Friday, June 25, 2010

What a Drag...

It looks like SNARK has just closed his blog, "remasculation" for good...

I was an irregular reader of it, yet I read it regularly :)

I wish that he had left all the posts up...

Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Quick Story...

Two weekends ago, I was in a coffee shop - a mom and pop style coffee shop - It was about 9:00am, and I was the only customer in the store. I noticed a picture on the wall - it was a black and white photo of some very ugly women.
I actually found the picture on the internet!
There has never been a poster that is more motivating to DRINK BOOZE!

The owner of the coffee shop approached me and said, "That's a photo of some feminists from prohibition days."

"Seriously?", I replied.

"Yep - quite a lovely looking bunch of gals huh?" he said (sarcastically of course).

I took a closer look at the photo - it was very old. I noticed that a couple of the "women" in the photo did not look like women at all, but more like men in drag.

Something I have always wondered - if the whole feminism she-bang was not actually created, engineered, propagated, and enforced by men dressed as women (or maybe even men NOT dressed as women, but wanting to).

Why would I think such a silly thing?

The two largest and most negative critics of my web-site are two male-transsexuals.

One of them compared me to the "brownshirts" from pre-Nazi Germany (while comparing "AmericanWomenSuck" (now called the GhostNation) to the Nazi's themselves.

One of them believes that he is the reincarnation of a dark elf queen.

I am not making this up.

When Paul Elam wrote up his article about the head of men's studies having a sex-change, it was no surprise to me.

Men who hate their own man-hood, and want to be women.

In days past, such men could NOT have gotten sex-change operations. Today, there are hormone treatments and surgery that will transform a man into a woman.

It stands to reason that such men would in fact be among the biggest enemies of men, and among the biggest allies of feminism.

I wrote this small bit up just in case anybody out there is not aware of such men...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Women’s Studies Analysis – Part I

As promised, this is a long post – and probably a very boring one as well…

The book is called, “Women’s Voices, Feminist Visions” fourth edition, 2009.

Excerpt from Page 11:

“First, feminism concerns equality and justice for all women, and it seeks to eliminate systems of inequality and injustice in all aspects of women’s lives. Because feminism is politics of equality, it anticipates a future that guarantees human dignity and equality for all people, women and men.”

Anybody with an I.Q. of 50 can see many problems with that text. With my small brain, I offer a few:

  1. Does feminism want to exercise justice on women who falsely accuse men of rape?

  2. Does feminism want to persecute to the full extent of the law, female pedophiles (we have all seen the instances on these skyrocket).

  3. How many feminists argue how unfair or unequal it is that women do not have to register for the draft?

  4. How many feminists complain that V.A.W.A. is a sexist law – biased in favor of women?

  5. How many feminists complain that the domestic violence industry is biased against men – and fails to recognize women batterers?

  6. How many feminists argue that the dignity of the family has been destroyed by the modern day courts – tainted against men?

  7. How many feminists applaud or support women who murder, maul, or participate in genital mutilation when it is aimed at “alleged” abusive husbands? Or just men in general?
Feminism and Equality – Don’t make me laugh.
Feminism and Justice – NOPE!
Feminism eliminating systems of injustice –feminism creates systems of injustice, like V.A.W.A., rape shield laws etc…
Feminism guaranteeing human dignity – Tell that to John Wayne Bobbitt, Tiger Woods, the Duke Lacrosse trio – this list can go on forever.

Now, for some false information the book presents:

Excerpt from Page 12:

Thank a feminist if you agree that…
  1. Women should have the right to vote.

  2. Women should have access to contraceptives.

  3. Women should have the right to work outside the home.

  4. Women should receive equal pay for equal work.

  5. Women should have the right to refuse sex, even with their husbands.

  6. Women should be able to receive a higher education.

  7. Women should have access to safe, legal abortion.

  8. Women should be able to participate in sports.

  9. Women should be able to hold political office.

  10. Women should be able to choose any career that interests them.

  11. Women should be free from sexual harassment in the workplace.

  12. Women should be able to enter into legal and financial transactions.

  13. Women should be able to study issues about women’s lives and experiences.
One hundred years ago, none of these statements was possible for women in the United States. Only through the hard work and dedication of women in each decade of the twentieth century did these rights become available to women.

Again, much falseness going on here:
  1. Men gave women the right to vote, not feminists.

  2. I would wager a guess that more men than women would want women to have access to contraceptives – feminist men or not.

  3. Women have always worked outside the home.

  4. Let me get this straight – the wage gap IS a myth? The blurb at the end implies that it has been achieved…

  5. Women have always had the right to refuse sex – even to their husbands – there has NEVER been any law in the U.S. that punished a women for not having sex with her husband or any other man for that matter.

  6. There were female doctors in the late 1800’s – this would require a higher education – obviously, this statement is false.

  7. Abortion – this one might actually be true.

  8. Wrong - the first female athlete participated in the olympics in 1900 - 109 years before this book was written. And that is the olympics - who knows what sports women played in days past - crochet maybe? Golf?

  9. Yes – they can hold political office.

  10. Women have always chosen careers that they are interested in.

  11. Sexual harassment was never legal. Feminism merely over-exaggerated the issue, and helped pass anti-male legislation.

  12. Women have always been able to enter into legal and financial transactions. In older days, a woman’s husband was actually responsible for any debts she acquired.

  13. There have always been books available to the public that chronicle the lives of women. There were never laws against reading such books.
The blurb at the end is also misleading. Only two (maybe three) of those things can actually be attributed to feminism, and they are trivial at best. And, if its true that in days past, men had all the power (which it isn’t), then men would have had to be responsible for those changes, not women or feminists. The whole text is paradoxical at best.

So, how boring is this post anyway?

Maybe I should toss these books in the trash where they belong, and stick with interesting writing – sharing my thoughts on various issues?

The books were free (me and my secrets), so I won’t be out any money :)

Friday, June 11, 2010

The Partially Revised Catalog of Male Shaming Tactics

You are already familiar with the Catalog of Male Shaming Tactics floating around on the web...

To start, I rarely encounter a woman who uses any of these on me.

Why not?

Because they are too busy trying to get me into their pants - and rudeness is not an effective tactic for a woman to use to coerce a man to "put in".

Anyway, in case a woman (not a man or an MRA - which I have actually seen more often) uses these against you - here are my (fun and occasionally humorous) revisions to them:

  • You’re bitter!
  • You need to get over your anger at women.
  • You are so negative!
  • You hate women.
I'm sorry you feel that way.
Anger is a legitimate emotion when facing injustice or irrational hatred.
No, I just hate women like you.
No, I just hate PEOPLE who have SH*T for BRAINS!

  • You have mother issues.

OH NO! Maybe you are right!
No I don't.
Nah, there are plenty of mom's I'd nail.
Where I come from, mother is only half of a word.
Issues with mothers like you - or women like you becoming mothers.

  • You need therapy.

Do you know any good therapists?
You are not qualified to make that determination.
Watching Oprah has obviously rotted your brain.
Yeah, sexual therapy - hop on cowgirl, let's get this rodeo started.

  • A woman must have hurt you in the past.

Gosh, maybe you are right!
My past is irrelevant to the legitimacy of my statement.
No, I am not into S & M.
I wanted seconds, and she told me she had to leave!

  • You probably live in your mother's basement.

Yeah, I guess I should grow up.
Where I live does not invalidate my argument.
Actually, my mother lives in my basement.
That's not my mom, I don't call it the basement - I call it the dungeon of discipline.

  • You can't get laid.

OH NO! What should I do about that!?
My romantic potential does not invalidate my arguments.
Yeah, I can only GIVE laid.
Not by women like you - and that's a good thing.

  • You're ugly.

Sorry, nobody is perfect.
Your childish opinion of my physical appearance doesn't nullify my arguments.
Look whose talking.
Your mom doesn't think so.

  • You're immature.

Yeah, gosh, I guess I need to grow up.
You're confusing being psychotic with being mature.
No, I am a big boy - and all the sudden, I'm getting bigger... and longer...

  • You're stupid.

Yeah, maybe you could help me to be smarter.
No, I am realistic.
And you're more stupid.

  • You're not a real man.

Yeah, I am a bit of a jellyfish.
Yes I am.
A woman like you would not know what a real man is. You couldn't handle one.
Yeah, exactly ding-a-ling, I am one of those fake ones.

  • You're probably in the closet.

Maybe you're right - should I seek therapy?
My sexual orientation does not invalidate my argument.
I've made out with a chick in a closet before - yeah...

  • You are jealous of women.

Gosh, yes, women are goddesses.
Women have feminism - that makes me glad I am a man.
Yeah, especially of all the shit in their heads!

  • You're probably some kind of pervert.

OH NO! I guess I need some help!
I see you've been talking to the women in my life.
Yeah, come back to my place, and I'll show you how much of a pervert I am.

  • I don't think you could possibly have a girlfriend.

Gee, I guess that makes me a failure.
No, no girlfriend, but I do have a WOMAN in my life.
Sorry, all I heard you say was, "I don't think" - that was the only part that made any sense.

  • Not all women are like that.

Yeah, sorry for stereotyping, I did not mean to offend you.
Most of them are.
Oh yeah, I forgot about the 3% who aren't.
Yeah, just the ones breathing air are.

  • There are men like that too!

Yeah, in fact, men are usually more prone to be like that.
Most of them aren't.
I guess I haven't met either of those two guys yet.
Yes, I have heard tale of these men - they're called GAY!.

  • I can do anything a man can do!

You go girl!
Nobody said you couldn't.
Like write your name in the snow by peeing? That's just creepy...
You go GIRL! And then Stay THERE!

A word of wisdom:

These two poor guys never get any!