Thursday, September 30, 2010

I Love this Comment!

A comment left in response to my blog entry: There was a warrant out for my arrest is as follows:

So... you were knee-deep in a load of legal trouble, and all you could think about was the "hawt chick" girlfriends of the troublemakers who got you into this mess?

Wrong. The thought about their girlfriends was a brief one. I can see how anonymous would think this though. The purpose of the post was to demonstrate how barbarous men often attract "hot" women. As I stated in the post, I was curious about this phenomena.

The post focuses on the hot women - at the time, my mind did not.

My first observation was on the men themselves - their tattoos and affiliations with white-supremacist groups - read the post.

LOL You men never change. Always thinking with your knobs. Did it even occur to you that these women were, in fact, undesirable, due to their choice of companions? You do a lot of complaining about how women judge you by your geeky looks, but you seem to be no different.

Interesting - thinking with our knobs. Many MRA's say this too. I was not thinking with my knob - I was thinking with my brain. Read the post, I was curious why such barbarous men seemed to end up with such "aesthetic" women. Such thought can only be done with one's brain, not with one's penis.

It should come as no surprise that this woman is ignorant about the male penis!

Aesthetic women ARE desirable. Thin, busty and pretty in the face - this is what makes women attractive. I am wondering what the woman posting this message looks like at this point...

I never said I looked "geeky" in the post. In fact, I am pretty sure I do not say that anywhere in this entire blog. I am pretty sure that my appearance was in fact "normal" - as the post about my only blind date demonstrates. I placed a picture of myself at the bottom of the post to illustrate this fact. I in no way have ever considered myself to look "geeky" or anything else for that matter. I have always considered myself to look - well - "normal".

The point I was getting across is that looks are irrelevant. Psychopathic tendencies are what is relevant here. It is the psychopathic tendencies that seem to attract women - not looks.

In the end, physical appearance is worthless, as it is only temporary... and in case you weren't aware of this, "hotness" does not equal "good person". If most men think like you (with their little heads instead of their big ones), then it's no wonder you're always getting taken for a ride.

Physical appearance is worthless - as I mentioned, it is the psychopathic tendencies that are attractive to such women.

Did I say "hotness" meant "good person"? NOPE.

Shaming language common in feminists and some mra's: "think with the small head" - typical - yawn.

Let's see - what she is saying here is that I got taken for a ride into the courtroom because I think with my dick?


Have I ever said that I have been "taken for a ride"? NO.

She seems to be reciting some off-beat case she may have read or heard somewhere, and incorporating it into my post.

An excellent demonstration of how things get bent and twisted in womenfolk's minds.

I take that back - If things went "in one ear and out the other" for women, that would make women much more agreeable than they are now.

However, the larger portion of women have a kind of blender thing between their ears - things go in one ear, and get scrambled beyond belief - then regurgitation comes out of their mouth - as this woman demonstrates.

(funny I was actually thinking about this yesterday - during a conversation I had with a woman about Tom Leykis)

The crude flesh isn't a mirror into one's sole. Maybe you'll figure that out one day, but I highly doubt it.

I partially disagree with this. A healthy body can mean a healthy mind. However I would say that this is "the rule" and does not take into account quite a few exceptions...

Overall, I liked the response she left. It is an excellent demonstration of how women hear things, and add much into them. Typically, as I have noticed they add or subtract things to have the effect as rendering said things to be as negative as possible.

If this women were to offer an honest and open-minded criticism of the post and my other posts she would come to the conclusion that I am getting at the fact that "looks are irrelevant".

Expecting honest and open-minded analysis from a westernized woman is like expecting a cat not to screech when the rockers of a rocking chair hit its tail.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Can I have a Hand Job?

When I was 20 or 21, myself and two of my friends were in line at Taco Bell at about 9:00pm or so. This was a fairly common routine for us - a bean burrito with green sauce - inexpensive and filling.

I was behind my two friends. A woman in her 30's or 40's approached me:

"Excuse me sir" she said.

"Yeah" I replied.

"There are some suspicious looking people outside, I'm a little scared to go out there - would you mind walking me to my car"

I do not know why, but what she asked rubbed me the wrong way. However; I escorted the woman to her car.

There were some teenagers on skateboards, getting rowdy, performing wild stunts, and throwing bottles from the dumpster against a wall.

When I returned to the restaurant, I was thinking about all the crap I was hearing in college:

"The only thing any man wants is to get into a woman's pants".

"The reason men are allegedly in their 'sexual prime' in their teen years is so they can get young women pregnant and prevent those women from obtaining careers".

"Men only want to selfishly exploit women".

I thought to myself, "Holy crap - that woman just selfishly exploited me".

There was nothing in what she asked me to do - for me. Nothing at all. She had no reservations about doing it - in fact, from her demeanor, she expected me to do it - if I had said no, I would have been a "jerk", "creep", "pig" etc...

I then thought, "What if I had asked her for a hand-job"?

Would I have gotten slapped? Would she have started yelling at me?

Or - would she have given me one in her car? I doubt it.

I was doing so horrible with women (read here, here and here). Why? Well, according to them, I was "out of their league", "unattractive", "a nerd", "not interesting" etc...

There I was, standing in line at Taco Bell.

From Zero to Hero in 0 seconds flat.

From a pig that wants only to selfishly exploit women (according to the institute of HIGHER LEARNING I was attending), a nerd, a creep, ugly, unattractive piece of garbage, to an honorable man willing to risk his safety for one in a set of people who typically would not give him the time of day.


Never again.

Monday, September 20, 2010

How to get your game on!

It's easy! Just be a psychotic example of a man!

The more deranged and psychotic the man, the hotter the women he "gets":

James Biela and his girlfriend - her face is blurred out (allegedly to protect her). Notice her trim body.
Watch the Video of how much she cares!

This mega-hottie's boyfriend threw acid in her face:

Look at that guy. What a winner eh! An absolute stud-muffin. No smile, probably no future, and despite the bullsh*t MRA's tell me - I would wager a guess at NO SOCIAL STATUS either.

That mega-hottie blond could have had any man she wanted. She CHOSE the PSYCHO! She sure knows how to Pick'Em!
Hey guys, you want a woman who looks this hot (check out the jugs on this one):
All you have to do is kill your ex-wife (and be a washed up sports legend turned petty criminal)! It's true. This is Christie Prody. O.J. Simpson's girlfriend: after he was acquitted of murder (she of course believes he actually did kill her!)
How would you like more than 1 girlfriend?
Ones that look like this:
That is easy too, just be a short little runt WITH NO SOCIAL STATUS - other than what your harem gives you, and proclaim yourself as a messiah - it also helps if you look like one of these two gorgeous drug-infected hunks:
To any women viewing them - go take a break and get that dildo out now for your dripping wet vagina!
I was going to say something about Ted Bundy too - how he lured women to his vehicle in broad daylight. While researching him, wikipedia said this:

Bundy had a remarkable advantage in that his facial features were attractive, yet not especially memorable.

Yeah - what a hunk! What woman in her right mind wouldn't trust a face like that!?

I remember when I was in college, I usually got responses like "f*ck you", "f*ck off", and the one-shot ever-so-creative, "eat the sh*t out of my a$" - for saying things akin to "hello".

Maybe I would have gotten some if I had been a killer disguised as a cripple!

Boy was I stoopid wit dem wommen wen I wuz In collej er wat!!!
This dynamite piece of man-meat:

Put that dildo down ladies! There's more reading afoot...

Was married to this hottie:
Who helped him murder three teen-age girls!
Still not convinced?

This lovely young lady...

married this adorable hunk of a man:

He was psychopathic enough to kill her - which he did - to hook up with this mega-hot woman:

and now he receives love letters while on death row! From strangers of course - not from the woman above...

And: It is NOT uncommon for men who kill women to receive such love letters from hordes of adoring women:

Murderers get marriage proposals

Girls Love Letters to Murderers

Women who love serial killers

Illegalize fan mail to serial killers

I could list many more - do a google search for "killers receive love letters"
Some people say to me, "Gee Rich, you sound bitter or something..."

If I somehow restrain my temper and not pound their face in, I tell them:


What morons...
Now, the icing on the cake:

I was browsing an MRA web-site, and found a comment posted by a woman:
"Just as many women are attracted to men who are violent, a lot of men seem to be attracted to women who treat them surprisingly badly. I’ve often thought that perhaps these women remind them of their mothers. Or maybe they are just good in bed."
This is called being an apologist. She is basically making light of a serious situation - the phenomena of women being attracted to men capable of murder. She quickly re-routes any blame or suspicion on herself and other women, by dismissal and deception.

I have never met any man who says, "Gee, That woman is a real psycho - I think I'll write her a love letter". When getting hooked up with a psychotic case of a woman, every man I have ever met goes out of his way to end it. Unfortunately, such women do not simply "go away".

I have met women who are overly fascinated with men who kill - just look at the love letters they get.

The woman who made that comment is an apologist. She is shifting focus away from women, and onto men: a common tactic that I have encountered in arguments, relationships - and many other places.

The moderator of the web-site's official response to her comment:
You may be on to something (nic omitted). Women with personality disorders, particularly Borderline Personalities, are notoriously seductive and sexual.

They can also be very violent.

At least he acknowledges that the women are being seductive - instead of suggesting that men "go" for psychotic women...

Nonetheless, his "lack of balls" response to this comment made me sick.

This person has written up articles explaining the phenomena of killers getting love letters. He also wrote an essay claiming that "men have no choices". That is, men do NOT get to choose who they "hook up" with. Ultimately, that is the woman's decision. Truer words were never spoken

Men have no choices in the dating game. All the choices are women's.

A man does not get to choose who he has sex with. He can target a woman he wants to have sex with - but ultimately, sex is the woman's decision, not the man's.

And, that being true, how could he possibly tolerate such an apologist remark?

If he seriously believes that men get no choices - then men must "take what they are given" as far as "hooking up" goes...

Read it again.
"Just as many women are attracted to men who are violent, a lot of men seem to be attracted to women who treat them surprisingly badly. I’ve often thought that perhaps these women remind them of their mothers. Or maybe they are just good in bed."
Incidents like this make me sick. It is one of the top-ten reasons I am NOT an MRA - and never will be. I clearly do not fit into this group of men.

I believe that men get no choices in the dating/mating game: women get all the choices.

From this, it is clear that men do not choose psychotic women - the psychotic women are choosing the men (and being "sexy and seductive").

There was a warrant for my arrest...

A quick "back in time".

I had a rusty Datsun pickup truck at one point in my life. I never managed to get it fully working - it ran and drove, but had many problems. Once I had my first professional job as an engineer, it was rusting slowly on my mom's property (as it had been for maybe 7 years).

One day, my mom asked me to get it off of her yard, as it looked "white-trash". I called a tow company, and paid 50 dollars to have it removed from the property as "scrap metal". I signed the title of ownership over to the scrap-metal company that towed it.

It was about 2 months after this that I had quite an experience:

I walked onto the floor where I worked, just returning from lunch. It was 1994.

As I approached the secretary's desk (the secretary's desk was the first thing on the floor), the secretary, Jan, leaned forward and whispered:


"What" I whispered back.

"The Washoe County Sheriff's department just called - there's a warrant out for your arrest" she whispered.

"ARE YOU SERIOUS!" I spoke aloud.

"You might want to get that taken care of" she whispered.

I ran to my office, and called the Sheriff's department. They told me that the truck I sold as scrap metal was pulled over. Two young men were in it, along with a large quantity of methamphetamines, stolen firearms, and illegal firearms (sawed off shotguns). The two young men were claiming that they STOLE the truck: an excellent ploy by two intellectually lacking young men. Since they stole the truck, the drugs and illegal firearms did not belong to them - but must have belonged to the previous owner. Since I was the last registered owner of the truck, the police were forced to investigate me - despite my attempts to tell them that I had sold the truck as scrap metal (I no longer had the receipt - proof that I had sold it as scrap metal).

I actually had to go to a pre-trial over this. The defense and prosecuting attorneys chose not to bother putting me on the stand.

The point of this story is coming up:

When I went to the pre-trial, I saw two young men (say late teens or early twenties). One of them had a swastika on his left shoulder. The other had arms covered with various tattoos. They were both skin-heads - real winners (sarcasm). They were obviously into drugs (I KNOW that the "we stole this car" was merely a rouse for them to deny possession of drugs and illegal firearms).

The thing that pissed me off:

They had their girlfriends with them: Two super-mega-hot women, a brunette and a blond. Both were busty, thin, and extraordinarily pretty in the face. They had no tattoos or piercings. They both looked quite ordinary, except for their well-above-average aesthetic appearance.

I wondered: Why do such losers get totally hot women, and men who are better off and "square" do not get the time of day from such women?

I was 24 and the time, and searching for answers to questions like this, since I always did extremely poor with women (read here, here and here).

Many of the essays on various blogs/sites have helped explain why young women of high physical appearance are "drawn" to men like this. They make a lot of sense, but I am not 100% convinced of the answers they offer (I am about 90% convinced).

An incident similar to this one can be found here: I was a suspect in a murder investigation.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Something that Happened to a Friend of Mine

In 2003.

I was at a friend's house (he was renting it) having a silly time. We would drink booze, and just poke fun at everything. We would make fun of TV shows, video games, or whatever.

There was a knock at the door.

He went to answer it. A huge slew of yelling erupted from him and what sounded like his ex-girlfriend.psycho drama queen
The yelling continued for a while. The door slammed shut.

My friend came back into his living room, visibly upset.

I said, "Dude, I thought you broke up with her like a month ago or so."

He replied, "Yeah, actually longer than that - but she keeps coming by."

I said, "You should tell her to get lost and stay there - you know, you go girl - and stay there!"

He laughed a little, "I have told her that several..."


He was interrupted by the sound of one of his windows breaking.

The crazy-b*tch was throwing rocks through his windows.Broken Window

We were both speechless. He started heading to the front door. Before he got there, I heard tires screeching. She was peeling out and leaving.

About 2 weeks later, my friend phoned me.

He told me that the previous night, she showed up again and forced her way into the house. He was severely drunk (as he almost always was), and was not hitting back. He managed to barricade himself into his bathroom.

While he was barricaded in his bathroom, she used her cell phone to call 911. She told the police that her boyfriend was being "abusive" and that she was afraid.

When the police showed up, they arrested HIM. He was now out on bail from his being arrested
Keep in mind that at this point, he had broken up with her 6 weeks ago - she never cohabited with him. And, most important, each time she showed up, he would tell her to leave.

After they took my friend to jail, his ex-girlfriend trashed his house. She did over 7000 dollars worth of damage - nice guitars, amplifier equipment, video game equipment, T.V. etc...

I told my friend he should find a lawyer to sue the pants off of somebody.

He replied, "Come on Rich, I'm a drunk - I'm always drunk. All that they see is some drunk guy and an upset woman - the drunk guy loses."

I kept on telling him that he had witnesses (not just me but others) who had seen her violent behavior.

Despite my best coercions, he still refused to take any kind of action against the state or her.

-All that evil needs to flourish is for good men to sit by and do nothing.

I was sincerely disappointed that he wasn't going to do a damned thing, and that I could not convince him to do anything (neither could his brother).pussy pass

Monday, September 13, 2010

I once overheard a woman say she was going to FALSELY accuse ME of sexual harassment...

Back in 2000 in fact.

Here is what led up to the event. I am an engineer. The company I work for yearly shows its products in a exhibition hosted in Las Vegas. It was about one month before the "big show" as everybody puts it.

My boss held a special meeting.

"As you all know, the show is in less than a month. I do not want anybody making any changes to any of the products. Doing so will just slow things down, and we need everything working in tip-top shape for the big show."

"If ANYBODY asks you to make a change - DO NOT DO IT. Come to me, and tell me immediately. There will be no product changes from this point on. Let me know if somebody asks you to make a product change, I will deal with it."

I was involved in three projects. One of them - my coworker was a woman named "N". I had finalized the build for the project I was working on with "N". I went to her cube to tell her about my final build.

"Oh, you need to change a bunch of stuff - that build you just did is not valid. A bunch of stuff has changed since then. You'll have to re-build it".

I was upset, "Who ordered that change?"

"Look, its no big deal, if you cannot handle it - I'll do it", she said.

"I can handle it, but the boss said there were to be no more changes - I need to inform him about who requested these changes and tell him - just like he ordered" I said.

She was angry now, "Why don't you just let me do it, since this is obviously way too much for you to handle!". She was yelling.

I left her cube. I started to think that maybe SHE was the one that made all the changes to the product - or at least, was covering up for who did, since she never told me who made or requested the changes.

She came by my cube a few moments later, "I am sorry for yelling at you".

"No worries - it is rush time, we're all under stress to get this done. I just wish you would tell me who made the changes, or at least tell the boss who made the changes" I said.

She started yelling all over again.

I threw my hands up as if to say - Don't Wanna Hear It. I turned around and went back to work ignoring her outburst.
After the big-show, I had a slew of packages that I had to build. 41 packages total. I got them on a Thursday morning - and it took 30 minutes to build each one. This means it would take me 20 and 1/2 hours to build them all - Thursday and Friday - there are only 8 hours in a work-day - this meant that I would be at work late the next two days.

Somebody from the Product Assurance department was bringing in a crew of people on the weekend to test all 41 packages. I had to have them built by Saturday morning.

I got an E-mail from "N" on Thursday morning. She was having problems with a certain aspect of the code - a section that I had recently reverse engineered. I had every intention of helping her - but - as recently mentioned, I was busy.

My reply was kind (this is actual CUT-AND-PASTE with some words removed - to prevent people from knowing too much about where I work):

I never actually implemented the STOP function for the that.

Getting that to work will actually be tricky (which is why I never actually did it).

When I get a chance (beginning of next week) - I will look at it and try to remember what would have been involved in adding the STOP functionality.

Thank You

P.S. - If you happen to figure it out in the meantime (or somebody else does) Please let me know - and maybe send me what was done to it. Thanks

She was having the same problem I was having with the code - except, she was being forced to do it now. I was busy until the beginning of next week.

She took the above E-mail WAY out of context, and immediately "flew around on her broomstick".

She was in C's cube (C is a man). We all work in cubicles - it is easy to overhear what others are saying. Especially for me - as I have exceptional hearing.

She said, "That is why I am going to go to HR and tell them he has been making advances towards me, and making obscene comments".

C replied, "You're being a bitch".

The whole floor went silent.

N said, "I'M being a bitch??"

C said, "Yeah, you're being a bitch."

The noise on the floor resumed. I overheard the whole conversation. She was going to FALSELY accuse me of "making advances" and "making obscene comments".

Unbelievable. All this for doing what the boss asked me to do.

I went for an early lunch. I went to a neighborhood bar and had several drinks at lunch. I kept thinking, "I'm gonna get fired because of some stupid bitch".

I came back to work, and continued building the packages. Good thing nobody smelled my booze-breath!

That night, Thursday, from 6:00pm until 10:00pm, I reverse engineered the code that she was having problems with, and implemented the "STOP" function.

I E-mailed her the file. And told her about the modifications I made to it. I did not get a reply - not even a "thanks".

The next night, Friday, I was at work from 8:00am until 8:00pm building the remaining packages.

The months that followed were horrific: I was getting called into my boss's office, my supervisor's office, my manager's office, the director's office - all because she was constantly bad-mouthing me to my superiors. I guess she let the "false-sexual-harassment" thing fly out the window with her broom-stick. Instead, she was simply bashing me to my superiors.

Why did I stay so late helping her out with the code she couldn't figure out?

Simple - I did not want to get fired.

The morals of this story:
  • Most women - when a confrontation arises - they do not let it go. They execute an evil vindictiveness that knows no bounds. To this day, she still bad-mouths me to my superiors any chance she gets. It was not until about 4 years ago that they started ignoring her.

  • Most modern women do not view the law as being a means of protecting others - or having anything to do with justice.

    Most modern women view the laws as a means of controlling, manipulating and punishing men - and NOTHING ELSE.

    In their minds, laws exist as tools at their disposal. Weapons and ammunition to be used in the fight against men.

Such laws include:
  • Domestic Violence Laws.
  • Sexual Harassment Laws.
  • Rape Shield Laws.
  • Violence Against Women Act
Many others - you get the point. It might seem like these laws are protecting people, but they are NOT. They are feminazi-style laws designed to do one thing: HURT MEN - PERIOD.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Where did I Screw Up? My Version of Womens Studies...

As an engineer, sometimes, a product gets out in the field with a bug in it. The bug is minor enough that no product recall is issued. However; being me, I have a nagging urge to find out "where I screwed up". That is, I want to find out where in the code I made a mistake - it haunts me.

When I was 35 or so, I was watching TV. There was a news story on about a MAN - a police officer or soldier that had been killed. The news said, "He is survived by a wife and X children".

I thought to myself, "he is survived"... That struck a chord in me. I never had any children. Why? I was a failure at meeting women when I was younger. I seemed to rub them the wrong way (refer to the following links).

Cruising Part I
Cruising Part II
My Only Blind Date

I did not get to "survive". In my youth, women made it clear to me that my "genes" were not worth passing on. A simple "hello" from me was typically met with extremely rude and verbally hostile responses. Even if I had children then, I would have been 53 when they graduated from high-school. Would I be alive at that age?

I know that many men reading this will tell me that the whole "survived" thing you hear on the news is a form of male-shaming - but let's be honest - children are a joy! Everybody I know that has children - talks about their children all the time. I have nephews, nieces etc - it is always a thrill for me to spend time with them.

I set out to find out why I seemed to rub women the wrong way when I was younger...

I came up with a screwball idea at first - post some pictures of me, along with a survey: Do you find this man repulsive - and if so - why?

I thought - nah, that is tacky - some 300 pound guy browsing the internet might be tempted to answer...

What I did was this: I set up profiles on Cupid, Match, E-Harmony and many other "dating" sites. I also spent all my spare time hanging out in coffee shops, book stores, night clubs and whatnot.

Before attempting this, I thought, "Its no good, I'll just get the same reaction as before - why bother - I won't meet any women this way."

I was wrong about that. I started dating women regularly. At the peak, I was getting to know at least one woman every other week. Often, I had two dates on the same day!

The questions I would regularly ask:

Tell me about your ex.
What was it about him that attracted you to him?
How was the relationship?
What do you think of pornography?

Why I asked about pornography - because I have always wondered why porn collections seemed to be exclusively male - how come no women participated? It seemed to me that women objected to porn more often than men. Why are movies that show people killing one another more acceptable than movies showing people having sex with one another?

Also, I had been in a relationship with a woman who was so hell-bent-for-leather against pornography - that whenever I heard about it on the news or whatever, I got sick to my stomach. This woman had gotten me wound up so tight about pornography, that I actually had some psychological issues with it that manifested themselves as physical ailments - something I pride myself on typically NOT having!

Early on, I met a serious psycho (read about it here). I talked to somebody - a psychologist - about the types of head-medications out there, and who I should avoid.

Here is the list he gave me:

To a lesser extent:

The encounter with her prompted me to add a question:

Do you take any head medications?

After meeting the lithium psycho - I noticed that all of them were taking head medications. I stopped asking "Do you take head medications?", and started asking:
"What type of head medications do you take?"

I advise any man meeting women to ask such a question, and use the list above as a reference!
Things I noticed overall:

Most of the women I met were in debt, or scraping by somehow. They viewed me not as a man or even a human being, but as a potential source of income.

They all had "diversions". That is, they had an excessive number of pets, were members of strange groups (like wicken cults), or had off-beat and pointless hobbies (an example of this - one woman I met had over 100 paint-by-numbers in her home - and typically bought a new one each week - "filling the void" - another woman had 6 dogs and 3 cats and a snake - I asked her if she was planning to build an "ark").

At the count of 44 (the 44th woman I met), 40 of them came from allegedly abusive relationships (who threw the first punch is another story). Strangely enough, the 4 that did not come from abusive relationships - had pornography collections. I thought this was strange (make love not war???). Were these women more interested in SEX than FIGHTING? Were they past the "sexual oppression" that our culture offers? And hence - acknowledged their craving for sex - instead of being a bitter twisted bundle of oppressed emotions?

Yes, 40/44 came from abusive backgrounds. I met women who had been:
Chased with a Machete
Had to have facial reconstructive surgery.
Had to go to the hospital multiple times

The list goes on...

Curious Side-Fact: Of all the women I met that had dogs, none of them picked up their dogs feces.

I had a notebook, and I kept track of all this information. No joke!
Hair color, eye color, phone number, body type, history of abuse, pornography stance, number of pets, head-medication, and any other information that I thought was pertinent.
A side story about my experiences:

At one point, I told a friend/coworker what I was doing (studying women). He got absolutely furious.
"WHY ARE YOU WASTING YOUR TIME DOING THAT!" He shouted at me. I am not positive about this, but I think that if he thought he could have physically overpowered me, his attitude would have turned physically violent.
He also said, "You're a f*cking idiot for wasting your time with that sh*t!" and, "You're acting like a faggot!" during his outburst.

"I'll do as I please - nobody's getting hurt". I told him.
Yes, our friendship ended...
Weird - why did he get so hostile???

We had been friends for 5 years - never an argument between us. When I tell him I am meeting as many women to as possible to study them - to figure out where I went wrong in my youth - he got verbally hostile - and I believe would have gotten physically violent if he were not aware of my martial arts training...
Here are some more noteworthy dates/experiences I feel are worth mentioning.

I Chose Not to Have Children
I Felt so Safe around Him
Maybe You Should Read a Book!
Just Kidding, I don't have one of those Blueberry Things!
You are Such a Bullsh*t Artist!
You are NOT 5'11"
WOOHOO! We're from Washington!
To her, I was more than a bank account
What was it about him that attracted you to him?

The responses I expected to this question were:

"He was really good-looking."
"He seemed to have a good future."
"I was totally attracted to him."
And even (yes I was deluded): "I was in love with him"

Did I get any of those?

Nope. Not once.

What were the typical answers? They are as follows:

I thought I could fix him.
He seemed like such a lost puppy dog.
He seemed so lost without me.
I felt like I had a lot to offer him.

Instead of describing men that they were romantically or lustfully infatuated with, the women kept describing men that were defective in some way or had shortcomings.

This surprised me. I wish I could say it made me feel better about myself - but it was no comfort to realize that the men they hooked up with were defective - my conclusion being - I was not defective when I was younger.

Hearing all the horror stories about how 15 million women are beaten by their husbands or partners every 0.5 seconds made me think that "the biggest, strongest and most aggressive" men get to breed.

That is, the men were simply more aggressive/violent - and hence, got the women.

I quickly came to realize a flaw in my thinking:


My flaw was: Aggressive men (go-getters) were getting the women. It was this aggressiveness that explained why domestic violence was so prevalent.

This is wrong. The women were picking men that they were trying to fix/assist/aide. When they failed to "fix" the men they chose, I have no doubt that they were the ones that became violent and initiated the domestic violence. I had seen such things happen to my friends, and I had it happen to me once.

You go right ahead and call me sexist - hiss and spit all you want:

When a man and a woman get into a physical altercation, the man will usually win. This is because the average man is stronger than the average woman. GROW THE HELL UP AND GET OVER IT.
The fact that women were picking the men made me wonder something else:

Since I was the aggressor in my youth typically - is that what was rubbing the young women the wrong way?

Were they all so hell-bent-for-leather on being the one that got to do the choosing that the idea of a man picking them was repulsive?

I wonder about this still...
My conclusions:

I did not screw up? Seriously??!!

Why were so many women CHOOSING defective men?

Why were there so many women who had done the "choosing" and now were full of spite or regret about their pasts?

After all the talk of "Women's Liberation" and all the bullsh*t about the "Career Woman" and "Feminism", why did women still view men (or at least me) as a bank account?

Why did it seem like women had no interest in men, unless they had more money?

Isn't that the opposite of what the last 50 years of feminazism had preached?

Sorry for the length of this post, but my journey into Women's studies left me with more questions than answers.

Good Video

A man with some serious BALLS!

Excellent points about this video:

The man NEVER makes any threats of physical violence.
The man NEVER makes physical contact with any of the women.
The women touch the man several times.
The women LIE and tell the officer that he has made threats.

This video imitates life.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Damned Good Article

Man Calls off Wedding When He Finds out How Much in Debt His Fiance is!!!



Of course, the article throws sympathy at the woman who was in debt - and makes excuses for her.

Despite all the bias, the man did the right thing.

The article is also misleading in regards to "prenuptial" agreements.

Get a phone book, look up lawyers. Call any of them. Ask them how to go about getting a prenuptial agreement.

The respectable ones will tell you the truth:

Nobody does prenuptial agreements anymore, because they get thrown out in court immediately.

Prenuptial lawyers started getting sued themselves. Why?

A man hires a lawyer to form a prenuptial agreement - it costs him money.

When the divorce occurs, that agreement is completely ignored by the judge - it gets thrown out the window.

The man still has some assets, and sues the panzy-a$$ lawyer who tricked him into believing a prenuptial agreement was worth more that 1/2 a cup of dog urine.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

To Her, I was More than a Bank Account with a Penis

I recant an excerpt from one of the many dates that I went on. The woman's name was K. She was slightly overweight, and had a 17-year old daughter. K invited me over to her house for margaritas and a movie.

The three of us were watching "War of the Worlds" with Tom Cruise. Very shortly into the movie, K got a phone call.

"I gotta take this, it's the Sheriff's department, they just found some of my property that was stolen - I have to talk to them for a while" she said.

I paused the movie; sipped my margarita; lit a cigarette.

Her daughter approached me and asked, "Can I have a light?"

I said, "Your mom lets you smoke?"

She said, "yeah".

I said, "I hate to give you a lecture, but as a responsible adult - smoking for years, I have to say - quit now - the older you get, the harder it gets to quit."

She asked me questions about what types of music I liked, what I did in my spare time. I told her about the music I make - and the games I program. She was immediately interested. I told her about my web-site, and she said she had already been there - and so had all of her friends...

I thought, she is obviously watching out for mom - trying to get to know the man her mom is currently dating.

She started asking me questions about my college days. She asked me what I majored in, what classes I liked the most.

As I told her more and more of my college experiences, I had her laughing. I told her about psychology, and what aspects of it interested me. I told her that when the topic of sexuality came up, everybody in the classroom started raising their hands and asking all kinds of questions about transsexuals, homosexuals, transvestites etc... That made her laugh more.

I also told her that one of the most exciting aspects of college - is that there is so much to learn on a University campus - and when I was first enrolling; I had a hard time deciding on what would be my major.

I told her about the "core" classes that could be applied to any major - and that she did not have to worry too much about what to major in until the 2nd semester usually.

She was smiling, and so was I.

I felt like somebody was actually interested in getting to know me - rather than being manipulative with sex - and sizing up my bank accounts.

Her mom came back into the room, we resumed the movie. I paid no attention to the movie - I just kept thinking - dang, to be almost starting college again - what I wouldn't give for that!

I also kept thinking about all the questions this young woman asked me, and how I seemed to "encourage" her with the thought of going to college. I found myself staring at her, and wondering what she would choose as her major - what kind of experiences she would have in college - would she graduate. I had a smile on my face the whole time.

She was laying belly-down on the floor, her mom and myself were seated in chairs.

Then it hit me. I was staring at a 17-year old girl with a shit-eating grin on my face.

"I gotta go - I forgot about something - I'll call you tomorrow".

I promptly left while B-S-ing my way through a barrage of questions about what it was I had forgotten.

I never went back (or called back).

What I got from this experience: It was extremely pleasant to have somebody inquisitive about me as a HUMAN BEING, and not a BANK ACCOUNT WITH A PENIS.

Of course, this young woman had no intentions of "hooking up" with me either...

"I Felt So Safe Around Him"

Another date I went on. A real freak-show I'll call D. D belonged to a wicken cult, and went out of her way to try to explain to me which "Harry Potter" school she would have belonged to. I simply responded to her ramblings with "wow".

She told me all kinds of horror stories about her ex husband - a police officer.

She told me that he put her into the hospital several times due to his violent nature.

Of course, I knew I was getting only one side of the story - who started the fight, what sparked the violence - was she even being honest about the hospital trips.

I asked the question (that I asked of all the women I dated), "What was it about him that attracted you to him?"

A twinkle appeared in her eye, she looked wistfully away, sighed and said, "I felt so safe around him."

It was like a scene from a princess movie or something (and a bad one at that).

The laughter came out of my nose first. I think I actually shot a bougar out of my nose.

"Safe from what? Not going to the hospital!?", I laughed.

She was NOT laughing. She looked angry and bitter.

I stopped laughing and looked around like saying, "uh oh - here it comes!"

She said, "I don't think that's funny. There's nothing funny about domestic violence. My support group told me that this happens all the time to all kinds of women YIP YIP YIP".

My brain shut off - all I heard was "EE BEE BEE. EE BEE BEE BEE BEE BEE. YIP YIP YIP". Like nails on a chalkboard.

She asked me to leave.

I started to get up, then I said, "No - you leave. You're the idiot here - not me".

Her face got even more angry. It looked like she was about to throw a first-class temper tantrum.

I sat back down, and looked her square in the eye - mentally I was saying, "Bring it".

She left.


This date - with a woman named "C".

I have to say - from the beginning, I was not impressed with her at all. We met on MATCH. She posted a picture of herself that was 10 years old.

Our first date - we went to a mexican restaurant Los Tres Hombres.

I ordered a quesadilla, she ordered a pitcher of margarita.

I said, "You really want that much booze?"

"YEAH!!" she said.

I ate my quesadilla, and had ONE margarita.

I spent much time watching her make a fool out of herself as she got smashed drunk off of her pitcher of margarita - afterwards, she got a taco. It was actually kind of embarrassing to be with her at the same table.

She had no kids, no exes - no serious relationships. I wondered why. I wanted to learn more about her. When she was younger - she was quite attractive - as the 10-year old photo of herself she posted on match revealed.

The next day (friday), she called me.

She kept telling me how bored she was and that she had no plans for the night. She kept asking me what I was doing. I thought - well, I have no plans either, and I want to know more about this woman...

I said, "neither of us are doing anything tonight, why do we get together and hang out or something."

She said, "OH MY GOD THAT IS SO RUDE!!!!"

I said, "huh?


"Why?" I asked.


I said, "Gosh, uh - I'm sorry, uh - whatever book that is in or whatnot, I have never..."


I thought, she called me - and hinted at me that she wanted me to ask her out... When I did, I get yelled at - WTF???


A few minutes later, the phone rang - I ignored it and continued playing "Grand Theft Auto Vice City".All in all, a fun "drama-psycho-bitch-free" evening!

Just Kidding! I Don't Have One of Those Blue-Berry Things.

I met a woman named "H" on cupid. She wanted to go to a bar I was familiar with. It was next to a grocery store that I took my martial arts instructor too often.

She said that she had a car, but her ex-husband was really particular about her using it.

I thought, "This one I gotta meet". Her ex-husband's car is her only mode of transportation - brother.

I picked her up at her house, and we went to the bar. On the way there, I asked her questions about the bar: Is it a dive bar? Gay bar? What kind of crowd went there? She told me it was just a normal bar. I was concerned because it was in a less than note-worthy section of town.

Once in the bar, she pulled out a blackberry, and started typing heartily on it.

I looked around the bar. There were several other women typing on their blackberries.

I shook my head in disbelief.

Our drinks came. I started talking to her, and asking the usual questions.

Sometimes she would answer, other times, she would hold her hand up and give the "just a minute" signal as she typed on her Blackberry.

I asked who she was talking to.

She said, "Another guy I met on cupid - hang on".

I said, "Really - which guy?"

She said, "actually, there are a couple of guys that keep hounding me for dates - I am talking to them now."

She showed me the screen. She was actually FLIRTING with other guys from cupid - while she was on a date with me.
I said, "Let me get my blackberry - it's in my car."

She looked up, "You have a blackberry?"

"Yeah! Let me go get it - hang on..."

I walked out to my car. Started the engine - and drive off quickly.

I left her stranded there with no transportation. I felt she deserved a lot worse for her conduct.

You are Such a Bullsh*t Artist!

My encounter with a woman named "S". We met at a coffee shop. Things went well. She was extremely pleasant. We exchanged phone numbers, and agreed to meet again.

The second meeting went well again. I got the usual responses to my questions about her "ex" - "he seemed so lost without me". He was of course abusive - and she looked down at the ground while saying, "I have no idea why he would get mad at me sometimes". Avoiding eye contact is a sign of lying. I continued to study this one.

Anyway, after three dates going very well, one day at lunch I got a very nasty phone call from her.

"I think you are a total bullsh*t artist!".

That is what she kept saying over and over - while throwing in some other profanities and shouting a bit.

I kept asking her, "What did I say that you think is bullsh*t exactly?"

All we had done is exchange trivial information - about exes and favorite movies, careers, what we liked/hated about our jobs, how much money I made, etc...

I had had enough, "Look, I am sorry you feel that way - this is over."

I hung up the phone.

Later that evening I got another call from her.

She wanted to apologize to me - it seems that she had run out of "lithium" earlier that day (her pharmacy did not fill her prescription until 4:00pm or so - she expected to have it at 9:00am), and the phone call I got was the result of her not getting her "happy pills".

"Well, I accept your apology" I said.

"So, can we like - get together for coffee or something this weekend?" she asked.

"Nope", I said, "Lunch today was scary - don't need that kind of drama in my life - I accept your apology for your outburst - now - do not call me anymore."



Stay away from women taking any of these head-medications:
  • Lithium
  • Seroquel
  • Resperidol
  • Geodon
  • Naldol
  • Lamictal

To a lesser extent:
  • Wellbutrin
  • Prozac
  • Valium

Those lists came from a PROFESSIONAL PSYCHOLOGIST that I spoke to about this incident.
CORRECTION: the above sentence should read:
THAT LIST (referring to the first list) came from a PROFESSIONAL PSYCHOLOGIST that I spoke to about this incident.

You are NOT 5'11"!

A date with "K".

Her ex-husband was a drug addict that overdosed. She explained to me that when she was younger, she thought that the way to be "popular" with people was to act like a slut. Definitely a specimen worth studying. I learned a lot about her through our phone conversations.

This one was through cupid. We talked on the phone extensively, and decided to meet at Cheng's for lunch on a Sunday.

I drove into the parking lot. There was a red-headed woman sitting in a beat-up pick-up truck smoking a Marlboro cigarette.

I approached the truck, "K?"

She said, "Hi Richard. Let me finish smoking my cigarette, then we'll go in."

"No worries - how's your morning been?" I asked.

"Good", she put out her cigarette, and stepped out of the truck.

I started into the restaurant. She was right behind me.

"You are NOT five-foot-eleven!" she said bitterly.

"What?" I said.

She was a little huffy, "I am like 5'9", and I am taller than you!"

I said, "Here, stand against this wall". We stood against the wall of the restaurant. I was about 1/2 an inch taller than her.

I pointed down to her shoes, "See those big wooden klogs you are wearing - they are like 2 inches tall almost - I am like 2 and 1/2 inches taller than you that means...".

She still looked disgusted.

"Do you believe that I am 5'11" now?"

"Yeah, okay." she said.

We started heading to the door of the restaurant again. I stopped and turned to face her. "Hey K."

She said, "Yeah".

"Enjoy your lunch OK?", I gave her the "peace" signal.

I walked back to my car, got into it, and left.

WOOHOO! We're From Washington!

A woman kept screaming in the Sapphire Lounge inside the Harrah's Casino.

She was definitely making a complete spectacle of herself. She was in the lounge with her big ripped muscle-ridden boyfriend. It was nothing I hadn't seen before: Women making asses out of themselves in clubs.Obnoxious Women
Words of wisdom from SCARECROW:
"Grown Women Crave Affection, Little Girls Crave Attention"

I kept thinking, "Nobody cares - stop making an ass out of yourself."

I ordered another drink from the bartender.

ASIDE: In case anybody is wondering - I am not a beer drinker - I drink martinis, margaritas, or various other mixed drinks. I have met men who will only order beer for fear of "looking gay". When they say this to me, "I cannot drink martinis - people will think I am gay",. I respond with, "Oh, you mean you're not." It feels so damned good to be a smart-a$$.

"WOO-HOO, we're from Washington!", the woman shouted again.

The bartender handed me my drink, "Hey, did you know that she is from Washington?"

I responded, "Yeah, I have heard rumors about that - and I think they might actually be true".

The bartender looked disgusted.

I sipped my drink, lit a cigarette, and reflected on my life. After a while, the loud and obnoxious woman came over to me.

"Can I have a cigarette?" she asked.

The pack was sitting on the bar. I picked it up and opened it. Then, I thought, why?

"No", I replied.

"Why not?" she asked angrily.

With a sour look on my face I said, "Because I don't like you". And I didn't.

She looked like all those other empty-headed yet conceited bimbo's that were:
too good to talk to me.
were "out of my league"
Had no interest - since I am not psychotic.
You get the idea.

The bartender had a surprised look on his face - as if saying, "Wow, and here I thought you were the type to just cater to anything with a vagina".

She went off - back to her boyfriend. My eyes followed her as she went.

She talked to her boyfriend briefly.

The big muscle-ridden man sat up from their table and started walking towards me.

I thought to myself, "You gotta be kidding me - this for a cigarette - well, whatever, come get some buff-boy."

I unzipped jacket, and prepared for a physical confrontation.

The bartender stepped in, "Unless you and your loud-mouthed girlfriend want to have security escort you out the door - you can sit your ass right back down NOW!".

I was stunned. The muscle man sat back down and sulked with a frown on his face.

I was thinking. Insignificant me. I do not look threatening - but who knows, I could have a gun, tazer, pepper spray, or a knife on my person. I might have even had something far worse than a conventional weapon - something that only an intelligent mind twisted by a life of bad experiences would have dreamed up for personal protection.

This muscle-man was willing to risk physical confrontation with a "lone stranger" in a bar - just to get his obnoxious girlfriend a cigarette. How stupid is that?

Do I blame that man for his girlfriend's behavior?

No I do not. Women are sentient beings. They are responsible for their own actions. And, SHE obviously had INFLUENCE over HIM. PERIOD!

Would I call him a mangina? Nah, I would however call him an IDIOT, a LOSER, a DUMB-A$$ etc...

My First and Only Blind Date

After being beaten down by my bad experiences cruising (here and here), and the bad attitudes I encountered at the college I attended - I honestly wanted nothing to do with women at the age of 23 (although, I couldn't help but find many of them attractive).

I figured it was something that was not going to happen in my life.

One day, when I was 23 (1993), I got a phone call.

A woman was on the other end, "Richard?"
"Yes, this is Richard - who is this?"
"My name is Shelly - this is kind of weird, I was going through some of my stuff, and I found one of Nichole's old phone books."
"It just seems like we have never met - Nichole was a friend of mine - I am wondering... who are you?"
"Oh, well, Aaron is my friend, and he and Nichole dated forever, and got married - I hung out with Aaron a lot, and sometimes both of them."
"Oh, okay - well, I guess that answers that", she giggled a bit.
"Okay - uh - have a nice day".
"You too".

We hung up. A few minutes later, the phone rang again.

I answered, "Hello".
It was the woman again, "I just had a crazy idea."
"Okay - what is your crazy idea?"
"How would you like to go on a blind date with me?"
"UGH. That is really not a good idea - I seem to rub women the wrong way - I do not know if I am unattractive or what - but it's not a good idea."
"Oh come on, you cannot be that bad..."
"No, I have to say no. Look, we can get together with Aaron and Nichole - go bowling or something."
"Ah, nah, that doesn't sound fun to me."
"Well, the answer is no - I gotta go".
"Oh, okay - bye"

We both hung up. I called Nichole.

"Hey, it's Rich - how much do you know about Shelly?"
"Oh, Shelly - why?"
"She says she came across one of your old phonebooks, and my name was in it - she was curious about me, and she just invited me on a blind date."
"Hey - cool Rich - that's great - Shelly is cool, you'll have fun."
"Well, actually, I turned her down."
"I do not do well with women - you know that."
"OK - let me tell you - Shelly is like way different - you should have accepted."
"Ok - whatever - I gotta go."

We hung up. I sat wondering, what if.... The phone rang.

It was the woman again, "OK, Here is the deal, I am really bored, and I am actually going to BEG you to come over. I have never been on a blind date, and I think this will be fun."
Keeping in mind what Nichole told me I said, "Well, alright - want to meet somewhere?"
"Actually, I do not have a car - can you come by and pick me up?"
"OK, sure, where do you live?"

She gave me directions to her house. I drove there - not expecting anything.

I approached the door; rang the doorbell.

One of the most beautiful blond haired women I have ever seen answered the door. She was thin, and had large breasts.

"Richard?" she said laughing.
"Yeah, I'm Richard - you are Shelly I take it".
"Oh my god." she said and she put her hands over her mouth.

She invited me in, and said, "excuse me a minute", giggling. She had two friends over, a man and a woman - they all went off down a hallway.

I shouted, "Mind if I smoke?"
A muffled, "Go ahead, we all smoke, ashtrays are on the table".

I lit a cigarette; smoked the whole thing.

I waited 15 minutes.

I smoked another cigarette.

I waited 5 more minutes.

The woman came out, "Ok, here's the deal... Were are going to stay here, and you're gonna take off."

I said with a smile, "This blind date gets weirder by the minute. Are you sure that's how this blind date stuff works?"

She sighed.

She paused for a minute and said, "I'm sorry... you are really unattractive - and I'm like - a hot chick - I'd be embarrassed to be seen with you."

My face went blank - I didn't say anything. I just turned around and left. When I got home, I played some video games.

I kept thinking - man, I should have listened to my instincts - I would have saved some time (and grief).

In case anybody is wondering just how unattractive I was - here is a photo of me when I was 23 (tuning my first guitar - a Peavey T60).

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Some Funny Pictures I Made!

I got incredibly bored one day, and on several other days too.
I made these sets of funny pictures:

Funny Pictures
DE-motivational Feminist Posters 1
DE-motivational Feminist Posters 2
DE-motivational Feminist Posters 3
DE-motivational Feminist Posters 4
Feminist Nonsense
Wacky Western Women
Feminist Sayings
Hillary Clinton
Anti-Feminist Pictures
Nancy Grace
Dr. Phil
Feminism Buttons
Wicked Naughty Me!

My personal favorite of all time is this one:
Best Feminist Quote Ever

Wicked Naughty Me!

Feel Free to Download and Distribute!

Truth About Women
feminist motivational

Better Half of Feminism
feminist motivational

Busty Feminist
busty feminist

Feminist T-Shirt
feminist t-shirt

Feminist T-Shirt
feminist t-shirt

Feminist Pride
feminist pride

Feminist T-Shirt
feminist t-shirt

Sex Trafficking
sex trafficking

Intelligent Feminist
intelligent feminist

Feminist Demonstration
feminist demonstration


Feminist T-Shirt
feminist t-shirt


Miscellaneous Funny Pictures

Feel Free to Download and Distribute!

Feminist Marriage
feminist marriage

Feminist Marriage
feminist marriage

Feminist Marriage
feminist marriage

Feminists Talking
feminists talking

Feminists Talking
feminists talking

Feminists Talking
feminists talking

Fish Bicycle
fish bicycle

Todd Goldman
Todd Goldmann

Todd Goldman
Todd Goldmann

Men are from Mars
Men are from Mars


Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods

American Women Suck