Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Something I just GOTTA share!

I was browsing YouTube videos, and I came across this one:

American Women are Crazy

I have to say that I laughed when I saw it. Just the mere title of the book sounded very entertaining. I visited the web-site that the video linked to:

American Women are Crazy

There was a number to call to order the book, "American Women are Crazy".

The book sounded like fun, so I decided to give the guy a call and order it.

A man answered the phone, "Hello".

I replied, "Yeah, I'd like to order that book.".

The man said, "What book would that be?".

I answered, "The American Women are Crazy book."

The man said something like, "Oh yeah, that book, well, lets get us a couple of plane tickets to Paraguay, and get this thing started!".

I said (trying not to laugh), "Excuse me?!".

He said that was a joke, and proceeded to give me instructions on how to order the book.

All I can say is - it is very nice to meet a man with a sense of humor that is in parallel with my own.

I ordered the book, and I am looking forward to reading it.

I needed something to get the women's studies book's taste out of my mouth.

And - please be patient. As I mentioned, my highlighter pen is running out of ink, because I am highlighting so much. The latest thing I read that made me REALLY sick is, "Sex is power".

"sex is power". This attitude towards sex fits Dr. Rookh Kshatriya's statement:

"To her, (the anglobitch) sex is a tool used to injure or manipulate men"

So far, Dr. Rookh Kshatriya's thesis is the one that makes the most sense to me.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

An Interesting Situation

Something has been bothering me for a while now. I have had an incident from 5 years past stuck in my head. I share it with you, along with a very dark and troubling fact about our society.

I was driving to Lake Tahoe with some friends to enjoy some sun, and I spotted a car on the side of the road with its hazard lights on, and a couple of Mexican guys sitting around it.

I pulled my car over, and asked them if they if they needed any help.

They replied that their car would not start. I had no cell phone, so I told them that I would drive to the nearest gas-station (1 mile away - like 2 minutes), and call anybody they wanted (my car was already full of people). They gave me a phone number to call, and thanked me.

At the gas station, I called the number, and a woman answered that only spoke Spanish. I found a Hispanic man with a cell-phone at the gas-station, and told him of the situation. He promptly called the number, and spoke in Spanish to the woman on the phone. He then told me that she was coming in a van to pick them up.

I drove back to the broken down car site, and told the four Mexican guys that a woman was coming with a van to pick them up. They thanked me, and I continued on my way.


First, I can swear to you with God, Ala, or who/whatever as my witness that I was not hopeful the four Mexican guys would "put out". That is, I did not help these men because I wanted to get into a hot five-some with four Mexican guys.

That being said, let's suppose that instead of four Mexican guys, there were four 20-year old women - beautiful women.

My actions that day would have been construed as "hoping to get laid". That is, men, women, feminists - and yes - get over it - MRA's all would have claimed that I was only assisting them in hopes of getting some scraps of female affection.
Yes, my actions that day would have been called chivalrous if it had been four women stranded. MRA's and Feminists would both be in complete agreement that the only reason I was being helpful was to get laid. Oh how lustful us men are... It is all that motivates us...
In my opinion, this reveals something about our society: Men, Women, Feminists and MRA's are all prone to accept dark explanations about men's behaviors rather than good ones. That is, they are all more prone to believe that men are bad (desperately lustful) than good.

Another dark fact it reveals: Let's suppose there were four really hot young women, instead of four Mexican guys - and that I really did help them in an attempt to get laid...

What is the problem with that?

Aren't men supposed to seek sex from beautiful women?


  • Everybody - men, women, feminists, MRA's are all more prone to accept dark explanations of men's behaviors before accepting good ones. This has reached such an extent that for many, the first explanation that comes into their mind is the darkest and most sinister one.

  • A man seeking sex is often belittled - yes, even by MRA's. This is because male sexuality has been demonized to such an extent that any man seeking sex can easily be labeled as a pig, creep, chauvinist, white knight, mangina - and so on - rather than admitting the obvious and normal - he is horny - and what the f*ck is wrong with that? Everything of course!

  • From the people I have been talking to: feminists and MRA's typically offer the darker explanation of the man's behavior more often - interesting to be sure.

In sociology 101, I was actually forced to answer bullsh*t questions like: The reason a man would be nice to a woman is:
A. Men are naturally nice.
B. He just wants sex.
C. Men like helping other people.
D. He believes in God.

I have been studying all this feminist, male-female relations and MRA's for about four years now.

I am realizing all this stuff (the misandry) is like quicksand. Those who struggle the most to escape it - simply sink into it faster.

To anybody who is interested: My solution to this is as follows:
When I see a man or men in trouble, I help them.
When I see a woman or women in trouble, I pass them by.

This way, I do not get accused of all kinds of foul things - by EVERYBODY - men, women, feminists and mentally retarded asswipes (MRA's).

If this offends anybody - too bad.

I am not responsible for the demonizing of men in our society.

I have no intentions of being labelled as a bad person simply for helping a woman.