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In 2008, a Coworker Asked Me if I Killed Brianna Denison

Brianna Denison
This is a long post. Hopefully, you'll find it interesting.

Well, work is tough. Sure, I do not engage in physical labor, but work still drains me. In addition to putting up with mush-heads in marketing waiting until the last minute to critique a product (and then expect me to have their changes done in 5 minutes), I also have to put up with a mob of bimbos wearing JC Penny's "Hooker-Fashions" or making complete spectacles out of their breasts (big breasts yes - but only because the women themselves are fat cows).

I had heard about the young woman killed - and her body was found in a vacant field near the company I worked for (I walked my dog there more than once). Honestly, I thought nothing of it except, "...another woman killed by her boyfriend - too good-looking to talk to 'nice-guys'".

Then, I heard ugly rumors: the reason the company I worked for donated money to the investigation was because:

When they find the engineer here that killed her, their a$$ will be covered.
WHAT THE F**K!I am an engineer. I work with other engineers everyday. I do not perceive any of them as being murderers or desperate or deranged enough for sex to commit a horrific act as the one that happened to Brianna Denison.

Lately at work, I had been a little more angry than normal - because I was engaged in what I liked to call "women's studies". I was going on dates almost everyday, and when I did not have a date, I would be hanging out in book-stores, night clubs, coffee-shops, bars etc... I'll tell you why it made me so angry in a later post.

The police circulated a picture of what the suspect looked like - I put it below, next to a picture of me (I am being goofy in the picture - use your imagination - the hairline is the same):

ME vs MURDERERIt happened - at first I was shocked, but then I simply thought, "Here we f**king go again.". I received an E-mail from a co-worker:
To: Richard
From: Dumb-a$$
Subject: Brianna Denison.

Why are you so angry lately? I noticed that your attitude towards women has changed drastically, and you ramble on about it a lot lately.

Brianna Denison?

The police sketch looks like you.
My heart rate shot up - something I did not need. Visions of the police stopping by my cube - like they did at my apartment in 1999 raced through my head. Eventually, I calmed down, and got angry. Often, I write an E-mail to a co-worker, and the mouse hovers over the send button, and I have to count to 10. This time I didn't. I just clicked send with my jaw wired shut.
To: DUMB-A$$
From: Richard
Subject: RE: Brianna Denison.

Yes, I am angry lately. I have been meeting a lot of women and they are all incredibly stupid - even moreso than people like you.

No engineer here or anywhere else killed her. Art-fags like yourself have inferiority complexes towards people who are smarter than you, so you feel the need to label such people as being "bad" somehow.

Use your imagination to make your art-work, not to antagonize me or other engineers.


Thank You
Richard x12345
12345 is not my extension in case you are wondering. That is the TAG that is placed at the bottom of all my internal e-mails.

I kept thinking, another f*cked up b*tch, who was too good to talk to any "nice-guys" got herself a psychotic boyfriend who smashed her face in with a cinder block. (Brianna's aunt named Brianna's boyfriend as a suspect). And - another pin-headed liberal arts degree major that loves to blame bad things on people who EARNED their degrees rather than have their mommy and daddy buy them one (a worthless one at that).

Her boyfriend did not kill her. But, the man that killed her was NOT an engineer.James BielaI decided I should start watching the news to see what I could learn about her. What I saw on the first night pissed me off to no end.

The reward for Brianna Denison's murderer was something like $5000.
There was also a young blond-haired man attending U.N.R. that was murdered a few months before her. The reward for his murderer was something like $25000.

SIDE NOTE: The reward amount later went up as Brianna's family got funding. There is even a charity now set up called, "The Brianna Denison Foundation" at a local strip mall.

I still do not even know this young man's name. I heard he was a bright young student at the University, that had been shot in some kind of gang-related violence - he got caught in the cross-fire.

The kicker: A local woman's group was harassing the police and local news stations screaming discrimination, because they noticed that the reward for Brianna's murderer was less than the reward for the young man's murderer. The news explained that there is a base reward and that the young man's parents had added more to the pot than Brianna's parents. (Again, the reward for Brianna's murderer went up as they got funding).


The only discrimination at work here is that Brianna's murder gets mentioned 100 times a day, for 6 months. Meanwhile, the only time we ever hear about the young man's murder - is when a woman's group is screaming discrimination.

This phenomenon is called "pretty white girl syndrome". The Anglo-media is infected with it.

Since the young blond-haired man did not have a hot-ass, tits, and wear g-string underwear and have the potential to be a hot stripper or a really hot lay, the anglo-media obviously did not give a rat's a$$ about him.

Another side-note: When I saw the candlelight vigil for Brianna, I noticed there were quite a few heavy-set women at it. Funny - since when do fat women care if a tiny woman drops off the face of the planet?

Oh wait - that's right - silly me. There's an awful lot of male-hatred that can be spread at such a thing, and of course - lots of money money money to be made. You can show everybody how much you cared about Brianna by donating money to various charities (CHA-CHING!), and remind everybody how ALL men are just beasts that want to rape and kill young women. HIP HIP HOORAY!

Feminists: 1
Men and other HUMAN BEINGS: 0

In case anybody is wondering, the person who asked me this no longer works at this company. He quit in 2008 - lucky for him too, because he most likely would have been part of the four-rounds of layoffs we had.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Incident at Godfather's Pizza (Funny)

...well, actually at a Chevron station right next to it.

When I was in college (1988-1994), I drove an old beat-up Volkswagen Bug.

One of the tires had a slow leak in it - and I had to fill it up with air everyday. The only FREE air-pump in Reno Nevada that I was aware of was in the parking lot of a Chevron station right next to a GodFather's Pizza.

The air-pump was directly in front of the store, and there were four parking spaces also in front of the store. Please refer to Figure 29-1A below.


One parking spot was devoted for those who needed to fill their tires with air. The one on the far left.

A friend and I were in my car - I had to fill the tire up with air - it was about 8:30 pm.

Very slowly - as is the law in parking lots, I crept up to the parking spot devoted for the use of the air pump (in figure 29-1A I would have been moving left to right).

Without warning, a teal-green Ford Mustang almost hit me. It originated in the parking spot on the far right (refer to figure 29-1A above). The tires screeched, and it almost hit me.
Zippy Sports CarA young and beautiful woman with blonde hair was driving the very expensive sports car. I looked at her and wondered, "Does she need to fill her tire with air?" Based on the angle of her wheels, she had simply sped out of the fourth parking spot on the right, and not turned sharply enough.

She beeped her horn and threw her hands up at me - as if to say, "Come on, move it!"

I started putting the car into reverse to "get out of her way" and let her drive through the parking spots instead of the parking lot.

My friend said, "Dude, she's bein' a total bitch".

I was raised to be kind and courteous to everybody - regardless of gender. But I thought briefly:

At this point in my life - where has being kind to people gotten me - especially with women?


This b*tch wanted to speed through the PARKING SPACES, not the PARKING LOT. I needed to fill my tire up with air. I drove a clunker, she is driving a sports car. She is getting in my face and demanding that I get out of her way - when she is clearly in the wrong for driving through the parking spaces.

"I done guessin dat dis drone needses to moveses his car so dat MISS Daisy Don Go Geddin Upset wit one of us here drones y'all".


I took the key out of the ignition, and held it up in the window. I waved it back and forth - then threw it over my shoulder into the backseat. I then reclined my seat, and put my feet on the dashboard. My friend started laughing, then he did the same - reclined his seat and put his feet on the dashboard.

I was staring up at the ceiling of my car. My friend said, "Dude, HOLY SH-T! She is really pissed!"
Angry PrincessI heard tires squealing. It was her inept driving abilities - backing up to go AROUND the PARKING SPACES as she should have in the first place.

I got out of the car, and started filling my tire up with air.

Once I was done, I heard a loud screeching of tires. I looked at the exit of the parking lot. The young woman was so angry she was peeling out.
Really Angry PrincessAs her car entered the road - the horsepower of the Mustang was too much for her to handle - she lost control of the car. She flew straight across the four lanes of traffic (all empty at that time of night) - and went up onto a curb across the street. Some sparks flew out from under her car.Self-Destructive Angry PrincessHer car continued into the parking lot of the church across the street. She took out a small tree surrounded by a concrete pot. As she did this, more sparks flew out from under her car.

"HOLY SH-T!" my friend said with a laughing tone.

Her car was now making a sound like this:


"OH SH-T!" My friend was laughing out loud now.

She slowly pulled back into the Chevron parking lot. The incredible power of her sports car had been reduced to a loud clunking and grinding sound - I would guess that she could only "drive in idle" at this point.

My friend said, "Dude, a woman that good-looking - her pimp is probably in the back seat - and is gonna kill us."

I replied, "Or her rich mommy and daddy that bought her that car are going to sue us".

"Sh-t dude, we better get out of here" my friend said.

"Yeah - right".

We got into the car, and took the back way out - so as to be discrete.

We drove down the road for a while - heading to our destination (we were not in any hurries). My friend eventually said, "Let's go back there, and see what happened to her car".

"I don't want to get into any trouble".

"Come on, we'll park down the street and walk to it - its dark - she couldn't have seen us well enough - we can say we weren't even there".

"Hmmm - Alright".

We got back near the seen. My friend worked at the Godfather's next to the Chevron station (he was off this night of course).

Some Reno Police Officers were there.
Reno Police!My friend noticed two co-workers arguing with police and pointing across the street to the church. My friend talked to his coworkers at the Pizzeria. I smoked a cigarette. When he came back he said, "Dude, we need to talk to the police".

"Why" I asked.

"She told the police that somebody ran her off the road".

We walked to one of the police on the scene.If the Shoe Fits...I gained some composure, "What happened here sir" I asked.

"It looks like a guy in a red pickup truck ran this woman off of the road", the officer stated. (At least she did not use my vehicle description for her bogus story).B.S.
My friend and I both started talking at the same time, "NO THAT IS NOT WHAT HAPPENED........."

We explained to the officer what happened - her speeding through the parking lot, wanting to drive through the parking spaces, honking her horn at me, me holding the key up in the window - the pissed off look on her face - the burning rubber sounds, her losing control of the car during her hissy fit etc... There was no "red-pick-up" that ran her off the road.

The officer said, "Okay - that confirms the story of the Godfather's workers. Two of them saw the incident - then witnessed her making a phone call from the payphone in the restaurant - crying and asking somebody what she should do".

"Why is she lying" I asked.

Officer: "Her insurance rates would skyrocket - that is reckless driving - and - I am guessing her insurance policy - or her parent's insurance policy does not cover reckless driving - so she or somebody else would have to pay 100% of the damage costs."

I found out that the officers on the scene were going to take her word over the testimony of TWO PEOPLE - men - the Godfather's employees.

The morals of this story:

That woman was clearly prettier than me or my friend (sigh) - and therefore came to the insane, idiotic, retarded conclusion that she was more important and "higher up" than either of us. In her warped, deranged, retarded and psychotic mind, she had every right to tell me to "get the hell out of her way" - even though she was in the wrong for wanting to drive through parking spaces rather than the parking lot.

Since I did not show complete cooperation to one of the deranged Matriarchs, the result was a complete psychotic meltdown, accompanied with some extremely self-destructive behavior. Just imagine if there were many cars driving, or people in the parking lot across the street... She obviously had no concern for anyone of anything other than her own sense of self-righteous indignation.

The police were willing to take a pretty woman's story over the story of two men. It took FOUR men to discredit ONE woman's story. The two men's stories were more coherent and detailed than the woman's story (i.e. she crashed, then made a phone call, crying and asking somebody what to do - that person obviously told her to LIE). The two Godfather's employees had no reason to lie. She did - and from their testimony that should have tipped the police off that she was lying - they did not care - they still were going to choose HER BOGUS STORY over TWO MALE WITNESS'S TESTIMONIES.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

When I was a Teen-Ager...

...I had problems with the "other" sex. When approaching them (as the vast majority of young men are so tempted to do) - or even minding my own business, I had to endure a salvo of bitchiness from the largest part of them.

Something that made me consider that "it wasn't the fish but the water" (nothing wrong with me - but with them) was the time my Mom got into a car accident.

Allow me to clarify something: I know that many feminists, entitlement princesses, men, and even MRA's use the shaming tactic, "You obviously have mother issues".

I do not. I love my mother. I actually spent many hours making an oil-painting for her birthday in 2007. My mother has always taken the time to establish a sense of artistic creativity in me, so I knew that an oil-painting from me would make her very happy. I take her to lunch every mother's day.

That out of the way, allow me to tell you about the auto mishap she was in: Fender-Bender
Two teen-age girls crashed into my mom's car (my mom was 51, I was 17). They were wholly at fault. They were pulling out of a parking lot and crashed into the passenger side of my mom's car. I was not in the car with my mom at the time, my brother was. They both said that they saw the girls talking to each other - and not watching where they were going.

Just after the accident, the two girls started cussing and swearing every four, five, six and seven letter word at my mom: c*nt, b*tch, a**hole, old f*ck etc... They made several verbal threats towards my mom. Before the police showed up, they threatened to "crash into her car again". When the police showed up, they had to restrain one of the girls and threaten to arrest her if she persisted in her improper outbursts.

When she got home, my mom told me how sickened she was with the girl's conduct and vocabulary. My mom told me that the mishap was a minor fender-bender at worst, and not worth getting disturbed over. Nobody was wounded, and damage to the girls' car was superficial. My mom's car needed some work on the passenger door to get it to open again.

I asked my mom if the girls were driving a squeaky clean, shiny car - like maybe their parent's car, or something they took disproportionate pride in. My mom told me they drove an old rust-bucket clunker style car - a hit from a sledge hammer would have been an enhancement.

All I can say is this:

If I had crashed into an older woman's car (or ANYBODY's car for that matter) when I was a teenager (and to this day) - I would have straight away been concerned about their well-being. I would have run to the car and asked them if they were all right - and apologized for my blunder.

The fact that these two girls crashed into somebody else's car (they were at fault - there was no disputing this), and started swearing at and threatening them - shows an assured "evil" that has contaminated the minds of a good number women these days. Nothing is their fault - period.

No accountability or responsibility, and an absolute lack of empathy.

Was this an isolated incident - yes.

Was their attitude common in girls at the time - yes (at least from my observations).

I remember at one point saying to my mom:

Well, you keep asking me why I haven't brought any young ladies home... I get attitudes like that all the time - sometimes for doing nothing at all.

Next time, I'll tell you about an incident that happened at a GodFather's Pizza parking lot. Each time I tell it, it makes people laugh... A total entitlement psycho-b*tch princess gets screwed over by a slew of witnesses against her!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Got a Whale of a Tale to Tell Ya!

I have decided to share a story with the 5 people who actually read my blog! Yes, I know my blog is new, and patience is a virtue...

In the summer of 1999, I was actually questioned by police about a young woman's murder.

Here are the events that led up to this (all frighteningly real):

  • A young and incredibly beautiful woman - tall, thin, busty brunette, was talking on the phone to her mother. She told her mother that she needed to go to the grocery store and get a few items - and that she would call her mom right back. (I found out later that she was a stripper - she worked at a strip club called "The 'Ore House")

  • At about the same time (10:30 at night or so), I too needed to go to the grocery store.

  • We both went to the same grocery store (the Railey's in Sun Valley - just north of Reno). The manager of this grocery store was somebody that I went to high-school with (I did not know this at the time).

  • Oddly enough, we both were buying the same items as well:

    • Orange Juice.
    • Paper Towel
    • Bar soap.

  • Only one lane was open (as is typical late at night), and she was in front of me in line.

  • I noticed that we were both buying the same items, and (being the person I am), I made a humorous and smart-ass remark about it. I cannot remember what the remark was - as what happened next jumbled my brain cells too much. I believe it was something like, "Let me guess - you spilled your orange juice, so you need some paper towels to clean it up, as well as some more orange juice - and after cleaning it all up - you'll want to take a shower - That's what just happened to me!"

  • As is typical for me (when dealing with a young and beautiful woman) - instead of laughing, she snapped and started yelling at me.
    Just an aside: Whenever I have dealings with young and fertile women, this used to be the typical reaction I would get - one of extreme hostility. It was not until recently that I discovered why this was...

  • I was properly embarrassed. I moved away from her slightly and waited until she had paid for her items. I spent that time looking away with my face red as a cherry.

  • The clerk then started ringing my stuff up - he said, "How are things for you?". He sounded empathetic for the young ladies outburst. I replied, "Same as always obviously".

  • I paid for my items and went home. The young woman never returned home, and never called her mom back as promised.

  • The mom got worried the next morning, and contacted the police.

  • The police eventually went to the grocery store where the young woman said she was going.

  • They showed a picture to the manager who was on duty that night (the man I went to high-school with).

  • He told the police, "Oh yeah, she was here with this guy I went to high-school with, his name is Richard, and they were fighting about something".

  • The police came to my apartment, "Richard?" they asked.

  • "Yeah", I replied.

  • Do you know where Shiela (I think that was her name) is, and showed me a picture of her.

  • I replied, "I have no idea who that is" (and I didn't - as I did not recognize the face - it was after all, a brief encounter - and a very unpleasant one that I wanted to forget).

  • The police then looked at each other, then at me. "We have witnesses that say you and her went to Raley's grocery store on Friday night, and that the two of you were fighting about something."

  • I looked puzzled, "I went to the store alone". The police replied forcefully and with a hostile tone of voice, "later that night, somebody bashed her face in with a cinder block".

  • My mind works fast. I suddenly remembered the woman, and her yelling at me etc... I realized what the police officers were thinking, and my heart rate shot up like a rocket. Eventually, I ended up throwing up in front of them.

  • I am not ashamed to admit it, I became a babbling wreck at this point. I was talking very fast and incoherently to them.

  • The police officers - thank God, wanted to originally question the young woman's boyfriend, but he had left town - and they had no idea where he went to (any detective with an IQ of 40 knows why the boyfriend left town).

  • Since they had nothing better to do (with the boyfriend out of town), they decided to question me, since it looked suspicious.

  • They asked me to calm down - and that I was not their primary suspect - the young woman's boyfriend was the primary suspect - I was just a person of interest. They proceeded to ask me if I noticed anybody suspicious in the parking lot that evening, or anything out of the ordinary.

  • I told them why the woman decided to bark at me, and that I had not seen anybody suspicious in the parking lot. I also told them that I did not recognize her, because it was an embarrassing event - the kind I like to put behind me.

A nerve racking series of events to be sure. All in the summer of 1999.

What puzzled me the most at the time:

Why is it that a guy like me gets yelled and barked at by an incredibly beautiful woman like this - and a guy that ends up bashing her face in with a cinder block gets laid - lord only knows how many times - or what kind of fun and exciting sex acts she performed on him?

I have found that questions like this are best answered by Dr. Rookh Kshatriya's ANGLOBITCH thesis, as well as the writings on his blog.

One postulate of his thesis is that women are attracted to sociopathic thugs, not gentlemen. Many other people claim this as well.

This hypothesis seems to fit most of my observances. However, there are some men who are not sociopathic, and end up with the so-called, "mega-hotties". Not to be argumentative, but I would say that modern day women actively seek men that are defective in some way - be it sociopathic (perhaps the most common?), or some other short-coming (such as flagrant stupidity, easily susceptible to addiction, incompetence in the workplace etc...). Also, I do not believe this is natural. I believe this is an artificial instinct placed in the minds of western women by feminism. That is, they seek defective men - or men that they can measure up to - in order to ensure that "equality" can exist. In other words, they seek men that they can successfully compete with for the title of "head of household". After all, any other man would no doubt lead to a sexist relationship - and we all know how bad it is when non-defective men are put in charge of a household!

Notice that I said, "MOST" women. There are always the toxic gold-diggers that seek men who have accumulated much wealth, or men who have acquired fame etc...
And yes, I'll give some credit to women here - there is that minority of women in the world who are very smart, emotionally balanced and whatnot - and they would effectively make good heads of household. However, those women are far too few to be making a plethora of laws to accommodate them, or filling young women's minds with utter gibberish.

This incident was a crucial turning point in my life. Not only was I not getting laid by these "mega-hottie" women, but they would go to extremes to be rude to me. And now, their f*cked up lives were seeping over into my own life. This pissed me off to no end.

Think about it for a minute:

A man who has a sense of humor and is non-violent - gets yelled at.
A man who bashes her face in with a cinder block - gets laid (and who knows what else).


Clearly, something is wrong with some modern western females. SERIOUSLY WRONG!

Sometime, I'll tell you about the co-worker of mine that actually had the audacity to ask me if I was the one that killed Brianna Denison. NO JOKE!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Interesting GOOGLE.

I google'd men feminists hate most just to see if they had a list of "character traits" that they could not stand in a man...

The 2nd item (for me anyway) was a question on yahoo answers:

Why do most guys want to believe feminists hate men?

The most popular answer was:

the average anti-feminist is more offended by a feminist who does not hate men than one who does, because then you have no valid reason to attack them. When a feminist claims not to hate men they often get called liars, anti-fems frequently accuse all feminists of sharing the same agenda as the radicals of their group. But if someone makes generalistions about men's groups, if for example accused you all of being woman hating rape sympathists, you would get angry and call it feminist lies.

Face it, you FEAR the idea of feminists who do not hate men, because then you would run out of reasons to attack them

I do not have the ability to post an answer on YAHOO answers yet - but here is my answer:

Some feminists are so deluded and disassociated from reality, that they have no clue about the misandry that they spread.

That is, by propagating false statistics, or focusing on only one side of certain issues, like domestic violence, rape, breast cancer etc..., they are in fact lowering the status of men to 2nd class citizens. They are also inadvertently demonizing men and their sexuality.

Here are some examples of the half-truths they spread:

25% of WOMEN will experience domestic violence in their lifetimes.
It should be, 25% of PEOPLE will experience domestic violence in their lifetimes.
By focusing only on the women in bad relationships, it gives the impression that men are solely responsible for the violence in relationships.

150,000 to 200,000 women die each year from anorexia.
The truth is that 150 PEOPLE die each year from ALL eating disorders.
This effectively places blame on men's repulsion to fat women for 150,000 women dying each year (or their attraction to physically fit women).

According to the FBI, every 10 seconds a woman is beaten by her partner.
The FBI does not keep statistics on domestic violence. This stat is false.
Also, this statistic does not account for female violence.
This effectively demonizes men in relationships.

Marriage is slavery for a woman.
WTF? Get out of the 1800's you god-damned bimbos.
It is no secret that men loose way more often in a divorce than women.

This list can get very long - I will not bore anybody with more.

BUT - in the near future, I will compose a list of all the bogus statistics that feminism helped to spread...

Take a look here:

Yes, they are all quotes from feminists, and - well, I thought they were just plain ridiculous.

Women have been taught that, for us, the earth is flat, and that if we venture out, we will fall off the edge. ~Author Unknown
Skewed thinking. I have met women that were stupid and gullible, but not THIS gullible.

Women are all female impersonators to some degree. ~Susan Brownmiller
Speak for yourself fruitcake - and get help.

One does not have to sleep with, or even touch, someone who has paid for your meal. All those obligations are hereby rendered null and void, and any man who doesn't think so needs a quick jab in the kidney. ~Cynthia Heimel, Sex Tips for Girls, 1983
OK guys, stop buying the ladies dinner - go Dutch.
Cynthia is helping women become even more worthless to men.

Men define intelligence, men define usefulness, men tell us what is beautiful, men even tell us what is womanly. ~Sally Kempton
They do? Can you show me where - like site a book, magazine, essay or something? I have NEVER seen any man doing this.

During the feminist revolution, the battle lines were again simple. It was easy to tell the enemy, he was the one with the penis. This is no longer strictly true. Some men are okay now. We're allowed to like them again. We still have to keep them in line, of course, but we no longer have to shoot them on sight. ~Cynthia Heimel, Sex Tips for Girls, 1983
Hatred of penises. Get help Cynthia.

Many beautiful women have been made happy by their own beauty, but no intelligent woman has ever been made happy by her own intelligence. ~Mignon McLaughlin, The Second Neurotic's Notebook, 1966
Gee, I guess that women should focus on being beautiful then instead of being intelligent? HEY - she or he said it - I didn't!

Marriage is for women the commonest mode of livelihood, and the total amount of undesired sex endured by women is probably greater in marriage than in prostitution. ~Bertrand Russell, Marriage and Morals
Thanks for letting me know Bertrand - I'll get a prostitute instead of getting married then.

I'm just a person trapped inside a woman's body. ~Elaine Boosler
This is called Gender Identity Disorder (GID). Get help Elaine.

It's hard to fight an enemy who has outposts in your head. ~Sally Kempton, Esquire, 1970
Get help Sally.

Any intelligent woman who reads the marriage contract, and then goes into it, deserves all the consequences. ~Isadora Duncan
Yeah, like getting half of her husbands stuff once she decides that she is bored. BE AFRAID ALL YOU INTELLIGENT WOMEN!!!! You'll deserve the consequences! Like getting a lot of money you did not have to work for!!! THE HORRORS!!!

The reason there are so few female politicians is that it is too much trouble to put makeup on two faces. ~Maureen Murphy
Nonsense. All women who wear makeup do this on a daily basis.

When a woman behaves like a man, why doesn't she behave like a nice man? ~Edith Evans
I have been asking myself this question for years. In fact, why is it that most women are not nice even when they are not acting like men?

To me, "sexual freedom" means freedom from having to have sex. ~Lily Tomlin
Does that also mean that you will leave men alone then? I am guessing that it doesn't. Women like this love to pester and chase men, then bitch at them when those men actually (EEEEK) want to have sex.

Nobody objects to a woman being a good writer or sculptor or geneticist if at the same time she manages to be a good wife, a good mother, good-looking, good-tempered, well-dressed, well-groomed, and unaggressive. ~Marya Mannes
No - Sarah Palin has a job as a Politician. She is also a good mother, good-looking, good-tempered, well-dressed, well-groomed and unaggressive. Plenty of people objected to her - especially feminists!

Women are the only exploited group in history to have been idealized into powerlessness. ~Erica Jong
CRAP. Do not even waste time getting help Erica - you are too far gone.

Easy is an adjective used to describe a woman who has the sexual morals of a man. ~Nancy Linn-Desmond
Wishful thinking? An excellent demonstration of the types of men that these women attract - easy ones. That is, women like this attract men that have NO STANDARDS WHATSOEVER - and just want a lay. This does not say anything against men, it says something about the type of woman making the statement - no man with standards would waste his time with her.

When two people marry they become in the eyes of the law one person, and that one person is the husband. ~Shana Alexander, State-by-State Guide to Women's Legal Rights, 1975
Completely wrong-headed. Any fool knows that all laws are disgustingly biased in the favor of women. Get help Shana.

No man is as anti-feminist as a really feminine woman. ~Frank O'Connor
Hey Frank - just come out of the closet. If you like the masculine, find yourself a nice man, and stop trying to change women into men. Thank you, and have a nice day!

American women are fools because they try to be everything to everybody. ~Viva
Just plain bullsh*t. The only thing any woman I have ever met tried to be is a black hole of debt and never ending drama.

I think, therefore I'm single. ~Lizz Winstead
It would be more accurate to say, "My head is full of shit - that I confuse as being thoughts - and hence, I am single".

If all men are born free, how is it that all women are born slaves? ~Mary Astell
Women are not born as slaves. They never were. This statement is indicative of a very skewed perception of reality. Get help Mary.

A woman reading Playboy feels a little like a Jew reading a Nazi manual. ~Gloria Steinem
This statement clearly indicates a severe level of mental illness. Jews were not paid 100's of thousands of dollars to have done - what was done to them. Also, the Jews were not given the choice to refuse to go to the concentration camps. Clearly Gloria Steinem is a very sick and warped individual to even make this comparison.
The women in Playboy are not FORCED to pose nude. And, given a choice between posing nude, or being forced into a concentration camp, any sane person would choose posing nude.
Gloria Steinem CLEARLY is a sick individual.

Mentally ill quotes from mentally ill women.