Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I bought some new books.

I just ordered Christina Hoff Summer's books:

Who Stole Feminism
The War Against Boys

I ordered them, because I understand that they are excellent references that refute many male-bashing claims.

If anybody out there can recommend other books that REFUTE MALE-BASHING CLAIMS - please let me know.


Monday, August 30, 2010

A Big List of Male-Bashing LIES, DECEPTIONS and FALSEHOODS!

What follows is a list of lies, falsehoods and deceptions that in my opinion have either poisoned women's minds with hatred of men or pedestalized women.

I hope that anybody reading this will CONTRIBUTE to the list - because I am sure that I missed quite a few!

Wife-beating is a major cause of birth defects

Domestic Violence is most common in Marriages

The Majority of Stalkers are Men

Feminism Liberated Women

150000 Women Die Each Year From Anorexia

The Lady Justice Statue

Men are Afraid of Intimacy

Men Have a Hard Time Expressing Their Feelings

Men are Afraid of Commitment

Labeling Certain Ads as Degrading to Women

In Older Times, Women were not Allowed to have Careers

The Passing of V.A.W.A.

Men and Women must Register for Selective Services

Only Men Start Wars

30% of Yearly Hospital Visits by Women are because of Domestic Violence

Women Only Commit Domestic Violence in Self-Defense

Flood of Public Service Announcements and Commercials Pertaining to Domestic Violence

False Accusations of Domestic Abuse are Rare

False Accusations of Rape are Rare

Three Lies about Rape

The 'Rule of Thumb'

25% of Women will be Raped While Attending College

Women Earn 75 cents for Each Dollar a Man Earns for doing the SAME WORK

A 'Nice Guy' is a self-serving whiny manipulative man

Female Virgins are 'Pure'

Flood of Levitra, Cialis, and Viagra Commercials

In Older Times, Women were not Allowed to get College Degrees

The Reason Women Wear Makeup is to Cover Up Bruises from their Domestically Violent Male Partners

The Reason Men ask Women to Shave 'downstairs' is because they fantasize about having sex with children

LIE: Feminism Liberated Women, or Empowered Them

This statement is just laughable. Women have always held jobs, got educations, or done what they want. The one exception might be the right to vote - however, the voting right was always about CLASS and not gender - as originally it was restricted to landowners. In addition, it wasn't feminists that gave women the right to vote - it was MEN.

Feminism has made it so that most women are now FORCED to work whether they want to or not.

That is, because of the dual income household, the price of houses and automobiles exploded in the 80's. This means that there are very few men earning enough money to give women the FREEDOM to be a housewife.

This has not given women MORE freedom, it has taken freedom away from women.

Common sense prevails as well. Get out and meet today's women. Most of them are taking strong head medications, lead stressful lives as they juggle raising kids and career, carry spite and malice towards the opposite sex in an attempt to blame men rather than themselves for their stress, and hence have unsatisfying love-lives as well. The list goes on.

This is not LIBERATION. This is the exact opposite of LIBERATION!

Since women will see feminism as their liberator, anybody criticizing it or condemning it will instantly be labeled as a "woman hater" (i.e. what kind of a monster wants to enslave women right?).
This has effectively painted most modern women into a corner of hostility and irrationality.

LIE: 150,000 women die each year of starvation in America simply because they are trying to be thin and attractive to men.

This is a funny one:

Feminists have claimed that 150,000 women DIE each year because of anorexia.

The actual figures of deaths per year FROM ALL EATING DISORDERS can be obtained from this link:

It states quite clearly that in 2002 there were 159 deaths where an eating disorder was either the PRIMARY cause of death, or a contributing factor of death.
In 2003, 147 deaths.
in 2004, 161 deaths.
in 2005, 134 deaths.
In a 4-year period, that is a total of 601 deaths from ALL EATING DISORDERS in a 4-year period.
You would have to multiply that number by 250 to get the 150,000 that the feminist's claim.

Binge Eating Disorder - overeating - this is the most common eating disorder.
Bulimia Nervosa - cycle of over-eating, induced vomiting, under-eating. 2nd most common
Anorexia Nervosa - under-eating - 3rd most common eating disorder!

Here is where it gets funny:

How did the feminists come up with 150,000 per year?
Here is a quote from http://fathersforlife.org/health/anorexia8.htm

"I called the American Anorexia and Bulimia Association and spoke to Dr. Diane Mickley, its president. 'We were misquoted,' she said. In a 1985 newsletter the association had referred to 150,000 to 200,000 'sufferers' not 'fatalities' of anorexia nervosa."

This means that her research concluded 150,000 to 200,000 CASES of anorexia per year. Her research was misquoted as being 150,000 to 200,000 FATALITIES per year.

It is disgusting how feminist's misquote actual research to install fear and hatred in people.

Women will believe that women are being brainwashed - not to hate men, but rather to cater to them. Indeed, women will think that society forces women to be so "hell bent for leather" to look absolutely perfect that there is actually an epidemic of starvation in a land of plenty.

This causes women to be even less compliant with men - and more antagonizing. Since they believe that so many women are actually starving themselves to death just to appeal to men, they feel that THEY are the ones that are the "disposable sex".

This in turn will also make them less compliant sexually with men - as they now believe that women's health is viewed by society as expendable for a man's sexual appetite. The grim fact is, men are viewed as expendable - and their sexuality - is viewed as repugnant. B.S. like this factoid helps to make male sexuality more repugnant in the eyes of women.

DECEPTION: The Lady Justice Statue

Lady JusticeLady Feminazi

Ever wonder why justice in this country is constantly MISS-represented as a statue of a woman? I don't. In this country, there is a serious misconception about women. That they are all very pure and innocent. Being so pure and innocent - they of course have a much greater sense of justice don't they?


Looking at our country today, and speaking to women, you'll see that women typically have no sense of justice whatsoever. Brain-washed by idiotic talk-shows like Geraldo Rivera, Ricky Lake and Oprah, justice to them is not something to be worked through with logic and evidence. It is something to be worked through with emotions and opinions.

"I am woman - I can do no wrong!"
Since justice is MISS-represented as being a woman, many women have a greater sense of entitlement to who is right and who is wrong. This makes them seriously dysfunctional in relationships - they will callously brush truth and logic aside, and argue their over-emotional outbursts with undue passion. All because they have a sense of entitlement to being more "just" then their male counterparts.

LIE: Men are Afraid of Intimacy

Show me the study - there isn't one.

Intimacy is not the problem: women are. Again, this statement conveniently leaves out 50% of the equation - women.
It would be more accurate to say, "Men are afraid of being intimate with the wrong woman". We will not hear this however, because it would hold women accountable - something that is not tolerated in our society.

This gives women a sense of hopelessness in establishing a relationship with a man.
Of course, if they do establish a relationship, anything that goes wrong will always be the man's fault - since they are the ones with all the flaws.

LIE: Men have a Hard Time Expressing Their Feelings

Show me the study. More B.S. from various talk-show hosts, and bimbo's who got degrees in psychology in Mexico!

This is merely a way for women to invalidate the feelings that the men in their lives have in order to not have to deal with them. That is, it is much easier to be in a relationship with an uncaring and unemotional person, than not.
To admit that the people around have feelings is to admit that you can affect those feelings. This would require women to be held accountable for their actions - something most refuse to do.

Men's feelings are invalidated. This results in a princess like syndrome: "My feelings are the only ones that matter".
This is why many women today are nothing short of emotional terrorists.

LIE: Men are Afraid of Commitment

Some women, feminists, men, pseudo-psychologists and many other people in the media all claim that men are afraid of commitment.

This statement is jack-assed. Men are not afraid of commitment. Men are afraid of being committed to the WRONG woman.Modern Marriage

With the over-whelming majority of women in this country being brain-washed on a daily basis to hate them, that equates to pretty much any woman being the WRONG woman.
Modern Marriage
Ultimately, this means that men are afraid of women - or more specifically, what women in this country have become - whether they are aware of it or not.
Modern Marriage
Everyday, there are more and more women taking medications for extreme mental and emotional disorders. Everyday, there are more and more man-hate filled slogans filling stores. Everyday, there are more and more male-bashings on T.V.

Even a complete idiot would be afraid of committing himself to a woman that has been brain-washed to hate him for being what he is.

More truth reveals that women initiate over 66% of divorces. Women are even more prone to file for a divorce if there are children in the relationship.

With that being true, it seems that women are more afraid of commitment than men.

As always, women are blameless.

We do not say that men are afraid of hate-filled modern women.

No, we say they are afraid of commitment.

As I mentioned, the statement is jack-assed. It removes all responsibility from women.

If its true that men are afraid of commitment, then guess what - something must be wrong with the women they have to be committed to.

DECEPTION: Labelling Certain Ads as being Objectifying or Degrading to Women

Many feminists and others claim that many T.V. commercials, bill-boards, and other media are degrading or disrespectful to women because they hyper-sexualize them, or portray them as sex-objects.HOT!
Such ads range from women's lingerie, to fast food commercials. A scantily clad woman is shown, or a woman is shown in a sexually suggestive position or context.

Sex sells. Whether or not such commercials are effective or appropriate is not the issue here.
Example: Showing a woman in a sexually suggestive position to advertise a new type of spatula may be a questionable advertising tactic, but it does not warrant censorship simply because it is sexually suggestive.

Showing a well-formed woman scantily clad or even naked is not degrading to women. The only things that are truly degrading to women are the actions of other women.

If anything, such ads are exploiting and degrading to the male sex drive.HOT!
By showing half-naked women to sell products, they are in fact exploiting a man's natural desire for women, that is, they are exploiting the man's sex-drive.
Male heterosexuality is vilified, demonized, and exploited - all under the guise of women being the ones who are exploited.
Men getting sexually aroused by the sight of an attractive or sexually suggestive woman is a NORMAL MALE SEXUAL RESPONSE.

To suggest otherwise is bigoted and childish.

By labeling such things as degrading or disrespectful to women, they are labeling the male sex response as degrading or disrespectful to women.

Using images of healthy, attractive people is a commonplace advertising tactic. If showing a well-formed women is "objectifying" to them, then showing a well-formed man must be just as bad.

Where does the line get drawn?

If we show a picture of a dog eating some dog food, we are being degrading to dogs, shamelessly showing them all as being "eating objects".

This attitude obviously came from some very warped minds. One has to wonder why the male sex response is such a threat to them. Or, why healthy and attractive people are seen by them as something that must be censored.

Billboards that show half-naked men are of course, not degrading or objectifying to men. Even images that are seriously derogatory to men are not labeled as being such.

LIE: In Older Times, Women Were not Allowed to have Careers

The erroneous belief that in days past, women were not allowed to have careers, or be part of the workforce.
Modern Housewife
I personally did research on this. I found a few examples of women that were doctors and dentists in the 1800's:

First Female Dentist
Female Doctor Born in 1892
Female Doctor in 1884

This was difficult to research, but I did not find any evidence that the women listed above were persecuted in anyway for the careers that they chose. I also found no evidence that they were outcasts of society.
I also found no evidence of any laws that existed that prevented women from holding careers.

Young women will now believe that in addition to receiving beatings with sticks no bigger around than thumbs, they were also not allowed to get jobs.

And of course, what is it that liberated women? Feminism of course (or women's liberation).

This will convince women that hating men (or becoming a feminist) is the way to gain independence.

This also disproves the lie that "Women were not allowed to earn college degrees" - as doctors and dentists are professions requiring higher education.

DECEPTION: Passing of the "Violence Against Women Act"

The details of what this "act" does are irrelevant. Its very title suggests that there is so much violence against women in our country that such a law is necessary.Hillary Clinton
For every woman who is the victim of a violent crime, there are three men that are victims of violent crimes.

Women initiate domestic violence against their partners just slightly more than men do.

From the CDC website:
This states that about 25% of relationships will experience violence.
Of those, 50% are reciprocally violent (both partners are violent).
50% are non-reciprocally violent (only one partner is violent).
of the non-reciprocally violent relationships, the women is the agressor 70% of the time.

I will do the math:

Of 100 people, 25 will experience violence.
12.5 will be in reciprocally violent relationships - 6.25 will be men, 6.25 will be women.
12.5 will be in non-reciprocally violent relationships.
70% of those the women is the violent one - 0.7 * 12.5 = 8.75.
30% of those the man is the violent one - 0.3 * 12.5 = 3.75.
Now, we add the women - 6.25 + 8.75 = 15.0.
Then, we add the men - 3.75 + 6.25 = 10.0.
This means that for every 10 violent men, there are 15 violent women in relationships.

The existence of such a sexist law accomplishes a few things:

It cheapens violence that is aimed at men. I.E. since a law exists prohibiting violence against women but not men, violence aimed at men must be a lesser crime.
It's very existence implies that violence against women is commonplace.
It places women's citizenship above men's citizenship. Something akin to the "Ku Klux Klan" passing a "Violence Against White People Act".
The passing of bigoted laws is acceptable when it's in the favor of women.
Again, a seed of distrust is placed in women against men. At the same time, it is perfectly acceptable to cheapen men and their rights and citizenship status to 2nd class.

LIE: Both Men and Women must Register for Selective Services

feminism is fascism
Only MEN are required to register for selective services.

Feminists would like everybody to believe that they are fighting for equality. The fact that they do not complain about inequality in their favor shows that equality is NOT their agenda.

The grim fact is, selective services was about the only "unfair" law at the time that women's liberation started.

By convincing women that feminism and women's liberation stand for equality - and not injustice - young women are more tempted to join such organizations.

Also, they convince young women that feminism and women's liberation are not hate movements, but rather, stand for equality.

LIE: Only Men have to Register for Selective Services because only Men Start Wars

No study has ever been done to support this fact. It is female bigotry at its worst.

Both sexes start wars.
Women have contributed as much to war as they have to science, medicine, literature or anything else.
76% of women supported the Gulf War invasion.
87% of men supported the Gulf War invasion.
Women leaders (i.e. politicians) have supported wars.
Women have sat on draft boards.
Women have publicly shamed men who refused to go to war by giving them a white feather as a sign of their 'unmanliness' during the White Feather Campaign.

By convincing people that only men start wars, it further demonizes men in the eyes of women. It also helps to enforce other wrong-headed statements about domestic violence and rape.

In addition to this, it wrongly places total innocence on women - the mere statement itself argues that women do not start wars.

LIE: 30% of Yearly Hospital Visits by Women are the Result of Domestic Violence

This is a damning statistic to men. It says that men are so abusive that almost a third of the women that are sent to the hospital each year are there because men are violent animals.

Feminists enjoy using this statistic. There are many other statistics derived from this one; such as:
[X] women are sent to the Hospital every [Y] seconds...

This statistic was REMOVED FROM the FHHS (Federal Heath and Human Services) in 2005. When the FHHS tried to determine where the statistic came from in the first place, they couldn't!

The CDC (Center for Disease Control) now claims that ALL forms of physical violence account for about 3% of yearly hospital visits. This means that domestic violence must account for less than 3%.

The CDC claims that automobile accidents and even animal attacks are more prevalent than domestic violence.

With such a damning statistic (a wrong one) in the hands of feminists, they have placed another seed of distrust in women against men. Women will now believe that there is no shortage of men who commit acts of violence against women. Again, they demonize men in the eyes of women by placing lies in schools and in the media.

False statistics like this one are what helped to convince people to pass V.A.W.A. (The Violence Against Women Act). V.A.W.A. is a clearly sexist law that states that in any domestic violence situation, when a phone call is made, the man must be arrested.

Of course, such a law is OUTRAGEOUSLY sexist, yet, it got passed - with no objections from women who claimed themselves to be "fighting for equality". Men helped pass this law too. There is no sane man who would not be shocked by the 30% statistic listed above - shocked enough into believing that such a sexist law is necessary.

The feminists have used this false statistic to install a sense of fear in women, and guilt in men. That fear and guilt boiled to such an extent that INEQUALITY IN THE LAW was the result.

Very effective hate-mongering tactics indeed. To have so many people so brain-washed as to pass a sexist law against men - all in the names of equality and justice...

LIE: Women only Commit Domestic Violence in Self-Defense

This statement was purely speculative and had no basis in fact. All credible studies that have been done on this topic show that women are just as violent as men, and, they commit acts of violence against their partners for the same reasons as men.
Man Hater

Women commit domestic violence for the same reasons that men do.
In a study, men and women both gave the same reasons for assaulting their partners. The most common reason was, "to get through to them".
(Carrado, "Aggression in British Heterosexual Relationships; A Descriptive Analysis," Aggressive Behavior, (1996) 22: 401-415.)

Women cannot do any wrong. It is assumed that any violence a woman commits is in self-defense.
This further demonizes men too, as since the domestic violence women commit is in self-defense, it means that the man must have initiated the violence.

DECEPTION: The Constant Flood of Domestic Violence Commercials and Public Service Announcements that Portray Demonizing Stereotypes of Men and Wrong-H

If you watch any domestic violence video, in commercial form, or even a police training video, you'll notice that the information presented is incorrect, and the man is ALWAYS marked as the villain.


Women commit domestic violence for the same reasons that men do.
In a study, men and women both gave the same reasons for assaulting their partners. The most common reason was, "to get through to them".
(Carrado, "Aggression in British Heterosexual Relationships; A Descriptive Analysis," Aggressive Behavior, (1996) 22: 401-415.)

By showing only violent men, and no violent or hysterical women on such ads, they are painting a warped picture of men being monsters and women being saints.

This instills fear and mistrust of men in women.

Since no abusive women are shown in such videos, it re-inforces the "I am woman, I can do no wrong" attitude.

Well, I did a search on YOUTUBE for "Domestic Violence". Below are the search results. Each one show:

Whether or not an angry or violent man was shown or implied.
Whether or not an angry or violent woman was shown or implied.
Whether or not a beaten man was shown or implied.
Whether or not a beaten woman was shown or implied.
I also tried to identify which ones had FALSE or MISLEADING statistics in them.

VIEWSYouTubeDescriptionAngry ManAngry WomanBeaten ManBeaten WomanFalse Stats
285,977LINKAustralian man hands another man a bat!YesNoNoNoNo
58,993LINKMovie clip with Farrah FaucetYesNoNoYesNo
13,432LINKMusic with pictures of beaten womenNoNoNoYesNo
70,279LINKRapper on Domestic ViolenceYesNoNoYesNo
258,322LINKWaitress spills coffee on a man.YesNoNoYesNo
28,755LINKA Woman leaves an abusive relationship.YesNoNoYesNo
513,969LINKClip from a movie.YesNoNoYesNo
10,464LINKA Woman crying...YesNoNoYesYes
7,722LINKMusic Video?????
33,675LINKMovie Clip - a man abusing a womanYesNoNoYesNo
???LINKSet of Videos about Female ViolenceNoNoNoNoNo
2,848LINKPanel Discussion about Domestic Violence on Children?????
1,573LINKTwo Women talk about Getting Beat UpYesNoNoYesNo
3,917LINKVarious ImagesYesNoNoYesNo
23,809LINKIslamic Sermon about Domestic ViolenceNoNoNoNoNo
58,533LINKPatrick Stewart Domestic ViolenceYesNoNoYesYes
???LINKLink to Series of Public Service Announcements?????
46,325LINKMedia Hype about Rhianna/Chris BrownYesNoNoYesNo
4,694LINKText PresentationNoNoNoNoYes
110,929LINKA Child's Tea PartyYesNoNoYesNo
31,387LINKShows a beaten womanNoNoNoYesNo
1,712LINKOne Woman's StoryYesNoNoYesNo
6,242LINKWOW! A Men's Rights Group Sues!NoNoYesNoNo
16,087LINKNear the end - Its talks about Domestic ViolenceYesNoNoYesNo
76,118LINKInterview with a WomanYesNoNoYesYes
9,835LINKA Man Getting HitNoYesYesNoNo
4,694LINKIdentical to the one above with 4,694 views.NoNoNoNoYes
217LINKA Seminar - all female speakers.?????
4,596LINKSea-Lion Domestic Violence.NoNoNoNoNo
19,280LINKA Fair Approach.YesYesYesYesYes
19,047LINKShows Violent Men.YesNoNoYesNo
11,906LINKOnly shows Violence against women.YesNoNoYesNo
5,607LINKImages of Beaten Women.NoNoNoYesNo
6,071LINKSome more False statistics...NoNoNoNoYes
2,110LINKMore images of Beaten Women...NoNoNoYesNo
8,134LINKGay Men Domestic Violence Polar Plunge???????
5,883LINKStory of a woman in India.YesNoNoYesNo
6,511LINKMemorial for a Woman.YesNoNoYesNo

Here are the stats:

55%Show or imply an angry or violent man.
5%Show or imply an angry or violent woman.
8%Show or imply a man getting hit.
63%Show or imply a woman getting hit.

And - 18% Have FALSE or MISLEADING statistics!
The problem is, just over 50% of all Domestic Violence is perpetrated by WOMEN!
One thing in particular I noticed: Most videos almost literally show a woman with a halo above her head, and a man wearing demon horns. That is, mis-leading stereotypes of both men and women were being shown in the videos - deragotory ones for men, excessively positive ones for women. Also, the videos rarely showed an argument leading up to violence. Most simply implied that men just hit women for no reason whatsoever. And of course, women never hit men.

Talk about mis-representation!

LIE: False Accusations of Domestic Violence or Child Abuse are Rare

Measuring false accusations is very difficult. This statement NEVER had any basis in fact. There was no credible study that was done to support this false-fact. It was purely speculative, yet it has been taken as gospel in our society.

During divorce proceedings, false accusations of domestic violence, child abuse, or restraining order abuse, are common.

Men can be arrested, jailed, restricted from the homes, or restricted from their bank accounts WITHOUT DUE PROCESS

More than 50% of child sexual abuse allegations are unsubstantiated.
(Eckenrode, Powers, "Substantiation of child abuse and neglect reports, Journal of Consulting & Clinical Psych., 1998, 56, 9-16; Lewis, "Reliability rather than zealotry," Summer 1996, Kentucky Bench & Bar, 60, 23-30.)

Women who falsely accuse men of such things are RARELY prosecuted.

Women can do no wrong. Anything a woman says must be taken as an absolute truth.

LIE: False Accusations of Rape are Rare or Non-Existant

Measuring false accusations is very difficult. This statement NEVER had any basis in fact. There was no credible study that was done to support this false-fact. It was purely speculative, yet it has been taken as gospel in our society.

Almost every month, a man is cleared of rape charges after having been imprisoned for years - due to DNA testing.

A study conducted by the United States Air-Force found that more than 25% of women who accused men of rape recanted their story just before taking, or after FAILING a lie-detector test.
Ultimately, the study concluded that 60% of rape allegations were FALSE.
The most common reason for the false accusations from women were spite or revenge.
(Forensic Science Digest, v. 11. n. 4, 12/85; Archives of Sexual Behavior, 1994, v. 23, n. 1.)

Women are as usual, blameless for their actions. A crime as serious as rape is used as a tool for getting revenge against boyfriends or spouses that they could not control.

Rape is a serious crime, so accusations of it are taken seriously (as they should be). However, small-minded women use such crimes to falsely accuse men for their own petty and selfish reasons.
They do so without any fear of persecution, since the U.S.A. has made such a witch hunt out of rape allegations.

LIES: Three Lies About Rape

Men are 10 Times more likely to Rape than a Woman is to Falsely Accuse a Man of Rape.

For Every 10 Women Who are Raped, only 1 Reports the Rape to the Police.

False Rape Accusations are Rare, if not non-existent.

Let's do the math:

Lets say we have 10 women who have been raped, and 10 men who did the raping.

1 of those women will report the crime to police.

Since men are 10 times more likely to rape than women are to falsely accuse a man of rape - there are 10 rapists above, so there must be one false accuser.

One FALSE accuser, and ONE legitimate accuser.

By their own hate-filled, mentally warped statistics, this means that 50% of rape accusations are FALSE.

Why not just say something like, "Boys are 10 times as smelly as girls". The statements are not only FALSE, they are just childish.

When hearing rape statistics, women will now multiply the number they hear (erroneously), by 10. This grossly exaggerates the crime, and will install fear and paranoia of men in women.

When women hear things like, 25% of women will be raped by the time they enter college, they will figure that most of those women did not report the crime, so its actually somewhere around 250% that will have been raped by the time they enter college, or - each women will have been raped approximately 2.5 times by the time they enter college.

LIE: The Phrase 'Rule of Thumb' Pertains to Archaic Wife-Beating Laws.

There is a feminist teaching, still going on in our schools today. The phrase, "RULE OF THUMB" originated from an old wife-beating term. That is, it was illegal to beat your wife with any stick that was bigger around than your thumb.

This phrase is widely used - by an unprecedented number of people.

Please visit WIKIPEDIA. Here is a quote from what it has to say about "RULE OF THUMB":

The earliest citation comes from Sir William Hope’s The Compleat Fencing-Master, second edition, 1692, page 157: "What he doth, he doth by rule of thumb, and not by art." The term is thought to originate with wood workers who used the length of their thumbs rather than rulers for measuring things, cementing its modern use as an imprecise yet reliable and convenient standard.
It is often claimed that the term originally referred to a law that limited the maximum thickness of a stick with which it was permissible for a man to beat his wife, but this has been discredited.

What the feminists have done, is take a very common phrase, and twisted it to mean something slanderous towards men. That is, they have erroneously placed wife-beating into a large portion of the population's mouths.

In doing so, they have "commonized" wife-beating, and cheapened (actually erased) the fact that it has always been frowned upon in western cultures. That is, since so many people use the phrase, "rule of thumb", they have put a seed into the minds of young women that people have no resentment towards wife-beaters.

They have placed the lie into people's minds that wife-beating was so common, and so acceptable, that people actually regulated wife-beating - and - it was so common, that a common phrase has been passed down for dozens of generations because of the commonplace of wife-beating.

LIE: 25% of Women will be Raped While Attending College

This false fact was derived at by a study done by Ms. Magazine. The researcher Mary Koss was hand-picked by a feminist, "Gloria Steinem". Mary Koss has admitted that 73% of the young women she counted as rape victims were not aware that they had been raped.

Let's do the math:

25% of women raped - only 27% legitimately raped

That's 0.25 * 0.27 = 0.0675 or 6.75% legitimately raped.

That is, instead of 25% of women in college having been rape victims, there were only 6.75% that had been rape victims.

Furthermore, Mary Koss has also admitted that 43% of those young women surveyed were continuing to date the man that raped them.

I would say that is another 43% that is baloney, so, 57% of the already 6.75%:

0.57 * 0.0675 = 0.038475 or 3.8475% (lets round it up to 3.85%).

OK, now, instead of 25% of the women in college having been rape victims, only 3.85% have been raped.

Instead of ONE of every FOUR, it is more like ONE of every TWENTY-FIVE. That means that in a crowd of 100 women, only about 4 have been the victim of rape.

Rape is a crime of hate, not passion. It is a very violent act, and can result in the death of the victim. In order to properly handle it as a crime, proper research should be conducted by level headed people.

By allowing fanatics and lunatics pass hysteria and exaggerated statistics, the problem will only get worse.

By placing this type of statistic into young women's minds, they are convincing them that they have a 25% change of being raped - while in college. They are also convincing young women that most men must be rapists. Since so much effort is taken to arrest MEN for raping women, there must be an awful lot of men out there who rape women.

What this does to young men: Most men are not rapists - rape is a hate crime. Men are not typically hateful of women. The truth is, Men are curious about women, and want to get to know them - yes, for sex - it is an awful lot of fun and it is what propagates our species. This will convince young men that most men are rapists, and most women will be victimized by them. They will in fact be overly eager to prove to young women that they are not bad-people - to such an extent of over-doing it, and coming across as being feminine and not masculine.

LIE: Women Earn $0.75 for each $1.00 a Man Earns for doing the SAME WORK

A recent study conducted of CEO's (both men and women), showed that Women CEO's earned slightly more than Men CEO's.

The study came from a "snapshot" of all full-time employed people. It does not take into account experience, education, occupation, or hours worked each week - to name a few. When more accurate studies are done by economists, the "wage gap" vanishes.

Here is some reading material to back that up:

Women's Figures: An Illustrated Guide to the Economic Progress of Women in America, by Diana Furchtgott-Roth and Christine Stolba, published by the Independent Women's Forum and the American Enterprise Institute, Washington, D.C. 2000.

If it were true that women earn less for doing the same work, corporations would hire only women. This is true for several reasons:

They would cut their employee costs by 25%
They would be fulfilling their affirmative action quota
Many corporations are RUN by women these days - not MEN - the sexist argument, "It's a Man's World" is NO LONGER VALID
Corporations are ruthless business machines. They do not care about gender, only hiring the best people, and paying them as little as possible
Based on the reasons above, it is obvious that the statement, "Women Earn Less For Doing the Same Work" is an incorrect one.

Two political candidates in the 2008 Presidential Election, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, both used this LIE to further their campaign. That is, they promised to voters to rectify the so-called "wage-gap".

The fact that this statement of theirs was taken so seriously, demonstrates how many people in the American population believe this LIE - eventhough common sense prevails over it (as well as credible studies).

Ask yourself: How would you feel if you were told over and over again that you would get paid less than somebody of a different race - simply because of they way our society is set up?

The result of this lie is more hatred and distrust installed in women, aimed at men.

LIE: A 'Nice Guy' is a Whiny Self-Serving Manipulative Man

Feminist Mother
Feminists (and others) claim that a "nice-guy" is actually a self-serving, whiny, manipulative man that attributes his lack of success with women to his self-proclaimed kindness.

From a standard Dictionary:

Nice: -adjective, nic -er, nic -est
1. pleasing; agreeable; delightful: a nice visit.
2. amiably pleasant; kind: They are always nice to strangers.

Guy: -noun
1. Informal. A man or a boy; fellow: He's a nice guy.

So, a "Nice Guy" is a pleasing, agreeable, delightful man or boy.

Upon hearing the phrase, "nice guys finish last", the feminists (and others) decided to pervert the term "nice guy" to mean something derogatory.

Just like "Rule of Thumb", the feminists have taken a common phrase, and perverted it to mean something that is demonizing to men.

Instead of meaning a pleasing, agreeable, delightful man or boy, they have decided that a "nice guy" is actually a self-serving, whining, manipulative man who claims that his lack of success with women is due to his self-proclaimed kindness.

The perversion in action:
MAN: I'd like you to meet Bill, he is a real nice guy.
WOMAN: No thanks, I have met enough self-serving, whining, manipulative men already.

The funny thing is: To discredit the phrase, "nice guys finish last" would not be terribly difficult, simply conduct a study:

Clearly define what behaviors and character traits qualify as "nice".
Find a random sample of men.
Clearly define what qualifies as being "successful with women".
Determine which men are "nice" and which are not.
Compare the intimate habits of the "nice" men with the other men.
To the best of my knowledge, no such study has ever been done.
Lack of research does not stop feminism!

Rather than conduct a study to validate or invalidate the phrase, "nice guys finish last", the feminists have decided to pervert the English language.

Maybe the phrase is true?

Whether it is true or not is irrelevant, a "nice guy" is a pleasing, agreeable, delightful man or boy.

You can find examples of the perversion in action at:
heartless-bitches - Be sure to read through the whole section - notice the contradictions and flagrant misuse of the term "nice"!

AND manhood101 - no, you are not hallucinating!

The fact that there are two web-pages, run by supposedly different people, show that this nonsense is being taught in schools - most likely college campuses.
When the word "nice" is used before the word "guy" it now means something derogatory. When it is used before any other word, "nice times", "nice woman", "nice dog", "nice meal"... it means something positive. When it is used before "guy" it is bad.

FALSEHOOD: Female Virgins Somehow Represent "Purity"

This attitude towards female virgins may not be prevalent in our society today, but the attitude has certainly left its mark on our culture.

We have all heard this before, or at least something like it. If women that are virgins are "pure", then women who have engaged in sexual intercourse must be "NOT PURE". That is, the act of sex makes them "not pure".

Any person having this mentality would also have to believe that a man makes women impure by having sex with them. A man must be "defiling" a woman when he has sex with her - since he is changing her from a pure to impure state.

How Pure are Female Virgins Anyway?

Well, are prostitutes pure?

Here is a story about a female virgin who auctioned her virginity off on E-Bay

This woman is a virgin, and yet she has the MENTALITY of a prostitute. And - any feminazi's reading this - she is a women's studies major.

The belief that a female virgin is somehow "pure" is nonsense to begin with. Unless, we accept the prostitute mentality as also being a "pure" one.

Being a female virgin is NOT a prerequisite for any of the following:

Not having a bad attitude towards men.
Not having herpes.
Not smelling bad or having bad hygiene.
Not having impure thoughts about sex.
Not being a prostitute (no first costumer!).
Not having a raunchy skin-rash.
Not being a total bitch.
I can go on forever here... The belief is INCORRECT!

Male sexuality is labeled as being "disrespectful" to women. Since it defiles them - or changes them from being "pure" to "not pure".

Women and Men are raised believing that male sexuality is disrespectful to women. Men feel guilty about normal sexual desires. Women believe that they are being disrespected when a man approaches them sexually. This has a second effect as well: when men are constantly shot down (usually in a very rude manner) when approaching women in a sexual manner, feelings of anger can arise in the man, and subconscious feelings of guilt in the women (for acting belligerently towards a normal function of our species).

MALE VIRGINS are not considered "pure", but nerdy, inadequate, inept etc...

Our society is putting halo's above women, and either demon horns on men or just ridiculing them.

DECEPTION: Constant flood of Levitra, Viagra and Cialis Commercials

These are all products that supposedly help a man to get an erection if he has "erectile dysfunction disorder" or EDD.

Very few men will actually suffer from this disorder. I have read articles that claim that less than 1% of men will ever experience EDD.

The typical reasons for men not being able to get erections are:

Lack of exercise
Poor Diet
Lack of interest
Boredom with sex-life
Psychological issues

Women are blameless. They can now claim that their husband or partner has EDD, instead of blaming themselves.

Even men will not admit that their partner is a turn-off because she believes that his sex-drive is disrespectful of women.

A woman who chronically nags her husband will most likely end up with a very uninterested man in her life, not one with EDD. The same thing applies to those women who:

have no self-control when it comes to their temper
have no self-control over their emotional states during menopause or P.M.S.
have no control over their loud shrilly voice

The list goes on of course...

LIE: In Older Times, Women Were not Allowed to get College Educations

The erroneous belief that in days past, women were not allowed to obtain college degrees.

In the 1930's, 30% of all college degrees were obtained by women.

In doing my own research, I found no evidence that any laws existed that forbid women from earning college degrees.

I also found no evidence that women who held degrees were imprisoned or persecuted in anyway.

Young women will believe that all men want uneducated dumb-bells. This can have the effect of women purposely acting stupid to attract men.

It also places more distrust of men in women.

And, as is typical, feminism or women's liberation is seen as the "force" that allowed women to suddenly earn college degrees.

LIE: The Reason Women Started Wearing Makeup was to Cover Up Bruises Caused by Their Domestically Violent Male Partners.

What some people are saying here, is that men are naturally violent towards women. Women must cover up constant bruising because men are always beating them (or at least used to always beat them). That wearing of makeup has now become a tradition in our society.

This statement has no merit.

Women wear makeup to make themselves appear more attractive, or to be more satisfied with their appearance.
The injuries women sustain during domestic violence will not be covered up by foundation and blush.


This lie convinces women that men are inherently violent towards women.

LIE: The Reason Some Men Ask Women to Shave Their Vaginas is because They Fantasize About Having Sex with Children

This statement is an excellent example of how some women will form the most negative and derogatory opinions of men - without any proper investigation being conducted.

I have spoken to men about this.

Some people are shocked and offended when sex-acts are described in detail. If you are one of those people, stop reading.


The men I spoke to said that when performing oral sex on a woman, her pubic hairs always get in the way - they said it is hard to keep all the hair out of the way - it ends up in their mouth (yuck). That is why they like their women to shave (or at least trim) downstairs.

It has nothing to do with a sexual desire for children.


This lie effectively convinces women that quite a few men are secretly pedophiles. This demonizes male sexuality (and women's sexuality too I suppose).

Friday, August 27, 2010

MEN: Never Get Married

  • FACT: Despite how much it is romanticized, marriage is nothing but a LEGAL CONTRACT with the United States government pertaining to a relationship with a woman.

  • FACT: The United States government and culture are sexually biased AGAINST Men.

  • FACT: Women (and Men) in this country have been getting feministic man-hating crud drilled into their heads for the past 40 years. They have been raised in a country that treats men like second class citizens (if even that).

  • FACT: Any man that signs a legal contract with a government that is sexually biased against him to be in a relationship with a woman who has been brain washed to hate and despise him FOR WHAT HE IS - is a COMPLETE IDIOT!

Despite how much it is romanticized, Marriage is nothing but a LEGAL CONTRACT with the United States government pertaining to a relationship with a woman.
  • American Heritage Dictionary - Definition of Marriage - Feel the Love.

  • Miriam-Webster Definition of Marriage - Feel the Love.

  • Legal Definition of Marriage by State - Feeling the LOVE yet?

  • Divorce for Nevada - Feeling the love yet??

  • People (especially women) will try to convince you its all about love or making babies - These are LIES.

  • There are no biological changes that a man or woman go through when getting married that suddenly enables them to have children.

  • Children growing up with two parents constantly yelling at each other (actually, I should say, the woman always yelling at the man because he does not do everything she tells him to) - are NOT going to be morally and psychologically healthy children - quite the opposite.

The United States Government and culture are sexually biased AGAINST men.

Women (and Men) in this country have been getting feministic man-hating crud drilled into their heads for the past 40 years. They have also been raised in a country that treats men like second class citizens (if even that).
  • Even women who do not call themselves feminists - have still been raised with all the feminists' lies surrounding them. All the bigoted laws that have been passed, all the hate-mongering and male-bashing that is prevalent in our country has affected ALL WOMEN. Such bigotry has encountered little or no opposition until recently. This merely made it more acceptable.

  • Read these again:

  • Read this: Double Standards Part I

  • Read this: Double Standards Part II

  • Radical feminism started in the 60's.
    That means that even women in their 60's have been brain-washed by it.
    Those women in their 60's have raised 1-3 generations of daughters under them.
    So, women are not only raised by a government that is biased, women these days have been raised by GENERATIONS that are biased.

  • All these generations of women have had feministic crud drilled into their heads. No opposition was given to it. It has been shown that the feminists keep coming up with bogus statistics, or they flagrantly exaggerate their statistics.

Any man that signs a legal contract with a government that is sexually biased against him to be in a relationship with a woman who has been brain washed to hate and despise him FOR WHAT HE IS - is a COMPLETE IDIOT!
  • Stop, think, DO NOT BE FOOLED

    • Marriage is important to most women.

    • "MARRIAGE", not a "RELATIONSHIP". You will hear women say things like, "I'd like to get married someday", or "I probably won't get married until I'm about 30". You will never hear a woman say, "I'd like to meet my soul mate someday", or "I probably won't meet my soul mate until I'm 30"...

    • This means that some women will SAY or DO anything to FOOL you into thinking that they will not be one of the HORROR stories you have heard about

    • Women benefit economically and socially from getting married

    • Women benefit economically and socially EVEN MORE from getting a divorce

    • There are NO BENEFITS in a marriage for a MAN - there are only losses

    • There are NO BENEFITS in a divorce for a MAN - there are only losses

    • Prenuptial agreements get thrown out IMMEDIATELY in court.
      If you think this is NOT true, call some lawyers and find one that'll make a prenuptial agreement - most will not do it anymore - WHY? Because lawyers that made prenuptial agreements started getting sued themselves by the people they made them for - once they were thrown out in court.

  • Read this article: Marriage: Just Say NO!

  • Read this article: Why Marriage No Longer Makes Sense

  • If a woman truly loves you, why would she insist on you signing a legal contract?

  • Anybody who TRULY cares about you would insist you stay away from legal contracts with ANYBODY

  • I am not an expert on love, but I would imagine that legal contracts and love are about as pertinent to one another as mouthwash and pianos.

Legal Definition of Divorce in Nevada

Origial source HERE

Some notes:
The word "love" appears 0 times.
The word "property" appears 13 times.
The word "custody" appears 7 times.



What are the grounds for divorce in Nevada?

  • Irreconcilable differences

  • Insanity for two years prior to the action

  • Spouses living separate and apart for more than one year

It is not necessary to make or prove allegations of adultery, mental cruelty, etc. to obtain a divorce in Nevada.

What is the residency requirement necessary before filing a divorce suit?
Six weeks residence in the state. You must provide a witness who lives in Nevada who can testify from his or her personal knowledge that you have lived in Nevada for at least six weeks.

What kinds of things will the court decide?
  • Marital status, unless the case is withdrawn.

  • Division of any property held in common (community property or joint-tenancy property) and what property is the separate property of the husband or the wife.

  • Whether either spouse will receive an award of support (alimony) from the other spouse.

  • Whether one or both parents has legal custody of any chil- dren, the amount of physical custody time each parent gets with the children, and if child support should be paid by one parent to the other, and, if so, how much it will be.

  • Resolution of all issues between the parties if the court acquires jurisdiction over both the husband and the wife. If the spouse you are divorcing does not make a legal "appearance" in the action, and if that spouse does not have significant contacts with Nevada, the court will only be able to address marital status and such property and (sometimes) such children, as are in this state.

How does the court divide the property?

The courts will, to the extent practicable, divide the "community property" equally. In rare and exceptional instances, the court may find compelling reasons to divide the property unequally. If it makes an unequal division, the court must support its decision with written reasons. Under some circumstances, the court may trace back to one party separate property invested in community property, or vice versa.

Can a husband and wife agree on how to divide their property?

Yes, if the agreement is written and is approved by a court in the divorce proceeding. Provision must be made for child support if there are any children and for payment of debts.

If the couple signed a prenuptial (ante-nuptial) agreement before the marriage, can it be enforced?

A prenuptial agreement for support and division of property may or may not be upheld, depending upon the circumstances. Both prospective spouses should seek legal counsel before signing such an agreement.

What is the basis for a child custody determination by the court?

First and foremost, the best interests of the child, taking into account the ability of each spouse to raise the child, what would be the most stable environment for the child and other factors. The respective spouses may be required to submit to an evaluation by officers of the court to determine these factors.

What provision does Nevada make for child support payments?

Ordinarily, the spouse who has primary physical custody of a child will be awarded child support. In Nevada, the precise child support amount is determined as a percentage of the noncustodial parent's gross monthly income (income before taxes and any other deductions are taken out):
  • 1 child: 18%

  • 2 children: 25%

  • 3 children: 29%

  • add 2% for each additional child

In Nevada, with rare exceptions, the minimum per child is $100 per month. Until July 1, 2002, the maximum per child is $500 per month. However, beginning July 1, 2002, the presumptive maximum will be tied to income ranges:
The court may "deviate" up or down from the resulting amount to compensate for such things as day care costs, the cost of medical insurance, visitation expenses, the noncustodial spouse's responsibility for support of other children, and other factors identified in the statute. These factors are supposed to be identified by the court in its order.

Can child support payments be modified?

You may have your Nevada child support order reviewed and adjusted, if warranted, by state courts at least every three years. You may seek modification sooner if circumstances have changed significantly since your last order. Suppose I was divorced in another state and child support payments are owed to me. How do I make my former spouse pay the child support?

You may hire a private attorney in your former spouse's locale to enforce your child support order through the courts there. Or, at little or no cost to you, you may have a government child support enforcement office help you collect the support, whether across state lines or just locally. Presently, Nevada does not charge a fee for a person to open a child support case.
The tools available from your local child support enforcement office to collect your child support include wage withholding, IRS tax refund intercepts, contempt of court actions and even license suspension actions when appropriate. In Nevada, check with your local District Attorney's Office for information and application materials.

Applications to have the D.A.'s Office establish and/or enforce child support for you are available on-line. Go to www.co.clark.nv.us. Click on "County Services;" Move cursor to the right and up, to "Administrative Services through District Court (A-D);" Move cursor to the right and then down to "District Attorney's Office" and click on that box. That will bring you to the web page for the District Attorney's Office. Scroll down until you see the Family Support Division. Click on "Filing For Child Support;" then, click on "Application for Child Support" just under the picture. Then, follow the prompts. Explore the website for possible answers to your questions.

What is the basis for an award of spousal support (alimony)?

There is no precise statutory guidance for spousal support as there is for child support. The court considers the relative earning capacity of each spouse, the possibility of education or training to increase the earning capacity of a spouse, whether a spouse has been out of the work force for a long time, and other factors. Temporary spousal support may be made while a divorce case is pending, and an award of alimony may be temporary or permanent.
How do I find an attorney with experience in divorce matters?
You can contact the State Bar of Nevada's Lawyer Referral & Information Service at 702-382-0504 (toll free in Nevada at 800-789-5747) or look in the yellow pages of your telephone directory. You can also ask friends and/or relatives if they can recommend a good lawyer. The State Bar's main office can tell you whether or not an attorney is licensed in Nevada and in good standing.

Why Marriage no Longer Makes Sense.

(I have no idea who wrote this - good read).

Traditional marriage balances different privileges and obligations for men and women. Modern woman wants all the benefits of "equality" without any of the responsibilities.

Traditional Western culture balanced special privileges for women with special obligations, and the same for men.

Equality states that no one get special privileges, and that responsibilities and rights should be equally shared.

Either system is balanced and fair. The problem with modern Western culture is that many women want only the positives from both systems:

They want special privileges from the traditional system (men paying, being "gentlemen" by using special deferential manners and language to women, being the main breadwinner, etc) but not the old-fashioned obligations (being modest and ladylike, being a housewife, etc).

They want the positives of equality (rights, equal access to work and education, etc) without the responsibilities (paying your own way financially a full 50% for life, taking risks with no safety net, and taking your lumps without complaint like men do...not expecting to be protected or sheltered from harsh reality, etc).

You can't take only the good from both systems...you have to take the bad with the good in any balance you strike. When women try to have their cake and eat it in this way, the bad doesn't disappear...it gets paid by men, and this is why the current culture is one of exploitation by selfish hypocritical women...and it's why men are tired of the inequity.

If American women chose one system or the other and took their full share of the bad with the good there would be no problem. But current American culture discourages women being looked at critically, instead projecting all blame unjustly onto men; and so the inequity is rationalized away.

This is why other cultures which haven't got this fucked up as far as gender relations go, start to look attractive. The women there expect to give as well as get.

Marriage: Just Say NO!

By Darren Blacksmith - September 28, 2003

The forces building against marriage are insurmountable; marriage is crumbling in the West, and may soon be almost gone.

Don't do it guys. Don't get married. It hurts me to say this, as I've always viewed a successful marriage as my main goal in life, and I'm one of the most romantic fools you'll ever meet. But I can't deny reality any longer.

I address myself here to the 'good guys', the men who work hard, who treat women nicely, act responsible then get turned over by women who call them 'boring' and prefer to date the bastards. Do you believe your value to a woman is purely to add a bit of color to her life, as someone to challenge her and keep her on her toes, as nothing but the bad boy who will prove to her that all men are scum? If so then by all means get married, but brace yourself for the very real possibility of what happens when your nuclear family goes nuclear.

Dating and finding a wife is a game of numbers. To get a date you are going to have to talk to a certain volume of women, to get a girlfriend you're going to have to get a certain volume of dates, and to get a wife you are going to have to work yourself through a certain volume of girlfriends. But as any serious young guy knows: Western women are sabotaging the game. They have become indifferent towards men and scathing towards good men. I don't sincerely think that older men have any appreciation of how bad things have gotten for young men looking for a date.

If you are in possession of a decent character, if you believe you have a right to keep the fruits of your labour, and that no-one has the right to stop you from spending time with your own children, then consider Western marriage an extremely high-risk project. Ignore the pressures and ridicule your family and women may throw at you. You are not a sacrificial lemming whose only option is to queue up on the cliff-top and jump, hoping for the best. In the current climate, women have no right whatsoever to lecture us on the need for us to marry. They are not the ones committing suicide en masse due to their kids being taken away and poisoned against them. They are not the ones divorced for no reason then kicked out of their house and forced to spend the rest of their lives labouring simply to meet the costs of a family that now hates them.

No, the truth is that not only has marriage in the West become a losing proposition for a man, its an institution looking extremely vulnerable from a barrage of attacks from multiple directions. And you owe it to yourself to take a long hard objective look at Western marriage, its pitfalls and perils.

Already over the last three decades marriage has crumbled, and I see every sign that this trend will continue. Feminism is undoubtedly the single greatest cause of the breakdown of marriage, and this shouldn't be any surprise, it was one of feminism's stated goals from the very beginning to destroy marriage and the nuclear family, which were regarded as "Patriarchal" oppression of women.

And while the odds of having a successful marriage shorten every year, the single lifestyle becomes ever more attractive for both men and women. So, even if one or a few of these forces were to be stopped and reversed, I don't believe the momentum against the destruction of marriage itself can be stopped.
There are seven main forces acting against marriage:

  • Breakdown of the heterosexual model

    What exactly is a Western wife offering to her Husband that she hasn't already given to other men? She may have already shared her body with tens of other men, and she is likely to submit more to the masculine authority of her boss than she will ever do to you. The age-old model of masculine/feminine differences and expectations in marriage has been totally eroded.

    What we have instead of the heterosexual model is an unstable and largely self-contradictory model based on androgyny and materialism. Couples get married because it's a great way to improve their lifestyle through pooling their assets. They are both devoted to seeking power through their own careers more than they are devoted to each other. It's a temporary arrangement, only held in place until some better 'deal' is on the table.

    Given this, it should come as no surprise that Western governments have been under increased pressure to legalise and legitimise homosexual marriages.

  • Diminishing social pressure

    It's an obvious point, but the stigma attached to 'living in sin' has collapsed in the now more secular West. What begins as a 'try before you buy' arrangement to live together first and see how things go, becomes entrenched as the standard, and then many people (well, men) wonder what the point of getting married would be. The momentum of this view is now so strong that I can't envisage any circumstances under which the church would be able to regain its power and insist on marriage as the only way a man and woman can live together as a couple. It's just not going to happen.

    Also, not only is it increasingly socially acceptable not to marry, but also the sexual revolution is continuing at full pace, amounting to legitimising the 'swinger' lifestyle. In fact, to call someone a 'swinger' is now anachronistic because their attitudes and behaviour are absorbed into the mainstream. Pornography, gay-experimentation, three-somes, sodomy, masturbation, and many different forms of sexual experience are increasingly talked about openly and less likely to be condemned. I'm not saying it's a good thing, I'm just saying its occurring. And it weakens the exclusivity of marriage.

  • Growing temptations and opportunities for cheating

    Listen guys, how sure are you that you would never feel the urge to cheat? Are you sure that you could stay faithful to that one woman for the rest of your life, despite the relatively easy availability of single woman who'll casually sleep with you?

    You'd never do such a thing?

    The very suggestion is monstrous?!

    Well, good. But here's a harder question for you to answer: Are you 100% sure that your wife will never cheat on you given the ever increasing opportunities for her to do this? If she works - which she probably will - then her chances of being tempted to stray are vastly increased. And if you have Internet access there is the chance some smooth-talking guy will start taking to her online, and before you can say "cybersex" there will be some electronic intimacy going on.

    You can bet that she has already unconsciously memorised all the rationalisations for cheating on you ("There was not enough emotional communication", "We grew apart") Oprah and Rikki taught them to her.

  • Distrust and the divorce industry

    With the Western divorce courts outrageously biased against men, the prospect of a divorce is particularly frightening to a hard-working devoted man and particularly tempting to a bored, restless woman.
    There are huge financial interests from the legal industry to fan the flames of marital disharmony: divorce is a lucrative opportunity.
    As an example of the sort of advice that divorce lawyers are capable of giving, consider the following quote from "Divorce War-50 Strategies Every Women Needs To Know To Win":

    "Criticize Him Daily by carving into his ego like a Thanksgiving turkey, you can effectively break down his self-esteem A man's self-image is greatly affected by his perception of his virility. If you degrade his sexual ability, you will essentially emasculate him- his entire sense of self-worth will be dismantled."
    Be aware that if your wife gets bored and hits you with a no-fault divorce, she will profit, the lawyers will profit, but you could be emotionally and financially destroyed.

  • The death of romance

    The feminine, pure yearning for romance is dead. The object of the game for Western women today is to 'enjoy their independence'. This is incompatible with what provokes a man to treat women romantically and commit to them. A man looks at a good-time girl and sees a good-time, he doesn't see a feminine woman that he longs to cradle in his arms, protect and cater for. And the dirty little secret that the feminists don't want you to know is that the good-time girl generation of Western women are riddled with sexually transmitted diseases, some of which lead to infertility. There is an epidemic. Particularly amongst teenagers, with their cellphones and Email it is easy for them to 'hook up', and why shouldn't they? Ever since they were kids the TV, movies and magazines have been telling them there's nothing wrong with it. When I now hear of a girl loosing her virginity at 12 or 14 I don't even think it unusual anymore. But what blows my mind is imagining a girl loosing her virginity at 12, and not getting married till she's 30 or 35, and seeing it as her right to hook-up with men: how many men with these girls have slept with before they marry? To not expect any psychological or gynaecological consequences to this is insane.

  • The pool of psychologically healthy people is drying up

    Stable people make for stable marriages. This is something not often discussed because it offends a lot of sensibilities and is politically incorrect to say, but please bare with me: I'm not mentioning this to demean anyone, I'm simply stating it objectively as a force that is working against marriage. As divorce and raising children outside marriage has skyrocketed over the past three decades the harm this has done to new generations is huge. Many now are very cynical about marriage, many are psychologically harmed; they have issues with trust, they have low self-esteem, depression, or simply no understanding of how family life can work. Many who have been brought up by a single mother have contempt for the very existence of fathers. Such a population of people does not bode well for fighting against the odds to make marriage work again.

  • Increased attractiveness of the singleton lifestyle

    Again, this has been discussed endlessly in the media: there are more perks for the single person than ever in history. Aside from the explosion of consumer choice in dining and entertainment there are now more product options for the sexually hungry. The unsavoury but honest truth is that there has been an explosion of single men (and even women) accessing the vast online reservoirs of pornography and women are now funding a fast-growing industry of vibrators (available for the 'sex and the city' generation of girls in all varieties of shapes, designs and speeds); instant sexual satiation for a generation for whom commitment has become too unattractive.

If you want to have children and value the security and love that marriage has the potential to offer then you will vastly lower the risks of marriage by seeking a non-Western woman. Yes, there are indeed Western women who would make excellent wives, but the ones who would enrich your life and truly never opportunistically cheat on you or divorce you are few and far between. And the main problem is that it's impossible to identify them. I've known several women who I thought were really decent people and credits to their husband's who then decided to bale out of their marriage and took their husband for a ride in the process. You would never have guessed they'd have done this. Their husbands certainly didn't. Almost everyone now has family members (two cousins in my case) who they now never see because the ex-wife has made it impossible.

As I said before, looking for a wife is a game of numbers and opportunities; it's just like fishing. Now, the river of the feminist-indoctrinated countries has a high percentage of fish that are poisonous to you, but the river of the traditional countries is largely stocked with healthy and delicious fish. Which river will you choose to fish in?

I'm not a hater of Western women and I am not saying this because I believe Western women are evil to the core. The reason that 'no' must be considered an option for men thinking of marriage is that the lifestyles, culture and expectations of Western women are now such that its an uphill struggle to successfully marry one. Even if we totally destroyed feminism tomorrow, its effects would continue for years. It would take probably one or two more generations to purge the feminist poison from our societies. Don't think you can change one of these women; to think that is nothing short of arrogance.

I predict that as the cost and availability of travel and communication become more accessible around the globe, more Western men will come into contact with traditional, non-Western women and immediately notice an opportunity for a happy marriage. For American men this is most likely to be a Mexican or other Southern American woman, for British men this may be the Southern or Eastern European woman, and those lucky Australian men have a vast population of Asian lovelies right on their doorstep.

When it comes to considering marriage, be a man. Don't let other people, particularly women, manipulate your emotions on this subject. Think it through rationally and assess whether you are willing to take the risk, whether you are willing to pay the price. You don't have much choice whether to let pushy, man-bashing Western women into your workplace, gym, library, or sports club, but you can keep them out of your marital beds.

The American Culture Discriminates Against Male Heterosexuality

Also: Double Standards Part I and Double Standards Part II

Ask yourself how true the following statements feel to you:
  • If a woman fails to climax, it's the man's fault.
    If a man fails to climax, it's the man's fault.

  • If a woman fails to get aroused, something's wrong with the man.
    If a man fails to get aroused, something's wrong with the man.

  • Men are expected to ask for the date and risk rejection.
    Women are not.

  • If a woman rejects a man - its because he is a pig.
    If a man rejects a woman - its because HE is a jerk.

  • A woman rejecting a man as rudely as possible (even when rudeness is NOT called for) is considered funny.
    A man rejecting a woman rudely is considered rude and sadistic.

  • A woman being raped is no laughing matter.
    A man being raped is considered funny - Just watch "Super Troopers" - or many other movies/TV shows.

  • A man is supposed to initiate physical intimacy:

    • If he initiates it too slowly, she considers him timid - rejection

    • If he initiates it awkwardly, she considers him a jerk - rejection

    • If he initiates it too quickly, he might get charged with date rape.

    • Too slow for one woman may be too fast for another - the man has to guess.

    • If he guesses wrong, he gets rejected or charged with a crime.

  • In some states, a woman can charge a man with rape simply because she was drunk when she had sex with him - she is not held responsible for her actions because she was drunk.
    BUT - even if the man was also drunk at the time, he is still held responsible for his actions, and hers.

  • A woman may anonymously accuse a man of rape.
    The media may freely report the man's name and the charge against him, even if the charge is later proved false.

  • In many states, jurors in rape trials are specifically instructed that a rape conviction can be based on the accuser's testimony alone, without any physical evidence.

  • Falsely accusing a man of rape carries no punishment.
    A substantial number of rape accusations are false.

  • Falsely accusing a man of sexual harassment carries no punishment.
    A substantial number of sexual harassment accusations are false.

  • Falsely accusing a man of paternity carries no punishment.
    A substantial number of paternity claims are false.

  • A woman without a partner is considered sad and lonely.
    A man without a partner is considered a nerd or is often looked on as humorous.

  • A woman hanging out in bars looking for sex is considered OKAY.
    A man hanging out in bars looking for sex is considered a PIG.

  • A woman groping a man anywhere (work, public etc...) is considered sexually liberated.
    A man groping a woman anywhere is considered a criminal or a jerk.

  • A woman having sex with teen-age boys is "practicing bad romantic judgment" (this came from Nancy Grace).
    A man having sex with teen-age girls is a filthy pervert.

  • A woman admiring any of a man's attributes is considered OKAY.
    A man admiring any of a woman's attributes is considered a filthy beast.

  • A morbidly obese woman is called a BBW (big beautiful woman).
    A morbidly obese man is called FAT.

  • A woman's breast being amputated (due to cancer or some other disease) is considered a tragedy.
    A man's penis being cut off is considered funny - even if the man's partner cut it off (i.e. because of domestic violence - the one scenario where domestic violence is funny).

  • One of the first sexual harassment laws stated: "Sexual harassment is whatever a reasonable woman says it is".
    So - Men are obviously the only ones capable of sexually harassing.
    Women are the only ones capable of being sexually harassed.

  • Topless bars are considered as exploiting and degrading to women.
    The women get paid, the men are the ones paying.
    Whose sexuality is being exploited and degraded?
    That is, who is capitalizing on who?

  • Naked lady magazines are considered as exploiting and degrading to women.
    The women get paid, the men are the ones paying.
    Whose sexuality is being exploited and degraded?
    That is, who is capitalizing on who?

  • A woman in a pornographic film is considered a victim (I was young and needed the money).
    A man in a pornographic film is considered a womanizer.

  • A woman using a "corny pick up line" is considered funny.
    A man using a "corny pick up line" is considered obnoxious or annoying.

  • If a woman hits a man for using a sexually suggestive pick up line, its considered OKAY and often FUNNY.
    Any kind of violence towards a woman is considered unacceptable.

  • If a woman hits a man for using a CORNY pick up line, its considered OKAY and often FUNNY.
    Any kind of violence towards a woman is considered unacceptable.

  • A woman rejecting a man as rudely as possible for any reason (corny pick-up line, sexually suggestive pick-up line, etc...) is considered funny.
    A man rejecting a woman is considered rude and sadistic.

  • A woman cheating on her husband means the husband is a creep.
    A man cheating on his wife means - he is a creep.

  • A woman flaunting her sexuality via clothing et al is considered sexually liberated.
    A man flaunting his sexuality is considered an obnoxious jerk.

  • A man being critical of a woman's figure - "superficial".
    a woman being critical of a man's physique - "has standards".

The American Culture Discriminates Against Men

See Also: Double Standards Part I and Double Standards Part II
References are listed at the bottom of the page.
  • Infant boys are more likely than infant girls to be killed by abusers.1

  • When mothers hit their sons, they are more than twice as likely to cause injury as when they hit their daughters. 2

  • Girls do slightly worse than boys in science and math.
    Much is being done to help girls in these subjects. 3
    Boys do much worse than girls in reading and writing.
    Little is being done to help boys in these subjects. 4

  • Boys are constantly told that they must never hit a girl.
    A girl is permitted to hit a boy if she feels upset by something he said.

  • Boys are less likely than girls to finish high-school. 5

  • Teenage boys are four times as likely as teenage girls to commit suicide. 6

  • While the media claim that men are "afraid of commitment" and claim that many married men are abandoning their families, in fact women initiate two-thirds of divorces. 7
    Women initiate even more divorces among couples with children. 8

  • For every woman who is a victim of violent crime there are three men who are victims of violent crime.

  • A woman hitting her spouse on a T.V. show is called a sitcom.
    A man hitting his spouse on a T.V. show is called a drama (unless its a gay couple).

  • Many bars, lounges, nightclubs have what's called "ladies night" - women get in free or get free drinks.
    No night clubs have a "mens night" where men get in free or get free drinks.

  • A woman yelling at the top of her lungs at a man is standing up against an injustice, or the man being a pig.
    A man yelling at a women, or even calmly talking to a woman is being manipulative, or a jerk.

  • Greeting cards with images of man-hate-filled women are considered funny.
    A greeting card with women-hate-filled men would NEVER hit the store shelves.

  • Its considered good manners for a man to hold the door open for a woman.
    Its woman's liberation to yell at such a man and tell him what a jerk he is for doing so.

  • There are more men without health insurance than women without it.
    There are several federal offices for women's health.
    There is no federal office for men's health. 9

  • When a women loses her cool, its her god-given right.
    When a man loses his cool, its because he is over-emotional (giggle giggle tee-hee).

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