Tuesday, May 22, 2018

What's Wrong with this Video?

I actually liked this guy too.

I'm thinking about calling him Paul Douchebag Twatson after this...


I want to hear everybody's thoughts on what's wrong with this video.

I have already thumbed it down.  The first video from Paul Douchebag Twatson that I've thumbed down too.

What's wrong with it?

Don't be shy.

Next post, I give my own advice to incels.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

I Saw the Strangest Thing this Afternoon...

I was at Walmart this afternoon, buying some apples, onions, lettuce, tomatoes and some other sandwich making stuff.

While I waited in line, there was a young man in front of me wearing a hoodie.  It was 78 today, far too hot to wear a hoodie.  Also, the young man was doing his best to hide his face.  I observed what he was buying: callous remover, lotion, a variety of skin care products.

I wondered if he was horribly disfigured, as I now noticed he was hiding his face from everybody.  I thought maybe he had some weird rash.  I looked at his hands.  They were the hands of a strong healthy young black man.

When it was his turn to pay for his merchandise, he held up a gift card.  The checker asked, "is that debit or credit?"

He did not speak.  He simply waved the card at the checker.  It was a gift card.

I thought, "what a strange person..."

Anyway, I paid for my merchandise after he left.

As I was leaving the store, I saw him sitting on a bench inside the store, tearing open the merchandise he had bought - I assume to hurry up and use it.

78 degrees outside, and a young man wearing a hoodie to hide his face tearing open skin care products he just purchased.

I guess everybody has their problems huh?

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

So... I'm a bad person...

I wonder how many guys out there think this way.

It's something I have heard on and off (more on than off) my entire life.

Have I killed?  Nope.
Have I stolen?  Nope.
Have I raped?  Nope.
Have I harassed?  Nope.
Have I molested?  Nope.

As I get older, and share my opinion about the bullshit that is modern day woman, of course I hear it a lot more.

You're a pedophile!
You're a rapist!
You're a blankity blank!

I think that there is something missing from the catalog of male shaming tactics...and this is it.

After they make you feel worthless, they make you feel like complete crap about yourself.  They wind you up tighter than an eight day clock, and put you in constant DEFENSE mode.

Yes, it is by design.

It occurred to me that women do not only need retarded omegas to mate with... they also need a slew of spirit beaten alpha males to feel bad about themselves and hence - be overly eager to prove their worth.

The catalog of male shaming tactics focuses on brief one liners delivered by intellectually deficient cunts.

A new catalog of shaming tactics that embraces years of psychological terrorism should also be written....  but by whom???

The fecal mounds known as modern women and their lacky offspring cannot survive without whipped alpha males willing to support them.

We pay the taxes for schools to educate their bastard children.

We pay the higher insurance rates to pay for their breast implants and abortions.

We pay the taxes to help feed their retarded filth.

As the great Dr. Rookh Kshatriya said, "There is NO REASON for ANY MAN to serve a society that has SERVED HIM SO POORLY".

Truer words were never spoken.

I say fuck them.
Fuck their retarded bastard children.
Fuck their attitudes.

How will I fight?

By ignoring everything they say.

Why give a fuck what any woman thinks of you?


They shame you your whole life, knock you down...and then...want you to prove your worth.

What the fuck are they worth?

What have they EVER been worth?

Those questions are rhetorical.

Note this carefully: anything any woman say to you or about you is a manipulation tactic.  It is designed to make you feel obligated to prove your worth to them.  DON'T.

None of them are worthy of that...PERIOD.

Another note:  WE ARE WINNING.  This attitude has made it to mainstream.  They ineptly tried to discredit it by choosing the weakest part (the MRM) to present (a SNL comedy skit).  It never happened again.  Too many men are coherent about the bullshit women have pulled and continue to do so.  SNL making fun of the faggot MRAs didn't stop this ideology.  Nothing will stop it PERIOD.

So... go ahead and tell me I'm a bad person.
Am I supposed to care?

I don't.

You can go to hell.

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Youtube censorship in Action


Copy and paste the link.

A long time ago, somebody named Adolf Hitler wanted to take guns away from the people.  Now, a young man is doing the same thing today.

YouTube has disabled comments, ratings for the video above.

They don't want YOU to know how popular comparing him to hitler is, or how many views the video has recieved.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Fake News: Not Just Out of Line, Out of Control

I've been watching the big poop, I mean SCOOP about Mark Suckerberg, and the leftwingbullsh*tbook, I mean FACEBOOK, and the shocking horror of taking a leak, leaking information or somehing like that.

I waited for it, and I got it.  Yup!  Turns out the Facebook leak thing is all Donald Trump's fault.  You see, in addition to colluding with Russians, having sex with hot women, he also hacked facebook to hack people's votes and stuff and things.

Facebook has admitted to being a tool for people gathering information for years, but now, thanks to spin, I mean fake news, I mean high tech...we can finally blame it on the candidate the twits ruining the media didn't want elected.

Delete your Facebook account, then stop watching the news.  You're NEVER going to hear what's going on in the world watching that crap.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

The Media - ALL Media - is Broken

Yesterday, one of my friend's son's school was put on a lockdown.  Authorities say the threat was unsubtianted.  I watched the news that evening with my friend, hoping to learn what the unsubstantiated threat was.

No such luck.

They did show all the retards who think that walking out of school for 17 minutes will somehow end all violence and turn sharks into magical rainbows that fart jellybeans.

Yes, an actual lockdown. Complete with parents being texted to pick up their kids - not mentioned on the TV (it was on local news websites - about 3 sentences each).

The news would rather report nimrods doing dumb things, than report actual news.

And, I am with Hawaiian Libertarian on this.  I have already heard stories from kids that they were threatened with tardiness and whatnot if they did NOT participate in the walkouts.

It truly is sick how people exploit tragedies like this to enforce their own wrong headed arguments.  Now, they are going so far as to threaten children who refuse to participate in their lunacy.

No end in sight.

Friday, March 9, 2018

What's Wrong with this Video?

Seriously.  I watched this thing several times.  I have to say, seeing and hearing the main stream media actually discussing it was surreal!  But - there it is.

I really would like to hear EVERYBODYS opinion about this video.

What's more shocking - Tucker Carlson has been making these regularly.

By the way - I searched for this video again and again - I could never remember the proper name - "society has turned against men".  As often as I searched for it - it was always result number 7 or so for me - weird too - considering I watched it so many times.  Me thinks that YouTube does tamper with search results to keep stuff like this out.

I want to hear any and all opinions - no matter what - I want to hear all conspiracy theories too (yes, I have mine at this point - no lizard people are involved - yet).

Why now?  I mean, crap - Male hatred was rampant in the 90's - now - nearly 30 years later - somebody in the mainstream is talking about it?

Try to find flaws with the video - tell me your conspiracy theories - seriously - I want to hear them.\

Happy Weekend!