Monday, January 31, 2011

Wow - Things that Make you go Hmmm...

Somebody out there is a genius.

I wrote up a bit on something that happened to me in the summer of 1999. Basically, a stripper got hostile with me after I made a wise-crack about what her and I were buying. When she went home that night, she was murdered by her boyfriend.

A link to the comment is here.

Quote: Just think, if she had went home with you that night she would still be alive

Holy crap! she would be alive

If she had taken my smart-ass remark as a "pick-up" line and gone home with me - she would be alive
There you are ladies - don't reject me anymore :)

Sunday, January 30, 2011

I made a YouTube Video

It has nothing to do with men, men's rights, anti-feminism or anything else I usually talk about - It's just a simple "laser-light" show I did 'cause I was bored.


I plan to upload some really old videos I made - parodies of commercials, Star Trek, Star Wars and other stuff.

Maybe you'll get a kick out of 'em

Friday, January 28, 2011

What Feminist Sayings Should Say Fridays






Video of the week - proof that this stuff is all around us guys - MGTOW, MRA, PUA, anti-feminism - it is all around us - and it is everywhere.

Be patient - it takes a while, but it makes an excellent point - and it's funny...

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Something I have to Point Out...

I read this article on the False Rape Society blog:

Witch Doctor Lawmaker Wants To Lop Off the Balls of Sex Offenders

I believe that this ties in directly to Dr. Rookh Kshatriya's AngloBitch thesis.

He states that feminism is nothing new. It is in fact simply an extension of very old puritanical values (that is what my simple mind got out of it anyway) - the best example of this would be those radical feminists that objected to pornography. They did not object to it as liberated women, or even enlightened women. They objected to it, because our culture stems from old-school puritanical thought.

Back to the article on the False Rape Society, also refer to this article:

Barbaric penile plethysmography testing (requiring the subjects to masturbate) motivated by a desire to humiliate male sex offenders
Mid Evil Torture Device
A group of so-called "modern", "enlightened", "evolved" and "liberated" women want to bring back mid-evil-ism when dealing with criminals.

Mid Evil Torture DeviceThis is an excellent demonstration of how far up their asses these women's heads actually are. They claim to be modern, enlightened, evolved and liberated - but all they are doing is re-enforcing some extremely old puritanical sadism on criminals.

These "feminists" are not modern at all. Nor are they complaining about oppression as they would have us believe.

They are indeed mid-evil and puritanical. The sickness that they exhibit is also clear - "a man's penis is the source of all of his flaws". They even go so far as to fabricate mass-scale sex-crimes that do not actually occur. These people need straight jackets - yet - they are indeed the ones in charge of our culture.

It is sad that our culture has not done away with this line of thinking yet.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Feminists Protesting Darth Vader's Sexually Biased Storm-Trooper Hiring Policies

(dedicated to Shadow)
It is no secret that Darth Vader has a sexually biased program when it comes to hiring Storm Troopers - they are all male. This has feminists outraged, as they believe that women should be allowed "serve" Lord Vader as well.
feminist storm trooper
feministFeminist Dorris Open said, "When I see pictures like the one above - I think to myself, 'I want to be a storm-trooper too!' I think it is really unfair for Darth Vader to forbid women from being Storm Troopers. Women are every bit as capable as men when it comes to wreaking havoc in the galaxy."

In addition to an all male militia of Storm-Troopers, feminists are also outraged by the apparent lack of female Sith-lords. One of the few female Sith Lords, Darth Syphilis, was interviewed by MEN-Factor reporters.
feministFeminist and Sith Lord Darth Syphilis said, "The Death-Star is completely sexist, in fact, the dark side of the force is sexist too - I mean, just look at this light-saber - it is phallic shaped - so typical of patriarchy! What we need are more womyn Storm-Troopers, that would definitely be a plus. I encourage all womyn to turn to the dark side of the force."

Darth VaderDarth Vader, "Dear God, I already let them be Siths - and they cannot even get that right - most of them end up bitching about how the light-saber is 'patriarchy' because of its phallic shape. Twenty-four-seven it’s just bitch bitch bitch – like nails on a chalkboard.
Darth Vader And look at the Sith lord names they pick - they are a joke - 'Darth Syphilis' is not what I call a 'scary' name - ugh - or how about 'Darth BooBoo', 'Darth Lesbian Lover' or the worst - 'Darth Fat Loud and Proud' - and don't even get me started on what they pick for the 'Count' names... What will these bimbos want next - maternity leave? Sexual harassment suits? Or will they start imagining crap like wage-gaps - the 'Death-Star' sucks now - nothing gets done anymore - it's a total joke. With all these new feminist Storm-Troopers, I feel like pointing my fingers at my own neck, and using the dark side of the force to choke myself! Crap!"
feminist storm trooperfeminist storm trooper

feminist storm trooperfeminist storm trooper

feminist storm trooper
feminist storm trooper

feminist storm trooperfeminist storm trooper

feminism Darth Vaderfeminism

feminist Death Star
feminism - its effects on the Death Star

Monday, January 24, 2011

David Futrelle - EXPOSED AS FRAUD

A bit of logic that will terrify the feminists

Notice how David Futrelle keeps finding little nuggets here on there on various MRA or MGTOW forums that really seem to emanate from complete nut-jobs.

The strange thing is this - when I click on the links he provides to such forums - the forum opens, but it says something like "you must be logged in to do that", or, "please logon to view forums" etc...

I never bothered to go further than that in all cases - why bother with the ramblings on a forum?

Why is it that NOBODY on Futrelle's blog has made such a complaint?

That is - none of his feminist followers have ever left a comment along the lines of, "Dave, I cannot view that forum thread because I am not a member".

Also note - Futrelle himself must be a member too in order to view those comments.

Last point - how on earth does Futrelle find the time to dig through these forums - and find the metaphorical "needle in a haystack" comment that seems to come from a total nut-job?

Let's Summarize These Things:

1. None of David's commenters have EVER complained about not being able to view the forum threads he provides links to - this means they are either members, or fail to investigate (or a combination of the two).

2. David Futrelle himself is obviously a member on these forums.

3. Nobody has the time to view forums all day long just to find comments like the ones he points out - and so damned often too!

I believe in coincidences...
Coincidences happen every day...
I DO NOT TRUST coincidences...

These three facts tell me that David Futrelle and at least some of his followers are members on those forums - and are most likely the ones leaving the "screwball" comments - then pointing them out to Futrelle (if it wasn't Futrelle himself that left said comment) - so he can blog about them - and ridicule those in MRA and MGTOW circles.

The fact that he fails to engage in intelligent debate over things like V.A.W.A., rape shield laws, family court laws etc... simply re-enforce this. If he really did have a case against the anti-feminists, he would be debating it logically, not finding comments on obscure forums from supposed loonies...

David FutrelleDavid Futrelle - you are a FRAUD - CLEAR AS DAY (no wonder you are so obsessed with trolls...)


Now - the big question - why are he and his followers so desperate as to discredit what the larger portion of MRA and MGTOW "dudes" are trying to accomplish?

I'd like to point out that I am neither an MRA or an MGTOW - and definitely not a "ghost" (dear god...) - I consider myself an observer to this stuff more than anything - however - I do donate money to various causes, and write letters to my politicians when I see fit...

I think that these forum owners need to start IP tracing - Block Futrelle and any of his minions. But - that is just my humble opinion.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Stop Robbing me of My Manhood Ladies! LMFAO!

This just gets funnier and funnier. I was browsing the man boobz blog, and I came across this comment:

I think you're right, David. In order to have sex with ladies, men need ladies. And since our society has made sexual experience a condition of manhood, men need sex and women to verify their masculinity. Since men have no authority they can use to compel sex, women who won't have sex with men are not just not having sex with them, they're robbing the men of the social proof of their manhood.

I'll dissect it:

I think you're right, David.

Thinking David is right - is a sign that no "thinking" is actually going on.

In order to have sex with ladies, men need ladies.

This is actually true guys - I think Einstein discovered this in the 50's - I'll have to wikipedia it to make sure.

And since our society has made sexual experience a condition of manhood,

Sexual experience was made by our society? not biology??

men need sex and women to verify their masculinity.

Yup - us men are simply verifying our masculinity - not like it has anything to do with propagating our species - or the fact that it feels good...
Since men have no authority they can use to compel sex,

Uh, okay...

women who won't have sex with men are not just not having sex with them,

My eyes just went a little crossed - hang on...

they're robbing the men of the social proof of their manhood.

Wiping tears off of eyes.... AHHHH - Gee, I guess that means that I have been robbed of my manhood by millions of women on this planet! OOOh - those naughty bitches!!!

That would make a seriously awesome T-shirt...

Holy crap - I'd get laid at a nun convention wearing a shirt like this.

Uh - Dave Dave Dave...

Wiping MORE tears off of eyes.... Dave Dave Dave...

Enjoy your followers - you've earned them!


Another irony - somebody has notified me that Dave thinks I left this comment as a troll - no Dave, I did not (he is in denial about himself and others). I am guessing that this comment was not left by any troll, but a complete whacked out bimbo who has no concept of reality - let alone men.

Again, enjoy your followers - you've earned them.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Totally Awesome YouTube Video

It is about 6 minutes long - very funny - and true.

Friday, January 21, 2011

What Feminist Sayings should say Fridays






A bonus picture I found on the internet - I modified it a tad:

Christine O'Donnell
Christine O'Donnell

Some flaming went on this week - I have to admit - it got me riled. Sucked.

A quote of the week from Captain No Marriage

After talking about some modern women, he says:
"F*ck that, f*ck them and f*ck off!"

Matches my mood this week too!

I'm off to choke on some Ketel One - Have an excellent Friday all!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Black Hole Allegedly Discovered in Kate Harding's Fat A$$

MEN-factor scientists were perusing the internet, and various blogs. They came across one blog in particular (that they cannot remember the name of since it was late and they were drunk tired), where a commenter by the name of ChokesOnCheese27 made the claim that there was a black hole in Kate Harding's fat ass. Here is an image from a story that CNN allegedly did on the subject:

Kate Harding
Kate Harding - black hole allegedly discovered in her fat ass.

According to theories, Kate Harding's fat ass contains a black hole that is capable of devouring both matter and light. Scientists are puzzled as to how exactly Kate Harding came to have a black hole in her fat ass in the first place.

MEN-Factor reporters allegedly asked the brilliant Stephen Hawking if he had any theories as to how Kate Harding could possibly have a black hole in her fat ass. This is what he allegedly said.

Kate HardingKate Harding - can we please not talk about Kate Harding's fat ass - I just ate. OK, fine, I have no idea how the black hole got in her fat ass, but it would certainly explain that lame-ass, no pun intended, book she wrote about 'screwing inner beauty'. When you have a black hole in your fat feminist ass, inner beauty is pretty much out of the question.

A Russian scientist, Brushney Sputnik, was also allegedly interviewed by MEN-Factor reporters. This is what he had to say:

Kate HardingKate Harding - yes, there is definitely a black hole in her fat ass, and further, I believe that it got there when she was violently raped by another lesbian, as seen in the image below.

Kate Harding
Kate Harding being violently raped by another lesbian.

Scientists now speculate that black holes are created in women's fat asses when they engage in sexual intercourse (or at least try to) with other women.

Scientists were originally worried that the black hole in Kate Harding's fat ass might cause the moon to collide with the earth. But after a proper examination of mathematical data, they realize that her fat ass would simply envelope the moon - and hence, no harm would come to the earth.

Scientists do speculate that Kate Harding's fat ass does have the potential to wipe out entire cities however. This has the Japanese government putting its citizens on high alert:

Kate Harding
Kate Harding

Monday, January 17, 2011

Giant Mass of Fecal Ridden Pond Scum Says Jared Loughner isn't to Blame

A huge mass of fecal-ridden pond scum was the first to make a statement about the Jared Loughner shootings. This mass of mutated manure claimed that somehow, another politician was to blame for the shootings - and not the shooter himself.
Sheriff Dupnik
The crazy collection of crap known as "Sheriff Dipshit Dupnik" immediately started spewing senseless suppositions that the shooter himself, who clearly showed signs of mental illness, was somehow not to blame.

To people who have I.Q.'s higher than 12, this would seems bizarre, and strange. How is it that somebody shoots several people - and through some lunatic line of logic, that person is not responsible?
Sheriff Dupnik
Quite a few of the kooky columnists that constitute our lame main stream media were stupid enough to swallow the spewing of Sheriff Dipshit Dupnik. These jar-headed journalists believe that another politician was somehow responsible - and because of her hate-filled rhetoric, she is a god-damned piece of sh*t hate-spewing filthy little pissy sh*t a$$hole b*tch c*nt f*ck.
Sheriff Dupnik

In order to show their support for the victims of this tragic shooting, the Smellogg's corporation is proposing to introduce a new line of cereal - proceeds will go to various charities that will not actually help any of the victims or their families - but will give some free-loafer's money for doing their favorite thing - being leeches.
Jared Loughner
Jared Loughner Breakfast Cereal

Daffy DuckAttention $hit and run commenters - I have no love of Sarah Palin - so please - do not accuse me of coddling up to her here - this post is bashing Sheriff Dipshit Dupnik and exposing his errors - bashing somebody who is accusing others of being witches does not make me a witch - you evolved and enlightened liberals you... Yes, I do bash the right - see here - and no, I do not have an inflatable Sarah Palin love doll either - lay off the funny cigarettes dudes.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

SHADOW - Rest in Peace

This post is drama. I do not like drama - but I feel a need to do a tribute to my dog. If you do not like drama - skip this post.

How I Came to Adopt Her

I would peruse a pound in Kent Washington from time to time. I came across what the pound called a Black Lab/Pit Bull mix. The word "Pit Bull" on her papers was discouraging - what was more discouraging were big red letters saying, "NOT GOOD WITH CHILDREN". I thought, "What does she do - eat them?"

What appealed to me about her was her demeanor - she would stand up - and whimper at the cage.
Two weeks after I first saw her, I went back to the same pound. She was still there. I read the fine print by the "NOT GOOD WITH CHILDREN". It seemed that she was not mean to them - but got too excited by them - her tail was as thick as a Billy club - and was capable of causing black eyes and bloody noses to small children (unintentional injuries). I came to experience many bruises on my shins from her tail.

I adopted Shadow in 2003 from the pound in Kent Washington. She was a black lab/pit bull mix, 65 pounds, 4 years old, and had already had puppies.

Only Two Weeks - And She Almost Died

A few weeks after I first got her, I took her to a remote park in Washington. While playing, she ran across a piece of metal sticking out of the ground. It cut her stomach open. I rushed her to an animal hospital.

I remember sitting in the waiting room with my head in my hands thinking, "Great idiot. Your carelessness just killed a dog." When the animal doctors came out to me they said they had good news and bad news - the good news was that even though Shadow was dead when I brought her in, they managed to resuscitate her - the bad news was that her bills were going to cost nearly $5000.

They asked me if I wanted her put down, or if I wanted to pay $5000.
I paid $5000 happily. I was glad she was not dead ($5000 is a HUGE amount to me).

A Kind Dog that Inspired Love.

Everybody loves their dog - this is true. Shadow was rare - in that it seemed - that everybody loved her. When I lived in north Reno, while walking her, a handful of my neighbors would come out to say "Hi" to her.
ShadowA small group of children would follow me around sometimes while I was walking Shadow (which honestly I found annoying - when I was a kid, I was told not to talk to strangers. Now, I am the stranger - and kids talk to me all the time - it feels - awkward). There was one small girl in particular - that I would always try to avoid - but she always managed to find me and follow me while I would walk shadow - and of course - ask me a million questions about Shadow...
ShadowThe groomers I took her to all told me that they wished that all dogs could be like Shadow. I told them, "You're saying that to get my business". They ensured me that they had never encountered a more well behaved and loving dog in their lives.
ShadowShe never growled at people. She never barked at people. She would whimper when seeing a stranger - and had to introduce herself to them. When attacked by other dogs - even dogs half her size - she would just plop down and start crying. One of my neighbors had two very small and mean dogs - they both latched onto her tail with their teeth - Shadow just casually started dragging them around - as though nothing were there.

My Fondest Memories of Shadow

Every night, she would jump up onto the bed, and stare at me until she thought I was asleep. Once she thought I was asleep, she would jump off the bed, and go lay down by the front door. Of course, in the morning, I'd wake up, and she would be in or near the bed again.
ShadowOne morning - I woke up and she was staring at me from beside the bed. When she wanted to be petted, she would raise her paw up and touch the person she wanted to pet her. I yawned - and while I did this, she raised her paw - it went right into my mouth and down my throat...Talk about a rude awakening - I gargled with Listerine for about 30 minutes... ugh.
ShadowOn another morning, I woke up, and she had somehow managed to become my pillow!

Shadow's Final Years

The last two years of her life, she developed degenerative myelopathy (not to be confused with degenerative disk disease - which is painful). Her spinal chord slowly died - leaving her rear legs useless (and eventually void of muscle tone). I still took her for walks by wrapping a towel around her belly - and lifting her legs for her. Although her rear legs no longer worked, she could still swim on her own - in the summer of 2010, I took her to Keva Beach in Lake Tahoe nearly every other day.
ShadowThe smile on her face was always there - and her tail would always flap on the ground when I came home. She would always try to drag herself to the door when she heard me coming home.

Because of her weight, and her very strong and still functioning front legs (she would nearly rip my arm out of its socket sometimes), I developed back problems and experienced much pain by using the towel to ensure that her last days were spent as a happy and functional dog (all the vets I took her to assured me that she was in no pain - her back legs simply did not work).
ShadowMy house is like a ghost town now. Whenever I would cough in bed, Shadow would look up and stare at me to make sure I was OK. When I would shout at my computer while programming, or getting flustered at a video game - Shadow would drag herself into the computer room, to make sure everything was OK. Whenever there was a commotion of any kind - she would drag herself to that location - to make sure I was OK...

I'd gladly experience all that back pain again a hundred times over if it meant I could spend time with her again.