Thursday, March 25, 2010

Men are from EARTH, Women are from Feminaziville

Men are from Mars Yes, the depiction above is just a spot juvenile, but it is all in fun.

However, there is some reality to it. For the last 50 years or so, all kinds of poison has been introduced into women's and men's minds in our western societies.

I call this poison brainwashing.

From a dictionary:
brain•wash•ing (noun):A method for systematically changing attitudes or altering beliefs, esp. one based on repetition or confusion.

The repetition comes from the media (news, television, movies) and other brainwashing victims. That is, we are repeatedly bombarded by stories of women who are beaten by their husbands, or men who are rapists, killers etc... The confusion comes from the unashamed lies that are broadened by the media - or by others who are the victims of brainwashing. These include things like false statistics, or misrepresentation of various stories (an recent example of this is the Ft. Hood story - a woman was given all the credit for saving the day - although she played a minimal part in the resolution of the affair).

The best example of this brainwashing in effect that I can think of is a fragment of a video I watched on YouTube lately from manwomanmyth.


In the video above, the woman claims that she could not live in a past period, because she would not like living in an era where her husband was permitted to legally rape and beat her.

The problem is: it has never been legal for a man to rape or beat his wife in western societies. Yet, the woman in the video above seriously believes that it was...

How can this be? Simple: Brainwashing.

That is why the image I present at the top of this page, albeit a pinch delinquent, is actually candid for most women today.

Men are born and raised on Earth of course. Many men are still being raised with established values, like chivalry, being adequate enough to support a wife and children, NEVER HIT A WOMAN, defend children at the risk of your own life etc...

Women however, have been getting raised for the past 50 years with nonsense about past oppressions of women that were so severe (constant beatings and rapes), it paints a terribly harmful picture of men. This fictional land of women's oppression that rabid feminists and others have poisoned women's minds with should be, as manwomanmyth says, a hate crime against men. Of course, it isn't.

What effect does all this have on men and women?

Simple: Men are from EARTH, women are from Feminaziville.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Welcome to the MEN-FACTOR blog.

Welcome to the MEN-FACTOR blog.

This blog is dedicated to revealing the hateful nature of feminism, and the brutally detrimental effect it has had on women, men, children, and gender relations.

From time to time, I will be posting articles here that explain how gender relations have been polluted in our culture.

Feminism is an idea based on detestation of men. Some people may say otherwise - they are not to be believed.


Being an idea, it cannot be destroyed.

Feminism exists in the minds of women and men. In my opinion, these people are hopeless. They have been too rigorously brainwashed by our culture, and cannot be persuaded that their beliefs are in error. It is in vain to try to revolutionize their minds. All that can be done is spread TRUTH in optimism so that future generations will not have contaminated gender relations.

The mechanisms that spread feminism can be targeted and destroyed.

From time to time, I will post activism that counteracts the feminist mechanism.

I will also post such activism at my web-site, the MEN-FACTOR

Feel free to leave any criticism or commentary on anything I write.

I welcome all opinions and suggestions.