Friday, April 30, 2010

Feminist Myths about Anorexia EXPOSED!

Myth: 150,000 women die each year from anorexia.

Fact: The 150,000 figure is false. It came from two sources: Naomi Wolf's "The Beauty Myth", and Gloria Steinem's "Revolution From Within". Those sources misquoted the American Anorexia and Bulimia Association's 1985 report that claimed 150,000 women SUFFER from anorexia each year, not die [1][2].

Fact: According to the CDC, from the years 2003 to 2006, an average of 150 PEOPLE died each year from ALL eating disorders [3].

Myth: Anorexia is the number one eating disorder among women.

Fact: Over-eating, or binge-eating, is the number one eating disorder in America [4] (imagine that!). We rarely hear about all the obese Women and how serious a health problem it is however, because over-eating is not officially classified as an eating disorder (and how can you possibly blame it on men!). Bulimia (over-eating followed by induced vomiting) is number 2, and anorexia is number 3 [4].

Myth: Women starve themselves to death because of pressures from society to be skinny.

Fact: There are far more obese women than anorexic women. A 23.5% obesity rate [5], compared to a 0.5%-1.0% estimated anorexia rate [6][7]. This makes obesity roughly 24-47 times more prevalent than Anorexia. If there is so much pressure on women to be thin - why are so many of them overweight and so few of them underweight?

Ask any man which of the three women below he finds most attractive:

The over-whelming majority will say "THE MIDDLE ONE". All three are in bikinis. The only factor separating them is their weight. The one in the middle is the healthy weight. Men find HEALTHY women attractive.
You can click here to read my more extensive report on anorexia.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Some Interesting Questions...

I present some questions. These questions rarely get asked, except by people like me. They are questions that arise in any intelligent mind when presented with a feminist statistic (i.e. a LIE).

Why doesn't anybody in the media ever ask these questions?

Let's look at the questions first:

If there are so many men who are "dead-beat dads", why are there so many women making babies with them?

If there are so many physically abusive men, why are there so many women getting into relationships with them?

If 150,000 women die each year from anorexia, and it is such a terrible problem, how come the majority of women we see in public are obese?

If women really do earn 75 cents for each dollar a man earns for doing the same work, why don't corporations hire only women - and reduce their employee costs?

If men are afraid of commitment, why do women initiate more than 66% of all divorces?

If the phrase "rule of thumb" was originally a law that forbid a man from beating his wife with a stick bigger around than his thumb - when was that law abolished? Is it still legal to beat one's wife with such a stick?

If a "nice guy" is actually a deceitful, manipulating man trying desperately to get laid, why is the adjective "nice" used to describe him?

Why do the same women who complain about scantily clad women being "degrading" to women also complain about Muslim nations - where the women are forced to cover every square inch of their bodies - even their faces?

If female virgins are "pure", why is it that many of them have committed acts of murder, burglary, and even prostitution (i.e. auctioning their virginity)?

If women were actually forbidden from holding jobs or getting college educations in days past, why were there female doctors in the 1800's?

The reason we never hear these questions asked: They all place the credibility of the statement in jeopardy, or, they force accountability onto women. That is, the fraudulence of the statement can be overcome with common sense (like the wage gap), or, they imply that women need to be held responsible and accountable for the way they act and behave.

That is a big NO-NO in our society today. Holding a woman accountable, or expecting her to be credible earns you the label of misogynist.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Feminism is no longer necessary - but not in the way you might think.

When people hear the expression, "Feminism is no longer necessary", most of them are thinking that equality has been achieved. This is incorrect. Feminism is no longer necessary because it achieved its basic goal: the spreading a mass stench of man-hatred in the Anglo sphere.

In addition to brain-washed women like the one in the video below,


there are also a plethora of women who simply loathe men.

Although they despise men, they still have the basic instinct to "hook up" with a man. The dilemma lies in their contempt for the male sexuality and men, coupled with their basic instinct to connect with the complimentary sex. However, how can they accomplish this, when they do not see men as being the complimentary sex, but the opposite sex - the enemy - past oppressors (past oppression is a lie by the way)?

They can't. If they do, the relationship is a guaranteed failure - with the man getting the short end of the stick. I have seen many relationships where the man was the glue holding the relationship together, while the woman was constantly coming unglued - and doing the ungluing. Most modern day women sullenly and foolishly argue bogus points with excessive emotions, circular arguments, and what I like to call flip-flopping (this is where a woman takes any point made against her bad behavior, and makes it the man's fault - or somehow blames men or a man for it).

The point I am making is a simple one:

Not all women call themselves feminists. However, the overwhelming majority of women in the Anglo sphere have had feminist doctrine pounded into their heads since their birth. They do not call themselves feminists, but their heads are filled with feminist beliefs. This in effect, makes them feminists - whether they choose to label themselves as such or not.

These women will see men as being: past oppressors, adversarial, ... the enemy. They will also view male sexuality as being repugnant - and hence have an synthetic and counter-intuitive yearning to deny men, even their own partners, sex (this is why prostate cancer is so high in the Anglo sphere - a quote from that link, "Prostate cancer incidence rates rose dramatically in the late 1980s. " In the 1980's... It is curious how birth defects also rose, and IQ's of children declined...). Such women will also view detrimental actions against male genitals as amusing (ask yourself how many women you have met who find castration, or other forms of male-genital-mutilation humorous - google Lorena Bobbitt.) It is remarkable how women can take domestic violence so seriously, yet when a man's genitals get mutilated, domestic violence is funny.

This makes the modern woman in the Anglo sphere extremely dysfunctional in relationships. Of course, because men have been trampled down into a void of acute desperation, it also makes some men dysfunctional in relationships as well. They bow to any irrational temper tantrums women may hurl at them.

Today, there are many women who have male-hatred rooted in their psyches. Most women today drift aimlessly with such severe male-bashing in their heads, and they are not even aware of it. It has become second hand nature to them.

This makes feminism a victory - it has accomplished its goal - the hatred of men.
So - it is no longer required.

Congratulations feminism!
So guys, let's focus on destroying it.