Friday, October 29, 2010

Woman Scheduled to Marry Self, Now Caught in Bitter Domestic Violence Scandal

Chen Wei-yih is scheduled to marry herself on November 6th, 2010.

However, the wedding plans are allegedly being rocked by scandal already. According to alleged sources, domestic violence is already allegedly erupting in the alleged marriage.

Chen is allegedly reported to have been allegedly severely beaten by herself. After allegedly being treated for alleged wounds to her face, chest, ass and neck, Chen allegedly told reporters:

I allegedly had it coming, I'd allegedly never bring myself an alleged beer when allegedly asked to do so.

Chen Wei-yih
Chen Wei-yih

Chen Wei-yih
Chen Wei-yih

Chen Wei-yih

Chen Wei-yih

(Sorry, but I was feeling silly today - I cannot decide on what Halloween Party to go to tonight!).

Happy Halloween all!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Some humor (Yes, all in fun)...

We as men are capable of many things. Science, Law, Politics, Medicine.

However, I think there are some really clever and ingenious things that often "fall through the cracks" and get lost.

I offer some amazing feats of men:

When a man decorates the yard...

When a man decorates the Christmas Tree:

When a man imitates Santa:

Pimp Dat Auto:

How to Pack an entire Boat:

What? What's Wrong With Doing This!??
Looks like fun!

How to properly hunt:

Trimming the Hedge (Ingenious!)

Home-made Sprinkler System:

Broken Headlight? No Problem - I'll Fix IT!

Broken Car Window? No Problem - I'll Fix it!

2nd Place for Christmas Decorating:


I have actually done that!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Why buy the cow, when you can get the milk for free?


This is a shaming tactic aimed at men. It basically fools men into believing that they are somehow "stealing" something if they are having sexual relations with a woman that they have not signed half of their assets over to via marriage.

Nothing is being "stolen". This is simply women practicing the age-old tactic of prostituting themselves, with the government acting as their pimp.

The real act of "stealing" is when the true nature of a woman is revealed during divorce proceedings. Such women become irrationally spiteful, petty and vindictive. They casually and callously appropriate money from the husbands that they in no way "earned". Taking money from somebody that you did not "earn" is stealing.

modern marriage
If such women believe that they did "earn" such money - it only reinforces the fact that they are nothing shy of a hooker; an overpriced one at that.

The government knows this full and well. The government and corporations know that women are the main spending force in this country. By ensuring that women get half a man's assets during a divorce, they ensure that said women will spend such money on things like fifty pairs of shoes, and perhaps some cute new purse that they will never use. In other words - they will be frivolous with it. Frivolous spending stimulates the economy.

Indeed, marriage is an economic institution, nothing more, nothing less. It is no mistake or anomaly that marriage is thought of this way. It is, was, and always will be designed to steal money from men PERIOD. It is the government and corporations viewing women, and women viewing themselves as prostitutes.

The more correct phrase for men should be:

Why sign half of your assets over to a prostitute, even for sex?

That statement is more accurate, more direct, and not at all shaming.

Most of all - IT IS 100% the TRUTH!

feminist leaderThe only accuracy in the statement is comparing women to cows. It is a fact that many women in this country have severe weight problems and can effectively be compared to ugly, disgusting, overweight beasts.

Some Observations

Reading through the comments at The-Spearhead, I noticed that there are clearly some keen minds there...

Of course, some of the articles are very well-written, educational, and mind-expanding. However; it is not the articles that I am referring to. I am referring to the comments.

Yes, the comments.

ZED, who has written a book has some very sharp comments (he is also an author at The-Spearhead).

The Troll King, who has a blog has also written some very sharp comments.

Another person who goes by the nic EvilWhiteMaleEmpire also has some excellent comments.

I really wish he (EvilWhiteMaleEmpire) would start a blog - or if he already has one, put a link to it in his comments at The-Spearhead.

I would really like to hear more of his thoughts...

I would like to take a moment to point out to anybody reading this, that starting a blog is FREE.

Here are the steps:

1. Go to
2. Click on "Get Started"
3. Follow the instructions from there!

Even if you write just one entry - it will greatly alter the google search engine results, and re-enforce anti-misandric causes, anti-feminist causes or pro-male causes!

P.S. I do not consider myself belonging to any cause - except maybe getting rid of the male-hatred that seems prevalent in our society - which I believe feminism is largely, but not entirely, responsible for...

I consider myself an observer - a pupil, conducting what I like to call women's studies. I study women. I have already met well over 60 women in the last 5 years in person, hundreds via telephone, and hundreds more via internet...

I am doing this in an attempt to figure out why I was not "successful" with women when I was younger - or - why I did not get to "survive" as the "lame-stream media" would say.

In case anybody is wondering.

I think I am very close to drawing a conclusion.

Perhaps I'll make it into a video presentation, and post it onto YouTube.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Sh-tuff on Jezebel

Well, I just got done reading an article by Paul Elam:

If You See Jezebel in the Road, Run the Bitch Down

I found it to be a good read - however, it starts out quite abrasive - and could be taken out of context. Paul Elam does NOT promote violence aimed at anybody.

Please keep that in mind while you read it.

I found this interesting link to that feminazi site called "Jezebel":

Beating Up Boyfriends

I would discard the article - and read through the comments... They really back up the claim that women are violent towards their men sometimes. In fact, not only are they violent, they are actually proud of it.

Attitudes like the ones in the comments are SEXIST.

Jezebel definitely presents some backwards and twisted lines of thinking - hence, it attracts many backwards and twisted women (and men).

Here is a good example from an article on it called:

Calvin Klein Billboard Banned for Promoting Rape

Here is the pic:

I am sorry, but it does not look to me like that woman is raping any of those men.

I do see how that billboard could get women "hot and wet", but - come on Jezebel - give women some credit: I do not think they are going to get so excited by such a billboard - that they will want to run out and start raping men - anymore than they do already anyway...

Clearly, this shows how deranged and twisted the sisters at Jezebel are...

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

About Sexism...

This is how two different online dictionaries define sexism:


1: prejudice or discrimination based on sex; especially : discrimination against women
2: behavior, conditions, or attitudes that foster stereotypes of social roles based on sex

The Free Dictionary

1. Discrimination based on gender, especially discrimination against women.
2. Attitudes, conditions, or behaviors that promote stereotyping of social roles based on gender.

Seems straight forward enough doesn't it?

Not to the minds of many people out there. For some odd reason, many people in our culture seem to have a difficult time grasping this simple concept.

Here are some examples:

not sexist
I found the above cartoon from a blog complaining that there was "sexism" in our modern super-hero-comic-books.


Does the image above discriminate against women?
Does the image above foster a social role based on sex?

NO and NO.

Here is another:

not sexist

Does the image above discriminate against women?
Does the image above foster a social role based on sex?

NO and NO.

not sexist

Does the image above discriminate against women?
Does the image above foster a social role based on sex?

NO and NO.

When I see well-defined women being labeled as sexist I think to myself:
reaction to feminist

Clearly, people are confusing "sexism" with "sex". I see examples of this everywhere I go. Sexual innuendos are referred to as sexist by many people.

Why is this?

I have always wondered. Sexism is a complete put-down of one sex by the other. An example I could think of is somebody saying something like - oh - how about:

"Men are all pigs".

Such a statement demonstrates discrimination and prejudice against a sex. Also, it fosters a stereotype - a negative one at that.

In our culture such things are NOT labeled as sexist though.

Ever since my late teens, I have asked myself why this is.

I have found the best answer is Dr. Rookh Kshatriya's AngloBitch Thesis.

If feminism was more about the re-establishment of old-school puritanical thinking than about equality - it certainly explains why images like the ones above are MISS-labeled as "prejudiced" or "fostering a stereotype". They of course do neither of these things; labeling them as sexist is a feeble attempt to demonize sex - more specifically, male sexuality.

Now, the grand finale:
sexism against men
The comic above was found on manboobz blog. He claimed it was sexist. What a crock.

Does it discriminate against women or men?
Does it foster a stereotype of women or men?
Possibly - but notice the stereotypes presented:
It shows a man who has a lack of patience - and being prone to murder.

What sex is the cartoon "fostering" a more negative stereotype of?

Clearly, many people who use the word "sexist" have a skewed way of thinking.

Sexism has nothing to do with sexual intercourse. It has to do with discriminating against the opposite sex, or stereotyping the opposite sex.

Notice that this is something feminists do more often than any other group.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

i heart boobies
I saw these things for the first time last week on Wednesday.

In case you haven't, let me fill you in.

Various stores are selling these cheap rubber bracelets that come in a variety of colors:i heart boobiesSupposedly, when you buy one, some of the money goes to fund breast-cancer-research.

Fine. Whatever...

The day I see women wearing bracelets that read:

i heart boobies
And part of the money to buy such bracelets goes into researching prostate cancer...

I'll consider buying a bracelet that reads:

i heart boobiesUntil that time...

I don't give a flying f**k about breast cancer.

Why should I?

Not only have I never met a woman who gives a crap about prostate cancer - I have actually met women who consider the impotence it can cause to be funny.

Hell, there are plenty of women who find male castration funny.

What would those same women feel about a man who thought breast amputation was funny?

What do people in general think about a man who thinks breast amputation is funny?

Remember guys - all this perceived male-hatred and male-exclusion in our society - it's all made up on our part!

It's all in your head!

Friday, October 15, 2010

About Blaming Others for the Problems in Your Life...

Well, another MRA article I read disappointed me.

I am not going to provide a link to it. It basically mentioned that some MRA's are using the MRM as an excuse to "blame" others. Or - that some people in Anti-Feminist circles blame feminism (erroneously) for all the problems in their lives.

Before viewing the picture below, I wish to point out that I am not trying to cheapen the hardships the Jews suffered in WW2.

I merely offer it - so that people can ponder the statement the article that I read made in a different light.

When I say people, I am referring to fathers who have been separated from their children, men who have lost most of their possessions and income, men who have been falsely accused of crimes against women, men who have to put up with irrationally vindictive and spiteful women on a daily basis (at work or from a prior relationship), etc...

A Picture is Worth a THOUSAND words:

Things are of course not as bad for men as they were for the Jews in WW2 - but notice how jack-assed such a statement is under those circumstances.

Sooner or later, people will have to admit that a lot of the "badness" that men suffer is at the hands of women (and men) whose minds have been poisoned by feminist doctrine.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Kind of Sad in a Way...

When I meet a man who has been "brain-washed" by our society to act and or think in ways in tangent to feminism, I do not consider such a man an enemy.

Truly, I do not.

I do not use terms such as "White Knight" or "Mangina" to describe him.

Instead, I feel a concern and compassion for him. Instead of antagonizing and fighting - or letting my anger get the best of me, I talk to said person.

A good example of my temperament can be seen here
I could list many examples of E-mails to MRA's that have gotten hostile - but I will not do so (the reason: the e-mails were extremely vulgar).

Another example (of my temperament) can be seen in my comments at MANBOOBZ blog. Here is a man whose head is filled with feminist self-indoctrination.

Instead of hating this person - this fellow MAN, I would suggest that we try to help him. That is, let's explain to him how he has been lied to by feminist indoctrination...

When I visit his blog, I am surprised that so many "MRA's" are so very hostile towards him. One comment in particular referred to such vulgar things as "a$$-vagina" and "mouth-pussy" - in a way hinting at male-on-male rape.

Is this what MRA's do?

If you meet a person who thought the world was flat would you call him a "stupid little b*tch", "f*ggot", "f*cktard" etc...

If you met somebody who thought cars ran on pickle-juice - would you think that person should be castrated, a$$-raped, and killed?

Why all the hostility towards other men in the MRM?

I thought that MEN is who they represent? Am I wrong about that?

Wouldn't that include men who have been "self-indoctrinated"? And may not be aware of it?

It would be nice if the hatred of men stopped...

And - boy is that a pipe dream or what???

Currently, it seems like men are in a circular firing squad (all pointing their guns inward) - with the real problem being outside the circle - the feminists, the entitlement princesses, the people who benefit (economically) from the demonizing of men etc...

A quote from ZED that I found:

"Years ago some feminist dismissed the MRM saying that women had absolutely nothing to worry about coming out of that group because they would waste all their time and energy with internal competition, personal attacks, and arguing about who has the biggest dick. Sadly, every time the opportunity presents itself for a group of men to prove her wrong, they prove her right instead."

Amen brother Zed - whomever you are...

The quote is depressing, but I have good news about it:

We can stop arguing about who has the biggest dick though - as that would be me...


Zed's quote above - as depressing as it is - does speak some truth.

I see some severe hostility and anger in these circles - and unfortunately, it is aimed at men. I think such anger should be aimed at institutions, laws, media and such things that help to create men and women who believe such brain-washing lies...

My question to these people (who are so hostile towards somebody like MANBOOBZ):

Why not try to convert such men?

Instead of seeing an enemy - why not see a potential ally?

Why not TRY to cut through the conditioning and brain-washing?

Does anybody have an answer?

Monday, October 11, 2010

Listening to Tom Leykis

I had to get some more information on Tom Leykis before I wrote this up.

He has some good things to say - some audio clips from his radio show can be found on YouTube HERE

Listen to them - they are worth it.

Best point he makes:

Marriage (a legal contract) is considered romantic.
A Prenuptial Agreement (another legal contract) is NOT romantic.

Now why on earth is that?

Anyway, I am trying to find out how to contact Tom Leykis - because I have a few questions for him:

1. From my observations - it seems like he has more female listeners than male listeners. I am NOT referring to his callers - I am referring to people I have been talking to.

Why is that? Are the women hoping to learn more - to be better manipulators?
Or are there a lot of women out there simply over-eager to ARGUE with any man that they come across? Both???

2. Whether he has more female listeners or not... What effect does he think he'll have on the women listening - especially the women who "agree" with him?

Case in point: It seems to me that you can tell a woman something very positive and constructive, and said woman will twist it and pervert it into something extremely negative...

I cannot find the exact reference - but one of my friends quoted Tom Leykis as saying: "Do not confuse a weak man as being a good man".

This quote has been backed up by two women I have talked to.

The problem I have: Both of those women now stay away from men who come across as being "good" because they simply consider the men to be "weak" and not "good".

As I said in a previous post - most women do NOT have brains. They have these weird blender things between their ears. Anything that enters their ears is twisted and skewed to mean something negative...

So, what effect does Tom Leykis think he'll have on his female audience?

Like anybody else, finding information on how to contact Mr. Leykis is proving to be difficult.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Some Cool Videos on YouTube

Remember a few posts back, I made you endure the horrors of "Katie" and her simpering lying sack of sh*t video about what she looks for in a man?

Well, it turns out there is a pretty slick guy called zushen that has responded to her videos.

If you feel like a good laugh, watch them.

Response 1

Response 2


I disagree with some minor points he makes, but - dang - for the most part, this guy is on the money!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My Late 20's to Early 30's

This is something I have to share, and I will be brief about it...

During my late 20's to early 30's, I noticed that instead of being "Mr. No Score", I was in fact turning into "Mr. Looks like Marriage Material", or sometimes, "Mr. Smart Person that must be Alienated from my Husband so I can have more Control over my Husband".

Mr. Marriage Material.

Many women I met during this time would say things to me like:

"I have had my fun, and now I want a serious relationship." - i.e. marriage.
"I am looking to settle down now."
"I've outgrown my youth, I need an adult relationship."

Basically, what these women were saying is simple:

"I have had sex with all the men I want to have sex with, now I want a guy that will pay my bills."

"Wild sex is out, legal contracts with pimp-daddy government are in."

"I've realized how foolish I have been by sleeping with all those sociopaths - because at the end of the day, it is money that makes the world go round - since you have been sexually disenfranchised from women - you are one of the few men that has money."

I remember telling some of the women off - I would say things like:

"Do you have any idea how rude you are being? I am not 'fun", I am 'serious'? How come I do not get to have 'fun'?"

"So, after you have all kinds of sex with all those guys, you want me to propose to you before I get sex - that doesn't seem fair."

There were many other examples; I will not bother listing any of them though. I found it extremely annoying that women viewed me as being "Mr. Marriage" instead of "Mr. Sex". And why oh why were those two things not one and the same?

Mr. Smart Person to be alienated from my Husband so I can have more Control over my Husband

Yes, most of my friends got married. A few of their wives actually would hang around me constantly, and would eventually proposition me for sex.

I can assure you, it was not because their husband was inadequate in any way. No. It was because they saw me as a threat to their control over their husband.

What better way for a woman to alienate one of her husband's friends than by sleeping with him.

It is a fact that in my late 20's to early 30's, almost every woman had propositioned nearly all of her husband's friends.

My own personal code of conduct prevented me from accepting such propositions.

Hurray for me - not really. In some cases, the mere "suspicion" that the women projected onto me was enough to alienate my friends.

Case in point: One of my friend's wives kept on visiting me while he was at work (he worked days, I worked nights). She said she did not like being left alone. She kept on insisting that I do a nude portrait of her - she would say things like, "I would love to pose nude for you - do you want to see me naked" (I was into oil-painting). I kept saying no. Eventually, she said this, "Richard, I would love to give you a blow-job".

This was my first proposition from a woman (and not a prostitute) ever. And her intention was not to pleasure me - but to alienate me from my friend. A huge amount of anger welled inside me - and I decked her. Crying, she went home. My friend was pissed when he found out what happened - it ended our friendship.

The first thing the woman would do after having sex with one of my friends - was immediately tell her husband. Of course, the woman would always tell a story of wild seduction from the man - so wild she couldn't resist. When listening to such stories from my friends, I knew they were bullshit - since I had literally been begged to unzip my pants by the same women.

During this time, I saw all of my friends become alienated from one another because of affairs. I came out of the whole thing "on top" - because of my aforementioned code of conduct. I did lose a few friends however.

One interesting case: One of my friend's wives (who propositioned me several times), engaged in an affair with another one of my friends. I calmed the situation down - by pointing out to both of them - who was doing the propositioning. I told them that she also propositioned me - and I refused. They both agreed that she was to blame for the affair - and decided to remain friends.

The reason I interfered: I had seen too many of my friends become enemies because of these clever and sexually manipulative women. I was not going to let it happen anymore.

Her response to the fact that they remained friends:

She threw herself off the rooftop of one of the local casinos and killed herself.

I guess that if she could not alienate her husband's friends via sex, she would use her own death to do so (or perhaps life was simply not worth living without total control over her husband). That effectively planted a seed of hatred between my two friends.

To this day, I wonder if just before she jumped she shouted, "I LOVE YOU DAMEON!"

My late 20 to early 30's sucked. All the women I met were either interested in getting pimp-daddy-government to dictate a "relationship" with a guy like me (after f**king every other guy on the planet), or they were interested in alienating their husband's (or boyfriend's) friends to have more control over their "relationhips" - they did this by using sex as a weapon.

Either way, the women sucked (and not they way they are supposed to suck).

To learn more about modern western women, I recommend a brilliant essay I found:

All Women Are Shit

It is a bit of a long read, but well worth it. The essay is both insightful and brilliant! It is also a very fun and educational read - full of intrigue! I could not stop reading it until I reached the end! Please enjoy it as much as I did!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Steaming Piles of Crap on YouTube!

I know... It's hard to believe: There are actually some really bad videos on YouTube!

I offer one here (click the pic):

Katie talks about the top 5 things to look for in a guy. They are:

1. Mental Stability.
2. Funny, Silly, Witty and Amusing.
3. Looks.
4. Treat me like a princess. (Cook and clean and do all my laundry)
5. Money

Note: @3:25 - she points out how another man getting injured makes her feel good - this is in contradiction to 1, 2, and even 3 if you think about it (looks are not important - the ability to inflict pain on other men - i.e. a sadist and a sociopath - is the real importance). Clearly, men that are willing to inflict injuries on other men are what make her feel good. Katie is clearly a lying sack of SH*T. She is aroused by psychotic men who inflict pain on other men.

At first, I was depressed to watch this steaming pile of dog-crap rant about fantasy men.

Then, I noticed that the video got way more thumbs down than thumbs up:

5078 dislikes, 1880 likes, 570,588 views.

She reminds me of something I might scrap off the bottom of my shoe. Sure, I might "use" her for a lay - but nothing else - and there is no way in hell I would so much as lift my pinky to get it.

The funniest part of her video is when she "claims" she wants a guy to be "mentally stable":

I guess that when you have a "partnership" with a modern western woman, it helps if at least one person is mentally stable...

She is a prime case of an obnoxious, toxic,entitlement princess (and a lying sac of crap as well).

If Katie ever reads this, my message to her is simple:

You need not one man, but exactly three...HUNDRED - and they must choose you. They must then savagely penetrate every orifice on your body to make you stop acting like a little foolish girl, and start feeling like a woman. Did that make your tummy tickle? Be honest Katie.

A video response to Katie was this Fat Horse-Faced Sow:
Actually, I think her face does not resemble a Horse's face - it more so resembles a horse's ass.

This intellectually inept example of womanhood makes the assumption that the reason everybody "hates" Katie is because Katie is expressing her opinion.


Katie is a lying sack of shit. She will no doubt be one of the larger portion of women who end up with some psychotic example of manhood - despite all of her deceptions that she is into mentally stable and caring men. That cat is out of the bag - men prone to violence attract women - it is a fact.

Laura... Remember the part of her picturing some man getting his nipples ripped of by another man (time index 3:25) - it made her feel good... remember dumb-a$$.

Also, the woman above, "Laura" claims that NOBODY is mentally stable in a relationship.

Spoken like a true modern western woman - she is only speaking for herself.

Laura, if you are reading this: Lose some weight, and get laid. Do not do the laying - let the man do the laying. Let him take the reigns and show you who's the boss - you'll be a much happier woman, instead of that sad little girl I see...

Lesbian Relationships are more Dangerous for Women than Heterosexual Relationships

I have no idea what prompted me to do this research!

I found this:

I looked at exhibits 6 and 8 to see if heterosexual relationships were more dangerous for women than homosexual relationships.

It appears that they are NOT more dangerous - in fact, they are less dangerous:

History of same-sex cohabitationHistory of opposite-sex cohabitation:

If I read this right:

women in same-sex relationships who have a history of same-sex cohabitation have a 35% chance of experiencing domestic violence.

Now, lets look at the stats for straight women:

The table I obtained was by race:


If you take the average of those numbers, it is 23.6% - which is close to the usual 25% or 1/4 that we always hear...

To sum up:

Women who are lesbians have a 35% chance of experiencing domestic violence.
Women who are straight have a 25% chance of experiencing domestic violence.

Women who are lesbians have a 10% greater chance of being domestic abuse victims than straight women.

This should come as no surprise to any educated and properly enlightened person who has not had their head filled with factoids and myths.

The American Journal of Public Health states this:

Almost 24% of all relationships had some violence, and half (49.7%) of those were reciprocally violent. In non-reciprocally violent relationships, women were the perpetrators in more than 70% of the cases

This study, from a valid government institution, clearly shows that women are more violent than men.

This explains why woman-woman relationships are 10% more dangerous than woman-man relationships for women. PERIOD.

One might ask: Why then do women sustain the majority of injuries from domestic violence?

If you take an average man, and an average woman - and have them physically fight - the man will win. It is a biological fact that men are taller and stronger than women.

I will make no apologies for that sexist remark above. What feminazi's like to call "sexist", I like to call "reality".

Read it again:

Almost 24% of all relationships had some violence, and half (49.7%) of those were reciprocally violent. In non-reciprocally violent relationships, women were the perpetrators in more than 70% of the cases

Women are the initiators of violence 70% of the time - the majority of the time. PERIOD.