our government is despicable for using WHORES in the CIA to frame INNOCENT MEN for PHONY charges of a crime as serious as RAPE.

I urge those living in Britain to contact their British Parliament members and do the same!

For all you AWESOME AUSSIES, Canadians etc... Please do the equivalent for your governments!


feminism is awesomefeminism is awesome




And now - the feminist quotes:





And now, some pictures of some completely whacked out and psychotic bimbos!

Sofia Wilen Anna ArdinSofia Wilen and Anna Ardin

Sofia WilenSofia Wilen

Sofia WilenSofia Wilen

Anna ArdinAnna Ardin

Anna ArdinAnna Ardin

Anna ArdinAnna Ardin

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Man Caught Staring at Woman's Breasts: Feminists Press for new Anti-Breast-Staring Legislation!

It was a beautiful day in Breastopolis Missouri, for some women on foot in Nipplary Park. However; their dazzling and sun-drenched day would soon become murky and evil - as unbeknownst to them, a breast-staring man was on the prowl.

As the group of women proceeded through the park, they were met by a breast-staring pervert. The women said that the man was staring in a threatening manner - as though he might have been sexually attracted to the women - and possibly even had a penis.

The authorities were immediately notified.

Police were able to identify and apprehend the suspect from sketches made by police artists:
Richard W. FartworthyRichard W. Fartworthy: Filthy Breast-Staring Pervert

Some of the alleged victims of the breast staring were interviewed by MEN-Factor reporters:
feministFeminist Samantha H. Rack: "This happens to me no matter where I go. Men stare at my breasts. I was eating a hot-dog, and it fell between my breasts - I yanked and yanked at it to get it out - and that weirdo was just staring at me with his mouth open. When oh when will nonsense like this end??"

feministFeminist Joy Tickle: "Everywhere I go men stare at my breasts, I am really sick of it. What kind of a sick world do we live in where men think it's OK to stare at a woman's breasts?

feministFeminist Teresa F. Juggs: "I feel like such a victim. I always do. No matter what I am doing, or where I am, some man is being a total filthy pervert and staring at my breasts. I hate it. Simply hate it."

feministFeminist Lisa Ball Oonz: "I never will understand men and why they are always staring at women's breasts. I paid thousands to have my breasts this big, and now, men keep staring at me."

feministFeminist Iva G. Spott: "What kind of a dirty world do we live in where I cannot go out in public in my underwear and not be stared at be people who have penises? This one time, somebody stepped on a bottle of lotion on the ground, the white lotion went squirting all over my breasts, as I was wiping it off, I noticed some man was just staring at me with his mouth open."

feministFeminist Melissa Green Cooch: "Damnit! I am so sick of men staring at me, as if being sexually aroused by me. It really frightens me. Oh heavens, it frightens me even more to think that they have those penis things on them."

feministFeminist Thelma N. Louise: "Men try to lie and tell me they are staring at my face, but look at me - my face is uglier than a donkey's ass! I know they are looking at my breasts, since that is my only redeeming quality. And honestly, it is not much of a quality either. Breasts this big are just plain silly - especially when they are fake. I should have spent the money to rebuild my face."

feministFeminist Gould Fer Elss: "Men are always staring at my breasts, especially when I am not wearing a top. I just cannot understand why they are all such perverts. Clearly, we are all victims of a patriarchal conspiracy!"

feminist leaderFeminist Leader Crane Kee Hagg was interviewed by MEN-Factor reporters: "These women are sexist! REEAAR! PFFFT! PFFFT! Those eight women are victims of male-oppression - that much is obvious! PFFFT! PFFFT! I was visually raped at least 267 times just yesterday! PFFFT!"

Richard W. FartworthyRichard W. Fartworthy is currently facing no charges, as being a heterosexual man is still legal in the United States and most other countries.

feminist leaderFeminist Leaders however are currently working hard so that men staring at freakishly humongous breasts, or any breasts, will be persecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Feminist leader's are currently devising plans to lobby Washington to push for tougher anti-male legislation to stop them from behaving like heterosexuals.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Flight of the Bumblebee

I made this - animation of a piano playing "Flight of the Bumblebee" with Jupiter and two of its moons in the background.

Professional musicians might notice something - the wrong keys are being played on the piano! I forgot to boost the notes up two when I recorded the audio - oh well...

Friday, February 18, 2011

What Feminist Sayings Should Say Fridays and Other Stuff Too!








from A Voice for Menfeminismfeminism

An Image from the video from ManhoodAcademyfeminismfeminism

Watch it Again - if you haven't already! Best video ever!

The Story of Feminism--as told by WOMEN from maxtll on Vimeo.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tragedy Rocks Egyptian Rioting: Pretty White Woman is Brutally Sexually Assaulted Repeatedly in a Heroic Fashion!

egyptian rioting

egyptian riotingThe riots in Egypt have been going on for quite some time now. Men, Women and Children, by the hundreds if not thousands, are being killed and injured on a daily basis. The rioting is due to the current political regime in Egypt, and the people's resentment for it. There are fires burning, property being destroyed, families losing loved ones, men, women, and children dying or being injured.

egyptian rioting

Lara LoganAmidst all of this, tragedy suddenly struck the rioting and mayhem on February 11, 2011 - when a pretty white girl news reporter was brutally sexually assaulted repeatedly in a very heroic fashion. Yes, a very brave and heroic woman by the name of Lara Logan is being hailed by feminists as a hero for getting sexually assaulted repeatedly - uhm - in a brutal fashion and stuff. We have no idea what injuries she sustained, but we do know that the injuries are very brutal and that she is very brave and heroic for getting brutally sexually assaulted repeatedly. Yes, Lara Logan is very heroic indeed - after all, she endured a brutal and repeated sexual assaulting - uhm - in a very heroic manner and stuff.

Feminist Emma Butz told MEN-Factor reporters, "A more heroic woman we cannot think of - except maybe for Lorena Bobbit - who heroically cut her husbands penis off. But, cutting a man's penis off is nowhere near as heroic as getting raped. The attack on this woman is another example of how wide-spread violence against women is, and how we need to stop it. I mean, If Lara were a man - this wouldn't have happened."

We here at the MEN-Factor are completely shocked at this event. Normally, we make fun of various news stories - but this one made us wonder. What is our world coming to when a woman is raped among rioting and whatnot. Rioting and political rebellion is a lot of fun and all - the fires, the bloody faces, people dying:
Egyptian rioting
But remember - it's all fun and games until a pretty white women gets hurt! What is our world coming to when a pretty white girl is brutally sexually assaulted repeatedly in a brutal way during these things that make her so heroic? Rioters around the world need to know that violence against women is unacceptable - and need to conduct themselves in a manner that shows respect for women. If these rioters cannot have a civilized riot without brutally sexually assaulting a pretty white woman repeatedly - to make them uhm - heroines uhm..., then they should not be allowed to have riots in the first place! Damnit!
Egyptian riotingEgyptian Rioting

DISCLAIMER: I am not making fun of any ordeal that Lara Logan may have experienced. I am making fun of the main-stream-media, and how they completely ignore all the male journalists that are hurt during such things - and over emphasize those that happen to women.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Strange Meteor Hits Sex Robot Factory: Thousands of Sex-Slave Robots in the Likeness of Sarah Palin are now Destroying Civilization!

Sarah PalinA series of robotic sex-dolls made by the truecompanion robot company have mutated, gained sentience, and are going on a genocidal spree destroying civilization as we know it! The robotic sex dolls were originally designed for sexual pleasure; they look like Sarah Palin and are programmed to shout "MAVERICK" when a penis is inserted into them.

meteorA meteor containing some unknown form of radiation has hit the robot sex-doll factory, and the Sarah Palin dolls (the most popular model), are now roaming cities, and destroying everything in their path. The new dolls, due to the effects of the radiation, are capable of shooting laser beams out of their eyes, and suffocating people with their firm perky breasts, or charming them with their dimwitted and non-threatening rhetoric.

Perverted ScientistAccording to perverts scientists, the only way to stop the Sarah Palin sex-slave robots is for men to insert their penises into them, and when they shout "MAVERICK", press the reset button (we all know about that button now don't we guys - he he - HA HA - HHHAAA HAAA HAAA - ehhh....).

In the meantime, we have no idea of how many people have died due to this tragic and freakish event. The Sarah Palin Sex-Robots continue marching on various cities throughout America, causing complete mayhem and havoc. This has most journalists thrilled, as it will greatly increase their ratings and hence - advertising revenues. Some of the male journalists might also get the opportunity to "stop" one of the Sarah Palin Sex-Robots, and be a "hero" by inserting his penis into one, and pressing the "reset" button once it shouts, "MAVERICK!"
Sarah Palin AttacksSarah Palin Attacks!

Thanks go to Captain No Marriage for this Breaking News!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Marc Rudov Day Everybody!!!

Today is February 14 - we all know what that means!

Yes, today is - no, not Valentine's Days - it's

Marc Rudov Day!!!!!!

The following pictures speak volumes for themselves...

Truth about womenTruth about Women

truth about womenTruth about Women

Visit his site, TheNoNonsenseMan, by clicking on any of the pictures!

And, from the deepest of my heart...

Happy Marc Rudov Day!!!

Watch THIS VIDEO!!!!

The Story of Feminism--as told by WOMEN from maxtll on Vimeo.

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